Liars have released a video for “The Exact Color Of Doubt,” the romantic opener from their 2012 album, WIXIW.

The cybernetic clip uses a “hacked Kinect sensor,” according to the director, to project digital scans of the band members creating a dazzling maze of color that matches the shimmering sound of the track.

Flood To Flood
Flood To Flood

Liars || Flood To Flood

 I had a harder time deciding which song to post off of WIXIW (pronounced ‘wish you’) than I probably should have; but, I am just loving it way too much. The whole album rocks. And yes, I’ve heard the joke already, so save it! (“This is the best Radiohead album since Kid A”…ha-ha) … I’m rolling my eyes right now, but secretly I do think it’s actually really funny.