• looks like a total emo person who’d sport black all day all the way, but really, he’s just a wittle adorable baby with a colourful world of his own.
  • he just usually prefers to have one mundane expression on his face because he’s a sloth who doesn’t want to waste his energy straining his face muscles for one smile.
  • jeon wonwoo may look like a scary grim reaper on the outside, but really, he’s a very lovable person.
  • at least, to you, he is.
  • like he has this sense of humour that sometimes crack you up because most of the time, they aren’t funny enough.
  • and he’d be like, “no wonder i like you. you are such an angel for laughing at all my of my jokes no matter how bad they are.”
  • as you can see, he is a sweetheart. don’t break his beautiful heart. it’s very fragile.
  • being jeon wonwoo’s girlfriend should be a great blessing.
  • because despite struggling to express his feelings, wonwoo would show that he loves you dearly through little things.
  • like he’d make sure you eat healthily, and he’d send you his notes if you’re not present at school, or he would pop some sour candies in your mouth if you’re sleepy in class, and also leave little notes saying how cute you look in your new hairpin in your locker.
  • basically, he doesn’t like showing his love excessively but his effort is there, and that is enough for you.
  • however, a little demerit is that, jeon wonwoo is a human sloth.
  • expect to see him just lying around in bed and snoring away while you come to visit him at his apartment.
  • expect sleepy short text replies at night that consists of one word.
  • expect being a cushion for him because he IS going to drowsily lay his head on your lap and snore away, yet again.
  • like during lunch, he’d even be lazy to eat so you’re like, sighing and holds up a dumpling to his mouth.
  • “ahhh.”
  • sleepy “ahhh.” and finally chomping down.
  • and when some sauce stains his lips, you’d grab the napkin and starts dabbing his mouth clean and scolds, “you are such a child.”
  • and then the cycle repeats, and the boys at the table are just like:
  • ( ・__ ・)
  • (ノ_・。)
  • ( ̄□ ̄)
  • soonyoung: “cOUGHS LOUDLY. i don’t know how to say this but, i’ve watched enough mushy dramas last night with my mom so… cUT IT OUT PLS.”
  • dates with wonwoo would consist of you two bundled up in blankets, a huge bowl of popcorn at the table and melodramatic movies.
  • the moment the credits appear, you’d find yourself hot all over and trying to even your breath because jeon wonwoo is going to unconsciously fiddle with the hem of your shirt while he lie down on your lap.
  • he sleeptalks too (in the cutest way possible): “DDI-DEU-BEO-GEO SHA JUSHEYO.”
  • at school, whenever wonwoo is nowhere to be found, the guys would turn to you to ask where the guy has gone to and you’re like,,
  • “i know where he is.” and starts running up flights of stairs until you reach the rooftop.
  • once you push open the old creaky door, lo and behold, there’s your boyfriend.
  • he’d be lying on the concrete floor with his arms behind his head like it doesn’t seem to make him uncomfortable at all.
  • and when you approach him, a smile lights up your face when you see yet another new book covering his face.
  • you squat down and tilts your head to read the title of the book and chuckles when you realize that he’s re-reading “where the rainbows end” by cecelia ahern.
  • you always know this soft side of him like he’d read all those romantic novels that usually aim at female audience.
  • as you carefully try to remove the book by slipping it down his face, his hand suddenly shoots up and caught your wrist, making you gasp in surprise.
  • wide-eyed, you watch him as he used his free hand to remove the book himself and veers up his sleepy eyes to look at you.
  • “i knew it’d be you. i heard your footsteps.” he says.
  • and you’re like, “hOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW IT’S ME FROM MY FOOTSTEPS???”
  • that’s another good thing about wonwoo, he remembers every little things about you.
  • like how you have a little scar at the inside of your forearm, or the birthmark on your thigh, the mole he declares to be adorable on the crook of your neck, your laughter, etc.
  • he then pulls you down to lie beside him and you’re like uncomfortably wiggles about, “doesn’t the floor makes you uncomfortable?”
  • and instead of answering, he just grips you around the waist and rolls you on top of him until you are literally draping over him.
  • you look at him in surprise at his unexpected action, but when you try to scramble off, wonwoo already traps your hips in his secure hold.
  • “jeon wonwoo, what are you–”
  • and he slithers his hand up to the back of your head and gently pushes your face down until it presses against his chest.
  • and there, he lulls you down with his heartbeat which is surprisingly very rapid compared to how calm he looks.
  • “the air here is fresh, right? you should hang out more with me here. just us two.” he suggests with that grin on his face while gently squeezing your waist.
  • and you lift your head up to playfully narrow your eyes at him. “you’re just gonna sleep here, though.”
  • and wonwoo looks down at  you with this gentle look in his eyes and a sweet smile, “i have more things to do with you than sleeping.”
  • “like what?”
  • then he suddenly sits up, bringing you together with him until you are straddling his lap.
  • with you two now face-to-face, wonwoo gravitates closer and his hands cupping your face. he smirks, “like this.”
  • and then he kisses you. he may look like a rough person, but wonwoo is actually very gentle. like he prefers soft kisses that feel like feathers brushing over your lips, and slow ones so he could taste your lips more.
  • and when he pulls away to see you blushing hard, and you’re like burying your face in your hands and squeaks, “wARN ME NEXT TIME, PLS. I HAVE A WEAK HEART.”

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We'll Be Going Out

Found out about this today, so I’m gonna mention it now before I forget.

My dad and bro are getting a week off a work, so we’re going down to Jekyll island (my first time there).

We are also going to my grandparents for my aunt’s baby shower (I’m getting a wittle baby cousin OwO).

I’m not sure of the dates, but I do know we’ll be in Jekyll island on Monday and the baby shower is on a Friday. Will edit with correct dates at some point.