Yuuri is the discipline.

Victor spoils.

In the Victuuri family there isn’t a bad cop, good cop. 

No one wants a disappointed Victor. It’s a truly soul crushing experience. It will make you sit in your room and think up a thousand ways how you could’ve done better by him.

No one wants an angry Yuuri. You will shit your pants in terror of this katsudon when he’s genuinely upset.  You will sit in your room until he says you can come out, and he doesn’t raise his voice. Not once.

Yuri saw Yuuri upset once, and it terrified him. Why he was upset? Someone disappointed Victor. 

  • Andromeda: Is anybody else queasy?
  • Sirius: Delicate little princess, here, doesn’t travel well.
  • [Sirius looks pointedly at an indignant Regulus]
  • Regulus: Hey!
  • Narcissa: He is like fine shrimp, it’s true.
  • Regulus: That’s right. Just gang up on the youngest -
  • Sirius: The littlest -
  • Narcissa: The most precious -
  • Bellatrix: Our pwecious, wittle, baby boy.
  • Sirius: Oi! Who invited her?