: This is the story of Wiyanna Lynn Nelson and Wesley Wayne Quinlain, and what happened to the two of them- this story has been told by the friends that were there in the car during the flash flood that occurred- and its very difficult to recount so I might be brief. It was said that Wesley said they needed to get out of the car or they’d end up upside-down like the jeep that was in front of them, so he started to aid everyone in getting out- but the push of the water was so strong- that he was having difficulty getting their friend Emily out of the car- as he’d gotten Wiyanna and Nathan out- whom were shimmying around the car carefully- they heard a scream- and Wesley turned to see Wiyanna drifting away- so he dived in and grabbed her, bringing her back to the car- he saved her. Then- a wave of water washed over them and threw their legs out from under them, and again- they heard Wiyanna scream- she was screaming for Wesley… calling his name- her arms outstretched to him- he turned to Emily and- she told him no but- he called after Wiyanna and dove in for her again- the two of them vanishing over  the mountain whilst their friend Nathan was swept the other direction and was able to find a branch he could hold onto. 

Wiyanna and Wesley had a once in a lifetime love. A love that was absolutely strong and beautiful and- I become speechless, trying to explain it in front of a crowd because- I never got to see them together in the same place more than once- and still- I could tell they were absolutely meant for one another. Through the stories that were told about them during the Candle Lighting last night, to the simple way the two of them looked absolutely content in pictures- they were meant to be- and there was no way one could have lived without the other there- even if they’d survived. It was an absolutely beautiful relationship and one that I now compare to Cosette and Marius.

There was no way, they would have been so content- with anyone other than each other. The lives they impacted were vast, and for that- they will never, ever, be forgotten. As Wiyanna’s sister- I can say she was never happier, than when she was with him. The last time I saw her was a few days after my birthday and she seemed so much more happier- than she had ever before- our conversation was neutral and that’s beautiful- because that’s the whole of what our relationship was. 

I miss her so- I will always miss her, I always pictured that I would send her things from wherever I ended up and she would be ecstatic with whatever it was because she could make it- hers. I thought I’d have family dinners with the two of them- or visits from them wherever I live in the future- but now… I will never- have that. It hurts- so very much to know that…

They were two unique minds that were wonderful in every way. 

Their relationship would be described as Star Crossed Lovers- because I think- all they ever wanted, was to find what they found in each other.