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“I’ll never eat again.” Dean threw himself back onto the couch and you followed, laying down and resting your head in his lap. “I mean it this time. Never.” 

“Me either.” You groaned, clutching your stomach and turning your face toward Dean’s stomach, burying your face there. Dean’s hand rested on your stomach and you let out a sigh of pleasure, letting your eyes flutter shut. 

“You two look comfy.” Sam chuckled and sat across from you in one of the chairs. “Or sick. I can’t really tell which.” 

“Shut up, Sam.” Dean groaned and threw his head back on the couch. 

“Can you tell me how two people can eat half the turkey, 2 pounds of stuffing, who knows how much cranberry sauce, their combined weight in mashed potatoes, and 4 whole pies?” Sam sounded a little curious but mostly disgusted. “Like you I could totally understand but Y/N? Where the hell does she put it?” He loved to pick on you. It was the nature of your relationship with Sam. 

“We’re warriors, Sammy. We enjoy food.” Dean grumbled. “Right, baby?” 

“What, Y/N?” Sam laughed. “No witty retort? No snappy comeback?” 

Dean looked down and moved your hair out of your face, only able to see one of your eyes. The rest of your face was pressed firmly against stomach. “She’s out, dude. Food coma got her.” Sam rolled his eyes and stood up, stretching his arms over his head.

“Well, good luck with that. I’m heading to bed.” Dean thought about moving you, but he had no desire to move himself. Instead, he put his feet on the table and leaned back, making himself comfortable and fell asleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night you stirred, stretching and looking around. “Dean.” You shook Dean’s shoulder and he blinked awake, squinting to look at you. “Dean!” 


“Are you hungry? I’m starving.” 

“God, yes.” He smiled. “What do you wanna eat?” 

“Pie?” You suggested. He practically moaned and you grabbed his hand, leading him to the kitchen and pulling out one of the Thanksgiving pies. Both of you sat there, devouring it when Sam entered the kitchen and watched you both from the doorway. “Hey, Sam!” You waved with a mouthful of pumpkin pie. 

“Seriously?” He shouted from the doorway. 

“What?” Dean and you both shot back, pie hanging from both your mouths. “We got hungry!” 

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