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When I Was Your Age Tag

Rules: think of how a sim that you made as an adult would’ve looked like when they were a child

You can make a fun backstory of their favorite things as kids, or maybe something that shaped them to be who they are now.

I decided to use Archiekins for this challenge! and here he is as a evil bratty child as well as a grungy, unwashed teen! (he thought he was cool)

Archie went through a lot of phases, he was dorky and wanted to fit in. 

This resulted in him wearing eyeliner for quite a while, beanies, varsity jackets and flannels.

As a kid Archie was a little shit angsty? also i guess you could say his fashion sense hasn’t really changed since he was a kid tbh? 

- backstory to Archie if anyone’s interested lol -

Archie was raised by his parents in windenburg, however he decided the whole private school stuff was not for him, so he dropped out and moved to San Myshuno with his Aunt. 

Moving to San Myshuno meant a new start, this is where he met Anna and the rest of his friends. 

Archie’s favourite place, even as a kid has always been the bluffs in Windenburg, being it after school with his mates, or late night raves with a dip in the murky water after.

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