Well, I played around Adobe Lightroom and this is what I’ve got.

HAHA. I just selected random options there and I was a little satisfied with the result so I posted it here. *insert a proud grin here*

I chose this particular photo because I miss the Main Building and UST.
See you in a few days. <3


Christmas Project 2011 Teaser.

Watch out for it.

Am I crazy for naming these babies?

I just asked ‘cause Cali really say so.

This is Sofia(Acer 4745G) and she reflects Wiwaaa(Canon EOS Kiss X3).

This one is Cressie(iPod Touch 2G). I just gave her the name ‘cause she might get jealous. :D

Seriously, is there something wrong? :D I just wanna call them with their own names ‘cause I don’t wanna pertain to them as to what device they are. :D