wittle feet

I 100% support anybody who says “Donald Trump is not my president”. That is a completely valid view. If other people select as president somebody who you find unacceptable, you are not obligated to accept them, and you don’t have to listen to anybody who tries to shame you for that.

But I also 100% despise anybody who thinks that because their preferred candidate lost an election, that they should stamp their wittle feets and demand that the election be overturned. That’s not dissent it’s just childish bullying.

Donald Trump isn’t your president? Good. I agree. He ain’t mine, either. And these people in blue states (or counties or precincts etc) that don’t want him absolutely should not accept him or give him any legitimacy or authority. They should secede and then they can vote for whoever they want to be their president, if indeed they are truly so desperate to have one.


Non-cat person: I hate cats, cats are like Satan.

Me, a cat person: Yeah, Satan loves lay in the sunlight and dream while his wittle feet run in place like he’s chasing mice or somethin. Satan also loves to walk up to you and sniff your face and give you little kisses.

And one of the cutest wittle things he does is hold on tightly to your chest with his tiny paws while you’re lying down and tuck his wittle head under your chin and pur. And then you can’t move so you just fall asleep with wittle Satan.

He also loves to play with feathers and balls and if you’re wearing a hat, he might get curious and try to snatch it off. And if it’s wool, it might get stuck to his claws and he just tries to shake it off, extremely confused.

Non-cat person: What?

Me: If cats really are like Satan, then idk what your problem with Satan is.