Best of my WAYWRN Part 2

This weeks Friday challenge on Styleforum encourages all participants to bring out their A game. You will be allowed to chose from all the posts you’ve ever posted in Styleforums WAYWRN-thread and pic the one of your outfits you deem your personal best. These are a selection of the outfits I have posted that have gotten a lot of positive feedback.

I would definitely change a few details before wearing these today, but all in all I think most of them are pretty decent.

Pt 1

Dressing down a suit. Take 1

Take 1 of wearing a suit without a tie (See Take 2 & Take 3)

This weeks Friday challenge on Style Forum is to dress down a suit, i.e. to wear a suit without a tie.

It may sound easy. It’s not. At least not if you want to look somewhat coherent. Most people do the “business casual” take on it, just wearing their worsted business suits, shirts with cutaway or spread stiff collar and simply loose the tie. I mean, sure, go ahead, but it will look exactly like what it is: A guy who’s taken off his tie - an incomplete look. 

I don’t usually hand out advice, mainly because there are other guys out there who are way better at articulating the finer nuances of #menswear rules and tips than I.

I’ll make an exception today. Because this is a look that intrigues me, and that I’ve experimented a whole lot with. A look, about which I may just have gathered some knowledge worth sharing.

When going tie-less I’ll pick out a suit with one, or all, of these qualities:

  1. Non business fabric, e.g. tweed, cotton, linen, flannel, fresco et c.
  2. Patch pockets.
  3. A non structured or soft construction.

I will wear a turtle neck, or a shirt with one, or several, of these qualities:

  1. Casual fabric, e.g. Oxford cotton, chambray, pique or any type of knitted shirt with a collar et c.
  2. Polo buttoning.
  3. Casual collar, e.g. several different types of collars that lack tie space, button down collar et c. I think there are several collars that look good without a tie, as long as it’s not an extreme cutaway, or a collar with a tie space.
  4. Colour. A white shirt can look good in this context, but white is hard wired into my brain as a formal shirt colour. Therefore I’d rather go with light blue, pink, khaki et c.

I quite like the look of  a good pair of black oxfords. But for this look I’ll usually go for boots, derbies or monks. More often than not, the shoes will be brown.

I think this type of look opens up for a wide variety of accessories, such as non solid scarves, caps et c.

So, you know, have fun with it.