Saved by Your Grace.

I am so tired to really narrate how this trip went. But the travel time to Lucban, Quezon is three hours with light traffic. We took off at around 4:30 AM, and arrived at the Shrine at around 7:45 AM. I thought it was a wrong move to not have any sleep. So I decided to just chug down about half a liter of water.

I can’t think of words to describe the place. Just let these photos show you.

It was a tiring journey to the top, but it’s rewarding to end something like this with a prayer.

The trip was really tiring. I’ve got body aches when we got home. But the 2-hours of going up and going down those steps made me reflect on some complex things. I was also able to appreciate nature more.

So yeah. This is how my Palm Sunday went. And yeah, it took us four hours on our way home. Traffic.


Christmas Project 2011 Teaser.

Watch out for it.

Am I crazy for naming these babies?

I just asked ‘cause Cali really say so.

This is Sofia(Acer 4745G) and she reflects Wiwaaa(Canon EOS Kiss X3).

This one is Cressie(iPod Touch 2G). I just gave her the name 'cause she might get jealous. :D

Seriously, is there something wrong? :D I just wanna call them with their own names 'cause I don’t wanna pertain to them as to what device they are. :D