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You’re at your best friend Nicole’s house, choreographing a hiphop routine when your mother calls you to come home, so you finish the dance and Nicole drops you off at home in her infiniti SUV and you walk in to you pitch black house and you see your mothers backlit shadow in the corner of the kitchen and takes you to the family computer and instead of going “lets talk about it” she opens up every gay porn website and you go “eww that’s disgusting”, but really you’re going “Yep tuesday, wednesday, thursday, I didn’t do anything and friday”. Then, your father in his tighty wities comes down and goes “if it’s yours, just tell us” but wait, there’s more, they found a weird fax, like a document, that nobody recognised and you say “Well obviously someone hacked into our computer” and they believed you 

Cheers to one of IBM’s most inventive.

IBM’s Lisa Seacat Deluca was inducted into the Women in Technology Hall of Fame this week. At just 34-years-old, Ms. Deluca has already filed close to 600 patent applications —making her one of the most prolific inventors in IBM’s history. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also a self-published author, sought-after speaker and the first woman to reach IBM’s 100th plateau achievement level. Congratulations Lisa, we’re very proud to call you one of our own.

Learn more about Lisa Seacat Deluca->

well, the situation's this,

i do not wish, to offend, i was at my best friend nicole’s house, choreographing a hiphop routine when my mother calls me to come home, so i finish the dance routine and nicole drops me off at home in her infiniti SUV and i walk into my pitch black house and i see my mothers backlit shadow in the corner of the kitchen and she takes me to the family computer and instead of going “lets talk about it” she opens up every gay porn website and i go “eww that’s disgusting”, but really i’m going “yep tuesday, wednesday, thursday, i didn’t do anything and friday”. then, my father in his tighty wities comes down and goes “if it’s yours, just tell us” but wait, there’s more, they found a weird fax, like a document, that nobody recognised and i say “well obviously someone hacked into our computer..” and they believed me.

[tight knit-family/love is blind; falsettos 2016™]

Whale Rider (2002). A contemporary story of love, rejection and triumph as a young Maori girl fights to fulfill a destiny her grandfather refuses to recognize.

Beautiful, moving and unique, Whale Rider was one of the most compelling releases of 2002. Keisha Castle-Hughes gives a performance that leaves you wondering why the hell she isn’t a superstar, and it’s lifted higher by the work of her surrounding actors and the very capable direction of Niki Caro. It handles sensitive subject matter beautifully, and while it’s such a deeply cultural film, it’s themes of family and expectations are universal. 9/10.

Polynesians have “given” to Western cinema famously. The Western producers have “borrowed” with enthusiasm. We are attractive subjects. Our stories are “universal”; they are “absolutely international”. Ah, those cheekbones; ah, the suppressed savagery; and ah, last but not least, the allure. Brown her up; brown her down; see how beautifully she moves; what feelings she has.
Indigenous Peoples have been generous, as well, with their traditional designs, emblems, concepts, poetry, songs and art works. The koru is painted on our national carrier; the Rugby Union seeks to get a special act through parliament to protect the Silver Fern logo; even the sacred tiki, trembling with another power, has, in plastic imitation, found its way into the tourist memento box and earned a handsome dollar. So it is profoundly insulting, my friend, to have you use the phrase “cultural A” [Apartheid] when talking about Indigenous Peoples and their generosity (alleged lack of) with respect to sharing their intellectual and cultural treasures.

Barry Barclay (2003) An Open Letter to John Barnett

Note: John Barnett is one of the Producers of Whale Rider. Whale Rider won the 2003 Sundance World Cinema Audience Award, the 2003 Rotterdam Festival Audience Award and the 2002 People’s Choice Award at Toronto International Film Festival. Whale Rider is taken from the novel of the same name, which was written by Maori author Witi Ihimaera. There have been rumblings from some Maori about the fact that Whale Rider has been adapted for screen, directed, and produced by an all-White team. It is a story unique to the descendants of the tribe, Ngati Porou whose lands are centered on the East Coast of the North Island of Aotearoa, (New Zealand). Much has been made of who is telling our stories, (Maori stories), and who therefore has control of the Maori voice. Barry’s letter is in response to John Barnett’s attempts to internationalize, or universalize Whale Rider in order to justify this particular instance of appropriation.

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I'm starting college soon and I'm so nervous because I'm pretty shy and have a hard time being comfortable with reaching out and making new friends. Any tips?

I usually make friends easily but when it was my first day I was so stressed because I was in a private school who goes from kindergarten to highschool. So I always was wity the same person all my life. But this time it was college, and I didn’t know anybody and I was just lost. So during the first day I really started to stressed because I saw everyone hugging and being happy to see each other, and I thought they were all freshmen too. BUT THEY WEREN’T SO dont be stressed out when u see everyone knowing eachother. They aren’t freshmen. In fact all the freshmen are lost and lonely like you.
So what I did is that I saw a girl as lonely and lost as me who were standing there. So I talked to her. And it turns out that she became my closest friend in college. So if you’re too shy just talked to one person. You will make other friends after during your class.
College looks scary because it’s something totally new, but tbh it’s just ppl who are mostly lost and don’t know what to do about their life lmao

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any books you can list down that are by pacific islanders or just are about pacific islanders?

This is such a good question!  I’ve actually been meaning to have someone put together a list, but here’s a short one put together by me (and by no means comprehensive!):


From a Native Daughter, Haunani Kay Trask

Redefining Realness, Janet Mock

Decolonizing Methodologies, Linda Tuhiwai Smith


Island of Shattered Dreams, Chantal Spitz

Tale of the Tikongs, Epeli Hauofa

Potiki, Patricia Grace

Leaves of the Banyan Tree, Albert Wendt

The Whale Rider, Witi Ihimaera


Light in the Crevice Never Seen, Haunani Kay Trask

A Well Written Body, Karlo Milo

Deep River Talk, Hone Tuwhare

Wild Dogs Under My Skirt, Tusiata Avia

Afakasi Speaks, Grace Taylor

I don’t know why my nonfiction list is so short, I know there’s much more out there, I just can’t recall at the moment.  But please feel free to add to it!

And these are all written by Pacific Islanders, telling their own stories

170311 Story of the lucky fan whom Song Ji Hyo piggybacks @ RM 2017 LIVE in Bangkok (cr.@ souw07)

I was that lucky fan :)

Jihyo was amazing, caring and kind. She gave many hugs, and told me to be careful as we stood near the edge of the stage to look at the screen. I asked if I could piggy back her instead, I was worried, as you can see, she’s very strong :) The unfortunate thing about this entire event were the local staffs, who were very strict and would not allow fans to stand during the concert and during the encore they kept telling us to go back to our seats. I was told three times. The fourth time I got up and walked towards the gate surrounding the stage was after jihyo asked fans to do so. She was visibly upset, and wanted us all to enjoy, and have a memorable night. She purposely came down the stage towards the gate to take selfies and actually gave everyone in front a high five, from the right side of the gate to the left. The highlight for me in this event, was at the end some fans were given the opportunity to high five each members on stage. There was an impressive queue. I wore the signed shirt jihyo gave me, and thanked everyone for all their hard work. I’m truly grateful. I hope other jihyo fans will be happy to read this account from another jihyo fan, getting the rare opportunity to meet her. I am truly touched :)

More by fans at RM 2017 LIVE in BANGKOK

I attended this rm live in Bangkok 2017.it is so funny and happy.this scene , i remembered that ji hyo’s mission want to piggyback thai fan .However , thai fan said that she like ji hyo so she would like to change to piggybacks ji hyo instead .However , ji hyo denied and said that she wish to piggybacka her fan. Ji hyo is very nice and kind wity her fan , when she noticed her fan carried mobil telephone , she walked down from the stage for selffie with thai fan

Thank you!! We reached...


That’s a super complicated 500.

I’m very bad with words, so I’ll just say I’m pretty happy with how this blog is going and seeing a number this big really makes me feel much more comfortable with drawing for 20 hours in a row. I’m glad to have this many people like what was once a horrible attempt at a comedy webcomic and now is just an Undertale Shonen Manga.

There’s still a lot of stuff I want to do wity this story, and I hope you’re all still around when stuff actually gets good.


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Part 13Other Parts

  • Will came home, feeling exhausted. Work was way too long and customers were very rude. He did not want to deal with Nico after his day.
  • When he opened the door, the apartment smelt amazing; garlic, chicken, cheese, and something else he couldn’t pin point. 
  • He slipped off his sneakers and walked into the apartment. As he turned the corner, he saw Nico cooking up a storm. He walked over to his boyfriend and tapped Nico’s shoulder.
  • Nico slightly jumped at the sudden change. ‘What are you doing here? You aren’t suppose to be home yet.’
  • ‘It’s six, I got off a half hour ago.’ Will replied. ‘What are you making?’
  • Nico looked down, feeling embarrassed. ‘It was suppose to be a surprise and a make up gift. I was a complete asshole last night. You didn’t deserve that and I always forget how worried people get.’
  • Will wrapped his arms around his waist, his hands in front so Nico could see them. ‘Just the way you’ve been acting and how you scared me, I’ve been worried and you just blow it off like it was no big deal.’
  • Nico looked back at Will. ‘I am very sorry.’
  • ‘I accept your apology.’ Will told him before kissing him. 
  • Nico eagerly kissed back until he suddenly pulled away and went to the stove. He was turning food over in a pan.
  • Will chuckled and enjoyed watching his boyfriend cook.


  • Nico looked at his phone while Will was away at school. He was trying to figure out what to make for dinner. 
  • After the other night, Will was very happy and his face was lighting up after dinner. And Nico enjoyed cooking more than anything. It killed a lot of his free time and it brought him peace.
  • Today he wanted to try something different. He wanted to cook something with a little bit of spice in it. 
  • His phone lit up from a text. He opened it and his eyes scanned the message. 
  • ‘Come pick up me. Explain later.’ The message from Will read. 
  • Nico got up from his seat and went to put a shirt on. Will never asked him to pick him up from school since he had a car. In his mind, Nico knew something had to have happened.
  • He quickly went to get his bike and pedaled as fast as he could to Will’s school. His heart was pounding and his mind was racing as he biked. He could only think about the worse thing possible happening to Will. Even though it could be something simple like he had a flat tire and needed some help.
  • Nico saw Will at his car and someone bent over to look at the car. Will was fine and talking to the person. That relaxed him a bit and went over to his boyfriend. 
  • Will saw him and smiled a tiny bit with his stressed face. ‘Hey. Someone slashed two of my tires. L-E-O’ He pointed to the guy looking at Will’s tires. ‘Came over to help me after I texted you. I need to get two new tires. Can you stay here with the car?’
  • Nico nodded, glad that everything was okay with him. Luckily it was just the car and not Will’s well-being.
  • Will looked at Leo and talked to him. Nico could barely make it out since they were talking so fast.
  • Leo put out his hand for Nico to shake and Nico shook it with a slight smile. Leo was moving his mouth but he couldn’t figure out words. 
  • ‘We will be right back.’ Will told him before giving him a kiss on the cheek.  

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Hey. Why do you think Hanji loves Levi and vice versa? You seem to enjoy drawning Hanji messing with him a lot, hahaha, so i was wondering... I'm in love wity your art!

Hi! Oh..well is not really that I think they love each other in canon heh. From what I’ve seen in the manga I think both just respect each other as comrades and have nice interactions, so I like to imagine that relationship developing in something else in another universe :3 I find it very..appealing *shrug* so that’s why I draw them a lot together ^^
Thank you so much for the ask and the compliment! Otp asks always make me smile