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Prompt #28: Nick's had a minor surgery and is under heavy anesthesia. The incredibly secret fox is about to answer some of Judy's most pressing questions. And she's got some deep ones. What's his real age, why the Hawaiian shirts, does he have anyone he likes? Some real hard hitting questions that that she'd never again have the chance to find out.

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Nick was well…out of it.

Giggling at every little thing, and rediscovering everything he knew for fact with great awe and wonder.  Completely light and unweighted down but life and the past.  His motor skills cranked to an almost crawl, while his brain was both hot wired on his amazement and drowsy from the medications.  

Basically just really really high from the anesthesia and the morphine.

Which might be been humorous had he not just been hit in the arm by a ricocheting bullet during shoot out.  Or had it not required a standardized routine surgery, that the doctors assured her was nothing major, to get the bullet out.  Or if they weren’t in a hospital.

“You’re wittle nose is wiggling.”  Nick observed dumbly, but falling into a fit of giggles at the sight of it.

“Just a little anxious,”  Judy stated with a shrug.  She frowned a little as Nick reached across his bed to tap her nose, but merely ended up just laying his finger on his nose.  She smiled breathed out a laugh when the fox stupidly grinned at her, and took his paw into her own.  “I don’t really like hospitals.”

“It’s not that bad.”  Nick returned loopily.  “I’ve had way worse, like three breaths form dying kind worse, and I got better.  And I didn’t even go to hospital then.”

“What?”  Judy asked shocked. 

Her eyes wide in panic and worry, because she knew Nick had been and had his own fair share of altercation.  Yet she never assumed he would have almost died before.  Or that he would drop the fact so nonchalantly while on a cocktail medications.

The fox just nodded with a hum.  “It’s how I meet Big.  He thought I was going to die, like 5 times, but nope!”  Nick continued excitedly, smiling like was the coolest fact in the world.  “And I was like fifteen.”

Judy started at the fox in shock.  Amazed he just kept dealing the information like it was nothing.  Despite being tight lipped about how he ever meet Big before.

“So, don’t worry, Carrots, tis but a flesh wound, I’ll be fine!”  Nick assured, before he found on of the cords on his bed.

Judy blinked at the fox for a moment.  Watching as he clumsily fiddled with with the cords, dumb smile on his face.  Literally no care in the world as to what he was saying or doing. 

Then, suddenly, a thought came to Judy.

“Hey, Nick,” Judy started softly, scooting closer to the fox’s hospital bed.  “Why do you always wear though terrible pattern shirts when you’re off-duty?”

It’s not the most pressing question Judy actually had for a fox, but it’s a test.  To see if his truth dial had truly been turned up the medication.  Because she knows his usual reply of “impeccably fashion sense”, is something of veiled truth.

The fox turn to her, completely unphased by change in subject.  “Home,” Nick stated simply.

“What?”  Judy asked with a raised eyebrow.

“They reminded me of home.”  Nick stated, staring at her in her daze.  “My mom had a similar looking wallpaper in our apartment. I saw it on some fabric and made ‘em myself.  Makes me feel safe…”

“You made those shirts yourself?”

“Dad’s a tailor, I have skills.”  Nick sound proudly.  Smug little grin as he turned to look up at the ceiling.  “I can see faces in the ceiling tiles.”

“Another question for you,”  Judy said leaning in with a bit of smile.  Nick hummed as his hand discovered a the TV remote and he held it up in slight horror and surprise.  “How old are you.”

Nick paused for a moment.  Taking some time to count on his fingers absently.  “34, you know that.  Rabbits good a math, right.  You said that.”


“I don’t lie about my age, Carrots.  It’s bad luck…or something.”  Nick stated easily, fiddling with the buttons of the TV remote.

“Alright, fine.”  Judy huffed.  “How about this, do like anyone?”

“You,”  Nick answered immediately, his green eyes half focusing on the remote, half staring into space.  “I like you.  I like you a lot.  You’re nice, smart, funny, and trusting.”  

Judy blinked at the fox in surprise.  Her ears stood tall on his head, and she could feel them growing slightly hot.  Mostly from his immediate answer.  Like he didn’t even have to think about it.  And he just continued complementing her so easily.

“I like Clawhauser too, he’s nice too and he knows were to get good donuts.  Oh and Bogo, I like Bogo too, he’s a good boss.  And Wolford, but don’t tell him.”  Nick continued started to list mammals in his life. From coworkers to his apparent neighbor that gave him baked cookies from time to time.  “Can’t forget Finnick, he’s a pain, but like he’s my oldest friend…”

“No, Nick.”  Judy said with a chuckle.  Realizing he might have misunderstood the exact term the rabbit meant when she asked.   She smiled at the fox, starting to lean against the rails of his bed.  “I mean what I meant was, do like like someone?  You know like, have feelings for.”

Nick turned to her, and started at the gray rabbit for a moment.  He looked at her, actually looked at her straight in the eyes, without seeming droopy or dazed.  “Yeah, you, Carrots.”



“Dumb fox,” Judy sighed out.

“Next question please.”  Nick asked, before jumping when he accidentally turned the TV on.

Judy laughed, reaching to take the remote away from the fox and turned the TV off.  Using the time to think up as many more questions as she could think off before the fox dosed off.


AN: I really don’t know.  But cute fluff for you all!

My Husband, Kim JunMeow

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Chapter o3. The Nudist  

“Alright!  Let’s go!” I grunt and attempt to drag the kitty out.  A long streak of scratch marks run from my living room floor boards to the door frame.  He clings on as if his dear life is really up for grabs.  “Crazy cat, I’m bringing you to the animal shelter to find you a new home!”  

“MEOW~~~@@~#~!#@$@$@%@%” the feline grouchily fusses and digs his nails into the cherry wood.  GREAT, another chunk of my non-existent paycheck.  

“Come on!  I researched the place; the shelter is a no-kill.” I grunt, “People like cats, alright?  You will find a home really fast,” I try to persuade, lift my leg, and step down another step of the stairs.  The length of this cat’s torso and the pure strength from that tiny being amazes me.  “Do you have a gym membership or something?!?!!?”

“MEOWOEWEWEWEWWWWW~” he shrieks.  Floor tenants swing open their doors to check out the business.

“She’s just playing violin again,” one of the neighbor’s son, a bratty 9 year old boy exclaims.  I almost face palm and run back into my apartment out of embarrassment.  Opening my mouth, I brainstorm a good counter attack because I’m petty af sometimes, okay?!  But I didn’t know which is worse: admitting my musical talent is equivalent to a dying cat or admitting that there might, in fact, be a dying cat here, because I’m just seconds from strangling this crazy, stubborn monster.

“ARGH!” I groan, let go, and collapse against the welcome mat.  I surrender, Oh my God, I surrender.  My arms are sore, my legs are sore, my muscles are sore, my bones are sore.  The kitty’s belly rest against my thigh and it’s fuming like a hot potato from all the energy he exerted.  Huffing and puffing, I pick him up and head back into the house.  Gently, or as gentle I could be in my state of fury, I place him against the cold stone kitchen counter so his body temperature could be brought down.  

“Meow~…” the trouble maker purrs in jubilation while I claw at my hair.

Distaster!  Distaster!!!!  Pure Distaster.  This is exactly why I keep my guard up because the moment I drop it, this happens.  I let a crazy monster into my life and now he won’t go out.  

“Chillax, Girl,” Lila laughs through the phone.

“I HATE CATS,” I repeat for the -umph time.

“I’ll be right there.  Hehehe,” my friend’s voice fills with so much excitement and anticipation, I almost feel bad for her.  Just wait until she sees how similar this feline is to the Devil’s spawn.  

I glance around and eye the sleepy kitty.  “Should I cover up for you?” I pat his behind and invite him to be my accomplice.  It’s pure friendship betrayal but if it saves my white walls and pleather sofas… I begin to hide the scratch marks on my wooden floor by dragging my rug over to the spot.  

“Meow?” the cat lifts his head up and narrows his eyes.

“I’M HERE!  I’M HERE!!!” Lila hops up and down as she rings my doorbell.  At a speed faster than light, I fling open my door.  


“OH MY GOD!!!!!” the bubbly cat lover squeals and rushes into the apartment.  As if this is some drug dealing heist, I slam the door shut and check that all the blinds and curtains are down.  With my heart sending excess blood through my system, I traipse my way behind Lila.  My lower lip swells from my lip biting.  

“What’s his name?!” she asks and gazes in awe.  I swear, from her eyes, I almost think it’s a mystical unicorn in front of us and not a feisty cat.  

“Uh…Kim JunMeow…” I say the first name that comes into my mind.

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  • Me: *watching Sherlock*
  • Mom: wow that guy is really unnatractive
  • Me: who? Wait? Sherlock?
  • Mom: yeah the tall one. He's really homely looking... He's kind of disgusting.
  • Mom: the other one is much more handsome.
  • Me: John?
  • Mom: yeah.
  • Me: well yeah he's cute too I mean look at his cute wittle nose. Lil hedgehog.

He makes me so happy
(Day 11/14) [11/12)

But think about it Louis’ lips are thin and little and sweet and curly when we smiles and Harry’s lips are squishy and plump and smooth
When they kiss it must be so sweet Harry’s so big and Louis’ little just like their lips are and they complete each other and it’s so right their little eyelashes fluttering and the teeny huffs of air puffing out their wittle noses and the snickers and lip biting and hands caressing each other and I nEED MEDICAL ATTENTION