Witzbold is German for Joker. I really like german words for some reason. This is how I truely want my art style to look like. It’s just more fun for me to draw this way.

Anyway, Witzbold is a saw toothed weasel who loves to play harsh pranks and jokes on others. He can also be used like a saw to saw things in half. He can stand on 2 legs, but walks and runs on all four. He can sorta talk by imitating the way words sound, but no more than 4 letters long. He mainly communicates by growling and gesturing.


Some sketches from this month and some of last month. The Character with the long tail is Eddie, the Malagsy Ring Tailed Mongoose. Her and Witzbold have basically been friends forever.

She’s really nervous and paranoid most of the time and also goes into a trance when she eats raw eggs.