witt words

You, with your words like knives,
and swords, and weapons that
you use against me
You, knocked me off my feet again,
got me feelin’ like I’m nothing
You, with your voice like nails on a
chalk board, calling me out
when I’m wounded
You, picking on the weaker man,
picking on the weaker man
—  Taylor Swift

Helena Rose for @tealmoonsims​ De Witt Bachelor Challenge.

A perfectionist to her core, Helena Rose craves order and structure in her life like a bee craves honey. She needs to prepare, plot, and organize, to make plans and stick to them, or she simply cannot function. However, as her thirtieth birthday looms ever closer, she has come to realize that despite her best efforts the one thing she wants most out of life- a family- is the one thing that lies so frustratingly far out of reach. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and join Luke’s bachelor challenge in the hope that maybe this man will be the one to make her dreams of marriage and motherhood come true.

Charismatic | Family-Oriented | Light Sleeper | Neat | Perfectionist

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2016 Review/Plans for 2017

We all know that 2016 was pretty terrible, just in general, but there were also a few specific things that made it a terrible year personally. But I don’t want to dwell on that here. Let’s look at what I wanted to do this year and how much of that I actually did.

HEALTH: I wanted to “show Lupus who’s boss” and seeing that I’m back at the gym pretty much full time and my doctors told me I’m officially in remission, I’d say I did pretty good on that front. Suck it, Lupus.

COMICS: I uploaded 43 pages of OGH, which is a step up from last year’s 35, but I didn’t quite manage to upload a page a week like I had planned. Although I did also contribute a 6-page comic to this year’s BOO! so that’s a total of 49 pages of comics. Not too shabby. I also wanted to finish a secret comic I was working on but sadly I didn’t get a chance to work on that at all

OTHER ART: I finished the Ladies With Swords zine but only drew one piece of fanart and that is a travesty.


  • Finish chapter 1 of OGH!! And start chapter 2!! There will be a little time off in between to iron out the start of 2, but while the chapters are updating, I’m still aiming for a page a week.
  • Fanart for real this time. It’s fun and there’s no pressure. 
  • Keep playing video games. I did manage to play a lot this year, so I’m going to keep that rolling. I have a lot that I’ve grabbed during sales and I need to make my way through them. (I know, I know, oooh play video games, how inspiring for the new year. But, consider this: they are super fun.)
  • Make serious headway into that previously mentioned secret comic. Even if I don’t finish it, I need to do some work on it before it dies.

There you go. Nothing life changing in there, but it’s all stuff that makes me happy, and the more serious stuff involving a house and my job are more nebulous right now and I don’t have any concrete direction. So: art and video games it is.

2015 Review/Plans for 2016

At first I thought, “2015 wasn’t too bad,” but then I remembered that I got Lupus, the guy I was dating stopped texting me when I was in the hospital, my site got hacked, and my mom had to put down the dog we got when I was in high school (also while I was in the hospital). So 2015 can go fuck itself. I did finish about 35 pages of OGH, which is way less than last year, but that can be blamed on the Lupus straight up wrecking me for three months.

2016 is going to be great though. Here’s what I’m planning for 2016.

  • Show Lupus who’s boss (it’s me). 
  • Upload a page a week of OGH.
  • Finish the Ladies With Swords zine in time for HeroesCon.
  • Finish the SECRET comic I’m woking on. 
  • Make a mini comic unrelated to any of my other projects.
  • Draw more (any) fanart.
  • Play the heck out of some video games.
  • Get back to the level of fitness I was at pre-hospital.
  • Keep my apartment clean (for real this time).

I got this.

franzferdinand2  asked:

Who in the comics world would you fight?

Look, the comics world is great. Most of my best friends I met through comics. Comics are one of the most important things in my life and I wouldn’t trade my time working on comics for anything.

That said, the comics world is also filled with a bunch of assholes.

Maybe that’s what I’ll sell at the next con. Provide a mask, $50, and an acceptable reason and I’ll go punch someone for you.

anonymous asked:

What got you into MMA/Kickboxing/what have you?


Martial arts were something I always thought looked really cool, but all through school I always played soccer (sometimes for school and a rec league at the same time), which didn’t leave time for any other extracurricular activities. Plus it’s pretty expensive and, like I said, I was already doing an activity that cost money.

Fast forward to college. The university I went to had a Taekwondo club that met two or three times a week, and a 5th Dan (basically a level 5 Black Belt) who was a graduate student that taught everyone. I was at the first practice my Freshman year because YES THAT SOUNDS REALLY COOL.

And it was cool! I loved it! I got really good at kicking things! My last practice at the end of my Senior year was also my Black Belt test.

Then I moved halfway across the country for a job, joined a regular ol’ gym, and found out that they had a TKD class there! It wasn’t super strict about people wearing gis and no one called the instructor, “Master.” It was just people hanging out and practicing martial arts.

One day a year or so later, I saw an ad for LA Boxing to go try a class for free. I thought that would be a fun thing to do that Friday night (yes, that’s the sort of thing I like to do on Friday nights), and long story short, I signed up and started working out there and at the other gym doing TKD.

I should clarify that the training I did at LA Boxing during this time was basically just a cardio workout. Everyone had on boxing gloves and punched a heavy bag, but it was mostly running drills (do jabs, okay now jab/cross, okay now do upper cuts, etc.) with only a little time to work on technique. It was still fun, and it was a really good workout, so I enjoyed it.


I started paying attention to the group of people who sometimes did stuff in the ring on the other side of they gym. They had gloves, but also shin pads and sometimes head gear as well. They were hitting each other instead of the bags. I wanted in on that.

It was Muay Thai! So I started going to that class and fell in love with the style. I felt like I was betraying TKD but I ended up liking Muay Thai better. 

Except then the Muay Thai instructor left that location and six months later they still hadn’t replaced him, so I found a place that did have. My new gym has MMA in the name, but most of what they do is Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu.

All this time, back at my TKD class, attendance was slowly shrinking. The gym cut our training time from twice a week to once a week, and then earlier this year they cut the class all together. :(

Since then I’ve been practicing just Muay Thai, and right now I’m training for a fight! I’ve never been more exhausted in my entire life, but it’s so much fun and I love it and I never want to stop.

Mr. Randall “Too Good to Use the Ask Box” Trang over here.

During a normal non-fight-training week I’ll go to practice four or five times. Those practices are an hour, though once or twice a week some of us would stay later to do some more sparring.

Once I started actual fight training, I went five nights a week (none of that, “Ehh I don’t really feel like going tonight…”) and practice turned into two hours every time. I’d warm up with the regular class and then go do whatever my coach decided we were going to work on that day. Training started out general and switched to focusing on our strengths (kicks!) as the fight got closer. 

I weigh 150 lbs and so did my opponent, and we weren’t trying to fight at a lower weight so there wasn’t any reason for me to change what I was eating to drop pounds. Although I guess I did stop drinking Dr Pepper every day and coffee every night. I eat relatively healthy to begin with, though I could probably stand to eat more vegetables. 

The biggest change was really just spending twice as much time at the gym than I had been and pushing myself twice as hard. I ended up losing a couple inches around my waist, but my weight stayed the same because I also gained some muscle mass.

catiemonster  asked:

Hey so I know our Jaeger still needs a name, but also what kind of cool tricked out features does it have?

I am ALL ABOUT that sword and plasma cannon. I like the plasma cannon mostly because of Metroid; not gonna lie. We need a way for it to power up faster though because it took WAY to long to go from “gonna use the plasma cannon” to “shooting a kaiju with the plasma cannon.” There also wasn’t enough kicking. Our jaeger definitely need to be able to kick because kicking is one of the best parts of fighting. We could have giant blades on the the jaeger’s shins and make it even deadlier. Or chainsaws. Chainsaw shins. Also electric punches but come in that’s just a given.