“Grunkle Stan has got a lot of layers, he’s like a multilayered birthday cake—where the first layer is kinda sweet, and then there’s kinda gross raspberry stuff, and then there’s delicious chocolate under there, and then there’s graham cracker that’s like so-so, and— so— there’s a lot of secrets to Grunkle Stan, is what I’m saying. He’s like a cake, he’s got a lot of secrets— c-cake doesn’t have secrets, but um…”-
Alex Hirsch

What impresses me is that they had to do this bit of foreshadowing in such a subtle and stealthy way because they couldn’t AFFORD to let you see that sixth finger. It would’ve ruined everything. So they did the next best thing- HIDE IT WITH AMBIGUOUS SHADING AND BLUR IT WITH POOR CAMERA STYLE FOOTAGE.

But the shape of his thumb gives it away. That’s too much thumb. It’s got to be a much bigger hand than what’s being shown.

“I’ve finally found something out about the nature of these "Gravity Falls Pixies”; they are drawn to very unhappy people, and inclined to try and cheer them up. Take this very pathetic, recently divorced man for instance. They’re surrounding him in delight, but his misery makes him oblivious to their charms.“

this is totally based on notllorstel’s thingy that she drew hhhaha