S/o to the regressors that don’t say “stuffies,” but “plushies,” “stuffed animals,” or their names.

S/o to the regressor that say “binkie” or “pacifier” instead of “paci.”

S/o to the regressors that don’t baby talk.

S/o to the regressors that don’t adore Disney.

S/o to the regressors that don’t like Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, lots of sweets, and other “stereotypical age regressor foods.”

Like,, s/o to all the regressors that don’t do/like things that 80% of the others seem to. You’re just as valid.


So…. today back in 1995 a baby was born. 

A little wittle baby that would soon turn into the one and only Joshua.

Who is Joshua?

Joshua, born Hong Jisoo, is one of the vocalists of 17.

But what makes Hong Jisoo, Hong Jisoo.

Well, firstly, Joshua is extremely cute.


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I mean look at him! He is so precious! His face is small, his smile is sweet he has got a cute button nose and his eye smile makes all boys and girls all over the world melt.

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Secondly, Joshua speaks to sweetly and kindly.

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His voice is smooth and caring. His manner of speech is kind yet passionate yet also calm.

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Thirdly, he is so talented! I mean he can sing, play the guitar, dance and do so much more. Honestly, the boy should stop hogging the talent and leave some for the rest of us!

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Joshua is a rather interesting persona? 

Why you may ask…

Well, lets just say

This is Joshua: (He makes my ovaries exp-

Insert Joshua: nooooooooooooo)

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And this is also Joshua

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You see my problem?

This isn’t a human being. This is an angel(sorry Jeonghan!)

So lets appreciate him shall we?

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Look at how attractive he is!

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Look at how much he loves his fans

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Appreciates his members

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Gets thirsty

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Bang all Carats hearts go AJU NICE!

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And just look at his relationship with some of his members!

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The closeness!

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The love between them

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The ‘95 bromance!

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The hugs!

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Joshua was just a shy American boy who went to Korea  to become a singer and look at him now!

He is part of a 13 member group that has so much talent that they are out of this world! This boy went from a shy, quiet child

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To an outspoken, hilarious young man who seems to be trying to get the meme lord title away from Vernon.

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So our beloved boy is fantastic. He bring a smile to min  and all carats faces al the time, everyday, every minute, every video!

Every time he appears on screen I die over nd over again because every time i am taken aback by him.

He is a beloved sunshine, so  positive, so happy, so adorable, so loving!

So i really hope that that Joshua stays the amazing person he is!

I really hope he keeps opening up to everyone and has people he can share his stories and feelings with.

I hope the members listen to him and i hope they start forgetting him less.)

I hope he stays happy and stays healthy!

After all, nothing and I mean nothing is more important than our beloved boys being healthy.

Joshua you never need to change because you are amazing just the way  you are!

I hope you get more and more recognition and lines because you sure deserve them! I hope you have many, many more chances o shine because you are a star!

I hope you don’t let the hate get to you, because those people are just jealous. I mean, who wouldn’t be look at Joshua!

So happy Birthday to this precious young man!

We Love you!

I love you! Really, really love you!

`Thank you for reading!

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I had to post this cause……. omg thats so cute! Whoever did that… THANK YOU)

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ScriptX Family Weekly Update


Hey y’all, and welcome back to the weekly update.


Been a relatively slow week for the scriptX blogs. It’s nice to have things kinda settled into a rhythm.

Featured Posts

A Day in Detail

When writing a character, authors have to keep in mind many aspects about that character such as their personality, careers, and their relationships. One thing writers of a service animal handler may not think about is how often the handler will be stopped because of their service animal, because people want to fawn over the cute wittle baby (who is busy doing a job, keep in mind) and talk about their own dogs. Mod @anauthorandherservicedog of @scriptservicedogs offers readers a taste of what a handler will encounter in a single morning, based on a recent morning of her own.

Non-opiate Pain Management

Your character struggles with an opiate addiction, but now he’s in the hospital because plot reasons. Now what? He doesn’t want to go down the road of addiction again. @scriptpharmacist has some ideas that may help your character out.

Whistle While You Work

Chores: few people enjoy doing them, and they take a lot of energy. However, your character needs to keep their house clean, because it has to be liveable. So how would a character, who is busy with homework and other school activities, help her mother, whom has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and needs to keep track of spoons, with everyday activities. @scriptspoonie has a great post with some ideas for you.

Light Reading

Your character is finally on track to catch the Super Mysterious Serial Killer™ but there’s one problem. The important clue is this super old document that is about as sturdy as a twig. I can hear the Archivist cringing over in the library. How are the people at the lab going to look for evidence on this non-Google doc? @forenscripts talks about the multiple ways in which the lab can analyze the paper for evidence.

Five for a Tenner

Alright, time to pop on down to the shop for a spot of tea, eh gov’na? Maybe watch a match of football on the telly? Pip, pip, cheerio, head for the lift.  Now that I’ve attempted to use all the British slang I think I understand, @scriptbrit has answered a question about slang for British money. From quid to tenners, Mod Tea has you covered.

Writing by Moonlight

Werewolves are a common element of modern fantasy fiction. They appear in movies, t.v. shows, and even videogames. Oddly enough, their representation is based little on folklore, and more on early werewolf films. For writers interested in the folklore origins of these shapeshifters, @scriptmyth has plenty to say about various cultures’ interpretations of the beasts.

Climbing the Spaghetti Ladder

Since your protagonist likely isn’t the child of a super famous chef that also has a rat under hit hat guiding his every move like this guy

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They likely aren’t going from dishwasher to head chef in a matter of months. @scriptfoodie tells readers about how an employee of a restaurant can work their way to the top.

Introduction to Con-Lang

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy and other books he set in Middle Earth are remembered for their epic stories, the quests, and the characters. But one thing that stands out among the elements of his series is his con-lang, elvish. You may want to write your own con-lang, and that, my readers, is what the good @scriptlinguist is here to help with.

Ask Box Statuses

Looks like everyone’s ask box is open at the moment. Great time to send in your asks.

New Family

@scriptpublishingindustry officially started today. They are here to help you write characters who work as editor and publishers. Go ahead and send them an ask.

And so goes by another week. These things go by really fast. Anyways, until next week, this is your host signing off,


Yuuri is the discipline.

Victor spoils.

In the Victuuri family there isn’t a bad cop, good cop. 

No one wants a disappointed Victor. It’s a truly soul crushing experience. It will make you sit in your room and think up a thousand ways how you could’ve done better by him.

No one wants an angry Yuuri. You will shit your pants in terror of this katsudon when he’s genuinely upset.  You will sit in your room until he says you can come out, and he doesn’t raise his voice. Not once.

Yuri saw Yuuri upset once, and it terrified him. Why he was upset? Someone disappointed Victor. 




Thank you @burntsugarskulls for filming these amazing videos!!!

Baby Talk
  • Molly: *making faces* Here comes the powice car for my wittle baby-waby-girly-wirly *waving the spoon, making siren noises*
  • Baby Holmes: *giggling*
  • Sherlock: *at his laptop; sighs* Must you do that?
  • Molly: *smiling* She loves it. She doesn't go for planes.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Nooo. The baby talk. She's not an idiot and, frankly, it's vewwy distracting.
  • Molly: *amused* What was that?
  • Sherlock: *quickly* Nothing.
  • Molly: *grins* Did you just-
  • Sherlock: *hiding behind the laptop* Nope. It was your heawing- hear-ring *clears his throat* Hearing.
  • Molly: *approaches him and sits in his lap*
  • Sherlock: *avoiding looking at her*
  • Molly: *smiles affectionately* You do it, too, don't you?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Maybe.

greengamer626  asked:

Iggy how many chain chomps do you have and what are there names?

Iggy: I own two of them, and they’re both girls!

Iggy: This is Bark. I’ve had her since she was a Chomplet! Ludwig didn’t want me to keep her ‘cause we were going through tough times, but I convinced him to let her stay! She’s my precious wittle baby~<3

Iggy: And this one is Growl. I got her a little after we first joined up with the Troop. She’s bigger and a little meaner of the two. Growl really doesn’t like other people, and it took a while for her to warm up to me!

But yup, there they are! They’re the best Chomps a Koopa could ever ask for!