Wow! It was a huge honour, privilege and a highlight of our careers to win the British LGBT Celebrity Rising Star Award! AND of course meeting A SPICE GIRL! Thank you so so much to everyone who voted for us! I was told we won by a significant amount and this shows how much power you guys have! So thank you again for voting and for watching our videos and enjoying them! We couldn’t ask for better boobies!



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Fun fact: Whilst eating my vegan starter (which was a delicious salad of some kind) my fork slipped on a rather sleek and rounded tomato and I dropped said tomatoey fork and it fell onto Rose’s brand new white dress. She. Was. MAD! I apologised a million times but there was still a red stain that looked suspiciously like lady juice on her white dress. She gave me 'the look’ which is like what your Mum does when she’s really pissed at you but you’re both in public. I was scared. But then she felt bad so she thanked me in her speech. The end of the story is that we still had celebratory sex. And THAT it was winning is all about.