9. I Took A Chance On Something


I’m best at dreaming.

Dreaming has never been the problem for me—the problem comes in writing out the dream and pushing send.

My heart circles around acting on ideas quite often.  Usually I’m out amongst friends or reading something when an idea like a gust of some creative wind sweeps up an idea and blows it right by my face.  I’ve had several (thousand) of these moments in the passed few years, but not many have left that moment.

I want to go for something.  


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We Launched jasonotoole.com


WIWYA Family!

In 10 days we will be calling jasontoole.com our new home!  We will still be posting to Tumblr, but will house all additional content including music, videos, photos, news, and more on the new jasonotoole.com.

For all of my 7,500 followers, you are the greatest people on the Internet and most likely the world.  I truly love everything you stand for, and your support and love is so inspiring!  I create for you.

In anticipation of the new web launch, we will be posting the top 10 most popular WIWYA posts to date!  10 posts in 10 days!  Love you all so much.  Let your hearts continue to grow in the truth you have found in life.

With Love,