a new au that i might actually write a full fic about???

francis is a widower with twin 16 yo’s, alfred and matthew, his wife having died as a result of a car accident two years ago (alfred was also in the car, having only gotten a mild concussion and a broken arm)

and things have been different. matthew is quiet and private now, alfred’s grades have dropped but he doesnt seem to care (francis can’t fathom why, he knows alfred loves learning, loves science in particular) and he keeps getting into physical fights with ivan braginski, and francis himself is still full of life and love and beauty, but he doesn’t flirt anymore and he’s lost his wit

i have no idea how francis and arthur meet, but after a few weeks of bickering and rivalry, they go on a few awkward dates, and god, it makes francis feel so alive even though he’s struggling with it a bit, but arthur is patient and a bit skittish himself. matthew sees his father return the way he was before his mother died and he’s so happy for his papa, but there’s something about arthur (or just the idea of arthur) that drives alfred up the wall and yeah family angst, teen angst, all that good stuff

i just really like single papa francis

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Hi so I was wondering I have identified as ace for a little while but I'm still very confused. Sometimes I feel like I could never be attracted to anyone in any way, sometimes I am attracted romantically to both boys and girls and sometimes I just feel really alone as if I needed someone by my side. And if you add the fact that I wasn't comfortable wity myself so I didn't have any relationship and on top of that my being terrified of a guy lying about being ace as well it's really not helping

you could be pan- or biromantic, or possibly a demi or anywhere on the ace spectrum

if you’re looking for a good term, I would check out AVEN to see if there’s any that fit

Shoutout to @nyublackneko ♥ U R cool, Nyu…. I wish many more adults would have the spark u have. It’s either mostly over after 30ties or it gets stuck at regular adult life with children, taxes, couch n drinking. Now u have al that plus videogames, being a cool artist and a wity hip (;D) person who is rly loved by many ppls. I’m right behind @junkpilestuff in age haha…. soooo….I feel like biggest child of all (I’m still so very inexperienced in all stuff so I look up to you both ;’D even if u keep calling ur self trash haha). Keep being cool! And @borurou u ancient one…. there a place reserved for you, right behind the bar w G!). ALL THE OTHER GRANNIES COME COME JOIN US!!! HAHAHAA!

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Barbra Streisand’s Brilliant Reworking Of ‘Send In The Clowns’ Into Trump Parody ; HD

Is he that rich?
Maybe he’s poor?
‘Til he reveals his returns
Who can be sure?
Who needs this clown?

Something’s amiss
I don’t approve
If he were running the free world
Where would we move?
Name me a town?
Just who is this clown?

And when we thought we’d heard it all
Huffing and puffing about his big fantasy wall
Making his entrance on stage
He just shoots from the hip
He’s full of bull
He’s lost his grip

And if by chance
He gets to heaven
Even up there he’ll declare
Chapter Eleven
Who’d hire this clown
This sad vulgar clown
'You’re fired’ you clown

Hillary’s kind
Smart, that is clear
While she is giving us hope… Trump is selling us fear
Look how he changes his views every time that he speaks
It’s lie after lie
Can’t take eight more weeks!

This is no farce
Maybe he’s broke?
Is this “The Art of the Deal”
Or some awful joke?
You’ve got to admit
This silly half-wit
Is so full of shit!

Creepypasta characters you should fight
  • Slenderman: he is Large and In Charge he has like 9 arms and you can't punch him in the face what is the point of fighting him.
  • Eyeless Jack: you could punch him and he'd literally eat your entire hand do not fight Jack.
  • Jeff the Killer: Jeff is like that angry white boy in the back of class that punches his desk and mumbles under his breath. Unpredictable and kind of smells like cheese. Fight him. Fight Jeff. For the love of god fight Jeff.
  • Sally: Why would you fight this precious smol baby you monster.
  • Toby: lots of pent up rage at horrible waffle jokes. He's been through enough. Don't fight Toby.
  • Jane the Killer: wears high heels and expects to be able to run away in them??? Fight Jane.
Uncomfortable @ 5 am.

I had ocular plastic yesterday for the second time, im up because its keeps gushing and i cant lay on that side. The city of philadelphia and charter schools are closed for snow i dont see, meaning my kids will be home ruining my peace. Im only taking tylenol extra strength only becausw ive been down that narcotic road. No need to ruin my life in 6 months. My birthday is tomorrow the tenth, but will not enjoy wity this black eye. See my uncomfortability?

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MM has proven herself to be lawyer crazy since this thing has become public- the very statement said they were fighting legal battles "nightly". If she wanted her family and her costars to shut up She could really easily slap them with a lawsuit. I remember when ppl (myself included) used to call Will Whiney for complaining that paps took pics of his kids. Lol. H and MM have proven themselved to be 10000 whinier, wity threats and press complaints and lawsuits...

They’re not even married, imagine how crazy it will be if they did. “You took a photo of my laughing, delete it or I’ll call my lawyers.”


Ever want to see obama throwdown?

This was a fun trip to halloween city.

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Why it’s important to me: This photo represents the truest, most raw pieces of life: Friendship. It was taken in London, and while not everyone knew each other in this photo before it was taken, the friendships and love that have grown since it was snapped are inspired and precious. It is a reminder that in our lives of hustle, bustle, business-making and deep desires to leave legacies, that we exchange ideas, share vulnerabilities and enjoy the company of those we care about and love.