Polynesians have “given” to Western cinema famously. The Western producers have “borrowed” with enthusiasm. We are attractive subjects. Our stories are “universal”; they are “absolutely international”. Ah, those cheekbones; ah, the suppressed savagery; and ah, last but not least, the allure. Brown her up; brown her down; see how beautifully she moves; what feelings she has.
Indigenous Peoples have been generous, as well, with their traditional designs, emblems, concepts, poetry, songs and art works. The koru is painted on our national carrier; the Rugby Union seeks to get a special act through parliament to protect the Silver Fern logo; even the sacred tiki, trembling with another power, has, in plastic imitation, found its way into the tourist memento box and earned a handsome dollar. So it is profoundly insulting, my friend, to have you use the phrase “cultural A” [Apartheid] when talking about Indigenous Peoples and their generosity (alleged lack of) with respect to sharing their intellectual and cultural treasures.

Barry Barclay (2003) An Open Letter to John Barnett

Note: John Barnett is one of the Producers of Whale Rider. Whale Rider won the 2003 Sundance World Cinema Audience Award, the 2003 Rotterdam Festival Audience Award and the 2002 People’s Choice Award at Toronto International Film Festival. Whale Rider is taken from the novel of the same name, which was written by Maori author Witi Ihimaera. There have been rumblings from some Maori about the fact that Whale Rider has been adapted for screen, directed, and produced by an all-White team. It is a story unique to the descendants of the tribe, Ngati Porou whose lands are centered on the East Coast of the North Island of Aotearoa, (New Zealand). Much has been made of who is telling our stories, (Maori stories), and who therefore has control of the Maori voice. Barry’s letter is in response to John Barnett’s attempts to internationalize, or universalize Whale Rider in order to justify this particular instance of appropriation.

170311 Story of the lucky fan whom Song Ji Hyo piggybacks @ RM 2017 LIVE in Bangkok (cr.@ souw07)

I was that lucky fan :)

Jihyo was amazing, caring and kind. She gave many hugs, and told me to be careful as we stood near the edge of the stage to look at the screen. I asked if I could piggy back her instead, I was worried, as you can see, she’s very strong :) The unfortunate thing about this entire event were the local staffs, who were very strict and would not allow fans to stand during the concert and during the encore they kept telling us to go back to our seats. I was told three times. The fourth time I got up and walked towards the gate surrounding the stage was after jihyo asked fans to do so. She was visibly upset, and wanted us all to enjoy, and have a memorable night. She purposely came down the stage towards the gate to take selfies and actually gave everyone in front a high five, from the right side of the gate to the left. The highlight for me in this event, was at the end some fans were given the opportunity to high five each members on stage. There was an impressive queue. I wore the signed shirt jihyo gave me, and thanked everyone for all their hard work. I’m truly grateful. I hope other jihyo fans will be happy to read this account from another jihyo fan, getting the rare opportunity to meet her. I am truly touched :)

More by fans at RM 2017 LIVE in BANGKOK

I attended this rm live in Bangkok 2017.it is so funny and happy.this scene , i remembered that ji hyo’s mission want to piggyback thai fan .However , thai fan said that she like ji hyo so she would like to change to piggybacks ji hyo instead .However , ji hyo denied and said that she wish to piggybacka her fan. Ji hyo is very nice and kind wity her fan , when she noticed her fan carried mobil telephone , she walked down from the stage for selffie with thai fan

Whale Rider (2002). A contemporary story of love, rejection and triumph as a young Maori girl fights to fulfill a destiny her grandfather refuses to recognize.

Beautiful, moving and unique, Whale Rider was one of the most compelling releases of 2002. Keisha Castle-Hughes gives a performance that leaves you wondering why the hell she isn’t a superstar, and it’s lifted higher by the work of her surrounding actors and the very capable direction of Niki Caro. It handles sensitive subject matter beautifully, and while it’s such a deeply cultural film, it’s themes of family and expectations are universal. 9/10.

hey guys guess what…. my gross ex messaged me on fb. I just noticed it snd odk wjen it was sent. Im really uncomfy even though the messahe just said hey. At least from what i saw i didnt click on it. But um. Yea. Anxiety ensuing. Ugh i was really hopimg he had just forgotten me snd moved on wiyh his life but the favt thst he mesdahed me maked me resllu uncomfotable. Ughhhhh i habe to be up early for wotk anf dont want to deal wity this :((((

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I WAS CONFIRMED TO BE IN THE SHOW like fuckin just now and let me tell you that was some imense validation!! Stars is real, i am real. i'll give you a peace of advice here. before you go making your wity comebacks consider that you don't have all of the information. it is way better to google something or to ask someone than it is to just.. go "lolololol not real!! not real!!" i am upset. not even other fickins believe me but you rly take the cake. :) --irl Stars

“irl Stars” 

someone put “died from laughter” on my tombstone, thanks.


Shoutout to @nyublackneko ♥ U R cool, Nyu…. I wish many more adults would have the spark u have. It’s either mostly over after 30ties or it gets stuck at regular adult life with children, taxes, couch n drinking. Now u have al that plus videogames, being a cool artist and a wity hip (;D) person who is rly loved by many ppls. I’m right behind @junkpilestuff in age haha…. soooo….I feel like biggest child of all (I’m still so very inexperienced in all stuff so I look up to you both ;’D even if u keep calling ur self trash haha). Keep being cool! And @borurou u ancient one…. there a place reserved for you, right behind the bar w G!). ALL THE OTHER GRANNIES COME COME JOIN US!!! HAHAHAA!

a new au that i might actually write a full fic about???

francis is a widower with twin 16 yo’s, alfred and matthew, his wife having died as a result of a car accident two years ago (alfred was also in the car, having only gotten a mild concussion and a broken arm)

and things have been different. matthew is quiet and private now, alfred’s grades have dropped but he doesnt seem to care (francis can’t fathom why, he knows alfred loves learning, loves science in particular) and he keeps getting into physical fights with ivan braginski, and francis himself is still full of life and love and beauty, but he doesn’t flirt anymore and he’s lost his wit

i have no idea how francis and arthur meet, but after a few weeks of bickering and rivalry, they go on a few awkward dates, and god, it makes francis feel so alive even though he’s struggling with it a bit, but arthur is patient and a bit skittish himself. matthew sees his father return the way he was before his mother died and he’s so happy for his papa, but there’s something about arthur (or just the idea of arthur) that drives alfred up the wall and yeah family angst, teen angst, all that good stuff

i just really like single papa francis

My hopes for the two of you

I hope he loves you as much as he says
I hope he appreciates you more than words can express
I hope he memorizes your facial features
I hope he makes you smile, brighter than ever before
I hope he stares at you when your hair is a mess and your eyes are sleepy
I hope he takes that instant to tell you how beautiful you are
I hope he worships that gorgeous body
I hope he thinks those little abnormalities are adorable
I hope he keeps a hand on your waist and an eye on you
I hope he gives you loving kisses, and bites, and caresses
I hope he always holds your hand
I hope he stares at your for hours
I hope he amused by your thinking face
I hope he makes you giggle
I hope he wants you to the be the first and last sight of the day
I hope he never stops asking you questions
I hope he never stops listening to answer
I hope he memorizes your coffee order
I hope he takes you exploring
I hope he learns your vocal inflections and patterns
I hope he listens to your singing voice
I hope he listens for your sleepy voice
I hope he takes care of you drunk
I hope he takes care of you sober
I hope he cuddles with you every chance he gets
I hope he treats you like a princess
I hope he values your independence
I hope he buys you a puppy
I hope he buys you a ring
I hope he lets you steal his shirts
I hope he appreciates your inner child
I hope he thinks your geek-out mode is adorable
I hope he thinks you’re sweet
I hope he is sweet to you
I hope he falls for your charm
I hope he stays for your wit
I hope he reads your favorite books aloud to you
I hope he asks you to read just to hear your voice
I hope he takes you stargazing
I hope he learns how good you are with children
I hope he respects that you may not have children
I hope he gives you soft, sweet, longing kisses
I hope he gives you rough, passionate, rushed kisses
I hope he kisses your forehead, when that’s what you need
I hope he gives you hickeys, when that’s what you need
I hope he tells you everything
I hope he gives you bedroom eyes
I hope he gives you longing, adoring eyes
I hope he looks at your like you’re the world
I hope you are his world
I hope he always texts you back
I hope he never lets you fall asleep feeling unwanted
I hope he wants to fall asleep next to you
I hope he wants to wake up next to you
I hope he gives you rib-crushing hugs
I hope he never takes you for granted
I hope he takes note of every detail about you
I hope he wants to learn about your friends
I hope he wants you to meet his friends
I hope he is excited to meet your family
I hope he is excited to show you off to his
I hope he takes you to art museums
I hope he still stares at you
I hope he makes you laugh
I hope he makes you moan
I hope he gives you fun experiences
I hope he gives you new experiences
I hope he gives you pleasurable experiences
I hope he tells you about his past
I hope he asks you about your past
I hope he tells you about his future
I hope he includes you in his future
I hope he is entranced by your beauty
I hope he always tells you good morning
I hope he always tells you good night
I hope he sends you flowers
I hope he always gives you full attention
I hope he adores you
I hope he asks if you feel safe
I hope he makes you feel safe
I hope he asks if you feel happy
I hope he makes you happy
I hope he never ever hurts you
I hope he is there for when the world does
I hope he knows how lucky he is
I hope loves you as much as I do

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Can u make the one witY/N and Cal kind of like flirting and stuff cuz that's my life

Haha sure! I hope I did this right.


“If I could rearrange the alphabet I’d put U and I together.” Calum traced patterns on your hip as you cuddled on the couch. You laughed at his cheesiness.

“There’s actually 21 letters in the alphabet you know.”

“Calum, there’s 26.”

“Oh you’re right, I forgot U R A Q T.” He kissed all over your face as you laughed again, you had to admit his “pick up” lines were cute.

“If I wasn’t already dating you, I swear you would get no girls at all with those lines.” You teased and looked up at Calum, his jawline always mesmerized you for some reason.

“How about this,” He looked down at you, “I’ve been dating you for a while now but I just noticed how enticing your lips are. How nice they feel against my lips and on my neck, how nicely they frame your smile. So I was wondering if a woman of such graceful features would mind going on a date with me?“ 

He smirked as the heat rushed to your cheeks.

"Looks like I still got it.” He boasted happily as you slapped his arm.

“Shush, but that date does sounds good.”