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Wiz Khalifa- The Grinder

Directed by @billpaladino

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Taylor Allderdice.

Wiz’s latest mixtape. I’m wrapping up my very first play through and I’m happy to say I actually like it. This is way better quality stuff than anything he put out recently. It’s not to say those projects were bad, I just thought he was starting to lose his touch. The last TOP QUALITY project he put out had to be “Kush and OJ”, an instant classic for me.

“Taylor Allderdice” is a compilation of both, chill, Summer/Spring time music, and your hype, cooking music. Some notable samples I got immediately were Frank Ocean and one that caught me by surprise, Deadmau5.

Wiz’s lyricism on this mixtape exceeds his album, “Rolling Papers” and is very reminiscent of “Kush And OJ”. His usual, chill lyrics: weed, cars, woman, money, relaxing, everything you’d expect Wiz to speak about, is on here.

What I found interesting was that, in between each track, there are excerpts of an interview he did. The interview covers a range of things, I’ll leave it to you guys to hear it yourself.

Out of the 17 tracks, I only disliked no more than 3.

Taylor Allderdice is definitely the Wiz “Kush and OJ” fans missed. Hell, if he were to rename this mixtape, “Kush And OJ Pt.2” he wouldn’t be wrong for doing it. Because I feel this is a sister to “K&OJ”. He even has a song on hear named “Never Been Pt.2” “Never Been” was a song on “K&OJ” . This is another classic in Wiz Khalifa mixtapes, to me at least.

I will definitely be jamming to this throughout Spring/Summer.

Props, Wiz. You put my doubts to the side.