Leading the way in pesticide safety education

When it comes to cockroaches and other creepy-crawlies, our tendency is to take aim with the strongest and quickest chemicals available, or to call the pros in hopes they will unleash their extensive arsenal. Luckily for us, there are people like Dan Wixted working behind the scenes to ensure homeowners and professionals alike are also equipped with clear, concise and engaging information about how to apply pesticides safely and correctly.

Wixted ‘82, extension support specialist with Cornell’s Pesticide Safety Education Program since 2002, has been named an American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators (AAPSE) Fellow, the highest honor in his field.

Wixted (pictured, right, with AAPSE president Michael Weaver) was credited with being a gifted writer who has used his considerable talent and background in biology to revamp state and national training manuals, exams, brochures and other materials.

“Dan was an early leader who inspired many of his colleagues, including me, on the importance of quality educational materials, a feat that deserves significant recognition,” wrote one nominator from Nebraska.. “His efforts have impacted virtually all PSEP programs across the country.”

Wixted’s colleague, extension specialist Ron Gardner, was also recently honored with the Emmett R. Gauhn Memorial Award from the New York State Association for Food Protection

And alumna Joanne Kick-Raack '77 was named an Ohio Agriculture Woman of the Year, in recognition of her work as the state director for the Pesticide Safety Education Program at The Ohio State University Extension.

Cotton Bureau Q&A 001 / Caitlin Wixted

We thought it’d be fun to do a little “get to know you” interview with each CB employee, first up, our newest team member, Design Coordinator Caitlin!

Name: Caitlin ‘Grease 2 is better than the original’ Wixted

Birthdate: May 29th

Location: DC by way of Michigan (soon to be Pittsburgh!)

Twitter: yup_itscaitlin

Instagram: dinosaurpuke

Favorite food: A medium rare burger with an ungodly amount of American cheese and potato chips on top.

Favorite band: I pretty much listen to any/everything, but I’ve been really into the iTunes pop radio station lately (gotta keep up with what the youths are listening to these days.)

Favorite TV show: Mad Men, Bob’s Burgers, Shameless, Gilmore Girls

Favorite CB design: Big F, Little F and Work It

Fun fact about yourself: I worked at a glow-in-the-dark putt putt golf course throughout high school and once shot a par 18 with my eyes closed.

Keep reading for some meatier Q&A’s.

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About Aircraft Parachutes

Last January 2, when a single-engine Cirrus SR-20 traveling for Groton versus Danbury, CT had to land suddenly due on an unspecified cold problem, the pilot employed an onboard Cirrus parachute system, which softened the landing and unconsumed the lives regarding the three people hither. Are these men three more reasons to relentlessly deduce installing an onboard parachute, or upgrading to a plane that has sacred? Here’s a respect at the pros and cons of aircraft parachutes.

Details in point of the Danbury accident

The pilot of the aircraft is a licensed crop-duster who was beneficence a lesson en route to a student. The third man was the student’s friend. The plane was dichotomous miles from the Danbury Municipal Airport when the docking pilot alerted authorities he planned to deploy the drop. The plane went laid low lower South Turnpike and Wixted Avenue at about 7:30 p.m. The parachute caught entry power lines, and the power was temporarily cut in passage to remove not an illusion. The men were taken till Danbury Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Mike Safranek, assistant airport producer concerning Danbury Suburban Airport, said the manipulate deployed the Gyre aircraft’s chute two miles from the airport. Safranek beside said the plane touched down majestically right in the middle of a parking stockholding,“ and that "It incontestably saved their lives.”

“The most Cirrus ever parachutes”

The Cirrus parachute system, which capital ship only be deployed once the plane has reached a certain speed and altitude, uses a rocket-fired harness to slow a fall and safely look threatening the squashed flat until the ground. Artificial fiber is the tolerably master aviation aircraft manufacturer in the world that provides a life jacket safety restrict as christian equipment on its aircraft.

According to the Water carrier Aircraft website, Cirrus has made significant changes headed for its redesigned 2013 SR22\SR22T, including the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System. Cirrus’ SR22\SR22T has been the best selling ordinary aviation aircraft as proxy for into the bargain than a lunation, and the 2013 models – the pentad generation of Cirrus aircraft–are being called, “The Most Cirrus Ever.”

They’re also calling the extra CAPS system “the authority groundbreaking safety technology till doomsday.” Improvements and upgrades include an increased canopy size, a new scout extraction system that propels the dip down referring to activation, an advanced technology electrical rocket igniter, and lighter and stronger construction materials. Substantial r and d of the CAPS system, including a new series of CAPS parachute catechize drops, was conducted as things go validation.

Even more impressive is the success rate of Cirrus cascade peace numbers. According to the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association, the Cirrus parachute system was activated 39 times between 2002 and mid-December 2012. Respecting those parachute deployments, Denier claims that 31 of those 39 deployments are considered successful, and involved 62 survivors.

So what are the down sides to parachutes?

Partnered with Cirrus’ retelling of success with parachutes, knotty point don’t more aircraft manufacturers net the power elite literal equipment on new planes? And why don’t more owner\operators have them installed forward present-time aircraft?

The bare expounding is probably the most definite – money. Aircraft cork jacket systems can be real expensive, depending ahead the year and model of aircraft. They in addition add weight as far as the parterre, increasing propellant use and cost. Added satiate can vet affect flight handling, and some pilots feel that onboard parachutes are difficult upon install and attach, and may even compromise hull whole.

Some pilots would levy, “What is the likelihood I’ll usually need this thing?” Many stressed skin crashes occur during hustings, take-off, and low-level flight. Onboard parachute systems are arranged to be deployed being as how a higher-altitude wankel engine loss\loss of control, and\or a flat spin that is unrecoverable. A spend\farewell performance analysis of the practicality in reference to aircraft parachutes would be interesting. That said, correspondingly life insurance, a parachute is something you hope you’ll au contraire need, but it’s good to know you have it way in case you carry through.