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Title: perfect

Genre: angst/fluff

pairing: sugaXreader

Request: ooh could you do a scenario with suga where you go somewhere and someone really pretty keeps hitting on him and he doesn’t realize it and you get jealous and pout and start ignoring him and get all annoyed and feel intimidated and small because of it? <3 nice blog, keep up the awesome work :D

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150916 Mamamoo AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit

  • You guys are so close, do you guys often take each other stuff? Clothes, shoes, electronics, etc?

Solar: We’re all really close so sometimes if there’s something I don’t wear I’ll give it to the other members. We’ll share our clothes and make up. We’ll give and take.

  • Back in Feb I think you showed us your practice for Passion Flower, and it usually lasted several hours into the night. Did it take that much for Delilah?

Hwasa: When we practiced for Immortal Song the more we practiced for an episode the shorter it got as we got more used to it. So it seems Delilah took less time than Passion Flower.

  • If you could perform one boy group song in Mamamoo style, which one would you choose?

Solar: Of course it would be Big Bang sunbaenims.
Hwasa: (laughs) Wheein and I were Big Bang’s fans from junior high. Of course their songs are very well written and trendy so I think it would be fun.

  • Hwasa, will you ever upload a EP/LP to sine online outlet (soundcloud / youtube)? Loved your solo songs!

Hwasa: Thank you!!! Maybe?? (laughs)

  • Why did each of you decide to pursue a career in music? Is that still the same reason that gets you up every morning?

Solar: We all love music. Do you girls have any thoughts about doing anything else?
Hwasa: Not at all.
Wheein: I think it’s because we all love and are talented in this field which is why we probably picked music. (smiles)

  • Everyone really seems to love the stage, what is it like performing on stage and, if you do love the stage, why?

Solar: Our chemistry is really great, so when we go on stage I think it shows on stage.
Hwasa: I also think it wasn’t easy for all four of us to get up on stage as performers. There are also fans watching us so it’s not an easy thing to do because there are pressures as well. But we get so much energy from our fans, so I think we’re able to enjoy it that much. 

  • What’s your favourite songs from the album? Personally, my favorites songs are No no no, Self Camera, and of course, Um Oh Ah Yeh~~

Solar: Sting. I think it’s bc the song is a song that you get addicted to the more you listen to it.
Moonbyul: No No No, it’s sort of a song about a cool girl that’s like “I’ll show you” which is why I like it.
Wheein: Sting. It’s a ballad, but I don’t usually like ballads, but maybe it’s bc we sanf it but I really like it. I listened to it a ton.
Hwasa: I like Sting now. But the song that’s in my heart is Freaking Shoes. I had so much fun writing the song which is probably why.

  • What is your favorite food?

Solar: Hyejin (Hwasa) said chicken.
Hwasa: Chicken Pizza set.

  • Do you have any specialty dishes you make?

Solar: Hwasa is the best cook.
Moonbyul: We haven’t tried Wheein’s food, but were you good at pasta?
Solar: Kimchi fried rice and jja jjang rice.
Moonbyul: Isn’t jja jjan rice something you stick in the micro oven? Anyway Hwasa is the best at cooking. She’s good at grabbing leftovers from the fridge and making something really good.

  • You guys recently did a parody of Unpretty Rapstar, who do you think did the best impersonation?

Moonbyul & Solar: Hwasa and Wheein. They were so good.
Hwasa: People said I looked similar to the actual people I parodied. But Wheein was good at really acting like them.
Moonbyul: The best was Wheein as Tymee. Solar was like… method acting.
Solar: Byul was really good too.

  • This if for Hwasa!! What do you do to maintain your body? Cause gurl you got body goals!!!!! 

Hwasa: It’s easy. Just eat three meals a day.

  • A food that all 4 of you enjoy eating together!

Hwasa: Meat?
Solar: Meat. It’s meat.

  • Do any of you listen to American Music? Who are your current favorite American musicians?

Hwasa: There are so many!
Solar: I personally like Wiz Khalifa. He’s so awesome.
Hwasa: Prince. I’ve liked him for so long.

  • Hwasa, your thighs are the best thighs in kpop, is it weird that people consider you the sexiest in the group when you’re the maknae? 

Hwasa: Is this a trait that’s appreciated overseas? Because here it’s not so much. (smiles) I just eat 3 meals consistantly.

Are you guys already working on the next single? And if so, could you give us a little hint of what it’s going to be like?

Hwasa: Our next single? (laughs) Pink.


Or Nah

Let me rant about the Or Nah video please. What the fuck was that? Abel has like, what, 30 seconds of screen time? What is this? I didn’t wait in anticipation ever since they revealed there’s going to be a video for this. I get that’s it’s not Abel’s song or music video, but come on! He looks so good, he deserved more screen time, if not all of it. If I had it my way, he’d be naked in the video with a woc in bed with him, or in the kitchen, on a table, where he fucks her, not in bathroom where I can only see his gorgeous face and not his body. Call me selfish but I expected Abel to have a huge part in the video. Putting all my issues and concerns aside, it was a good video, would’ve been better if Abel had more screen time, but it was good nonetheless. Not to mention, ABEL LOOKED SOOOOOOO GOOD IN THERE. Yoo, I envy the white thot in the washroom with him, but did you see how good he looked? He looked so fucking delicious. And his eyes….oh my fuck. I love what he did with his eyes, the way he’d look at the girl, amazing. It was such a slutry, fuck me look, he was fucking her with his eye! Even though I’m not happy with the amount of screen time he got, I’m very happy with what was done in his screen time. This is longer than I intended, I love you if read this.

Chrianna Interlude: WTF

A/n: for @thenotorioussob 😊

Rihanna took a break from her photo shoot and politely excused herself to her dressing room. Plopping down on a couch, she sighed as she went through her recent contacts for a well-used number. Clicking on the FaceTime option, she waited as it rang a few moments before a face filled her screen.
“Hi Gorgeous.”
“Hey Babe, what you up to?” Rihanna replied with a soft smile.
“Getting ready to go to this party. What about you?”
“Photo shoot, I’m on break.”
“That would explain the hair.”
Rihanna scoffed, “what’s wrong with my hair?”
“Have you looked in the mirror?”
“Fuck you. You just talking all that shit because you have a hat on.”
“I can take it off.”
“I’m scared if you do.”
Chris frowned causing Rihanna to laugh, “you ain’t shit.”
“And ain’t never gonna be shit.”
“Running your mouth while looking like Lorde. Don’t play me.”
“Ooh Nigga, you got so much fucking mouth. Take your hat off.”
“Nah, you ain’t ready.”
“Chris, take your hat off.”
“Aight, you asked.”
Chris slid his cap off his head and Rihanna burst out laughing, “Oh my god, Babe what did you do to your hair?”
“Nothing. I was just playing in it.”
“You going outside like that?”
“You went outside like that.”
Rihanna flipped him off and Chris chuckled, “Don’t get mad at me because you look like that girl from the Exorcist movie. I waiting for your head to start spinning.”
“I know you ain’t talking looking like an obese Wiz Khalifa.”
“Obese? Really?”
“Yes really. What the fuck are those supposed to be? You look like you got blunts growing out your head.”
Chris stifled a laugh and Rihanna chuckled, “gotcha to laugh at yourself. Ha-ha.”
“Oh fuck you.”
“You need to, to be honest.”
“If you would bring your ass home then I would.”
“I’ll be there soon. I gotta get my Christmas presents from you.”
“That’s all you care about ain’t it?”
“No, I want some of Mama’s good cooking too.”
“Oh just fuck Chris then. My company ain’t worth shit huh?”
Rihanna chuckled, “Nigga, you just told me I look like Lorde, ok? You lucky I ain’t hang up on your ass.”
“Pssh, you love me and you laughed, so stop being fake mad ok?”
“I don’t like you.”
“You like me, you love me, you wish you were with me right now.”
“Nigga please.”
“You gonna quit with all this attitude, Robyn.”
“Come fuck it out of me then.”
“Keep playing and I’ma find a gig in Paris just to do it too.”
Rihanna laughed, “Don’t waste the energy, I’m leaving tonight anyway.”
“You coming home?”
“Maybe. Maybe not.”
“Oh, that’s how you gonna play me.”
Chris pouted and Rihanna let out a soft aww, “Babe, I was just playing. I’m not sure what else I have to do before I head back your way.”
“You don’t gotta make up any excuses. It’s cool if you don’t wanna see me. I’ll be alright.”
“Chris, don’t be like that.”
“Nope, I’m not your friend no more.”
“What about if I flash you?”
Chris’s face visibly perked up and Rihanna laughed, “you’re such a pervert.”
“It’s your fault.”
“Yea. No, it’s not. You’ve been like that way before you met me.”
“Nah. I got it that first time and I’ve been fucked up ever since.”
“Cause I got it like that.”
Chris rolled his eyes, “you sprung off me too, you ain’t gotta say it.”
“You wish.”
“You ain’t never had a nigga put it down like me. Don’t play.”
“I think whoever did your hair, rolled that shit too tight because you wildin’.”
“You just pushing me to have to teach you a lesson when you get home, huh?”
“You ain’t gone do Shhhhiiiittt,” Rihanna mimicked Kevin Hart and Chris burst out laughing.
“Robyn, I can’t deal with you no more. I’m supposed to be the silly one.”
“You love me though.”
“You don’t love me so I don’t love you.”
“Yup. I’m taking it back.”
“You taking back ten years?”
“Nigga please. Did you see my picture earlier?”
“From yesterday?”
“Yea, I saw it. You look good in those Tims.”
“Thank you. My best friend bought them for me,” Rihanna replied cheekily. Chris chuckled and wiped his hand down his face, “I’m glad you like them.”
“You wore yours yesterday too.”
“You must’ve been peeking in my window.”
“Nah, we telekinetic, Robyn. Always reading each other’s minds.”
Rihanna chuckled, “Babe, we’re just too much alike.”
“But it’s a good thing. I like being in sync with you.”
“Aww…aren’t you sweet?”
“I’ll be even sweeter when you bring your ass home.”
“I’m coming back, no worries.”
“Good. I got some of your gifts the other day.”
“Oooh what you get?”
“You’ll find out when you open them.”
Rihanna pouted and Chris mimicked her, “I love you, Robyn.”
“I don’t like you.”
Chris chuckled, “oh cheer up, I’ll think about giving you one of them early.”
Rihanna danced around in her seat, “Yay!”
“Just so childish.”
“Don’t you even go there.”
“Baby Girl, I miss you.”
“I miss you too. Keep my side of the bed warm for me.”
Chris chuckled, “Robyn, that’s my line.”
“Well since I’m the one out of town, it’s my line now.”
“Whatever Baby Girl.”
“Go have fun but not too much.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
Chris chuckled and blew her a kiss, “I love you Robyn Rihanna Fenty-Brown.”
Rihanna laughed, “I love you too Christopher. See you soon, Baby.”
“Ok. Talk to you later.”
Rihanna blew him a kiss just before ending the call.