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I Know What Boys Like

Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.

Rihanna crooned in my ear as I made my way from Bank Station toward Spin Gym. I’d just left work after a long day and was ready for my hour-long spin class. I stretched as I walked and continued to bop along, perhaps dancing a bit too enthusiastically and not exactly singing under my breath. In the dark of the night, did it really matter?

I couldn’t contain myself. I’d had the best day at work and I needed to celebrate. I’d been counting down the days and today was finally the day; my year long probation was up and my bosses had decided I’d done well enough—ahem, repented enough—to keep me on. Not only did they keep me on, though, which is all I had been hoping for, but also promote me to Client Manager. “Client manager?!” I had balked at Leslie, my boss, when she told.

“Well only if you want it,” she shrugged and grinned, knowing damn well I wanted it. A smile came to my lips just thinking about it. I’d thought I’d fucked myself with this job and wasn’t sure they’d even keep me after the probation period. “You’ve worked hard, babe. Tom and I see that. You’ve had great ideas and brought a lot of good things to the company as a junior assistant.”

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon I like it, like it.

Rihanna and I sang together. I fogged Leslie’s warning out of my memory, choosing to only remember the praise she gave me, because it wasn’t going to happen again. I was not going to fuck things up again.

I reached for the door handle to Spin Gym, pausing briefly to finish singing. I was startled as the door pulled back further behind me and turned to see what was happening. A guy was standing directly behind me looking bemused. Not just any guy, a really, really attractive guy I had seen only once before in class about a week prior. He had sat behind me and I may have bounced my bum around a little more than necessary on the bike throughout the duration of class.

“Sorry!” I apologized breathlessly, ripping the earbuds out. “I can’t hear with these things in; I had no idea you were behind me.”

“’S’fine,” he said quietly, yet still clearing laughing at the dance party I had been having for myself. Who knew how long he’d been following me. My face reddened at the thought of all the dancing and singing I had done the last ten minutes.

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So last night was a fucking dream and so was today.
I woke up at about 4 AM and my dad, his girlfriend and I drove out to LA.
I made friends on my way to the venue and they were just the sweetest.
When I got to the box office, the duder at the ticket window wouldn’t release my ticket to me because it was under my dad’s name. I think he heard me say “fuck my life” when I was walking away to call my dad (whom I called twice with no answer) because as I was standing around waiting for my dad to answer (again, he didn’t), he yelled “Nicole!” and rushed me over to the window. He then asked me if I could provide the address, email, and phone number associated with the account (which I did), and then handed me my ticket and told me to “have a better day.” I was really shaken and on the verge of tears so that was really fucking cool of him to do.
Fast forward to when they let us into the venue.
The dude running the meet and greet told me that if I had FOB sign my journal, Jack would delete my photo (a statement that made me start shaking and almost made me cry in front of FOB)… So anyways I poked my head around the backdrop and said “Hey!” and gave Joe a high five and talked with him and Patrick for a bit, then got ready for my photo. I dropped my journal on the ground and kinda kicked it away so it wouldn’t be in the photo and said to Pete, “They told me they’d delete my photo if I had you write something out so…” and he was just like “Bullshit! We don’t do that. I’ll write something out for you.” So I explained to him how much “sometimes you have to crack through pavement to blossom” (something he said at Monumentour last year) means to me and how it’s stuck with me ever since he said it and he fucking wrote it out for me!! I talked with him and Andy for a bit and got hugs from Patrick, Pete, and Andy, took my picture, and then cried all the way back to the area they had us wait at after the meet and greet (oops, I’m an emotional baby).
Hoodie Allen and Wiz Khalifa and Max were all fuckin’ dope. I was pleasantly surprised by how great they were.
I was fourth row and so fucking happy. When FOB went on, I jumped around like a goddamn giddy kangaroo. Pete saw me in the crowd and when he went to give a speech that ended with, “You guys are the shake and we just wanna be the cherry on top” he looked me right in the eye the entire time. When they started playing Saturday, I pushed my way to the front where I knew Pete would be. I held his hand once when he came into the crowd and then again because he looked down, smiled when he saw it was me, and grabbed my hand.
I’ll never forget it. Ever. I fucking love Fall Out Boy.

I showed up at the LA pop up shop today at around 10:30 and was shocked when I was handed a wristband to meet Pete. I thought they’d long since been gone and there would be tons of people there but there were like 20 people in line. When I went in, Pete remembered me and said “I remember you from the meet and greet and I think I saw you in the crowd!” like we had a little secret and it was just so cute and we took that picture and I’m just sitting here wrapped in my FOB flag in my dad’s car on my way home to Phoenix and I can’t even begin to express how fucking happy I am. Thank you for everything ahomeboyslife. I’ll see ya next time.

Zayn Malik Smut

• Happy first day of Zayn Malik week! I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas, had an amazing Christmas break! No one suggested a scenario so I chose one from the top of my head! ❤️

“Babe! I’m home! Sorry I took so long, the traffic was ridiculous!” I called out to my boyfriend as I set the bags of groceries on the kitchen table. I could hear ‘Only’ by Nicki Minaj coming from Zayn’s man cave, so I walked in and saw him smoking a blunt as he spray painted the wall. The music was so loud that he didn’t even hear me come in, so I went up to the speaker and turned it down a bit, making Zayn turn around. “Hey babe.” Zayn said, which was muffled by his face mask, then he took it off and walked over to me and pressed his lips to mine. “Did you get what I wanted you to?” He asked then took a hit of his blunt before putting it out on the wall then letting it fall to the floor. “Mmhmm.” I said while unbuttoning my flannel then pulling a pack of grape rillos and a bag of kush out of my tank top. I tossed it onto Zayn’s desk making him smirk before suddenly pressing his lips to mine, instantly sticking his tongue in my mouth. “You’re such a good fucking girl for daddy.” He whispered against my lips, making me take his bottom lip between my teeth. When I let go of his lip, he squatted down by his desk unlocking his safe, then grabbed his grinder and pocket knife. He kept anything that could get him arrested or anything really important to him in that safe. His weed, bong, grinder, pipe, wads of cash, pocket knife, and some random collectible items. He took a seat on the love seat with the weed, rillos, grinder, and a random record. I took a seat next to him and grabbed the rillos and knife and opened the package and began to cut open the rillos then emptied the contents of the cigar on the ground. Once Zayn had finished grinding up the weed, I handed him the rillos and he began to fill them up with weed. Once he was finished rolling up the blunts, he handed me one then got his package of cigarettes out of his back pocket and got his lighter out of it. “You first baby.” He said while handing me the lighter, then I put the blunt between my lips and lit it while inhaling it so it would stay lit. I handed Zayn the lighter as I let the smoke float out of my mouth then went and turned his music up. 'Stayin Out All Night’ by Wiz Khalifa was playing now. When I turned around while taking a hit of my blunt, I saw Zayn looking at me with hooded eyes. I knew he was high as fuck, he had been smoking when I got home. “Take a picture,” I said before taking another hit of my blunt. “It’ll last longer.” I finished before blowing the smoke out of my mouth. Zayn started smirking before beckoning me over with his head. I straddled him, and he put his blunt out on the record next to him then placed his hands on my waist. “I want you to ride my cock.” He said with his thick, sexy accent, making me bite my lip. I put my blunt out on the record, then hungrily pressed my lips to his. As our lips moved against each other’s, I reached at the bottom of his shirt and began to pull it up, making us break away from our kiss. I began to kiss his tattoos on his chest, then made my way down his stomach as I got off his lap. I shrugged off my flannel before unbuttoning Zayn’s jeans, then making him lift his ass as I pulled his pants and boxer briefs down. I grabbed ahold of his dick and instantly put him in my mouth. I slowly bobbed my head up and down, looking up at Zayn who had his head thrown back on the couch. “Just like that baby,” he moaned, spurring me on. Fuck, I can’t take this anymore. I quickly got off my knees and took off my shoes, jeans, and panties. I straddled him once again, and as I grabbed his dick and placed it at my entrance, Zayn looked at me while smirking. “Aching for daddy’s cock?” He asked, making me nod my head while biting my lip. I slowly sunk down on his big dick and pressed my lips to Zayn’s, instantly sticking my tongue in his mouth. As our tongues moved against each other’s, I began to grind myself back on forth on his dick. I broke our kiss to let moans spill out of my mouth, and Zayn’s hands gripped my ass before letting go of one ass cheek to slap it, making me whimper. “You like riding daddy’s cock? Huh baby?” He asked as I threw my head back and began to grind myself on his dick even faster. “Fuck yeah,” I moaned out, feeling so much pleasure. Zayn then took matters into his own hands and began to thrust up into me, making me feel even more pleasure. My moans were mixed with the music that was playing, making this whole thing even more hotter. High sex while jamming out? Don’t mind if I do. “Rub my clit.” I moaned while looking into Zayn’s eyes, and he instantly complied. “Just like that,” I whimpered as Zayn rubbed my clit in circles. I could feel my orgasm coming, making me began to bounce of Zayn’s dick, which made his throw his head back. With Zayn rubbing my clit and thrusting into me from underneath me, and me bouncing on his dick, I came. I moaned loudly as my orgasm engulfed me, making me dig my nails into Zayn’s back, then I felt Zayn begin to come inside me, letting groans spill out of his mouth. I sat there with my head laying on his chest, feeling tremors of my orgasm throughout my body as I tried to catch my breath. “I fucking love you.” I breathed out, making Zayn laugh before replying. “I fucking love you too baby girl. Now let’s finish off these blunts and attempt to make dinner.” I got off his lap and put my panties on and lit my blunt as Zayn put his boxer briefs back on. A typical night for us.

• I hope ya’ll enjoyed this! I know this is getting posted late, but it’s hard asf to type with long nails 😂 An outfit imagine will be posted tomorrow, so send me a scenario and you’ll be tagged in it. Also, go vote for which guy you want for next week, the link is in my description!❤️

Or Nah

Let me rant about the Or Nah video please. What the fuck was that? Abel has like, what, 30 seconds of screen time? What is this? I didn’t wait in anticipation ever since they revealed there’s going to be a video for this. I get that’s it’s not Abel’s song or music video, but come on! He looks so good, he deserved more screen time, if not all of it. If I had it my way, he’d be naked in the video with a woc in bed with him, or in the kitchen, on a table, where he fucks her, not in bathroom where I can only see his gorgeous face and not his body. Call me selfish but I expected Abel to have a huge part in the video. Putting all my issues and concerns aside, it was a good video, would’ve been better if Abel had more screen time, but it was good nonetheless. Not to mention, ABEL LOOKED SOOOOOOO GOOD IN THERE. Yoo, I envy the white thot in the washroom with him, but did you see how good he looked? He looked so fucking delicious. And his eyes….oh my fuck. I love what he did with his eyes, the way he’d look at the girl, amazing. It was such a slutry, fuck me look, he was fucking her with his eye! Even though I’m not happy with the amount of screen time he got, I’m very happy with what was done in his screen time. This is longer than I intended, I love you if read this.