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It'd be awesome to draw a little panel from the modern AU. I'd love to see how the triforce bearers look modernized :P

When I’m not horribly busy I’ll defiantly do this. But I’m always horribly busy at the end of the month.

I wonder how YOU all picture Modern Zelda, Ganondorf, and Link looking though. XD

I get a “classy nerd” vibe for Zelda. Dresses, blouses and blazers, glasses, ect

A “bright eyed, mischievous, and hard working” look for Link. Maybe jeans and some witty t-shirt?

For Ganondorf it can go one of a few ways. Ether a SUPER expensive suit or  high-ranking military uniform if he’s had time to establish himself OR super cheap but clean-cut nice working cloths if he’s young and just starting out.

When you sneeze in public, and a stranger says ‘bless you’. Fresh laundry. 15 minute-long storms on hot summer days. Forgetting that you lit a candle in your room, and coming back later to the smell of coconut. The first bloom of spring, and the the first snow of winter. Bare feet on warm ground. Birthdays. Running toward the stars on the beach at night-time. Fireworks on a golf course at 2 am. Peanut butter and oatmeal. Doodles on library books. Heavy breathing after a tough workout. The sound of the train passing in the morning. The excitement of small children in December. Cozy coffee shops and vanilla lattes. Songs that seem to apply directly to your situation. Being the only person on the bus. Thick morning fog. Understanding your math homework. Having the entire house to yourself. Creating your own recipe. When someone tells you they’ve missed you, even if you haven’t been gone for very long. Sleepy little towns. Shooting stars. Australian slang. The overwhelming salad bar options at Whole Foods. Loud music. Daydreams that last for a while. Fish swimming around you in the ocean. When a five-year-old tries to explain why the sky is blue. Witty t-shirts found in Salvation Army. Finding something you thought you lost. Peaceful protests. Camper vans.
—  “Happy Things

A selfie study on the American style classic of T shirt and blue jeans. Bonus points to any reblogs with a witty caption relating my t-shirt to the fact that I’m a trans girl. (You know like “That’s what I call a T shirt” only less corny than that). 

Also, my silhouette is still improving. Still wish I had more hips, but the butt is coming along nicely, I think, and my tummy is pretty nice, no? ^^