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Interior with a Woman Playing a Virginal (c.1660-1667). Emanuel de Witte (Dutch, 1617-1692). Oil on canvas. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

The complicated spatial construction is achieved by the perspective and the patches of sunlight coming in. It seems as if an amorous situation is being depicted. Playing the instrument is explained as a reference to love. It is also thought that the man in bed, who is listening to the music, is suffering from a disease, namely erotic melancholy, and the music is a medicine against the pain.

Baron 1898” 2014

For the most part, thrill-heavy mega coasters are likely to be minimally-themed and/or have some kind of IP attached to them. (Think “Superman: The Ride.”) However, some parks chose to go above and beyond. Efteling Theme Park’s steampunk-esque Baron 1898 dive coaster is one of the best examples of a beautiful union of thrill and theme. Guests have been recruited by a greedy baron to work in his gold mine, rumored to be haunted by spirits known as the Witte Wieven. Before you can begin your work, you are ambushed by vengeful spirits who eventually send you plummeting into the mine, your fate unknown. Although much of the coaster is devoid of exterior theming, a rich backstory, effects, theming and show scenes in the queue can really make all the difference in the overall ride experience.

Art ©️ Efteling

Emanuel de Witte - Interior with a Woman at the Virginals

between 1665 and 1670

oil on canvas

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam

Can’t remember if I’ve posted this here before, but if I did then oh well. I drew this a few years ago and still like it a lot.

It’s Superman’s 75th Anniversary today. Thanks to Siegel and Shuster for creating one of the greatest heroes of all time.

Oops I drew another witchsona!

This is Fight Witch. My strongest magic is made by using the Blood of My Enemies, but it can only be collected while in the ring. Fortunately, I can create a magic circle anywhere, and that counts as a fighting ring.

My familiars are a group of large of black birds that surround the ring during the fight, just in case the other party tries to leave.

(See my other witch, Coffee Witch, here.)


AW YEAH spx!!

Come see me and catiemonstrosity at SPX on Sept. 19-20!!

I’ll have my usual comics and prints, but I’m running low on some minis so I’m selling them in packs now. That means they’re cheaper than if you got them all separate though! 

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So I’m going to HeroesCon!!!

I’ll be there with @catiemonster at table AA-727 and I’ll be selling everything you see in those pictures!

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Most the comics have NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE EVER and this is the first time the tote bags will be available anywhere!

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