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kuroken with supportive / understanding / slightly indoors-y kuroo is my favorite thing. like, there’s gotta be times when he and kenma laze around not doing much, maybe binge on video games for hours on end, maybe have a movie or anime marathon all day, maybe lie around whoever’s bedroom and just kind of talk about everything in general and nothing in particular. times when kuroo says “let’s do [ something involving going out ]” and kenma says he doesn’t really feel like it, not mentioning that maybe his anxiety is too high right now, or today just hasn’t been a good one for no specific reason, but kuroo being able to guess that is the case, and saying “alright, let’s do [ something involving staying in ] instead”. times when kuroo is stern because he knows pushing kenma right now is probably what is best for kenma, but also times when kuroo is lenient because he knows pushing kenma right now probably isn’t what’s best for kenma. times where kuroo doesn’t really get what kenma is feeling, but hears kenma out and tries to do what he thinks will be most helpful.

kuroo getting kenma for the most part because he is more observant than he may seem at first glance and he has been watching kenma for years. kuroo sharing a lot of hobbies with kenma because the two have grown up doing things together. kuroo being supportive for the most part, even when he doesn’t get kenma, because kenma is his best friend.


d'you ever get those moments where you think of something interesting or witty and you’re like “yes, yes. this will be my most popular post ever!1!!” and you post it and you wait for it to get notes but in reality one friend reblogs it and three random followers like it

Imagine Connor and Troye cuddling on the sofa, all nice and warm, with ILSYB playing at the background. Then Troye just starts giggling before they turned out to full laughs. Connor questions Troye, a smile playing at his lips because maybe he did know what was going on in his husband’s head.

“Our first public kiss” Troye says in between laughs. Connor joins in on the laughter. Remembering of the LANY concert they went to where neither boy could hold out any longer on keeping their relationship secretive and kissed each other in the middle of ILYSB, their song.

Connor glances at the clock before nudging Troye off of him.

“We need to go pick up the kids.”