So…. today back in 1995 a baby was born. 

A little wittle baby that would soon turn into the one and only Joshua.

Who is Joshua?

Joshua, born Hong Jisoo, is one of the vocalists of 17.

But what makes Hong Jisoo, Hong Jisoo.

Well, firstly, Joshua is extremely cute.


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I mean look at him! He is so precious! His face is small, his smile is sweet he has got a cute button nose and his eye smile makes all boys and girls all over the world melt

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boyfriend!coups scenario

- protective!!! you gotta be safe and in his arms or next to him
- lowkey babies you ‘cause you’re his wittle baby
- omg if you had young younger siblings, he would be a total dad
- he already is but anyway
- “(y/n) can we have one? they’re so small and squishy and adorable and our kids would be so cute??”
- “babe you can barely take care of your friends”
- “but bABE”
- anyways
- he would call whenever he got a break or was going to be home late or wasn’t going to come home that night and apologise for not being there and telling you how much he loves you
- “jihoon wants to keep me here to record so I don’t know if I’ll be home tonight, and I really just wanted to call and say i’m sorry for not being home, and I love you and goodnight babe, because you’ll probably be asleep by the time I come home”
- and you just melt
- because he’s so perfect and you miss him and he’s used his precious break time to call you to apologise for his job
-which made you kinda sad very sad
- you’d just tell him that it’s okay and that you love him too
- y'all would be that couple that everyone adored because you never fought, kept the pda to a minimum (especially in front of the members) and loved each other with all your heart
- although arguments aren’t common, you two definitely still fight
- mainly about him not being here or not paying attention to you or just stupid bickering
- he’d be quick to resolve it though because he doesn’t like knowing that you’re upset or mad at him
- he’d pick some flowers and come up to you all sheepish and quiet and whisper, “i’m sorry, forgive me”
- and you won’t have to say anything
- just hug him and play with his hair and it’s all good
- but overall he’d be amazing in and out of bed ;)
- so many hugs and kisses
- he’d be the best hugger
- and would cuddle you at every chance possible
- probs asks you to marry him after like two years of dating and you say yes
- wowowow couple goals
- he probably ends up being an amazing dad well he has twelve other kids
- but that’s another story

Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 5

Characters: Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, Werewolf!Stiles, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Mason Hewitt, Jackson Whittemore, Malia Tate, Liam Dunbar, PackMom!Reader.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

In the note Brittany left she’d said she didn’t care what we did with the baby, but she really wanted you to keep him. She said he was full werewolf and she wanted him to be raised as one. It’s been about a week and the little boy remains nameless. Derek went out and bought a portable crib just until you figure things out. You hadn’t had time to focus on anything but this baby. The only weird thing about it was that the baby looked like he could be yours and Derek’s. The pack has pointed that out. Multiple times.

“Shh..shh. Come on, buddy.” You stand in the living room at 4 a.m rocking the baby.

Derek comes downstairs, rubbing his eyes. “Still? Here, can I see him?” You nod and hand him over.

You sit on the couch and let out a sigh. “He needs a name.”

“Are we really keeping this random baby?”

“Yes, Derek we’re keeping the random baby.”

“Then we can name him…Henry.”

You groan. “That’s awful. What about Dayton?”

“That’s about the whitest name I’ve ever heard.” Derek chuckles. He’s gotten the baby to be quiet. “What about Max?”

You smile. “I like Max.” You stand and walk over to him. “Hi, Max.” The baby coos and you look up at Derek. “He likes it.”

“You don’t think this will interfere with becoming Isaac’s guardians do you?” Derek asks.

“No..if anything it should help.” You shrug.

“I’m up for good now. There’s no use going back to sleep.” Derek groans as he sits on the couch.

“I’ll make a pot of coffee.”

Scott and Stiles decided to come over to hang out for awhile, so you were all sat in the living room.

Derek was laying across the couch and you were in a recliner, you both were having trouble keeping your eyes open.

“Derek are you asleep?” Stiles laughs.

“I have a right. I’ve been up with Max all day long. All. Day.

“Me too.” You yawn and get up, Max whining from his crib. You grab the bottle off the table and cradle Max. You sit back down and feed him, rocking in the recliner.

“How does it feel to be parents?” Scott asks.

“Not at all what I expected, because for one thing..I thought I’d be married and I’d be feeding my own baby now. Just know that life never works out as planned.” You shook your head.

“Trust me. He knows.” Stiles laughs.

“It feels kinda weird..I mean, Y/N and I went on one date and now we’re adopting one kid and becoming legal guardians of another.” Derek yawns.

“It’s different for you guys though.” Scott smiles. “You’re pack parents, that means you’re drawn together, it means your soulmates.”

“What do you know about soulmates, Scott?” Derek laughs and you smile.

Scott pouts and crosses his arms, “Enough.”

You smile wider. “Sure.”

“But really..I did a lot of reading on it…pack parents usually are an older couple, people who’ve been married a long time…not people who just met. That’s got to mean something.”

“Yeah, it means we make a good team.” You shrug. “Anyway..Stiles how are you? How are you handling everything?” You look at him.

“I’ve gotten way better at lacrosse, so…” He smirks. “Honestly, I never wanted to be a werewolf..I thought I’d never be able to handle it. I’m having a hard time controlling my changes but Derek’s been helping me.”

You look over at Derek and smile.

“He’s doing well..really well.” Derek nods.

"I’m glad you two have bonded.” You sit up, sitting Max’s bottle down so you can change his diaper. He peed, you can tell.

“You’re a natural.” Derek flicks his eyes over to you.

“You know..it’s kinda strange. I feel like this is my baby already. I’m not really sure how to describe it because I know I sound absolutely insane, but this is my little boy. He’s supposed to be with me.” You grab a diaper from beside his crib.

“I feel the same way. I get it.” Derek sits up.

“Aww. You guys have a baby together.” Stiles remarks.

Derek rolls his eyes. “Kind of..but don’t be annoying about it.”

Isaac slams the door as he walks in, making Max shriek. “Come on, Isaac!” Derek groans, getting up and walking over to you. He takes his from you, relieving you from your turn.

“Sorry.” He winces at the shrill sound. He walks over and looks over Derek’s shoulder. “He looks a lot like you. Are you sure he’s not yours?”

“Ha. Ha. Yeah, I got a fourteen year old pregnant.” He turns and gives Isaac a look, rocking with Max.

You watch adoringly as he talks to Isaac. He was your soulmate. Scott was right, neither of you wanted to agree with him though.

It’s been about a month since you got Max. Adoption paperwork has been started and you’ve gotten legal guardianship of Isaac. If you were being honest it was way easier than you expected.

“Quit fighting! You’re irritating the baby! You shouted into the dining room. Liam and Mason were having a heated argument about something they read at school. Everyone else voiced their opinions on whose side they were on…loudly.

Liam and Mason continuing shouting. You settled Max into the rocker you and Derek purchased a couple weeks ago. You storm into the dining room and slam your hand down on the table. "Stop. Now. If I have to tell you again you’re all getting kicked out of my house. Every single one of you.” You spot Isaac smirk. “Don’t think I won’t kick you out too, bud.” You give a once over of the silent room. “Thank you.”

“You’ve gotten a lot scarier since Max.” Mason said quietly.

You leaned over in front of him. “Good. Maybe you won’t yell in my house if you think I’m scary. If any of you want dinner I’m ordering Chinese.” You spin on your heel and walk back to the kitchen.

You spot Derek walking in, closing his umbrella and taking his jacket off. “I like this whole newfound aggression. It’s makes you even more attractive.” Derek smiles.

“Shut up.” You laugh. “Now that I have an actual baby, I’m not too keen on the teenagers acting like toddlers.”

“We heard that!” Jackson shouts.

“Good! You were meant to.” You smile at them over your shoulder.

You call and order the food before feeding Max. “How’s the loft?” You ask Derek. He goes back occasionally and checks up on things. Scott said he goes to see his uncle Peter. You’ve never met him and you’re unsure if you want to.

“Fine. The same.” He grabs a beer from the fridge and sits beside you on the couch.

You nudge him away when he sits. “Don’t drink beer by my baby.” You laugh.

“He’s my baby too. Do you think he’ll get sick from secondhand alcohol?” He laughs along with you. “You’re a dork, Y/N.”

Stiles and Scott come running through the living room, jumping over the couch and going upstairs.

Derek looks at you, “Do I want to know?” You groan and shake your head.

“They’re having a werewolf race. I don’t know what it means but the boys are doing it so apparently I’m timing.” Lydia pokes her head between you and Derek.

“Wow. And you called me a dork.” You smirk at Derek.

“It runs in the pack.” He laughs.

You smack his arm and laugh.

“Just get married already.” Malia stretches out on the couch beside you.

“Yep. That makes logical sense.” You push her legs off of your lap.

“It does. Plus, if you get married we can be cousins.”

“I look forward to that then. Derek, please propose right now, I cannot possibly wait any longer to have Malia in my family tree.”

“Oh, of course.” He gets down on one knee, showing you his beer bottle cap. You both laugh, Malia giving you both a death glare.

Scott and Stiles jump down the stairs.

“Please be careful. I know you both heal, but I still don’t want any bones broken.”

“Scott won!” Lydia shouts.

“Alpha in the house!” Scott bangs on his chest and Stiles rolls his eyes.

“It’s not fair. You have two years experience on me.”

“Aww. Is the wittle baby sad?” Scott fakes pout and squeezes Stiles’ cheek. Stiles swats his hand away and rolls his eyes.

“You’re all equal in my eyes.” You tease.

The doorbell rings and Mason answers it. Everyone throws money in and he brings the food in, sitting it on the table. “You guys better share! Leave some for me!”

Derek gets up and follows them to the kitchen. “I’ll make you a plate.” You thank him and take Max upstairs. You put him in the crib and grab the baby monitor, bringing it with you.

“Hey, I forgot to tell you that I invited someone over. We were best friends in high school and he just moved back to town. I ran into him when I was out grabbing diapers.” Derek sits beside you with your plate.

“That’s fine.” You smile. “What time?”

Derek glances at the clock. “Anytime now.” Just then you heard a knock at the door. Derek got up and went to answer it.

You were conversing with the pack when he walked in. He was gorgeous, you couldn’t deny it. You had no idea what was in the water with these Beacon Hills guys but you didn’t mind.

“AJ, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is AJ Harding.”

You stand and shake his hand. “Nice to meet you.” You smile and he nods.

“You too.”

Derek goes around the table and introduces him before they both sit down.

Lydia leans over and whispers. “He’s cute. If it wasn’t for Derek..” She raises an eyebrow at you.

“Lydia!” You scold, you can’t help but laugh though.

“I’m just saying..if I were five years older I’d be all over it.” She shrugs.

“So, Derek..is she your girlfriend?” You hear him lean over and whisper. “She’s hot, so good for you.”

Derek chuckles. “No she’s not, we just have a baby together.”

“Oh so you hit that? Again, good for you.”

“No..we’re adopting. It’s a long story but we’ve neither dated or had sex.”

“So she’s available?” You feel his eyes on you.

“N-no..I mean, yeah she’s available. She’s not dating anyone.”

You thought that Derek for sure felt the same way about you that you did for him. You were wrong. You decided to milk this whole situation with AJ. That’ll show him. AJ must not know you’re a werewolf and you’ll definitely use that to your advantage.

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Prompt: Trimberly - jealous Kim and maybe a little bit of angst

You got it! 


Tommy Oliver.

New kid. Tall. Brunette. Green eyed (appropriately). Surprisingly Popular (suspicious - no new kid had a right to be popular). Green Ranger (very suspicious). Tomboy. Straight-A Student (so why detention??? Also suspicious).

And the absolute bane of Kimberly Hart’s existence. 

The moment Tommy had arrived in detention, Kim had smelled trouble. Because not only was Tommy gorgeous, not only was Tommy funny, and athletic, and intelligent. 

Not only was Tommy Oliver basically perfect in the cut-throat adolescent world of High School, but Tommy Oliver was charming. Kim hated charming people. She especially hated them right now. Because right now, Tommy fucking Oliver was flirting with Trini. What’s worse? Trini was giggling. And blushing

And Kim couldn’t do a fucking thing about it. 

She’d been flirting (haha see what she did there? Pathetic) with the idea of asking Trini out for months. And really, who wouldn’t? Trini was damn near perfect. She was kind and intelligent and funny and absolutely gorgeous. 

And she was far too good for Kimberly Hart.

She was too good for the ex-cheerleader who was this close to being labeled a sex offender. She was too good for the girl who got so defensive over her own actions, she punched her ex-sort-of-not-really-boyfriend so hard without powers that he’d lost a tooth. She was too good for the girl who was so emotionally stunted she’d kept them all from morphing until Billy had died.

So no, Kim wasn’t good enough for Trini. But she wasn’t positive Tommy Oliver was either.

“You trying out your laser vision again, princess?” 

Zach’s amused drawl broke through her staring contest with the back of Tommy’s head. 

“Huh? We don’t have laser vision, doofus.” 

“Well you’re definitely trying to melt the back of poor Tommy’s head. What did she ever do to you, huh?” 

Kim glanced away just as Tommy shifted to reveal a surprisingly bashful Trini. 


Kim sighed. Sometimes she thought the only one in their group who didn’t know about her pathetic crush on the Yellow Ranger was Trini herself. 

“Yeah.” What else was there to say? She didn’t have a chance with Trini, she knew that. And Tommy really was a good sort. Mostly. And hey if she could make Trini smile like that, who was Kim to get in the way? No one, that’s who. 

She feels Zach’s gaze on her, but she refuses to look up. She doesn’t want to see the pity in his eyes. She doesn’t see the thoughtfulness in his gaze, or the way his eyes flick between Trini’s furtive looks in Kim’s direction, and Kim’s hunched shoulders.


Trini slid next to Zach in their English class with and grunted out some form of greeting as she rested her head on top of her folded arms. She had a massive headache and really just wanted to do some yoga on her rock. She was not looking forward to debating Shakespeare for the umpteenth time this year with a bunch of pimply hormonal teens.

“’Sup, Crazy Girl.”


“Got a headache?” 


“Got anything to do with a certain green friend of ours?”

Head tilt, murderous glare.

Students were settling into their seats as the teacher wrote their assignments on the board, and told them to choose partners to go over the next Act of Hamlet. Zach payed the rest of them no mind.

“Funny thing, I think Kim’s got a headache for the same exact reason.”

“Wait, what?”

“Oh, it speaks!”

“Shut up idiot.”

“Ouch. Words hurt, you know”

“You don’t have enough brain cells to be offended by my awesome snark.”

“Damn, fine. I won’t tell you what Kim said earlier when Tommy was all over you.” 

“What the fuck, Zach.”

Zach buried his nose in Shakespeare and ignored Trini’s glare. Finally, she rolled her eyes. 

“Fine, o amazing Black Ranger. I only insult your awesomeness because I cannot even dream to match it. Alright? Just tell me already!”

Zach smirked. “Someone’s eager. And just how much Shakespeare have you been reading, Trinity?”

She kicked his shin under the table, hard.

“Call me Trinity again and you’ll wish Rita was back.”

“Ok, ok, jesus, leave my bones intact, Crazy Girl! I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but - and I say this with all possibly love - but damn girl you’re oblivious. Even Jason figured it out, and you know that’s saying something.”

“Figured what out?” Trini was getting more confused by the second, and it wasn’t helping her headache in the slightest. If Zach didn’t get to his point soon, she’d punch him and deal with going to the principal’s office happily.

“Kim’s got a gigantic gay crush on you, Trini.”

Trini blinked. “Huh?”

It was Zach’s turn to roll his eyes. 

“Girl, the only thing that even comes close to your crush on Kim, is her crush on you. We both know Tommy just likes to flirt - especially with you, because you blush so easily when a pretty girl is paying attention to you -”

Trini kicked his shin again with a hissed “Hey!”

“ - Ow! What? It’s the truth! Anyway, I don’t think Kim’s realized that Tommy’s flirting is harmless when it comes to you. I mean hey we all know she’s got the hots for the hottest member of the team. Moi.”

Another kick. “Ow! I’m going to the police. This abuse is just unwarranted.”

“Zach, for fucks sake, please get to the point.”

“I thought I had? What’s that glare for? You need me to spell it out? Kim. Was. Jealous. Kim. Likes. You. Idiot. No accounting for taste, but - HEY!”

“Zach, Trini, is there something you’d like to share with the class?”

“No, Ms. Morris we were just, uh, having a disagreement over the meaning of a passage.”

Watching Zachary Kwan trying to appear innocent was not a pretty sight, but luckily, their teacher just rolled her eyes and moved on.

“What did I say about the kicking?? Jeez. And here I am, trying to help you out. Some friend you are.”

“Aww poor wittle baby. Suck it up, bitch.” 

Trini was quiet for a moment, thinking. 

“You’re not pulling my leg? Kim’s really into me?”

“Dude you’re like, Wynonna Earp level oblivious.”

“I don’t know whether to take that as an insult or a compliment.”

“Definitely an insult.” 


Tommy’s next flirting target two days later, ironically, was Kim. 

Their training session for the day had ended, and they were all relaxing and nursing various bruises and scrapes under the coolness coming from the lake above the pit. Trini, observing Tommy’s flirting process, personally thought that the award for Wynonna Earp obliviousness should go to Kim, who hadn’t realized yet that Tommy had been flirting with her for the past half hour.

Trini had conducted her own experiments over the past two days to see if Zach was just insane or if his claim held any merit. She’d found, to her surprise, that he might, in fact, in some weird twist of fate, be right, and she’d been trying all morning to come up with a way to ask her fellow ranger out. 

And then Tommy had butted in, and Zach had been smirking at her for the past half hour, and winking every time Tommy said something even remotely suggestive. Now, glancing from Kim to Zach one more time, he waggled his eyebrows and tilted his head in a clear dare. Trini Alverado was not one to ever back down from a dare.

Taking a fortifying breath, she left her perch atop one of the rocks in the pit and stalked over to Kim and Tommy. Kim brightened at the sight of her, giving Trini butterflies, and Tommy’s eyes took on a mischievous gleam. 

“Hey, Tommy. Kim, I’m really sorry about this.”

Kim looked confused, and Tommy looked amused. 

“For what?” They voiced the query at the same time. 

Taking another breath, Trini grabbed Kim’s wrist and pulled the taller girl down so she could press her lips to Kim’s.

She could hear Zach’s whoop of laughter, Billy’s clapping, and Jason’s cheering in the background as she felt Kim’s startled exhale of breath against her face. A tentative hand threaded itself through her hair as she felt Kim move closer to her, press more firmly into her lips, and heard Tommy’s quiet chuckle next to them.

She pulled away from Kim, a small smirk on her lips and took a few steps backwards.

“We should do that again some time, if you’re interested.”

With a thrust from her legs, she propelled herself through the lake, hoping Kim wouldn’t be too far behind.

Being The Youngest Member on the Young Justice Team.

Could you post an imagine of how it would be like to be the youngest and newest female on the young justice team (the season 2 team please)- @nauroracrystal

Here you go @nauroracrystal. I hope you like it. I’m literally sick while I was writing so I hope it’s not bad. 

  • You’re only eleven ½ years old
  • Which sets the record for the youngest person to join the team since Dick.
  • Though you make that up with your extremely high IQ.
  • Which is how you got on the team in the first place.
  • That and hacking into Batman’s satellite, breaking into secret data files, and supposedly figuring out everything about the Justice League.
  • Let’s just say you’re not a big fan of Batman.
  • You started off with being in the sidelines for missions since you have no fighting training whatsoever.
  • But you were fine with just being a computer girl/guy.
  • Even though you are the youngest, you don’t take no BS from nobody.
  • Which is why nobody on the team liked you at first.
  • Well except for Beast Boy
  • He was scared to approach you at first since you were so intimidating.
  • But over time he kind of sense that you just didn’t want people to think you were a child.
  • It took some time but eventually (with Beast Boy’s help) started to warm up to the team.
  • They even treated you like a little sister.
  • Since you are the youngest and the shortest, they love to pick on you.
  • Especially Bart.
  • Every time you get frustrated with something and you are very cranky, he tends to have a very smart remark.
  • “Aww does the wittle baby need (his/her) nappy wappy?”
  • You retort with a threat.
  • “No but if you don’t get away from me now, you won’t be able to go back in time and fix what I have done to you.”
  • You were tough…for an eleven year old.
  • Literally the first day Nightwing started training you, he came into the kitchen with a couple of bruises.
  • “Oh my god. Nightwing what happened?” asked M'gann.
  • “I don’t want to talk about it.”
  • “He got beat by an eleven year old.” you said.
  • “Yeah, well I was going easy on you.”
  • “Yea…sure.”
  • He really was going easy on you.
  • Everybody was very protective of you.
  • Super protective.
  • If you got hurt or something, they would always find ways to make you feel better.
  • Or beat the crap out of whoever it was.
  • Whether it’s M’gann making you cookies, everybody watching a Star Wars Marathon, everybody just hanging around, they were always there to make you feel better.
  • And you love being apart of your family/ team. 

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Can I get some cute HC for Bakugo/Shinsou/Monoma (separately) of how they would react and care about female s/o having a very bad cold and a big fever making them unable to do anything please <3


  • Would just kind of be like “What the hell wrong with you?” at first.
  • Would honestly only assist in getting them things like tissues and medicine cause all of the sneezing is pissing him off.
  • Mutters things like “stupid” and “idiot” when he has to drag them to their bed because of the fever.
  • Spends the whole night near where they are sleeping but makes sure his ass is out of there before they wake up.


  • Immediately puts his hand on their forehead to check for a fever when they start coughing/sneezing.
  • Forces them into bed, with or without his quirk and gets them medicine, soup, and a fluffy kitty to cuddle with
  • Just kind of like “You should just get in bed quietly” and glares at them.
  • Falls asleep in a chair close to where he tucked his s/o in because he was watching them. 


  • Is like “Aww does the wittle baby have the sniffles?”
  • Tucks them into bed and refuses to let them take medicine on their own. He feeds it to them and makes sarcastic comments about them needing a bib.
  • Just does not stop the baby talk when he speaks to them.
  • Might even go as far as getting a baby monitor so he can hear them while they sleep but not breathe in their germs all night.

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hey, you seem pretty cool so could i request a HC of the RFA (+ V and Saeran please) of them play fighting with MC and who would win. i know this sounds weird but i'm curious of how the members would react. sorry if this has been done before! i'm fairly new to this but thank you for at least reading this!~ ❤️


~Love this! Play fighting is so fun it’s one of my fav things haha

◉ Yoosung

  • He was strong in LOLOL
  • But was he strong in real life????
  • You were about to find out
  • You challenged him to a duel
    • “MC, no! I-I can’t fight you!”
    • “Too SLOW!”
  • You kicked him in the shin
  • Not super hard though
    • “Hey, OW! That kinda hurt, stop!”
    • “Come on, Superman Yoosung show me what you got!”
  • You poked him in the stomach
  • He still wasn’t doing anything
    • “I won’t do it!”
    • “Aww..wittle baby Yoosung won’t fight me…”
  • OK
  • Now it was on
  • You knew that would get to him
  • Attacked you with tickles
  • Had you on your knees in a second
  • Pushed you down onto the floor and pinned you under him
    • “I give up I give up!” you laughed
    • “Well now that I won I’ll take my prize”
  • Kissed you

◉ Jumin

  • You were playfully slapping him on his arms
    • “What are you doing?”
    • “I just want to play, fight me!”
  • You laughed and kept hitting him
  • He didn’t understand this
  • He wasn’t about to fight you
  • Sighed
  • With one hand and with ease he grabbed you by the wrist and whipped you around tossing you against the wall
  • Smiled and let his finger tips trace your jawline
    • “If you want to play, I have a much better game,” he said smoothly
  • Ok
  • He wins

◉ Zen

  • You guys were both struggling to block each others smacks and pokes
  •  He was strong but you were agile and kept escaping his grip
  • Somehow you ended up on the floor
  • You were both rolling around
  • He grabbed your arm and you pulled away too hard and your arm sprung back
  • You elbowed him in the nose on accident T_T
  • Whoops!
  • He immediately gave up and rolled on the floor
  • Covered his face
    • “Omg ZEN I’m so sorry are you okay?!”
    • “NO!” he sobbed
  • His nose wasn’t even bleeding or anything -_-
  • You pat him on the back
  • Spent the rest of the night bringing him ice packs and giving him extra kisses
  • He forgave you though

◉ Jaehee

  • You guys play fought a lot
  • Of course you never won
  • She was a beast ok she’s amazing and strong
  • She always went easy on you
  • She was at the bookshelf picking out a DVD when you crept up silently behind her
  • Karate chopped her side lightly and she immediately went into defense mode
  • Dropped the DVD and grabbed your arm
  • Flipped you onto your butt on the floor
    • “Owww!” you rubbed your butt and fell on your back with a whimper
    • “OMG MC! I’m so sorry it was a reflex!”
  • Rushed to your side
  • Laughed when you started laughing
    • “No sneaking up on you…gotcha” you winced

◉ Saeyoung

  • You were fighting over the last bag of chips
  • What else is new
  • This fight was epic
  • Going all over the apartment
  • He had the chip bag and was not letting up
  • Chairs-knocked over
  • Throw pillows-thrown
  • He was standing on the couch now
    • “Ha-Ha-Ha, Defender of justice will win these chips once and for all!” he began to open the bag
  • You ran up to him and threw your arm out to grab him
  • Unfortunately he jumped into mid air at the same time
  • And you ended up punching between his legs
  • Fell to the ground in agony
    • “No! You hurt looooong cat™!” he cried
  • You dropped down and rubbed his back
    • “I’m so sorry omg!”
    • “You could kiss it and make it better,” he rolled towards you
    • “UGH!”
  • You grabbed the chips and hit him on the head

◉ V

  • Play fighting?
  • Lol
  • Play fighting to him was rolling around on the bed
  • Tickling each other
  • He was actually pretty good at blocking you
  • But he always let you win
  • You always tried to escalate it
  • But he would interrupt to kiss you
  • Will never stop kissing you and ruining the fun
  • Ends up on top of you every time so you have no choice lol

◉ Saeran

  • Who knows how these things always started between you guys
  • You guys were fighting over the remote this time and it escalated
  • He was trying to get it from you
    • “I don’t want to watch a dumb chick flick, give it here,” he groaned
    • “Never!” you laughed
  • You tried to run away but he grabbed you by the ankle and accidentally made you fall
    • “Ouch, dang…” you cried
    • “Shit, are you okay?!”
  • He didn’t mean to actually hurt you
  • Rushed over to your side
  • Really concerned
  • You were faking though
  • Caught him off guard and flipped him on his back
  • Straddled him
  • Leaned in close to his face
    • “I win,” you whispered with a grin
  • Kissed his nose
  • Saeran accepted defeat
  • He pouted but he was blushing

Yuuri is the discipline.

Victor spoils.

In the Victuuri family there isn’t a bad cop, good cop. 

No one wants a disappointed Victor. It’s a truly soul crushing experience. It will make you sit in your room and think up a thousand ways how you could’ve done better by him.

No one wants an angry Yuuri. You will shit your pants in terror of this katsudon when he’s genuinely upset.  You will sit in your room until he says you can come out, and he doesn’t raise his voice. Not once.

Yuri saw Yuuri upset once, and it terrified him. Why he was upset? Someone disappointed Victor. 


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  • Peter loves to put his hands on your stomach everyday
  • Even when you were only weeks pregnant he would put his hands on your stomach just to feel you growing
  • Once you started showing he completely fangirled
  • That’s when the baby talk started
  • “Who’s my cute wittle baby? Is you? Yes it’s you my sweet wittle twinky?”
  • “You’re making me hungry”
  • Speaking of hungry you had sooo many cravings
  • Peter happily provided you with everything you desired
  • Even if it was at 4 in the morning
  • “Peter…peter wake up”
  • “What?”
  • “I really want some chicken nuggets”
  • “Please don’t make me get up”
  • He got up anyway because he loves you
  • So he drove to McDonald’s at 4 in the morning, got your chicken nuggets and sat with you at the dinner table while you rambled about whatever
  • He was half asleep for most of it
  • “Isn’t so sad that Pluto is so small?”
  • “Mhmm”
  • “I can relate to Pluto so much. Look at me! I’m so small! And look at you! You’re like Jupiter compared to me!”
  • “Mhmm”
  • Then you started crying and he woke up instantly
  • “What’s wrong? Do you feel sick? Is it the baby?”
  • “No! I’m just so sad that you’re taller than me! Why are you so tall? ”
  • He didn’t know how to respond so he just held you while silently laughing
  • Your mood swings were too much for him to handle
  • One minute you were happily watching tv while eating and the next you were yelling at him because he was breathing too loud
  • “I’M TRYING”
  • You started crying
  • You also loved cats so much
  • You adopted 3 one time when you went to the market
  • You didn’t even get the food you were supposed to get
  • “Hey, you need help with the groceries?”
  • “No…”
  • “What did you do?”
  • “I brought cats!”
  • “What have I done”
  • So now you have 3 cats named Flash, Minnie, and Peanut
  • The cats adore you
  • They follow you everywhere around the house
  • They can sense that you’re pregnant so every time Peter tries to hug you they hiss at him because they think he’s hurting you
  • Peter attends all of your ultrasounds
  • When he first heard the heartbeat he almost cried  
  • And when you saw him almost crying you started crying
  • Then he actually started crying
  • It was a mess
  • He framed your first sonogram picture
  • He keeps one in his wallet to
  • When the baby first started kicking he was so amazed
  • He wouldn’t take his hands off of your stomach
  • When he can’t sleep at night he’ll put his hand on your stomach to relax himself and fall asleep
  • He also likes to put headphones on your stomach and play rock music so they can be like him
  • He plays AC/DC, Pink Floyd, The Clash, Guns n’ Roses, etc.
  • When he’s not looking you’ll change it to your mixtape of R&B or Hip-Hop
  • Peter also really likes to draw on your stomach
  • He uses crayola markers and draws what he thinks the baby will look like
  • He really wants a little boy so he’ll usually draw a baby with a little blue beanie
  • He’s surprising really good at drawing to
  • He’ll make a pillow and blanket nest so you can rest in while he draws and plays music
  • Most of the time you fall asleep
  • As I mentioned in my previous headcannons, Peter loves to take pictures of you, so he brings out his camera and takes pictures of you
  • Through your whole pregnancy he took pictures of your stomach and labeled them with how many weeks you were + the date
  • Peter also loves to read comic books to the baby
  • He has a whole box full of them
  • He reads at least one everyday
  • When you’re in your final weeks of pregnancy, Peter is jumping all over the place 
  • He’s both excited and nervous
  • And since you both decided to wait to find out the gender he’s freaking out over whether he’s going to have a baby boy or a baby girl
  • He would absolutely love to have a boy but if its a girl he would love her the same
  • Sport alert: you have a girl
  • When you finally get the labour pains, you were shopping for more baby clothes with Jubilee (gender neutral of course)
  • Since she’s like only 17 she starts to freak out and almost electrocutes you
  • Then she calls Peter to meet at the hospital
  • Jubilee nearly crashes the car 2 times but you make is safely to the hospital
  • She helps you register in, change into the hospital gown, calm your breathing,etc.
  • She was doing amazing with you and you were so grateful
  • Peter finally arrives and takes over but Jubilee still sticks around because you need the extra support
  • The rest of the X squad came over to
  • They took over the whole waiting room
  • Peter sayed with you the whole time but Jubilee would trade places with everyone else at some point
  • The Professor was even there
  • He even helped to ease your contractions so they weren’t so painful
  • He already knew you were having a girl but didn’t spoil the surprise for all of you
  • Fast forward nine long hours, you’re finally dilated enough to start pushing
  • Peter stays by your side the whole time holding your hand
  • You were kinda moody because of the long hours
  • “Push harder, you’re doing amazing!”
  • “Shut up or I’ll rip your face off! You did this to me!”
  • He just held your hand and stayed quiet after that
  • Everyone outside the room asked either the Professor or Jean to read your mind to know how it was going
  • They had a good laugh knowing you wanted to rip Peter’s head off
  • Minutes later small cries were heard and you completely melted
  • You were told it was a girl and then she was handed to you
  • You held her briefly and Peter watched with watery eyes
  • She was taken to get cleaned up and then handed to Peter
  • Minutes later everyone came in the room to welcome Victoria Maximoff to the family
  • Everyone held her at some point and opened her eyes but only for a few minutes
  • Peter took pictures of everyone holding Victoria to add to his collection
  • Soon everyone left to go back to the mansion
  • Peter laid with you in your bed with Victoria in your arms
  • When you started to doze off he took her from your arms and held her for a while
  • He watched her as she slept peacefully, occasionally making little noises and twitching
  • He started to think what he did to deserve such a perfect life
  • Next to him he has the love of his life, the person he would die for, and in his arms he held his whole life
  • He teared up once again knowing now he has two people who will love him unconditionally besides his mother and sister
  • He realises he has a whole new path to ride down but now, he has you and Victoria to help him along the way
  • There isn’t a single thing he wouldn’t do for the both of you
  • Whether it’s playing princess tea party with Victoria or buying tampon for you, he would do it
  • He was more than happy to have two beautiful girls in life 

Sorry this took so long!! I was buried in homework these past weeks plus moving so it was pretty crazy. Things are getting back on track soon, I promise! 

BTS’s reaction when they see your baby pictures

Rap Monster

“Jagi, you look adorable in this picture”


*gif* “You were such a cute wittle baby”


“ohh!!! gwiyeoun



You: “YA! Don’t laugh!”

JH: “I’m sorry I can’t help it! You were so adorably ugly!” *teases you*


Jimin: You looked adorable. What happened?


Jimin: Just kidding


“Whats with your face in this one? It’s like *gif*”


“You still look the same! Still adorable!”

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‘Dammit, Martha, I’m only interested in you when you can pretend to be a child that I can easily manipulate and pretend to rape, now get on the floor and color before I fire up the Tumblr blog and replace you with daddys-wittle-kitten-sunbeam-cake-baby-girl-princess-cumbucket-satan-crybaby-angel-esphogus-42069.’

Admin vs her dad but with Yang and Taiyang
  • Taiyang, nodding: You got it kiddo.
  • Yang, grumpily crosses her arms: Dad. I am EIGHTEEN. I am NOT a 'kiddo' thank you very much.
  • Taiyang, grabbing Yang into a big 'dad-hug', in a dumb voice: Oh that may be true but you're always gonna be my wittle baby girl!
  • Yang, struggling: Dad that's lame!
  • Ruby, snickers: Ha.
  • Taiyang, grabbing Ruby into the hug too: And you're always gonna be my wittler girl.
  • Ruby, pouts: Ugh.