Autumn in Paris/Looking like a professional.

So dear followers. I saw many things, and some of them I bought at killer deals. This trench was in the tiny thrift shop in Nove Hrady, the town I worked in this summer, and mostly I feel really Parisian in it. The other new addition is this mustard scarf which is just really smooth and a nice color. I worked in a studio, so really I didn’t need to look that professional, as I would throw on a lab coat whenever we started doing restoration, but sometimes I just like looking like a pro.

Rundown: scarf london, trench nove hrady, shirt folk via buffalo exchange, sweater delias, skirt loft, tights alloy.com, boots clarks.

Walked into Zara while waiting for my darling girlfriend to get to the mall so we could start our single girls outing thinking that I was safe because I usually only go in to ogle. (Un)luckily for me, there was a HUGE sale and I ended up helping the economy AGAIN. Story of my life.