Artist: Lucas Parolin

Title: Avatar Roku

“This is my fanart of a character from Avatar (the legend of Aang, or Last airbender). This show is amazing! Totally recommend it!

I like Avatar Roku a lot!

Listen this along with the art”


Witchy Ask Game!

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Created by a witch, for witches, so you can get to know your fellow witches! Reblog to find out what your followers want to know about you! Tag your friends and have them reblog it too!

Athame: if you could get anything for your sacred space or working space without having to pay for it, what would it be? 
Broom: What’s your most trusty tool? 
Cauldron: If you could make a potion that could do anything at all, what would it do? Why?
Dried Rose Petals: What do you personally associate with love magick?
Eclectic: What are your favorite parts of your own practice?
Familiars: If you’ve ever had one, Which pet was/is your most beloved?
Grimoire: What are you studying/learning about now? (Witchy or otherwise).
Herbs: Does witchcraft ever test your patience?
Incense: What’s your favorite scent for cleansing? 
Jar: What is one thing you’d like to hold on to forever?
Kitchen Magick: What’s your favorite way to Witch up your food/drinks?
Lavender: What’s a witchy go to item that you dont like?
Mortar and Pestle: What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever made? 
Nymph: Describe the place that feels most magickal to you!
Oak: What keeps you grounded? 
Pop Culture Magick: Which Witch from Pop culture (TV, Movies, Books, etc.) inspires you the most and makes you feel most magickal?
Quartz: What’s your go to spell/magick ingredient?
Religion: What’s one Magick habit you try to do everyday? 
Salt: What’s one area of witchcraft that just doesn’t interest you?
Tarot: What’s one question of the future you would love to know a detailed answer to?
Urban Witch: What’s your favorite witchy shop? Online and Physical?
Vampire: Have you ever had to banish someone?
Wand: What to you do to channel excess energy? 
XOXOXO: Who are some witches you would shower with appreciation and love if you could?
Yarrow: What gives you strength and courage? 
Zinnia: What’s a unlikely thing you find beauty in?

Enjoy! - Aesa <3
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*little hut, 31 July, 1991*

hagrid: you are a wizard, harry

harry: i’m what?

hagrid: a wizard

harry: *shook*

hagrid: :)

harry: a wizard?

hagrid: yes, a wizard.

harry: a wiz-

*draco and harry’s wedding day, July, 2015*

hagrid: congratulations harry, you are draco’s husband!

harry: i’m what?


draco: we getting divorce, you prat

Who said all sage-type wizards need to wear weathered robes and have long beards with hair coming out of their ears? I had a character idea I wanted explore about a Gandalf-type wizard who cares about detail and finesse- an idea I found quite charming. Black sued wizard’s hat hand-stitched in Italy.. Wool cape trimmed with velvet mohair.. And a Palisander Rosewood Staff with woven natural leather handle and silver plated shoe. Plus he’s a sass-atronic shade-machine. Might be developing more of him.:)


Hello hello!

d20 Enamel Pins :: Round II is now live on Kickstarter! Jumping off the back of the first Kickstarter, six new pins are up for grabs, along with the original eight pins for those who missed the first party.

Grab your d20s, roll initiative, and pet a kitty, it’s Round II.

Thank you in advance for reblogs, shares, and backers! It means the world!