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Moon Signs and What Makes You Smile

Aries Moon: An Aries moon person will smile when someone notices their accomplishments and compliments them on that, and also when someone compliments the lunar Aries for their passion for something as well. They will also smile when they have finished a task they’ve been working on or when they are passionately working for a cause.

Taurus Moon: An Taurus moon will smile when they feel comfort. Whether it be licking an ice cream cone on a hot day or laying under a plush blanket in the cold winter, a lunar Taurus will smile when their senses are delighted. They will also smile when they feel grounded to the earth.

Gemini Moon: A Gemini moon will smile when they are being engaged in a intellectual or interesting conversation. They thrive with mental stimulation, and will smile with someone who can give them that. They also smile at their own jokes, learning something new and witty puns.

Cancer Moon: A Cancer moon will smile when they see they’ve made a difference in someone else’s life. They also find themselves smiling when their strong intuition proves right about something. They will also grin when someone notices that they’ve been supportive and nurturing to others, and when people support and nurture them as well.

Leo Moon: A Leo moon will smile when they are praised for their wit and their efforts. They will also smile when they are with their loved ones and around a cute animal or child. (Leo moons have a soft spot for children and animals) Lunar Leos thrive on compliments. However, they also love a good joke and will smile at any given meme.

Virgo Moon: A Virgo moon loves a bad pun or two, but what really makes them smile is when their life is in order and they get recognized for helping others. A Virgo moon will smile when they efforts are being noticed and when someone takes them away from their current stress to just have fun

Libra Moon: A Libra moon will smile when their environment is temperate and calm. Smiling happens most when one sees beauty and can appreciate the act of finding balance. This sign will swell with pride when they look beautiful and smile when they receive compliments on their look.

Scorpio Moon: A Scorpio moon will smile in private after they have decompressed after a long day. They will also smile when someone recognizes how passionate they are and how their ambition will pay off. They are private people for the most part, and have a strong intuition, but they are beyond loyal to their loved ones and grin at loyalty in general.

Sagittarius Moon: A Sagittarius moon will smile with adventure. They will smile when someone entertains their philosophies and when someone agrees to go on an exciting trip or experience a new environment with them. They are voyagers at heart, and they will appreciate and smile when someone recognizes their enlightenment.

Capricorn Moon: A Capricorn moon will smile when they are with their loved ones. Some would say success and achievement would make these moons smile the most, and that would be partly true. However these often non-showing emotions people are satisfied with sharing their success with someone who just “gets” them and don’t need to express their emotions.

Aquarius Moon: An Aquarius moon will smile when they are being shocking or different than the crowd in some way. They will smile when their intellect is being admired or when their fresh new idea is being praised. They need to feel like they are contributing something new and helpful to society.

Pisces Moon: A Pisces moon will smile when their intuition or spirituality leads them to fulfillment. A Pisces moon will smile when they can let their creativity out and when someone respects their sensitivity and cares for them. They are deeply sensitive people after all, but they also have keen powers of observation that they will use. They are often caught smiling when listening to music.


Part 1 of the “Shitty Pick-Up Line” comic series that no one asked for

like he’s literally holding a phone

I’ll be making several of these and they’ll tell a lil tale of McCree trying to court Hanzo with bad jokes and witty puns

| Part 1 | Part 2 |


“Insert skele-pun”

I really love the idea that Frisk got their face painted (like all kids love) and they decided to be a skeleton so that they would match good ol’ Sans. 

Halloween Costumes This Year

America: A clown-Haha. No. Not this year. F’ that noise. He’s going to be the Flash. With all the new superhero shows out this was a hard choice. 

Canada: Well America was so insistent that he choose a superhero to match him that he decided he would: He’s Poison Ivy. She’s a hero to his nature-loving heart. (America wasn’t too pleased)

Italy: Is pasta. 

Germany: He had to match Italy. 

England: His costumes are either the half-assed effort of a college kid who threw something together at the last minute cause he heard a costume party had alcohol or some witty pun that kind of annoys you but is sort of impressive. This year he taped a sign to his chest that read “annoying” and said he was dressed as France.  

France: He likes picking from those “sexy” costumes. This year, America is hosting, so he’s the sexy Statue of Liberty. (What? He gave America the statue in the first place.) 

Prussia: Shiro from Voltron. Alfred showed it to him and he loved that character, after all, they’re both hot and badass. (Ha. He has to reverse dye his hair for that white streak) 

Russia: He’s a spider. And that seems really mundane. But it’s actually really freaking creepy and realistic. Russia always takes these things too far.  

Japan: Pikachu. C’mon. Pokemon go came out this year!! Japan still feels the hype. (And Sun and Moon are coming out) He has his priorities straight. 

its @donutfloats bday!!! happy bday!! sorry i lost total track of time and i had to rush this

shes been watching inuyasha with me and judging me anytime i swoon over sesshomaru and doesnt appreciate my witty puns : (

Courfeyrac headcanons

Always looking for new music to show his friends
Once bought 800 revision cards on impulse and has only used 11 so far
Wakes up with the worst bed head
Calls Enjolras his son
Tries to make witty puns but fails everyday
Takes good care of his skin
He was the one to get jbm together
Life models for Grantaire occasionally
Loves comic sans (cos he’s classy)
Rocks a feather boa
Gives ferre backrubs because he gets so stressed
Is generally the most fabulous person in a room at all times

Houses as theatre members

Gryffindor: The one really funny character who everybody loves, that one kid that wont listen to anybody, the really ballsy kids who go up on catwalks, and the really dangerous members of build crew

Hufflepuff: The front of house crew, the backstage crew member that always gives high fives, the ones who stay and clean up costumes, the really super extra careful build crew member,

Ravenclaw: The props master, the one character with witty lines and puns, the really good artist of the set builders, costume crew that is really good at picking costumes, directors assistant that understands everything

Slytherin: Sound crew, the one snarky stage managers, makeup crew that talks shit behind your back, the really good actors, the risky but mathematics/science/physics mind of build crew

Thank you to the artists who spend their time drawing fanart of my OTP, technology experts who gif and photoshop to make it real, musicians who write fansongs which bring me to tears, those writers who make great fics, people who come up with great theories, the ones who make witty posts or bad puns about my OTP. 

I love you. And also the people who make it all go viral.

INs Flirting

INTP: SO. MANY. WITTY. PUNS. Either that or a solid minute of blushing and stammering.

INFP: “You make my heart blossom like a poetic flower under the incandescent glow of the moon.”

INTJ: Will probably compliment the other person on their intelligence. 

INFJ: *makes long, meaningful eye contact then looks away as if nothing has happened*

Ravenclaw / Taurus Sun / Leo Moon / Scorpio Rising aesthetic 

glasses sliding to the bridges of noses, keeping notes from years ago, giving good advice, covering your eyes with your hair, long night drives, finishing a long book series, multi-tasking, the taste of mint, ignoring phone calls and not responding to texts, layers of blankets, x’s marking the spot, brush strokes on a canvas, old cameras capturing wonderful moments, contagious yawn trains with your friends and laughing about it, random hugs, hot tubbing at midnight, saving up money for the future, emerald necklaces, admiring from a distance, roller coasters, maps of the stars, witty jokes and puns, unyielding stubbornness in every aspect of life, not realizing you fell asleep and waking up with a blanket over you, always being there for a friend when they need you the most. 

Miraculous Ladybug : Transformation Sequence.

I cant believe it took me this long to think about this.

But It Makes Sense. 

Alright here we go!

Their transformation sequences. 16 seconds of fangirling/fanboying and letting the magic happen!! 

First take a look at these: 

Alright now calm yourselves ladies (or gents, or whichever) 

Do you notice whats going on here?

Watch his mouth and his eyebrows in the gif. 

They shift from an at ease expression to one that is more, hyper i think would be a good word to describe it. 

With Chat Noir, his transformation is symbolism for his shift in personality. 

From Mr. Elegent Agreste (sunshine son) 

To the pun-witty, smooth talker Chat noir : 

He completely looses his respectful behavior and becomes someone a little less reserved. And all of that is scene in his transformation. 

The shift from a relaxed expression to a smirk with wide set eyes. 

His hair going from a neat side sweep, to the perfect bed head (#wokeuplikethis) 

Same goes for Ladybug!!

She starts from a clumsy,  not so confident girl : 

Then its replaced with a confident smile, and a gracefull dance of becoming who she was destined to be. 

Their transformations are symbolism for their change of demeanor and personality, and i find that quite beautiful.