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What happened to tumblr?

I know I wasn’t here in the previous years of tumblr, but what happened to the long posts with witty reblogs, the funny harry potter theories and headcanons? fandom blogs now are mood boards, and depressing gifs with a dramatic word written across it. my dash is filled with posts about death and everything depressing. can we bring back witty text posts, and the general creativity of tumblr? remember when this place was known for being the weirdest place on the internet? I remember looking at tumblr posts and thinking “gee, I want to be a part of that”, but when I got here, it was just people saying they want death. do you ever see a funny text post, and go to follow whomever made it, only to be dismayed that they’ve deactivated? where did they go? where have all the fun tumblrs gone? CAN WE BRING BACK THE OLD TUMBLR? THE WEIRD PHOTOSHOP EDITS, THE CLEVER TEXT POSTS, THE RANDOM PICTURES OF STUFF FLOATING IN SPACE, THE POSTS THAT AREN’T ABOUT ANY SORT OF CONTROVERSY? PLEASE IT’S ALL I WANT IN LIFE


Shut Up and Dance With Me has officially begun!
It exists now and @wittyy-name and I are super hyped to work through this project! As the fic continues to update, I may or may not draw more pictures for previous chapters in the fic, but I’ll make sure to let you know when/if I do such a thing. 

>>Read the first chapter here!<<
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I know it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.

Only if you’re the groom.

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“i realise how much i need you” - Gaygent, with *dundunduuun PLOT TWIST* Cassie



Okay. Random, very random, crack fic, delivered to you right from Circlejerk Enabling™ and Insomnia & co. It has Gaygent™ so it’s automatic NSFW.

But not this time. It’s actually very, SFW.

@emperor-of-eternal-sands He’s your guy (You should’ve copyrighted him when you had time.) So you get a complimentary tag on… whatever this is.

Cassie followed Anders into his room. She sighed heavily, swiping away on her datapad. She was busy and had no idea what the hell Anders wanted this time. She actually had an idea of what he wanted. Not as if he didn’t have half the Galaxy going through his room, ship, base and anything that he could use to have sex. 

“So, here we are.” He said with a grin.

“Here we are. Anything you needed to ask, Commander?She asked, making sure he got the formal tone in her question.

“You know it’s just Anders. And c’mon Cassie, you know what we’re here for…” 

“A friendly game of Dejarik? No of course not… Don’t you have like… Half the Galaxy banging you already?”

“I realize how much I need you…” He said in his most sappy tone.

“No you don’t.” Cassie said rolling her eyes “You’re just having a dry spell. What? Half a day too much to you?” 

“YES! NO! I mean… Come on, am I that bad that everyone is ignoring me now?” 

“Not bad. I’m actually just busy.” She pointed out checking her chrono.

“What a cop-out Cassie. Such lies. This is why you never trust a spy.” He added with a mock pout.

“True. That’s why I don’t trust you.” 

“Fuck, I failed at making that point.” 

“You also failed at achieving fucking. Truly a bad day to you!” She pointed out with a smug smirk and a sassy tone.

“Now you’re being mean… What’s so important that you have to do that you can’t take five minutes to spend with good ol’ Anders.” 

“Theron’s waiting for me to go on a recon mission with him. And then a date.” Cassie raised a brow and tilted her head towards the door.

“Should’ve guessed. You SIS types stick together, making dove eyes at each other. Go then. I’ll stay here. All alone. With my hand.” He added as he sat on the bed, arms crossed in a melodramatic gesture.

“I’d like to remind you, that it was you who always paired me with him on assignments.”  

“Dammit woman, don’t rub it in my face.” He scowled.

Cassie chuckled and tipped her hat at him “So long, Anders.” She said with a tinge of mischievousness in her tone, swaying her hips -mocking him slightly- as she left the room.

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no no emilu you're great, basically the only phan blog i actively consult bc you know so much stuff, you're witty when you reply and i actually somewhat value your opinion on stuff (and you manage to be objective when you answer),, so as you'd say, donut worry <3

i literally put so much fucking effort into this blog every day and i try to make it as entertaining and fun and informative as i can and i love being able to interact with everyone and speculate things with everyone and honestly messages like this mean the world to me.. but i have a disgusting habit of comparing myself to others and doubting myself constantly and the ongoing internal conflict is just frustrating and really gets to me sometimes :(