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Hey, I hope you're having a good day! I would like to request a reaction to S/O having to hold or cuddle something when they sleep. Like a blanket, stuffed animal etc. This is actually true for me and I get a bit embarrassed if it's ever brought up, haha.

I hope you’re having a good day as well and thanks for Requesting!

Rap Monster:

*Probably wouldn’t think anything of it, wouldn’t think it was too weird or odd* 

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*Would probably try to replace the blanket or stuffed animal with himself*

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*Would act like he thinks it’s weird but would lowkey think it’s cute* “Haha, you’re so weird, Y/N!”

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*Actually does it himself* “Oh, you do that too, Y/N?”

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*Would tease his S/O so much* “So, you like that stuffed bear more than me, huh?”

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*Would high key think it’s cute* “Aww, my wittle Y/N is still such a baby!”

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*Would actually think it’s weird (lol)*

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Little One

Requested By Anon

Pairings: Peter Parker x Short!Reader

Scott has created a chatroom.

Scott has invited Y/N, Peter, Wanda, Vision.

Scott: Which one of you can help me get out of training today? Any ideas?

Peter: We all have training today. I don’t think Mr. Stark or Cap would approve.

Scott: Please.

Wanda: Why not? I’ll cover for you.

Vision: It would be unfair to all of us if Scott didn’t train today.

Scott: I really want to visit my daughter today. C’mon!

Y/N: I’ll help you. I’ll keep Steve distracted until we can come up with an excuse for you.

Peter: How will you do that? Will he even see you?

Y/N: I am short! Not invisible!

Peter: Whatever you say, Shorty.


Peter: That makes you a shrub.

Vision: Peter, stop teasing her!

Wanda: No, keep teasing her!

Vision: Wanda!

Wanda: Vision!

Peter: But she gets even cuter when angry!

Wanda: I am hoping that you finally confess your feelings to her.


Wanda: Looks like it might take a while…

Peter: You’re not tall enough to reach my face to punch me, but I surrender from your adorableness. It’s too much for me.

Wanda: Just tell her and maybe you two will finally stop fighting!

Peter: There’s nothing to tell!

Wanda: You tease her because you like her!

Peter: No, because she’s short!

Y/N: Wanda why are you talking to a spider? Odd.


Peter: I don’t think it’s fair if Scott gets excused. I’m swamped with school work but you don’t see me bailing.

Y/N: UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE HERE, I will help. Steve is with T’Challa right now, I will stall him.

Peter: Hi, I’m some people. It makes sense you would help Scott. Both of you are so tiny.

Y/N: Shut up, you sound like Thor.


Peter: … You shrink, remember?

Scott: Right.

Wanda: Wait, Scott. Why don’t you just ask Steve for the day off? I’m sure he won’t mind.

Scott: I did that last week. I can’t ask again.

Vision: Another reason why Scott should not get out of training. 

Scott: You would understand if you had children.

Vision: Do Y/N and Peter count?


Peter: I’m not but Y/N is.

Scott: Yes. That counts. How do you manage with them?


Peter: I’ve seen 10 year olds taller than you. .

Vision: It is extremely exhausting, Scott.

Y/N: Vision is not even two years old! He’s not in charge of me!

Peter: He should be since he’s taller than you, Little One.

Scott: If it wasn’t for you and Steve, I think Y/N might have murdered Peter by now.


Peter: Are you saying that because you’re not tall enough to ride any of the rides?

Vision: Oh she has tried fighting him several times but Peter just hugs her in response.


Peter: What are you gonna do, Frodo Baggins?

Wanda: Will you two finally make out?

Y/N: What?

Wanda: Nothing.

Peter: The message is there. We can see it.

Wanda: … It’s almost time for training, see you there!

Wanda has left the chat.

Y/N: Peter distracted me! I didn’t get to stall Steve. Sorry, Scott!

Vision: My plan has been a success. Now, Scott, there is no way out of training.


Scott has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

Y/N: I don’t think I’ll attend training today, not if you’re there!

Peter: Steve won’t wike that, wittle won. Plus I’ll miss you wevy much, wittle won.

Y/N: Stop it.

Peter: Make me.

Y/N has added Thor.


Y/N: Thor, Peter is being mean.

Peter: No, I’m not!


Y/N: Hey!


Peter: I’m sorry! I don’t mean to offend her. I like her, a lot! Wanda was right!

Thor: You must make it up to her and the only way for you to do that is in battle. Prove that you are a worthy warrior and I will forgive this.

Y/N: Wait, Thor. I know Peter was joking, I was too. Please don’t fight him.

Thor: Oh, I was going to suggest he fight my brother but if that is the case, Lady Y/N, I will not make him do that. But I will not allow anyone else to jest about your height.

Tony has joined the chat.

Tony: Shorty, Kid, why aren’t you two at training? Steve’s waiting.


Tony: What?


Tony has left the chat.

Thor has left the chat.

Y/N: I should have told Thor that Tony calls me shorty too.

Peter: We should help him.

Y/N: … But we have training.

Peter: …And he did flirt with my aunt.

Y/N: He’ll be fine.

Peter: Guess we shouldn’t keep Steve waiting any longer.

Y/N: Oh and by the way,

Peter: ?

Y/N: I like you too.




Y/N has left the chat.


Peter has left the chat.

Wasn't Expecting That (Peter Parker x reader)

This will most likely continue into a two part story if anyone actually likes this. I would say that Peter is around 18 in this. WARNING: swear words and minor mentions of sex Part 2 ~https://immortalfic.tumblr.com/post/160700069284/wasnt-expecting-that-peter-parker-x-reader-part-2 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Music was blasting throughout the whole room. Sweaty bodies were pressed up against eachother, and this was definitely, most likely NOT how Peter imagined his weekend. In fact, Peter doesn’t even know why he is here, but thanks to his friends, Spider-Man himself, is now off duty. A reminder that Spider-Man should never, not ever take a day off in a city like New York. This was worse than what he could be doing right now. Music that Peter didn’t even like, was playing as everyone was dancing to it. At this point, Peter lost he’s friend in the crowd. He couldn’t tell if Ned was even here or ended up leaving without him. Peter hoped that he were still somewhere in this ‘party’ if you could even call it that. In all honesty, this was more of a 'get laid’ type of thing. You could see all the people mingling, getting drunk, leaving with strangers…. all the steps of getting laid. Peter wanted absolutely nothing to do with this. For all he knew, the police could be on their way. May wouldn’t be happy about that since, Peter told her he would be hanging out at Ned’s house. After all, Ned’s exact words were, “Pete, we are about to get wild tonight!” Peter, never hearing those words being said to him before, thought that Ned meant they would be pulling an all nighter to fix the lego Death Star that Ned dropped. The wildest that Peter has ever gotten, would be staying up on a school night to watch all of the Star Wars movies. That was a HUGE accomplishment in his opinion, even having to fight off bad guys wasn’t nearly as satisfying as being able to state facts while watching the latest Star Wars movie, Rouge One. But as of now, tonight was by far the most insane night Peter has ever faced. Finally getting up, and deciding that instead of self pitying himself like he has been doing since he got here, Peter went to find Ned. Peter spotted Ned in the middle of a conversation with the prettiest girl he has ever seen. Ned looked over at Peter and yells over the music, “hey man! Thought you would have left by now!” Peter diverts his attention from the beautiful girl to Ned and manages to stutter out weakly, “n-nope… still here…. as you can see…” Ned smirks at Peter, “Anyway, I’m glad you’re here! Y/N, this is the guy I was telling you about.” Y/N looks Peter up and down with a smile on her face, “Peter, right? I’ve heard quite a bit about you.” Peter, who is starting to get more confident, smiles back, “oh really? Wish I could say the same.” Ned starts walking past Peter and towards the drinks, “well… This is probably my cue to leave and let the magic happen! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do and use protection!” At this point, Peter was a blushing mess. While Y/N was merely giggling. Over the loud music Y/N called out to him, “hey Peter?!” “Yeah?” Y/N started getting closer to Peter, she could now feel his hot breath covering all of her body. She leaned closer to him and whispered in his ear, “wanna get outta here?” Peter started shaking, “o-ok…” Damn, this was not at all part of Peters plan. He may not have ever been laid before, but this was definitely one of the steps. Seductive voices being whispered into one another’s ear. Peter mindlessly walked through all the dancing body’s, following Y/N’s lead. She was leaving the party. Peter, who was still in a daze, followed her out of the party without any questions. After 10 minutes of an awkward silence and continuous walking, Peter finally started to snap out of his cluelessness, “w-where are we exactly?” Y/N halted, “we… umm… we will be there shortly. I promise!” He nodded, “ok. So, Y/N, tell me about yourself?” After a few seconds of silence Y/N finally answered, “there’s not much to say. My name is Y/N, but you already know that. Hmm, my mom died a few years ago so it’s just been my dad and I.” Y/N cocked an eyebrow at Peter, “you know what? I think you would like my dad!” Peter chuckled at her, “oh really?” “Mhmm” Peter frowned lightly, “my parents died when I was about 4. They were pretty cool. Anyway, what’s your dad like?” Y/N’s eyes widened, “I am so sorry! I didn’t know, I swear! We can stop talking about this if you want to.” Peter smiled, “it’s ok. If you think I would like your dad, I want to know what he is like. So, continue.” “Well if you insist. I don’t reallly know why I think you would like him, I kind of just have this feeling! You know? Oh, we are here!” Peter looked around but all he could see were dark, scary, alleyways. Nothing he couldn’t handle! Y/N smirked to herself as she started to drag Peter into one of them. Peter was getting worried, “are you sure th-?” “SHHH!” Peter rolled his eyes but whispered nonetheless, “are you sure that this is a good idea? It’s pretty sketchy around these parts.” “Yeah, yeah… it’s my house, so calm down.” “Oh. Sorry, didn’t think you would be familiar with these parts,” Peter whispered back. “Annnnnd, here we are. Spiders first.” Y/N popped a door open. Peter slowly started walking in but came to a stop, “what do you mean? I-I’m not Spider-Man! That’s absurd!” Before Y/N could answer Peter, he was knocked out from behind. Above him stood Wade Wilson, “well fuck me! I didn’t think he would actually follow you! I didn’t even think he would look at you!” Y/N scoffed, “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, am I right? Whatever, that’s besides the point! Why did you even want me to bring him here? He is way too cute for any of your bullshit! I for one, feel slightly guilty.” Wade teased, “awww, does wittle ol’ Y/N wove Peter? Yes she does! Yes she does!” “Shut it and answer my question!” Wade and Y/N have now dragged Peter into their living room. Wade sat on one couch, while, Y/N sat on the other. Wade looked at the boy who was propped up on the wall and then back to his daughter, “remember that friend of mine-?” “Last time I checked, I am your only friend.” Wade faked a hurt expression, “that hurts!” He pointed to his heart multiple times, “right here.” “Yeah, I know. I’m an evil person, yada yada. Can you just spill the details already?” Wade sighed, “ok, fine! I’m normally easy going about getting killed and whatever, but this is fucking serious!” Y/N interrupted, “serious enough for you to forget their name?” “Hell yeah! There is so much detail that the name is irrelevant to this. Just shut up and listen!” His daughter laughed at him, “ok, ok! You were saying?” Wade looked oddly satisfied, “ok, there’s this guy right-” ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• TO BE CONTINUED. How was that? Tell me if you liked this or not! Remember, requests are open (even for anonymous people).

The 100 Preferences | How You Meet

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Characters: Bellamy, Jasper, Murphy, Monty.

(B/F/N) stand for “Best friend’s name”.

Bellamy Blake (Ark/before people find out about Octavia).

She had seen him around the Ark a few times. Usually when (Y/N) could take a look at him, the boy wore the uniform of the guard. And she had to admit: some dirty thoughts appeared when she stared at him for too long, which led the girl to feel embarrassed and look away. Sometimes he caught her staring at him, which made (Y/N) leave the place as fast as she could, but the girl often caught him staring at her as well, even before she noticed he was there.

(Y/N) didn’t know his name, and she could bet he didn’t know hers either. But when they met in the hallways, they smiled at each other before they continue their ways, as if they were old friends. She had thought about talking to him many times, but the words never left her mouth, causing just a smile to come to her face, which would be happily returned by the boy. She began to accept that maybe things between them would never going to be more than just stares.

Until a certain day.

(Y/N) was walking in the halls with her friends. They didn’t exaclty have a place to go, so they just kept walking while talking. And then she saw him when they turned a corner. He seemed quite distracted as he stood leaning against a wall. Well, at least he was distracted until he heard the noise that (Y/N)’s friends were doing, causing him to look at their direction. When his dark eyes met hers, the girl lowered her head, feeling her face begin to heat up, which definitely didn’t go unnoticed by her best friend’s eyes.

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Wasn’t expecting that. Part 1

Word count: 1201

Ship: Peter Parker x Wilson!reader

A/N~ This was posted on my old account too.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 

 Music was blasting throughout the whole room. Sweaty bodies were pressed up against each other, and this was definitely, most likely NOT how Peter imagined his weekend. In fact, Peter doesn’t even know why he is here, but thanks to his friends, Spider-Man himself, is now off duty. A reminder that Spider-Man should never, not ever take a day off in a city like New York.

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can you write a Trevor X Reader where during the extra life stream Trevor just can't stop staring at the reader and everyone is making fun of him for it and Geoff finally is like "okay if the audience raises $500,000 we'll have Trevor and the reader kiss" and they end up kissing and it's super mega fluffy

(Trevor my absolute fave <3 <3 <3 hope you enjoy love xx)

Word count: 810

You hardly knew what was happening anymore, as was normal every year during the Extra Life Stream. Currently you were taking a slight break from the insanity that was the current ‘do not laugh’ competition happening between Geoff and Gavin, both of whom were wasted. It was nearly time for Gavin to leave, but you knew Trevor was about to pop in and you wouldn’t miss that for the world.

Geoff finally cracked after Gavin tried (and failed) to drink an entire beer whilst maintaining eye contact with Geoff. As he was cleaning the spilt beer up from the carpet and drying off his pants you saw Trevor peeking his head around the door. You smiled at each other and you pat the empty part of the couch next to you, indicating for him to come sit next to you.

“It’s Treyco!” Geoff yelled, his attention transferred from Gavin’s accident to the appearance of a new face.

“Ay it’s Geoff” Trevor called back, matching the enthusiasm as he sat himself down next to you. He sat close enough to you that you could feel the warmth radiating off him.

Over the next fifteen minutes the two of you got closer together until his arm was around your shoulder and you had found yourself in a comfortable position, leaning on his chest. Neither of you were paying much attention to anything that was happening with the crazy challenges and excessive drinking.

Another five minutes passed and you somehow were roped into a Smite tournament, leaving Trevor on the couch. He was soon joined by Geoff, who had almost zero interest in a PC game.

The second game was interrupted by an exclamation from Geoff. “Jesus, Treyco, you’re such a fuckin’ creep! Stop making eyes at Y/N, I know you were all over her a half a fucking hour ago but geez! At least try to be a little less obvious.”

Drunk Geoff was often your favourite Geoff, but in this moment you would’ve preferred if he was sober, and preferred if he wasn’t here at all even more. You glanced at Trevor, whose face looked as red as yours felt.

“Thanks Geoff. Boss of the year, everyone.” Trevor said, shaking his head as he laughed, trying to brush the embarrassment off.

“Wittle baby Trevor has a wittle crush on Y/N?” Michael mocked from behind camera before he jumps on the couch next to Trevor, poking his cheeks.

“Aimed a bit high, haven’t you, Trev?” Barbara yells, jumping on the ‘make fun of Trevor’ bandwagon.

“Fuck off.” Trevor smiles, looking at you with apologetic eyes.

“Fuckin’ hell, dude, you can’t even stop staring when we’re making fun of you for it!” Geoff yells, embarrassing him even further. You couldn’t help but laugh, and you had to admit that he somehow looked even better when flustered. “Hey, I’ll tell you what. Audience, I have just decided that if we raise $500,000 Trevor and Y/N will kiss live, on camera!”

“For the kids, right, Trev?” You smile at him, well aware how quickly the audience would get your current total of $456,148 up to the $500,000 needed for the kiss.

“For the kids!” The cry was echoed by everyone, loudest of all by Trevor.

An hour and fifteen minutes later and the total had been raised to $499,586. You were simultaneously dreading and looking forward to the moment you hit $500,000. To be fair, you had been looking at Trevor just as much as he had been looking at you, but you were just better at hiding it than he was.

The total refreshed again, this time at $499,842. Both you and Trevor paused what you were doing to watch the donation bar continually move, with names such as Trevor better get some and Y/N is currently living my dream.

The next time it refreshed it was finally over $500,000, and it was met with a sound effect and Geoff’s screams.

“I’m the fucking greatest matchmaker of all time!” He yelled as he stood up, running to pick up and spin Trevor.

You stood on the middle of the stage, watching and waiting for Geoff to let go of Trevor. As he approached you your nerves got more intense and you started shaking a bit. He stopped in front of you, cupping your face with one hand, holding your hand steady with the other one.

“Just fucking kiss already!” You heard Geoff yell, and for the first time you decided to follow his advice.

Trevor leaned in and your lips connected, his hands snaking around your hips to pull you closer into him, to the approval of everyone watching.

After you pulled away from one another you rested your foreheads on one another’s, and you realised this money didn’t only help the kids.

Lunae Lumen II

A/n: I know I promised to post this a few days ago. But that day turned hectic, I saw the movie It, and proceeded to have a shitty night afterwards. So I didn’t feel well enough to post anything either :( but I’m feeling better now, thank gosh, so now here’s part two!! smol warning, this one is slow. but I’ve already started part three and it dives right into action! :)

Part One-Masterlist-Tag List

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Your attempts to stifle a scream prove futile as you collapse against the bathroom door and stumble out to the hotel room. Your heart thumps wildly in your ears and your eyes only see spots of red and blue dancing around in tempo with your excitement.

Michelle jerks her computer away and rolls off of the bed in a quick startle.

“What is it, what’s wrong?!” she exclaims. You hold your hands over your chest, your palms sticky with new sweat that bursts from your pores. “I-”

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Preference 10: How You First Met


“Girl…help meeeee.” I hurriedly texted my best friend y/bff/n while sitting uncomfortably on a Starbucks couch.

I think this guy is checking me out and I don’t know what to doooooo”

Seriously, a guy just across me is looking at me head to foot. He was currently drinking, what–, a Chai Latte and surrounded with three other boys. I wasn’t really into these kind of things, like, those things were the guy checks you out and then he winks and you wink at him as well and then you bite your lip and then he signals you to come over so you make a move by going up to him while swaying your hips and then sitting on his lap then you ask him if he wants something to eat but then he refuses because he would most likely to eat you instea–


From: y/bff/n
“Oh…poor wittle y/n, scared to go up to boys…I bet he’s cute.”

I rolled my eyes. I mean, he’s kinda cute with his gray knitted beanie on his fluffy soft hair and stuff– *bzzz-bzzz*

From: y/bff/n
You can go up to him, ya know. No one’s really stopping you y/n. And I bet you like him too. You’re just not admitting it because you want to keep this ‘innocent’ personality still in you. Cmon girl, go get him.”

To: y/bff/n
“I mean…sure I guess. I’ll try. But don’t laugh at me if I mess up something!”

Without thinking furthermore, I stood up, stuffed my phone into my purse and–UGGHF

I was being pushed back into the couch.

Excuse m–oh.”

“What took you so long? I’ve been sending you these signs  that I’m interested in you and you still don’t get it?” He chuckles, he reached out his hands and I slowly accepted it, “m’Connor, by the way.”

“Uh…yeah, sorry, well um…h-hi! I’m Y/N.”


Well would you look at that.
How am I now supposed to go back to my apartment when– “

Great. So now people are looking at me like I’m deadass dumb.

I mumbled a little ‘sorry’ and kinda walked into a nearby restaurant. I was so pissed that I actually thought I was walking inside my apartment already. I lazily sat on the chair in a booth and settled myself on it. I let out a deep sigh and cursed, “Fu***ing rain.”

“Uh…excuse me miss?”

I nearly jumped the soul out of me. I wasn’t alone in this booth. “Who…what…I thought I was… wait.” I let out a stressful sigh. I can’t even look at this person on how ashamed I was. It’s even a guy, oh god. “Look,” I said while my head was resting at the palm of both of my hands. “Sorry for invading your, probably peaceful time here until I just showed up. Sorry for cursing, sorry for just–”

“No, no, stop. It’s alright.”

Without me noticing (which is probably what he wanted me to do), he grabbed both of my hand in his and took it away from my face. I looked up at him, and already saw his sparkling brown eyes fixed on mine. He sweetly smiled like nothing just happened. “You shouldn’t really be swearing too much in this place. Look at how quiet it is in here.”  He softly said. I turned my head to look around, and he was correct. Everything’s quite peaceful right now. I let out a little laugh, “Yeah..uh, well, you’re correct then.”

Then there was this silence between just the two of us. He was still staring at me and I was still staring at him. None of us had a problem with it, as well. “Your eyes are gorgeous.” he suddenly spoke. My eyes widen as the words repeated over and over my head. Yours are beautiful as–

Yours are beautiful as well.” 

Just mentally slapped myself.

The guy chuckled, noticing what just happened. He lifted his hand on the table for me to shake, “I’m Brad, by the way.”


“Would you believe it that we just gave each other compliments without even knowing what each other’s names were?” He said while scoffing. 

I replied, “Would you believe that I just sat here in this table like no one was here and just cursed in front of your face?” He laughed in response which made me laugh as well. This is gonna be a fresh start, isn’t it?


You were interviewing The Vamps. 

The Vamps.

You were such a big fan of them, and you were also there from the beginning. You watched their covers, went to their gigs and concerts, and you also got some merchandise from them as well. But of course, you didn’t worse them today because you thought It’ll be awkward. 

As the boys stepped into the white room with four leather chairs, you immediately stood up and walked over to them (without squealing in front of their faces).

“Good morning boys! My name is Y/N and I’ll be interviewing you today…if you don’t mind.” You tried to say smartly, but you were only wearing a grey sweater and skinny jeans…so not very approving to the ‘tried to say smartly” thing. Good thing the crew actually approved you wearing it. 

In surprise, they also greeted you happily and excitedly, like they really want to be interviewed at 10:00 AM. Plus, they’ve been interviewed three times today.

The interview was going on pretty smoothly and nicely. You asked them about their up coming album, their single ‘All Night’, and you kinda played some little games as well. But you couldn’t help but think why was Tristan keep looking at you? You scoffed on what you just thought. Of course they were all looking at you, because you’re the interviewer for god’s sake. But with him is…different. He was staring at you top to bottom, more like he’s checking you out (keep in mind that you were just wearing a sweatshirt and skinny jeans). 

When he was the one answering your question, he was deeply looking at your soul…more like. You were trying to avoid his gaze, but sometimes he catchers you looking at him, which made him smirk every time. Is this really happening right now?

“Thanks guys for spending a little time with us!” You finally said after the camera turned off and the interview was finished. “Thank you for having us!” Tristan said first, before any of the boys, with a wink.  Tristan Evans just winked at me.

After you all said your goodbyes and thanks, you escorted them outside the room and held the door open for them. Tristan was so close to you that you were afraid that he can feel you breathe heavily. He placed his lips close to your ears before saying, 

“We just went to three different interviews earlier, with three different interviewers. But I think I should ask you a question now. 

Hang out with me?”


Aloha Daniel.”

Well aloha to you too, Oliver Vance.”

Okay, I now regret saying that. Oliver Vance alone sounds terrible.”

Agreed. What’s up?”

Oh right, so me and the boys are gonna go shopping today (not the girly kind of ‘shopping’). Wanna join? We’re gonna pick out a new guitar for Bradley as well.

James sighed. It was one of those days again.

Ugh, can’t rn dude. I’m in the place.”

Seriously dude. You keep going to that place like you’re some kind of a little schoolgirl! Nah, just kidding. You can do whatever you want. See you soon then.”

I was really expecting that you’ll say that, haha. ttyl.”


This wan’t really the first time he’d turn them down. James really just liked to, sometimes, go on a place where he can be quiet and without people bothering him too much. This guy’s a cheesy one, and he isn’t afraid to show it either.

As he stepped into his local library, he wrote his name and signed on a paper which has a sign above saying Sign In Here and greeted Mrs. Menchavez, the librarian. “G’morning Mrs. Menchavez.” James half whispered. The library was so freakishly quiet that you can hear someone tapping his nails on a wooden table. “Good morning to you too, James. Fourth time this week, eh?” James chuckled, “No regrets.”

“Do you have any new books today? Kinda running out on my list.” 

“Oh, yeah! We do have some new stuff. It was just delivered earlier this morning. I thought you’ll like it.” Mrs. Menchavez gave him a book which was called *open to interpretation*. “Thank you! I’ve heard things about this one, actually. I’ll be heading now.” “Okay, enjoy the book!” As he was about to go to his usual spot, Mrs. Menchavez grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Mrs. Menchavez what are you–’

“I wanna tell you something, 

See that girl over there?” She pointed over the corner of the room. My eyes landed to this girl, wearing a plain white tee, tucked in a black skater skirt, black ankle boots, and a  pair of black reading glasses which frames her whole eye-area. “Yeah…she’s really pretty.” I whispered. After I said that I mentally slapped myself. I hope Mrs. Menchavez didn’t hear it–

“She’s new here in the library–” Phew.

–and since everyone knows each other well here, I wanted you two to get along as well.” My heart just jumped in excitement.

“Sure, yeah! I’ll go.”


Your POV

“Good morning Ms. You don’t  mind if I sit right here, yeah?” A male’s voice suddenly spoke which made me jump a little. I placed down my book at my lap, but still didn’t look at who was speaking. “Y-yeah.” 

Why did my voice cracked. Now it will be even more awkward for me to look at him.

The guy now sat at the seat in front of me and now I was really getting curious. So i slowly lifted my head up, to meet a pair of ocean eyes, quiff hair, and a sweet, breath-taking smile. “I’m James, nice to meet you.”


“So you’re new to this place?” ‘James’ said as he mentioned the library while looking around. “Yeah, I actually didn’t know there was a library here just a few blocks from my home.” I started to get comfortable with this person. He seems very kind and genuine…and very handsome as well, ngl.

You know what, good thing I ditched my friends just to be here.” You were a bit shocked. Normally guys would probably choose to go hang out with his friends rather than going to a library. “What?! Why?” You said while smiling with a bit of laughter here and there. Then he didn’t answer my question for a moment. He just smiled at me.

“Because…” He began,

“Because…what?” I said impatiently.

“Because then I won’t have the chance to meet you.” 


Anyways guys I watched Moana at the theaters a while back and literally died thx. 

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Shopping Spree

Request: One where the way bros are dragged along with y/n shopping, gee goes bc frank works at the mall and mikey bc he has a crush on y/n. Mikey is all serious but when he sees y/n in a dress he becomes all smiley and gee is teasing him and stuff

“I don’t wanna go,” Gerard whined as I pulled in the parking lot.

“You promised.”

“I changed my mind.”

“Mikey, talk to your brother.”

“Come on Gee, we’re only gonna be a minute. Right?”

“Yes, I just need to find a dress.”

“That could take hours!” Gerard exclaimed, throwing his hands up. “I’ve been shopping with you before Y/n and it takes forever.”

“Gerard, we’re already here.”

“Can I at least swing by Hot Topic and say hi to Frank while you guys shop?”

“Fine,” I settled. “Is that okay with you Mikey?” I felt a little bad for Mikey, the main reason I literally dragged Gerard here with us was so Mikey wouldn’t be bored to death while I tried on clothes.

“Yeah yeah, of course,” Mikey mumbled, smiling meekly. Gerard muttered something under his breath, followed by an eye roll.

“How many are we getting?” Mikey groaned, carrying at least fifteen dresses in his arms as I examined another rack of clothes.


“Then why am I carrying fifty fucking dresses?”

“I want options,” I shrugged, feeling the fabric on another strapless dress.

“What is this for anyway?”

“A wedding, so I have to look nice.” Mikey leaned against the wall, sighing as I laid another dress on top of the pile in his arms. 

“Okay…I think that’s it,” I mumbled to myself, scanning the store for any department I missed. 

“We’re done?” Mikey half shouted.

“Yep, as soon as I try them on and pick one.”

“You’re trying every single one on?” He gasped.

“Of course, I can’t pick one until I see what it looks like on me,” I insisted, leading him towards the dressing room. He stopped at the doorway, holding out the dresses for me to grab. “What are you doing?”

“I thought you wanted to try them on?”

“You’re not coming in with me?”

“You want me to go in there with you? While you change?”

“Yeah? I want your opinion on each one. Unless you want to sit out he-”

“No no, i’m coming,” he interrupted, following me to the back and setting all the clothes on the bench.

“Okay, you can sit right there.” I pointed to one of the benches by the large mirror on the wall, across from my dressing room. He nodded, leaning his back against the wall with his hands shoved in his pockets. It took me only a few minutes to get on dress number one, a plain white strapless dress. “What do you think of this one?”

Mikey opened his eyes and sat up, his face flushing a million shades of red as he stared at me. “Whoa” was the only word he could muster, eyeing me up and down.

“Do you think it’s too short?” I asked, looking at myself in the mirror. The dress ended at my thighs, a little too skimpy for a really traditional, fancy wedding.

“No no, short is…short’s great,” he chuckled, running a hand through his hair. I looked at my reflection for another minute before shaking my head, definitely too short.

“Nope, not this one. Way too short,” I concluded before walking back into the dressing room. I took of the dress and tossed it over the door at Mikey. “Put this in the ‘No’ pile please.”

A couple desses in and Mikey was taking his job as my adviser very seriously. He kept everything organized, putting the hangers back on each dress after I tried it on and stacking it in the correct pile. He was also honest, which I liked a lot. He didn’t just tell me every dress looks amazing and told me when he didn’t like one, throwing a compliment right afterwards to make sure I knew I didn’t think he was insulting me. “How about this one Mikey?”

“Damn, I like that one,” he gushed, smiling ear to ear as I twirled in the mirror. It was white and gold, strapless and went down to my knees.

“Does it make my boobs look too big?” I pestered, adjusting my breasts before turning to him.

“Uh, well um,” Mikey deadpanned, trying to avoid staring at my chest. “They look nice…a little bigger than usual ya know but not too big. Not that their small or anythi-”

“Yikes, you’re painful to listen to Mikey,” Gerard laughed from behind us as he entered the dressing room. He raised an eyebrow and whistled at me, biting the inside of his cheek. “You look hot.”

“Thanks pervert,” I giggled, pushing his shoulder. “Yay or nay, Mikey?”

“Yay, big big yay,” he said immediately, flushing when Gerard snickered next to him. “That wasn’t a reference to your boobs or anything,” he added quickly.

“Awww look at him Y/n, wittle Mikey’s blushing!” Gerard cackled, using his baby voice as he ruffled Mikey’s hair. Mikey glared at him, cursing under his breath. 

“Okay, I think i’m gonna get this one,” I confirmed, giving myself one last check in the mirror before changing back into my clothes.

“Sweet! Can we go get some food now? Frank just took his break and I promised him we would all grab a bite with him at the Food Court.”

“Yeah, as soon as we check out.” He nodded, pulling out his phone to most likely text Frank. “Thank you for coming,” I smiled at Mikey, wrapping my arms around his waist and pulling him in for a hug. He stiffened for a minute before relaxing and returning the hug.

“It wasn’t so bad I guess,” he giggled.

“You were a really big help, I appreciate it a lot,” I continued as I rested my head on his shoulder, sticking my tongue out at Gerard as he made kissy faces at me.

“It was nothing,” he shrugged.

“I’ll find a way to repay you, let me know if you need anything.”


Anything.” I held back a giggle as Gerard made a blow job gesture by pressing his tongue on the inside of his cheek, flipping him off instead.

“You don’t owe me anything, really,” he insisted.

“Okay, if you insist. At least let me buy your lunch?”

“Okay, deal,” he agreed when we pulled away from the hug. I leaned up on my toes to kiss his cheek, grabbing his hand to pull him out the door.

“Aw, did Mikey get a kiss from his cru-OW!” Gerard yelped, stopping mid sentence when Mikey slapped the back of his head.

Shawn Mendes Imagine- That’s Not Your Sweatshirt

          “Shawn, stop it!” you laughed as he tickled you. “Nope, never!” he smirked, continuing to tickle your sides. “You’re the worst boyfriend ever!” you shout, trying to squirm away from his grasp. Yes, boyfriend. Shawn Mendes is your boyfriend. You two have been dating for about two years, and love each other to pieces. There’s only one catch…the fans don’t know.

          You didn’t want the fans to hate, and you felt that it would only stress Shawn out more if the paparazzi were all over him, asking about his girlfriend. Anyway, back to the tickle monster you call your boyfriend. “Take it back!” he yells, tickling you even more. “N-no,” you gasp between laughs. “I won’t let you wear my sweatshirts if you don’t take it back,” he sings.

          “O-k, ok. I t-take it back,” you squeal, and he stops. You sit up, your sides hurting from all the laughing. “You know I love wearing your sweatshirts. No fair,” you pout, crossing your arms over your chest. “I love when you wear my sweatshirts, too. I wasn’t actually not going to let you wear them. They mak you look adorable,” he says. 

          You blush and stick your tongue out at him, pretending to be mad. “Aww, is wittle y/n mad?” he says in a baby voice. You ignore him. “Well, I know what’ll make you feel better,” he says, taking off his sweatshirt and putting it on you. It drapes over you like a dress and covers your shorts. The sleeves hang past your hands. Shawn grins at how cute you look.

          “Hey, I’m going to run to Starbucks and grab a coffee. Do you want anything? The usual, I’m assuming?” he asks, referring to y/f/s/d. You nod, handing him his keys. “Thanks, I’ll be back in a few,” he says, pecking your lips before grabbing another sweatshirt off the dining room chair and heading out the door. You cuddle up on the couch, turn on the TV, and wait for Shawn to come back.

          You’re 10 minutes into an episode of Baby Daddy when Shawn gets back. He walks into the room and hands you your drink, sitting down next to you. He wraps his arms around you, and you inch closer to him. Two episodes later, you fall asleep. Shawn looks down at you to see you sleeping and grins, picking you up and carrying you up to his room. 

          He lays you in bed and climbs in with you. He does the usual routine and wraps his arms around you, bringing you closer to him. He eventually falls asleep himself. The next day, you wake up to an empty bed. You sit up and rub your eyes to see a note on the bedside table. ‘had to go into the studio today. be back around 3. love you xoxo.’ You grin and look at the clock. It’s 8:30 am. 

          You go downstairs and look through the fridge. ‘Dang it, we’re out of fruit and yogurt,’ you think to yourself as you go upstairs to get ready for the day. You take a quick shower before drying your hair and putting on some makeup. You look around the room for clothes, settling on a pair of athletic shorts and a t-shirt. You find the hoodie Shawn wore yesterday to Starbucks and throw it on.

          You put on some black Vans and head outside, grabbing your keys and purse on the way. You drive to the grocery store to pick up some food, and then go to Starbucks to get y/f/s/d. You walk inside and order it. “Y/n,” you say when the barista asks you for your name. You swear you hear a phone camera snap, but ignore it and grab your drink, heading out the door.

          You get home and make yourself a small breakfast. You go to the gym and clean up the house before Shawn gets home. He walks in the door, a cheeky smile on his face. “What’s up with you?” you ask, wrapping your arms around his waist and hugging him. He hands you his phone without saying a word. Twitter is up, and you see some tweets from his fans.

          Your jaw drops, and you look up at him with wide eyes. “How do they know your name?” he asks, the grin still on his face. “Ugh, they must’ve heard me say it when I got Starbucks. Shawn, I’m so sorry. I totally forgot about your sweatshirt. I’ll fix this, you won’t have to worry about a thing. I’ll tell them there’s nothing-” you ramble, but get cut off by Shawn pressing his lips against yours.

          “Babe, calm down, it’s fine. Besides, I think it’s time to tell them anyways,” he says, and you smile. He tweets:

          You giggle, staring into his sparkling brown eyes. He softly kisses your lips again before whispering, “I love it when you wear my sweatshirts.”

A New Life

Chapter 3: New Clothes

Relationship: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: You’d left your past behind, hoping for a fresh start after you’d moved. What you didn’t expect was to be taken by a creature you’d thought was the stuff of stories before then. And where there are monsters, the Winchesters are sure to follow. 

Words: 3669

A/N: These first few chapters I’d written about a year ago and so they’re a little rough

Part 1 I Masterlist I Part 4 

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

You’re woken slightly when you feel something moving from under you head. “Shhh. Go to sleep, don’t worry” you hear a familiar voice and it lulls you back to sleep almost instantly as a hand slides around the back of your head and another around shoulders and lowers you down.

You wake up to the sound of plates clattering in the kitchen. As you open your eyes you’re not greeted by the sight of your bedroom in the bunker, which you’ve gotten accustomed to over the past week. But instead you see the ceiling of the impromptu entertainment room. Looking around you see how it’s more of a lounge room than anything else and with that, you sit up to find yourself laying on the sofa with a blanket on you. A smile breaks across your face as you realise you must have dozed off during the movie last night and instead of just waking you up, the boys let you sleep there, and made sure you were comfortable.

Making your way to the kitchen, you are greeted by Sam’s back as he sits opposite Dean, who looks up and smiles at you. That’s when you remember the brief moment when you woke you and it was his voice you’d heard. He must have been adjusting you and the blanket on the sofa. You throw him a smile of gratitude and go to the counter to begin looking around, deciding what to eat. 

You turn around, not able to put a finger on what you want for breakfast and unknowingly, you are stood there, arms crossed and pouting as you think over your options. Sam looks up and smiles “Aw is wittle (Y/N) okay?” gaining a chuckle from Dean. You realise what you’re doing and can’t help but giggle as you uncross your arms, pulling yourself on to the counter, crossing your lower legs as you exclaim “I don’t know what I want to eat”. “We have cereal, toast, coffee and beer. Take a pick” Dean says. “What, no eggs? No pancakes? Bacon?” “You finished them yesterday, (Y/N)” Sam replies. 

A sudden pang of guilt hits you. Because of you, the brothers barely had anything to eat “Shit. I’m sorry. Hey, I’ll go get some groceries” you decide. Dean smiles “Don’t worry yourself, kiddo. We barely eat here anyway”. But that doesn’t cease the guilt you feel and despite the brother’s smiles and nonchalance, you want to make it up to them. 

But before all else, you need to get changed. “God, its fucking hot today” you realise, fanning yourself with your right hand as the brothers get up to put away their dishes, Sam having finished his cereal and Dean putting away his mug of coffee. 

It’s then that you notice Sam and Dean are both wearing thin, short sleeved tops and jeans “Yeah, we’ve gathered” Sam says, catching you staring at them. The material was tight against their skin, giving an almost full view of their torsos, the defined abs on Sam, the muscles moving under his shirt and the softer abs but more prominent V shape of Dean’s lower abdomen, not to mention his impressive shoulders. 

Catching yourself staring, you snap your eyes up to find Dean grinning as he winks at you. A blush deepens and you quickly jump off the counter and turn away hoping they don’t notice the shade of pink now engulfing your cheeks. But it also means you miss the two of them looking at you endearingly before looking at each other, smiling and shaking their heads before returning to cleaning and putting away their dishes. Deciding on skipping breakfast today, you tell the boys you’re going to get changed before heading to your room.

As you look through your wardrobe, you notice that Sam seemed to have picked exclusively long sleeved, warm tops, jumpers and jeans. You groan at the thought of putting any of that on. Looking around, you decide on a pair of black jeans and the thinnest top you could find but it was a cream, tight, long sleeved one and you instantly felt stuffy. 

“Fuck this, I’m going shopping”. You grab your phone and open the case, checking your debit card was there. Perfect. You bound out of the room and head over to the warroom where you heard Sam and Dean talking and you walk up to the table in the middle of the room. 

They stop and look at you as you proclaim “I’m going shopping. Sam, I love you, but the only thing I can think of in the clothes you’ve bought me is how much I want to rip them off today. It’s just too damn hot.” You don’t notice Dean shuffle a little awkwardly and look down. 

You continue “I have money so that’s not the issue, but I wanted to ask if one of you guys would give me a ride?” Sam quickly grabs a book “Sorry, I’m researching today”. Narrowing your eyes,  you shoot daggers at the man jokingly as you turn to Dean. He doesn’t even try to make an excuse. All you get is a sharp laugh as he says “Yeah, you wish, princess. I hate shopping”. You pout as you protest but he’s stubborn. 

So you turn on your heel and head towards the stairs “Fine. I’ll go myself”. You grab the keys to the Impala but just as you reach the door and begin to open it, a hand slams the door shut. 

Dean stands there, his arm higher than your head, face close to yours as he holds out his hands. “Nice try, (Y/N)”. “How else am I supposed to get there? You two are being douchebags!” 

He narrows his eyes as he huffs, grabbing his keys and opening the door. Without turning, he says “Fine” sharply and walks to the Impala. You turn around, a suave grin on your face as you look at Sam, crossing your arms, your whole body radiating with a sense of pride. 

Sam can’t help but smile widely at you but it’s cut short by Dean calling “Hurry up or I’m going to leave!” Your eyes widen as you rush out the door, leaving Sam shaking his head and returning to his book.

You wind down the window as Dean drives, the wind blowing your hair softly as you look outside. You haven’t really been outside the bunker since you had arrived and you hadn’t realised how much you missed the outside world. You had become preoccupied with healing and, lately, the brothers.

 Dean looks over at you deep thought and he just takes a moment to watch you. You close your eyes, taking in a deep breathe, a smile crossing your lips smugly as you get pay back. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer” you say, smirking and turning to Dean who quickly snaps his gaze back to the road, beating himself up for getting caught inside. “Sorry, (Y/N). Didn’t mean to stare. Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable”. 

This time it’s your turn to laugh loudly “There isn’t a single girl who would be upset if you stared at her, Dean” You said before thinking. You kick yourself for saying that out loud. “I-I mean… you’re fine. Don’t worry”. Dean smiles as you both begin naturally falling in to conversation to pass the time. 

Soon enough, you’re pulling in to the parking lot of the mall and getting out the Impala to make your way in. “So where do we need to go, (Y/N)?” Dean asks. “Umm anywhere is good. I’m not picky. As long as the clothes are comfy and cover me up, I’m all good” you reassure. The last thing you want is to drag Dean around from store to store, him hating every second he spends with you. 

The two of you walk in to a store and begin to look around. You end up grabbing some makeup, two tops, a skirt, two pairs of shorts and, on a whim, a pair of heels that caught your eye. What if you and the brothers want to go to a nice bar or something? You knew you were being delusional. 

The only reason you bought the heels was because you saw Dean checking out a gorgeous girl who had walked by and suddenly you found yourself wanting catch his eye. In your mind, that is. You weren’t planning on prancing around half dressed in the hopes that he looks at you. 

But you wanted to buy some things that made you feel sexy. Chances were you’d never pluck up the courage to wear them but that woman caused a knot to form in your stomach and you instinctively grabbed the heels. Am I jealous? Why would I be? Dean is nothing but a friend. 

Barely. They were looking after you and soon enough you’d be ushered out. But that didn’t stop the feeling growing in the pit of your stomach the heels didn’t suffice. 

You find yourself going back along the isles, this time grabbing a shorter skirt, a pair of shorts that would make your ass look good in place of one of the pairs you’d grabbed earlier and then you came upon the dresses. Oh the dresses. You go through them and you find a skater dress, the top half white with lace sleeves that reach your elbows, and around the waist is a thin belt, under which the skirt is a navy blue. 

Grabbing it, you place it in your basket and look over to Dean but you notice smirking at another dress. A black, figure hugging, low cut dress and with a sudden rush of adrenaline, you bound forward and grab the right size off the rails. You turn around innocently, looking around as if you were searching for him before your eyes meet his shocked ones and you hold the dress in front of yourself “What do you think? Too much?” 

He swallows before he responds “Um, no. No, it looks good”. “Perfect” you smile as you put it in your basket and walking towards him “Only one other shop before we can go. Is that okay?” and he smiles and nods “I quite like spending time with you” “Why do you sound so surprised?” you jokingly look offended, bringing a hand to your chest as you gasp in astonishment.

He laughs in response “Come on, lets get out of here” he says as he walks you to the check out. Finishing bagging up your clothes, you pull out your card but Dean pays the cashier in cash before you can hand it over. “Wait, what the hell? No, Dean, all this shit’s mine. I can pay” you laugh out a protest, making the cashier stop. “I know you can, (Y/N), but its fine” he smiles at the cashier and so she continues. You begin to protest, pushing your card forward but Dean takes it from your hands and steps forward “(Y/N), please. Let me pay. It’s fine. It’s on me”. 

You know you wouldn’t get anywhere if you argued but you feel guilt surge through you. You were buying excessively because it was your money but you’d just wasted his. Why did he do that? You feel anger begin to build in you. Am I that in need of help in his eyes? God, he must think I’m useless you scold yourself. You finish grabbing the bags and storm out of the store, leaving Dean bewildered but his impressive instincts mean he stalls for only a fraction of a second before he’s bounding after you. 

“(Y/N)… Come on, (Y/N) why are you so annoyed?” you continue walking off, towards the exit of the mall. You feel tears begin to sting your eyes as rage pumps through you. “(Y/N)!!” Dean shouts, before he grabs your arms, spinning you round with a jolt. You look up, tears in your eyes, unable to hold back the anger in your voice “What the heck was that, Dean? Am I that broken to you that I can’t pay for myself? I’m not some sort of charity case for you and Sam. Sorry for inconveniencing you two but I didn’t ask you to save me” you find yourself shouting. 

You didn’t mean to but the guilt you’d been feeling for the past few days was finally coming out in the form of anger and you were lashing out. 

Truth is you hated feeling dependant on someone. Last time that happened, you were shattered when it ended. And it always ends. Frankly you were scared. 

Something changed in Dean’s face, softening from the angry, clenched jaw look he was giving you, as if he read your mind and the truth behind your words. “(Y/N), you’re taking it the wrong way. We don’t think you’re broken at all. Heck, you’re one of the strongest people me and Sam have come across. No, seriously” he adds as he sees you scoff and look away. 

Moving his head in front of yours to catch your attention again, he holds your gaze as he continues. “We’ve rarely come across wounds that bad before, I mean fuck, the son of a bitch carved away at you! But look at you, you’re bounding around only a week later! I know hunters who would insist they stay in a hospital for at least two weeks if they were that wounded”. 

You look at your feet. The truth was, every move you made resulted in shooting pain through your body and it was agony. But you didn’t want to show it because you didn’t want to be a burden on the boys who’d so graciously taken you in. 

Again, as if he’d read your thoughts, Dean speaks up “And don’t you dare say it doesn’t hurt. I stitched you up, I know how deep those wounds are. I know it must hurt like a bitch just to walk” your gaze remains locked on the ground. 

Dean hooks a finger under your chin and tilts your face up so he can look you straight in the eyes “That’s why we’ve been so annoyed that Cas hasn’t turned up yet. But it’s also why we’ve been wanting to make things easier for you. We know it’s not easy to hold up a charade of being okay. I’m sorry, (Y/N), I should have asked to pay for you but please don’t ever believe that me and Sam think of you like that”. 

His final words made you smile as a tear rolled down your cheek, you look down to hide your face as you smile, shaking your head at how pathetic you look despite what he said and wipe away the tear. 

“Sorry for being such a bitch, Dean” you apologise but he just smiles, grabs one of your bags and asks “Where to now?” 

It’s then that you remembered your plan and you blush, your confidence drained from you “Um… I needed some new underwear - But if you feel uncomfortable I won’t go, its fine” you add on quickly. 

But Dean’s face only flashes with shock for a second before he grins and retorts “Nah its fine. I’ve ripped off enough bras so I guess it’s time to see one that isn’t torn and thrown on the floor” he winks at you, earning a laugh but you feel a slight pang of jealousy again. 

“How about we give old Victoria a visit?” he adds. “Um tad expensive, don’t you think?” you respond. He flashes you a smile as he replies “It’s on me. I’ve made you cry, the least I could do is let you buy expensive lingerie” you chuckle and decide to take up on his offer since he actually asked. 

You make your way to Victoria’s Secret and as you enter, Dean whispers  “I didn’t expect this many pictures of topless women” 

“What did you expect? Topless men modelling bras? Or cats?” you respond, sarcasm lacing your words, this stutter in his usual air of confidence making you swell with courage of your own. You begin to shop around for bras, noticing Dean trailing beside you, glancing at the size you pick and you smile to yourself. 

Picking up a comfortable plaid t-shirt bra and a purple plunge bra with matching Brazilian underwear, you decide to move on to the more sultry stuff. You grab a sexy black laze bra and catch a glimpse of a shuffling Dean trying to hide the look on his face. 

Confidence swells in you as you place the lingerie in your basket and grab matching lace panties and turn to Dean who snaps his gaze to your eyes, clearing his throat and jutting his chin out a little, welcoming you to speak. 

Holding back a giggle, you suggest you head to the checkout “Unless there’s something that’s caught your eye” you add seductively, successfully making Dean stutter and almost trip over himself as he walks towards you “I-um-n-no. No. I’m fine” forcing a laugh as he rubs the back of his neck. 

His usual tone of a confident, flirtatious man was all but gone now and the thought that you did that makes you feel utmost pride as you head over to the till with Dean following close behind you. 

As promised, he pays for your underwear and the cashier winks at you when she scans the black bra “I’m sure he’ll like that”. Dean’s eyes widen “What? No, we’re not together haha” he stutters. 

You recoil a little but add “Oh, he wishes” with a smirk, hoping he doesn’t notice how his remark hurt. Of course he isn’t thinking of you like that. God, this was Dean fucking Winchester. He could get any girl he wanted in the palm of his hand with just a smile you think. But you maintain your playful aura as you finish bagging your items so he doesn’t notice.

Getting in the car, you turn to Dean “Hey, I’m buying groceries. At least give me that. I finished your food yesterday so it’s the least I could do”. “Sure, but we’re getting something to eat first” Dean says, starting up the car and you can’t help admire the roaring engine. 

Opening the window instantly, a sigh escapes your lips as a breeze blows over you, still feeling extremely hot in your clothes and Dean takes note. 

When you get to the diner, he opens the boot and steps back “Grab some clothes to change in to, you’re going to pass out if you wear those for another hour in this heat”. 

Relief courses through you as you grab a white, flowy crop top and black shorts and place them in a smaller bag. Walking in to the diner and you make your way to the toilets and get changed. 

You sigh with content from taking off such warm clothes and welcome the breeze that hits your now exposed arms and legs as you walk out of the cubicle. You didn’t mean to pick out the shorts that supposedly helped accentuate your curves but, looking in the mirror, it wasn’t exactly something you regretted. They do look really good. 

Smiling to yourself you make your way to where Dean is sitting at a table and sit down opposite him with a smile “God this is so much better” you place the bag of the clothes you discarded next to your feet and Dean begins a conversation, keeping his eyes on you the whole time. 

The attention makes you smile wider and laugh harder as Dean tells you stories from his past and any anger or sadness you felt quickly faded away. Soon, a waitress approaches and asks for your orders but disregards you completely. You notice how she leans forward a bit, pushing her hips out to accentuate her ass and exaggerating her cleavage as she looks at Dean. 

Anger builds in your stomach but when you look at Dean, he hasn’t broken his eye contact from you “What do you want to eat, (Y/N)?” he asks. 

Surprised but secretly relieved, you look at the menu and decide on a waffle with butter and syrup with a cup of coffee. 

Dean looks at the waitress only to say “And I’ll have a bacon cheeseburger and a soda, thanks” before returning his gaze to you. You laugh “burger for breakfast?”

“All day, baby. But I don’t think it classes as breakfast now, seeing as it’s almost 11:30” he responds. You are delighted with the amount of attention he seems to be giving you but you’re curious as to why “Honestly, I’m surprised you didn’t check out the waitress. She was keen on you and I gotta admit, she was hot” you said, trying and hopefully succeeding in sounding nonchalant. 

“Eh, I had a better view” he winks at you, making you blush as you look down to your hands folded in your lap. 

That’s when it hits you. Your head snaps up up to find him grinning from ear to ear “Finally caught on?” he asks in a low, husky voice. Your eyes flutter a bit as you gasp a little. 

This motherfucker is getting me back for my stunt at Victoria’s Secret! A wicked grin spread across your face. Two can play at this game “I think you’re forgetting who bought all new underwear today, Dean” you reply coyly, trying to sound as intimidatingly sexy as you could. 

He grins “And I think you’re forgetting how good I am at making you blush” he says, as he leans forward, resting his elbows on the table, his hands holding in front of him. 

Grateful for the shorts you were wearing, you lean back against your seat and cross your arms,swinging one leg on top of the other as you smirk at Dean. You were determined to win. 

The waitress brings your food but the two of you have your eyes locked and only vaguely acknowledge her departure. 

The game was on.

Imagine the Pack finding out one of your guilty pleasures

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Smirking, you light the fuse and started running for the tree line. Just as you ducked behind a wide birch tree, the firework went off with a loud bang and released a cloud of dark gray smoke.

Suddenly, the back door flies open and Malia comes running out, Stiles right on her heels.

“Y/N!” she shouted, her eyes blue and her teeth bared. Stiles walked over to the remains of the firework and picked it up, studying the burnt end and the bright paper it was wrapped in.

“What’s this, the 50th time she has been such a menace to  us?” Stiles asked, still holding the firework.

“Probably more,” Malia as she puts her head down, unable to catch your scent.

Stiles shakes his head. “I swear, she’s worse than Peter.”

“One day she’ll get what she deserves …” Malia muttered softly. You heard it from where you were standing, but you weren’t scared. You had to be caught before Malia could do anything to you.


As you stepped into your bedroom, you kicked off your shoes and flopped onto the bed. Running from Malia’s house had made you tired. Deciding to take a short nap, you close your eyes and turn onto your side, grabbing the soft object laying near your face.


“Well this is something.”

Your eyes flash open at Stiles’ voice in you room. Sitting up, you see the pack standing in the doorway to you bedroom.

“A teddy bear, Y/N?” Malia asks, her voice teasing. “Didn’t peg you as that type of person.”

You look down at you hands where your beloved teddy bear, Cuddles, was clutched in your palm.

“Uh …” you look back up at the pack sheepishly, at a loss for words.

“I guess you’re not someone to be feared anymore,” Isaac says as Malia and Scott dissolve into giggles.He shakes his head teasingly. “Wittle Y/N-”

Before he’s finished, you’re out of bed and leaping at him, looking to redeem yourself.

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   “My question is for everyone. If you could choose two people from the cast to date, who would you choose and why?” The fan asked, her voice shaking from excitement. Her excitement only seemed to grow when the cast instantly got excited. I already knew the answer that everyone was going to answer.

   “Hands down, no questions asked. If I could make anyone date it would be Y/n and Robbie. They would make one adorable couple.” Jen answered instantly, earning a mummer of agreement from the rest of the cast.

   “I am with Jen. I think they should date. I mean they are already cute as hell as friends, but dating? Damn dating it would be too cute.” Colin chuckled, reaching over to pat Robbie on the shoulder.

   “I have a story about this. So we were filming the scene were Rumple and Pan use Zelena against Hades, only to find out that Emma and Hades have Carson. Before that though we had to film Zelena and Hades in front of the clock tower. Anyway Jen and I were sitting in one of the cars because it was freezing out. I was kind of dozing, try to catch a little bit of sleep. I had just closed my eyes when Jen shook my arm and told me to look out my window. Y/n and Robbie were standing to the right, just having a conversation. Normal, they talk a lot. Only this time Y/n had her arms wrapped his waist, her head resting against his chest. Robbie was standing there, his one hand rubbing her back while the other was playing with her hair. It was the cutest damn thing I have saw.” Robert chuckled, his story earning a series of screams from the crowd.

   “Y/n is blushing!” Josh screamed, cooing when buried my face in my hands. Leave it to this damn cast to bring up the story. Beside me Robbie looked about as embarrassed as I did.

   “It was cold!” Robbie moaned.

   “And there were cars.” Josh chuckled.


   The rest of the convention went about as well. Only this time Robbie and I were the center of attention. All the fans wanted more stories of Robbie and I behind the scenes, and of course the cast was all to happy to give them what they wanted.

   “Did you really have to tell them all that!” I groaned as we walked off the stage. Beside me Robbie nodded.

   “Yes because you are cute.” Jen giggled, cooing when I blushed again. The moment I did, Robbie pulled me against his chest, habit at this point. When ever I scared, embarrassed or just scared, Robbie would hold me against him. He knew that I needed a hug to keep myself from going to far into my panic mood.  Of course the moment he did, the cast started cooing.

   “Look at wittle Robbie and Y/n.” Colin coed.

   “Oh hush it.” Robbie mumbled, shaking his head as he lead me away from the rest of the cast. The moment we were by ourselves, I curled into Robbie’s side.

   “Do you have any idea how to make them stop?” I asked softly, my question earning a chuckle from Robbie.

   “Nope.” Colin answered, earning a groan from us both.

   “I mean we can all see that you are made for one another. Your so cute together. You don’t know it but you guys are so deeply ingrained into each other that when Robbie moves, even an inch, you move an inch in the same direction. Don’t even get me started on the fact that I swear you two can have whole conversations by just facial expressions.” Jen giggled. Her words caused me to blush even more.

   Despite my reluctance to admit it, I did agree with them. I believed full hardheartedly agree with them. I have been in love with Robbie from the moment we filmed our first scene. It was back in season three. I was playing Carson, the only lost girl. She was just like Pan, just as cruel and vicious. In the scene I was punishing one of the lost boys, while Robbie sat and watched. Once I was done, Robbie then pulled me into his arms and pressed a kiss to my lips. It was right then, the moment he pressed his lips against my own, that I fell in love with him.

   The only person who knew was Jen. I had told her a while ago, not knowing that my admitting my feelings would only cause her to push harder to get us together. When the rest of the cast caught on to what she was doing, they instantly followed suit with little to no questions asked. Since then when ever Robbie and I were together on set, or off set, they would tease us about how we should just give into our feelings and date. I wanted to, more than anything, but something told me that Robbie didn’t feel the same way.

   “Will you guys…” Before I could finish Robbie was spinning me around, pulling my so I was pressed against his chest.

   “They win.” He whispered to me, his eyes searching my own before he leaned in. I let out a shaky breath, my eyes growing wide as he slowly closed the distance between us. He paused for a second, his lips brushing against my own, before pressed them against mine.

   Instantly I kissed him back, my hands running up his chest and wrapping around his neck. His hands wrapped around my waist, his fingers brushing against the small amount skin that was showing under my shirt. Before they pressed flat against back, pulling me even closer against him.

  “Well it’s about damn time.” Jen cheered as Robbie pulled back.

   “Be mine?”

   “Of course Rob.” I giggled, standing on my toes to kiss him again.”

Imagine #3

[ Anonymous ] Request : Meeting Robbie on set for a movie and ya’ll two quickly become friends and ya’ll go to STARBUCKS together and the both of you are flirting like mad and he pays before you get the chance to and you say you wanted to and there’s a little argument and you offer him to come over to your house for a movie night and ya’ll two cuddle and flirt more then the next day everyone’s teasing you guys? Sorry if it’s too specific :/


“Robbie!” I pout as he takes my wallet out of my hands and tucks it into his back pocket.

“Nope.” He grins, opening his own wallet and paying before I had skillfully taken my wallet back without touching my best friend’s butt.

“You can’t pay!” I whine, frowning up at him as he wraps an arm around my shoulder and brings me into his chest.

“Calm down, kiddo. I got it.” He teases, laughing as we move up to wait for our coffees.

An old lady was eyeing the two of us with a smile before she spoke, “young love is so cute!” She squeals slightly and I blush, pulling away from Robbie while shaking my head.

“We’re not-”

Robbie pulls me back into his chest, leaning forward to speak to the lady. “Thank you, love.” He smiles and I roll my eyes from where I am in his arms with him leaning over me because of how short I am.

“Why’d you tell her that?” I question, looking up at the taller boy in confusion once we were walking away with coffee in hand.

“Because I love you.” He teases, poking my nose before taking a sip of his coffee and I blush before realizing his context.

“I love you, too, dude.” I laugh, walking out of the warmth of Starbucks into the cold air of England.

Considering the two of us met on set, it’s surprising I’m not an actress, I was merely there to support my sibling who is in the movie with Robbie. Once filming had ended, we didn’t want to lose touch so we spoke everyday and Skyped almost every night - well, night for me and five to seven in the morning for him. It was unconventional, of course, but we’ve been friends for closer to a year and Robbie decided to surprise me with a plane ticket to visit him in England.

So, here we are; Robbie and I were spending Christmas together while he was on break.

Robbie notices my sudden chill and he takes off his jacket, draping it around my shoulders. He smiles as I’m instantly showered in the warmth of him and I sip from my coffee with a nervous glance up at how the brunette was staring down at me.

“What?” I ask, self conscious under the boy’s gaze.

He shrugs, smiling slightly. “When we get back to my flat, do you want to have a movie marathon?” Robbie questions, suddenly nervous.

I grin, nodding and jumping slightly. “As long as it’s not horror.” I point at him with a harsh glare.

Robbie rolls his eyes and I can’t help but take notice to how dark they look compared to the overcast winter sky. “If it is, I’ll protect you.” He cooes, leaning down to squeeze my body in his long arms. “Into the car, child.” Robbie grins, opening the car door for me.

I roll my eyes as I slide into the seat, “I’m only a few months younger than you, Robbie.” I pout and Robbie raises an eyebrow at me.

“You’re still younger than me.” He smirks, starting the car and driving to his apartment.

When we get there, Robbie allows me to run up to my room to change into pajama shorts and I sneakily steal one of his shirts because they’re more comfortable than mine.

Robbie pretends not to notice me wearing his shirt but I see recognition when he sees it and a grin appears on his face.

“I picked the movie.” He states with a devious smirk and I sigh, knowing it was a horror movie. He knew I was terrified of everything and he was only doing this to scare me.

The movie starts and within half an hour, I’ve buried my face between my knees with my hands on my ears. I feel something touch my shoulder and I jump, seeing it’s only Robbie.

“C'mere.” He mumbles, opening his arms and I gratefully rest my head on his chest as his arms hold me protectively. “It’s just a movie, love, you’ll be fine.” The brunette smiles and I blush.

I end up falling asleep in his arms, waking up to the sound of a camera shutter and I immediately jump off the couch only to find I’m not in the living room; but in Robbie’s room.

The person who was holding the camera was Robbie’s sister, Camilla, and she was giggling madly. “Where’s-” She shushes me and points to something behind me.

It’s then I notice arms wrapped around my waist and, with a red face, I turn my head to see Robbie sleeping soundly with his head burrowed into my back.

“Did you take enough pic- oh! Hi Y/N!” Fiona giggles as she walks into her brother’s bedroom and I blush more.

“You guys look so cute!”

“I’m so posting these!”

“No!” I screech, whispering as to not wake the sleeping boy behind me and I try to climb out of his arms but his grip tightens around my waist. “Robbie, honey, wake up.” I mumble, shifting in his arms so I’m facing him as another shutter sound goes off and I groan slightly.

Robbie opens one eye, seeing his sisters and me in his arms, then closes his eyes again. “Fi, Cam, bye.” He mumbles, his head falling forward again.

The two girls leave and I stare at the sleeping boy, moving his hair out of his face.

“Ba- Robbie, I’m going to talk to your sisters but you have to let me go.” I force myself not to grin at how innocent and cute he looks.

He makes a whining sound but unwraps his arms, “come back and cuddle please.”

I nod before realizing he can’t see me with his eyes closed. “I will, hun.” I mumble, leaning forward to place a kiss on his forehead and I hear another shutter sound.

I glance behind me to see Fiona giggling in the doorway and I glare at her, closing Robbie’s bedroom door behind me. “Please don’t post those pictures!” I beg, walking into the kitchen to see Fiona and Camilla gawking over the pictures on their phones.

“But the world deserves to see the cuteness that is Wittle Wobbie and Wittle Y/N cuddling!” Camilla laughs and I roll my eyes, shaking my head.

“Doubt it.” I laugh.

We talk for a little while until Robbie finally makes his way into the kitchen, his hair a disheveled mess.

I sigh, shaking my head as I walk over to him and fix his hair to its normal look. “Much better.” I mumble, blushing as Robbie’s sisters look at me in shock at what I had just done. “What? I always fix his hair.” I laugh and Robbie nods tiredly, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“Yup.” He smiles and I giggle. “What?”

“Brush your teeth, babe.” I tease, turning him around and he rolls his eyes but still does as I say. I turn to see Fiona and Camilla looking at me in confusion.

“You act like you’re dating.” Camilla starts.

“So why don’t you?” Fiona asks.

I shrug, “long distance isn’t a thing I want.” I mumble.

“So you admit you like Robbie!” Camilla cheers as I blush and nod.

“Really?” Robbie asks from the top of the stairs, walking down to stand in front of me. I nod slowly, blushing and a smile forms on Robbie’s face. “Then how about you be my girlfriend.” The brunette suggests and I frown.

“But… you’re always filming and traveling.” I state, my hands fiddling with the trim of my - Robbie’s - shirt and it’s just then that I realize he’s not even wearing a shirt. The sight makes me blush more as I refuse to look at his face.

“Then you’ll come with me whenever I’m in the States or whenever I’m off for a long time. I mean, we’ve made a long distance friendship work so why not a relationship?” He questions, his expression serious and the two of us barely notice his sisters leaving the room to give us privacy.

I bite my lip as Robbie’s arms wrap around my waist and he looks down at me. “I dunno, I suppose it would work.” I still have a slight frown as I loosely put my arms around Robbie’s waist as well. “I already miss you so much and I never thought a relationship was a possibility. I just want to hug you all the time, Robbie. You’re so warm and kind and inviting, it makes me want to be with you all the time.”

“And I will be.” He grins, “so long as you say it.” His childish attitude comes out.

“Say what?” I giggle, staring up at the goofy green eyed boy.

“You know what - that you’re my girlfriend.” He sings the word and the sentence sends butterflies to my stomach.

“I’m your girlfriend, Kay. One hundred percent yours.” I blush, squealing slightly as he lifts me and places me on the kitchen counter. He stands between my legs, still taller than me, and he cups my face in his soft hands.

It was awkward because I knew his sisters were waiting to take pictures of us, but I decide to go along with it and I connect our lips barely, teasing the boy but he had no patience for games as he connected our lips roughly.

The sounds of camera shutters filled my ears and my face was reddening but I could only focus on the boy attached to my lips. When we pull away, I bury my face in the crook of his neck as he places his hands on my thighs and carries me back to his room away from his nosy sisters.

We spend the rest of the day being lazy, cuddling in bed and laughing at the supportive tweets about the two of us from Robbie’s fans.


i know i didn’t really have them being teased but i thought it would make more sense if his sisters found them because no one else would be there to tease them lol


hope you guys liked it :)


GM of Smackdown (Part 5) - Dean Ambrose Imagine

Imagine trying to convince Dean to stop messing around with AJ anymore. He refuses and after Dean’s little antics during AJ and James Ellsworth’s match on Smackdown, you get after him for it.

This little story was inspired by @totalshieldtrash. After watching this last episode of Smackdown, we started to talk about how Dean was acting that night and how… well… he was being a bad boy that night. And how… well… ummm… let’s just say… if you’re into some Sub/Dom stuff, then you’ll probably like this one. Nothing too crazy happens here. Just some spanking. :3

Hope you guys enjoy this one. >:)

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Newt x reader :: Got Your Back

Hi! Love your fanfics. Can you do a story in Hogwarts, about a extremely bullied Newt and a girl that is his only friend? Thank you! :3 XOXO

Hey! I love your blog. Please, can you do a writing where the reader is in Hogwarts and he meets Newt but there are some kids that bullies her so Newt start confronting the boys and they start bullying him too? I know it´s weird but YOLO, :v. Thanks a lot!!!!

Notes: I got these two requests that I thought would work well together so I hope you don’t mind I combined them! Hope you enjoy this (a bit sad) read.

!! WARNING !! Bullying, physical/verbal abuse

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It was nearing Christmas, and the hallways were decked out in a way that only Hogwarts could do. Garland of holly and bright, gold tinsel lined the way to the Hufflepuff common room. This was your favorite time of year; the gray, stone walls of the castle looked, well, happy. And Merlin knows you needed all the happiness you could get. The sun was shining bright through the windows today, and the smell of cinnamon cakes was wafting from the kitchens. Not a bad day, not the worst, but you had gotten by pretty much unnoticed, which about the best you could ask for.

However, the moment you rounded the corner, you saw a group of students crowded in front of the barrelled entrance to the common room and you froze. They spotted you.

“Hey, it’s (Y/N)!” one of them called in an overly-surprised voice.

“Ohh, (Y/N), you’re just in time!” another voice called out, dripping with false friendliness.

Suddenly, a voice from right behind you, “Well, well, if it isn’t out little prefect-in-training!”

A shove to your upper back caused you to stumble forward and drop all your books across the floor, your new inkwell rolling away.

You flinched, as the little glass bottle crunched like an eggshell under a girl’s shoe. She wiped it off on your shoulder, kicking you over. “We’ll have to tell the Professor you spoiled the rug in the hall again. What a klutz.”

Your parents scraped together what little money they had to get you through school. Every parchment roll, every text, every inkwell…was precious.

“I suppose that black ink will cover up some of the patches on that grimy old robe,” a tall girl remarked, looking down at you as one might look at a bug.

You looked at the floor, and tried to push yourself up. You couldn’t hold your head up, not now.

“Who told you it was time to go?” said the voice from behind you again, and shoved you back to the ground face-first.

“Maybe some of that ink won’t go to waste if she drinks it,” snickered a boy.

Suddenly you felt yourself being grabbed by your collar and suspended momentarily, as if flying. THUD. You landed directly in the pile of broken glass and ink, the impact being hard enough that you bit your tongue and tasted blood.

“So bleeding pathetic,” a girl mumbled, walking by, doing nothing to intervene.

You lay still. You figured if you played dead and didn’t do anything, that they would get bored and leave you alone.

“How is she gonna do my homework if she doesn’t even have any ink?” one of the boys said, genuinely annoyed, “I have that essay due on Thursday.”

“Relax, Will,” someone responded, “she can just use that cheap stuff from the storeroom on the third floor.”

“That stuff writes terrible.”

“Well, you’re not gonna have to be the one using it.”

You tried to swallow the blood in your mouth to not let it dribble all over your face, and hoped it wouldn’t make you nauseous.

“She won’t even get up now…just sad,” you detected a tone of sympathy in the voice, or maybe it was just pity.

“Anyways, like I said, just in time,” a boy with long brown hair shuffled through your books sprawled across the floor, “for my potions class.” He picked one up that had your notes scribbled through it and walked off briskly. A few people snickered.

Suddenly, the sound of quick footsteps echoed down the hall, and everyone standing around you jumped into position to look like they were actually helping you. Like they were the good guys. “Professor, she tripped! And broke her ink! We have to get her to the hospital wing, I’ll take her!”

You turned your head to look, and it wasn’t a professor; just a lanky, pale kid who usually kept to himself. Scoot Salamander? Something like that.

The group of kids relaxed and rolled their eyes.

“It’s just another nerd.”

“No one can be as nerdy as our precious wittle (Y/N), though,” said a girl in a sugary-sweet voice. She reached down and pinched your cheeks so hard they felt like they would bruise.

Scoot walked toward the common room entrance, but stopped at the edge of the group. He stood taller than most of them, and actually looked a little imposing in his unreadable face, until he spoke, “W-what’s happening?” His voice was soft and shaky.

“Nothing, Scamander,” a girl spat, “Keep moving.”

The tall boy stood still and looked down at you, sprawled out on the floor. He was actually pretty cute, and you felt a burning embarrassment that was worse than usual. You looked away, not wanting to meet his eyes any longer. Not wanting him to see the tears that were stinging as you tried to hold them back.

“Newt, you here to join the fun? If not, beat it,” a boy advised him.

Newt blinked hard and walked forward towards you with purpose. He set his books down and knelt next to you.

“Are you alright?” His expression was stony, but his eyes radiated a deep kindness.

“I think…I think I’m okay,” you said, bringing up one hand to your bloodied mouth, “I think I just bit my tongue, is all.”

“What did we say? Leave her be!” a girl shouted.

“No,” Newt replied simply.

“Scamander, you’re gonna regret this if you don’t leave her alone.”

“What if he tells on us? He could be the ratty type. Always keeps to himself.”

“Yeah Scamander’s not friends with any of us. He’ll probably just go straight to Black.”

Newt seemed to be completely adept at ignoring people, as all his focus seemed to be on you. He cupped your swollen cheek in one warm hand and brought out his wand, “Episkey.” You felt your tongue go hot then cold.

“That should stop the bleeding,” Newt said calmly. His voice was soothing, and he smelled like the outdoors, like grass and dirt after a rain.

In an instant, there was a crash, and he was on the floor next to you. Someone had kicked him in the back, hard.

“Told you to leave her, Scamander.”

Newt turned to face the boy who had kicked him, pointed his wand, and coolly whispered, “Expelliarmus.”

A wand shot out of the boy’s pocket like a rocket and he was knocked backwards a few feet onto his bum. Was this Newt guy about to start a full-on duel for you? You looked at him as if he were crazy. He looked at you as if this was simply the only thing to do.

“Leave her alone,” Newt said evenly. The tremble in his voice vanished. He rose to his feet and offered you his hands. Taking them, you felt him lift you with ease. He was stronger than he looked. You felt a sharp pain in your right shoulder and lower back causing you flinch, but this only seemed to make Newt more protective.

“C’mon, Scamander. I thought you had better taste in girls,” a boy laughed.

A blonde girl joined in, “Yeah, at least Lestrange is pretty, this one’s just…dumpy. A bit of a step down, if you ask me.” A muscle in Newt’s jaw twitched.

“Huge step down,” said a girl with a wicked smirk, as she whipped out her wand. Before she could even point at him Newt muttered, “Titillando!” and the girl suddenly collapsed in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. “Laugh at yourself for a change,” Newt said, looking down at her howling on the floor.

The group of bullies looked stunned for a moment as they had obviously underestimated this Scamander kid. “PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!” one of them screamed, as Newt grabbed you and ducked. You yelped in pain as Newt pulled you to the floor by your shoulders, but it was immediately soothed as you saw who the spell actually hit. A prefect who was just exiting the common room, to see what all the commotion was about, lay flat on his back, eyes glued open, and staring at the one who cast the spell.

“Bloody hell, let’s go!” In a flash, the group of bullies ran away as fast as they could back down the kitchen hallway, robes streaking behind them. “Roy, you buffoon! You hit a bloody prefect! If I have detention because of you, so help me–”

As they clattered away, Newt was still holding you tightly, close to him. He turned to you with genuine worry on his face, “Are you hurt anywhere else? Did they do anything else to you?”

You looked directly into his eyes and unable to muster a word, just shook your head. You realized you had been trembling and finally allowed yourself to relax into his hold. He turned his head to look at the prefect, still stiff as a board.

“Suppose we should do something about him,” Newt let go of you and you felt a sudden coldness and shivered.

Newt went over, performed a counter-curse, and the prefect jumped up immediately, fuming mad.

“Those little twats,” he hissed, “I’ve been trying to get them for ages and now I have them caught-in-the-act. They’ll have detention for months when the headmaster hears of this.” He stormed off down the hallway, leaving you and Newt alone.

“I suppose…” you began, “Well, thank you.”

“Of course,” Newt turned red. He looked around awkwardly, and set about the task of collecting all your fallen books.

“I-I will write to my mum and have her send an extra one next time,” he nodded at the broken inkwell.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t–”

“No,” he said with a tiny smile, “I insist.”

The two of you had gathered up all your books and papers and Newt got his own in order, as well. “Maybe I could walk you to your next class, if you don’t mind, that is,” he offered, looking shyly at the ground.

“I’d like that very much,” you responded, equally as timidly, “Maybe you can show me that tickling jinx sometime, as well. Could come in handy.”

“Yeah, I’d really like that,” Newt said as you two started down the hallway, feeling like maybe, just maybe, you had made your first Hogwarts friend.



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Thumb Sucking

He Teases You Because You Still Suck Your Thumb {Age 17}

Luke had always teased you about sucking your thumb from the time you were thirteen until now.

It wasn’t like it happened often, just when you were really really scared or you couldn’t sleep, that was the ONLY time you sucked your thumb.

It wasn’t like you weren’t babied anyways when you spent the night at Luke’s, he tucked you in, gave you cute forehead kisses, and you always brought your stuffed teddy bear, Patches, and none of the bothered him, he just teased you because you sucked your thumb.

You were already in bed, Luke hadn’t came and tucked you in yet, he was still downstairs, but he had sent you up here, you couldn’t sleep, so your thumb had slowly traveled to your mouth, slipping into your mouth, and you had begun to suck.

Luke came in shortly after and a smirk flew across his face as he saw your thumb. “Awe wittle baby Y/N, look at her!” He teases, and you whine and blush.

“Bubby please just stop, I’m sleepy, but can’t sleep.” You groan, your speech slurred and murmured due to the thumb in your mouth.

He of course repeated your sentence mocking your speech. “Should we get you a pacy too?” He asks, laughing.

“Shut up!” You whine, blushing wildly, sighing.

He realizes you’re slowly starting to get upset and stops. “Okay princess I’m done.”

He coos, and grabs the comforter of your bed and pulls it up to your neck, making sure you were nice and snug.

He then grabs your stuffed teddy bear, the teddy was worn and old but still your favorite, he tucks it under your arm and smiles.

Lastly, he leans forward and presses a gentle kiss to the top of your forehead. “Goodnight princess, bubby loves you so much.” He coos, and you smile happily.

“I love you too, Lukey.” You whisper and kiss his cheek, your thumb travels back to your mouth and you slowly fall back asleep.

Luke shuts the door and turns off the lights, slipping into his room, and falling asleep quickly.

you're injured and he takes care of you 4/4

Luke: “Try and keep up with me Y/n!” Luke yells from ahead of you. Luke decided he was going to take you bike riding and a picnic at the park today. You trailed behind, struggling to ride on Luke’s spare bike. You sped up on the hilly path, trying to catch up to your boyFriend. “Eat my dust Y/n I’m getting to that park before you and eating all the food.” Luke shouted. “Uh no your ass is mine and so is the food.” You yell back, pedaling faster than you were before.  Luke’s bike was way too big for you and the tires didn’t have much pressure. You felt each rock on the  path puncture your tire and you couldn’t keep up with how fast you were going. Soon you were ahead of Luke but you couldn’t figure out how to slow down. It didn’t take long for you to lose control and balance, flipping the bike and falling right in front of Luke after letting out countless shrieks. You heard giggles from Luke as you tried to stand up. “You should’ve seen your face! Y/n look at me who am I?” Luke got off his bike and fell to the ground mimicking your screams. “Luke this isn’t funny I can’t get up. My ankle hurts really bad.” You spit. “Full of shit Y/n come on get up! I wanna eat the food before it gets cold.” He extends his arm for you to get up, but even gripping onto him you couldn’t stand up. You began to tear up the pain was getting worse and you could barely stand. “Baby I’m so sorry I’m going to get you help.” He picks you up bridal style and rushes you home, leaving the bikes right on the path. “As soon as we get home I’ll call the doctor and we can get this whole thing checked out.” He kisses the top of your head and apologizes for making fun of you. “I still beat you Luke and now I have a little battle wound from my victory.” You laughed, continuing to wince in pain. He chuckles and kisses you softly. “Come on champ let’s get you patched up.”

Calum: All you wanted to do was surprise Calum on tour. You called Ashton telling him your plans and he agreed to finding a way to sneak you on the tour bus without the fans, or Calum knowing. Ashton snuck you onto the bus before the show telling you to hide and the boys will come back from the venue in three hours. You thanked him for making this happen and searched the bus for a place to hide. You couldn’t find Calum’s bunk so you hid in the closest bunk to the bathroom and covered yourself in blankets. You grew tired waiting for the boys and fell asleep in your hiding spot. You woke up needing to use the bathroom. You ran to make your escape, unsure of when the boys would return.  You were about to leave the bathroom when you heard the boys enter the tour bus. “I’m gonna go shower and then off to bed, tonight exhausted me.” Calum’s voice bellowed. Shit.  Your surprise was going to get ruined. You wanted him to go to bed and realize you were next to him, not him going to take a shit and you standing in the corner.  You locked the bathroom door and texted Ashton to stall Calum. “Guys the door won’t open” Calum’s muffled voice said through the walls. You held onto the doorknob and felt Calum trying to pry the door open. His grip was so tight on the door that he ripped it  off the hinges,causing you to fall back and hit your head on the tile. “Y/n you’re here, baby I missed you so much! Wait.. Y/n why aren’t you moving?” Calum suddenly realized what happened and called the boys to the bathroom. “Y/n is here I think she hit her head I need help.” Calum panicked. Your eyelids began to close and you felt yourself passing out. About fifteen minutes later you woke up in Calum’s bunk with his arms around you. “Welcome back babe, you took a nasty fall before. We got first aid over and they gave you some water and checked out your head, but you passed out. Don’t worry though you’re fine we wrapped you up in some gauze.” He helped you sit up and placed kisses to your neck. You felt your head for the gauze and felt a throbbing pain. “Great I messed up your surprise and now I look like a mummy.” You whined. “Michael called you that too, but don’t worry you’re a very cute mummy. And i was definitely surprised.” He smiled. “ Was I conscious at any point today?” You asked. “A little, but you were talking in your sleep to the boys that sort of counts. Now let’s just cuddle you had a long day.” You nuzzled into the crook of Calum’s neck and dozed off. You and Calum could talk in the morning. Your surprise may not have turned out the way you wanted but it ended with you and Calum together, safe in his arms once again.

Ashton: This was perfect. The night Ashton goes out with his friends is the night you decide to repaint your apartment. You called your best friend over to help, which was a poor choice on your behalf. Both of you were short and fought over who used the ladder first.”Y/n you’re hogging it Can’t you just go on your tippy toes to paint that wall?” She asks. You laugh and respond with a no, continuing your work.  After an hour your friend grew impatient. “Y/n I will move this ladder and you’ll bust your ass it’s my time to shine.” She threatens. “Kiss my ass.” You laugh. You feel the ladder shake as she tries to move it. You cling to ladder, and fall on the floor with it. “ Oh my god Y/n I’m sorry are you alright?” your friend asks. “It’s fine but can you please get me to the hospital? I heard something snap.” You cry. She rushes you in her car and speeds down the highway to take you to the hospital that was two towns over. It turns out you broke your arm. You lay down in your hospital bed, waiting for your friend to be allowed into the room. She walks in with a little teddy bear. “ I got you a little bear, I’m bear-y sorry. I didn’t think you would get hurt.” She apologized. “ You’re lucky I’m a sucker for stuffed animals. Did you tell Ashton where I am?” You asked. “Yes he’s in the waiting room, I’ll go get him.” She left and returned with a more than worried Ashton. “Babe how are you feeling?” He runs over to you and kisses you over and over. “I… thought… something bad happened… Is everything okay?”He said between kisses.  “I’m okay, just a little broken wing. I’ll be back to normal in a few weeks.” You say sweetly. “And until then, butler Irwin is at your service. I’ll cook, clean, and do everything you can’t for you.” You kiss his knuckles. “Maybe I should have my friends break my bones more often.” You ponder. “Hey I help you even when you’re healthy!” You shoot him a dirty look. “Okay maybe that’s a lie. But I’ll take care of you now. I promise”

Michael: You went on a vacation with some friends at your college. They all came home with tans and souvenirs. You came home with food poisoning and a broken leg. After hobbling from the stairs to your apartment, you flung the crutches to the floor and tried to lay down on the couch. Michael was in the kitchen as usual. You didn’t tell him what happened on vacation you didn’t want him to worry. “Babe I’m making tacos come in here and help me.” Michael chimes from the kitchen. You didn’t respond you were too busy trying to find a comfortable position on the couch. “Don’t you want to tell me about your trip? Come inside babe I wanna see you.” He coos. “Come in the den I’ll show you what I got from my trip.” You shouted from the couch. He walks in and is taken back. “Kitten what happened to you?” He asks. He sits on the couch cushion next to you and starts rubbing your shoulders. “ Oh you know, standard hang gliding incident. I’ll be immobile for eight weeks. It’s no big deal they gave me this purple cast.” You said optimistically. “This is awful how could this happen, eight weeks?” He cried. “Mikey, you can still walk, why does eight weeks of me being in a cast matter to you?” You ask. “That means no sex for a long time.” He whined. You slap his shoulder hard. “I’m only kidding.  I’ll take care of my wittle y/n for now. But you owe me later.” You can’t help but laugh at Mikey and kiss him, appreciating little moments like this. He breaks from the kiss and gets up from the couch “I’m gonna go get a marker I have to draw on your cast.” He runs back to the kitchen. “ Don’t draw a dick on me!” You yell. “No promises.”