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There’s a Hate Anon’er here...

In my six years that I’ve been here on tumblr, I’m always amazed at the continuation of “hate anons” that people receive. 

From having plenty of those in the past myself - on a different blog - I remember how cruel, mean, disheartening - etc. those can be. I remember how horrible they can make you feel. 

I decided, I wanted to make some points today… Because I’m kinda at my wit’s end when it comes to people that I love, getting a certain kind of hate - and I’m tired of it. 

First - you have no idea what’s going on in someone’s real life. They could be really hurting, and this, tumblr, could be their one source of happiness; a place where they feel unified and accepted. Tarnishing such a thing is unacceptable. 

For some, Tumblr is their safe haven. 

No one has the right to ruin that, especially some person who feels the need to hide behind a grey face. 

Second - you have *NO* idea how much work someone might have put into their blog. Just because their blog might not look as *nice* as some, (and by nice, I mean complicated, graphic, designed - etc) does not mean that they’re not a “quality” blog. Let’s be frank, a BLOG is only the place where your “data” is collected. 

It’s your WRITING that makes you a “quality” blog. 

Your ability to interact through words with others. It doesn’t have to be all fancy, hell - it doesn’t even have to be in paragraphs. Everyone RP’s differently. Anyone can lure you in with fancy-pantsy gifs and icons… What I find the most alluring is the person behind the character. It’s the people that you meet in these fandoms. 

Third - If an anon has an issue with someone RP’ing with another person, perhaps this anon should: 

hey, UNFOLLOW them. 

I don’t understand why anyone should feel as though they’re allowed to message someone and say “Hey, I think you suck. Stop writing with so-and-so because you’re holding them back.” or “Hey, so-and-so deserves better than you.” 


Do you -as an outsider- know the relationships between the people you follow on tumblr? What you’re seeing on dash is perhaps all that they’re allowing you to see. Do you know the IMS? The messages? No. Not unless they, the RP’ers have shared that with their following. While a person is entitled to their opinion, an opinion like that should be KEPT to yourself. (Refer to Point #1!)

I’m not here to get a following. I’m not here to become the “most popular blog on Tumblr.” 

Do I enjoy knowing that other people are enjoying my blog? Of course I do. 

But I value my relationships that I create on tumblr even more. 

Think about what you send to someone, before you send it. 

I am not here for drama. If you’re going to be a coward and hide behind the anonymous option - maybe you shouldn’t say it at all. 

💎 varchie: requested by an anon that didn’t spam, insult, or unfollow me. 💎

“you’re a little more dangerous than you look, aren’t you? all boynextdoor-ish?”
↳ “you have no idea.”

i hope you like this. at least someone has the decency to treat me with respect. for those of you anons who send me hate, and want me to do your request so badly you end up being rude, i delete those. i respond to only asks that are respectful, which is why there are so few on here. 

because this is my blog where i post what i want.

i have a life too. maybe not the most prevalent lively social life, but i work double overtime at school, have responsibilities at home, and sometimes i get really depressed and can’t bring myself to make anything. i know it sucks, but that’s just how it is. so i’m really at my wits end with anyone who wants to be rude.

and for those of you who are genuinely sweet and nice, thank you for supporting my blog. you’re the reason i run it. and if you want a request for an aesthetic or theory, 

you are more than welcome to ask. just do so nicely.

xoxo, v


Seraph of the End (終わりのセラフ)

Animation character designs for Makoto Narumi’s ill-fated squad, from the Seraph of the End Design Works (eBay | Amazon US) art book, illustrated by character designer Satoshi Kadowaki (門脇聡).

I love seeing posts go over my dash which are just, y’know, witchy, because inevitably they have a really pleasing pure white and green aesthetic and words like “make sure your house is a place of calm tranquility and to banish negative energy regularly by burning sage and keeping crystals in strategic places WuW”

And then there’s me in my basement, hurling burning sage like a hand grenade and banging old iron pots and pans together like “wHO FUCKING WaNtS SOME, COME ON, BRING IT ON IF YE THINK YER HARD ENOUGH”


Seraph of the End (終わりのセラフ)

These two Owari no Seraph spreads from Animedia Magazine finally got their pinup versions in Animedia Deluxe + Vol. 01 (eBay | Amazon JP). Yuu and Mika were illustrated by animator Miho Kato (加藤美穂) and the Yuu and Guren combo was illustrated by key animator Fumie Muroi (室井ふみえ).

Payback (M)

Jimin x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, light choking, daddy kink, kinda public??, idk man it’s just filth

Word Count: 3,125

Summary:  Park fucking Jimin was sin incarnate, and he knew it too. You have had it with his extra ass on stage, he was always taking some article of clothing off and you were at your wits end. This means war.

A/N: This is my fic, I’m re-posting onto my sideblog.

Your jaw was on the floor after watching BTS’ new comeback stage. As if the low cut shirts, lip bites, sexual lyrics, and all around rudeness wasn’t enough, Jimin decided he needed to up the ante and undress on stage looking like sin itself. Fucker. He knew exactly what he was doing, and you decided he needed to be punished.

Dressing in all his favourites; your shorts, oversized sweater and thigh high socks that always got to him, you headed to the boys’ dorm for a movie night after making sure your coat covered everything. You arrived at the dorm quicker than anticipated, and after being let in by Hoseok and attacked by the boys with hugs, you learned that Jimin was still in the shower. Settling down on the couch you took your jacket off and got comfortable with a bowl of popcorn when you felt several pairs of eyes on you. Looking up, you saw the boys eying your outfit and you smiled to yourself, your plan already working. Jimin walked out of the shower with his hair still damp, wearing sweats and a loose t shirt. He looked around the room and noticed that all eyes were on you, a smile spreading on his face as he met your eyes, then he saw why they were staring and his face hardened.

Strike one.

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Mirror Shenanigans

Context: So, in my first-ever real D&D campaign a few months in we got new players. One of them was this dude who played a dwarf cleric who switched players every once in a blue moon. During one D&D Sunday I arrived late and walked in on this conversations.

DM: So Ekmetiel (elf wizard) discovered that the mirror is (quite obviously) cursed. What do you want to do with it?

Cleric: Can I moon it?

DM: You… you want to moon the cursed mirror.

DM: The mirror that has a random dude in it whose eyes follow you around the room.

DM: The mirror that wrote “TRESPASSER” on Ellyjobel’s face.

Cleric: Yah


DM: …Proceed.

*Cleric rolls pretty high*

DM: *at her wit’s end* You moon the mirror. The man inside takes one look at you, appears to sigh heavily, and walks away. The word “DISGRACE” is written across your buttocks. And you are a disgrace. Shame on you.

He embarrassed the curse out of the mirror.

The dude eventually came back because the Cleric then insisted upon licking it.

I ended up smashing it with a rock by rolling a Nat 20.

Good times.

anonymous asked:

Is it bad that I just... can't accept a lot of the Team Cap side of issue because it's so... blind to the race issues? Like I'm not white, and whenever I read Team Cap Meta, it just can't... separate the white privilege from a lot of the statements that I've seen. I think it's a common issue as a lot of my fellow foreign fans felt a massive divide with the movie as well.

Full disclosure that I am white and American, before I continue. 

I don’t think it’s bad at all. I think it’s something to be discussed certainly. I’ve heard from other foreign fans that Cap’s position seems imperialistic and I can certainly see where they are coming from and even agree on some points. 

Going into a foreign country - and as the Accords seem to want to stop, against their wishes - and then declaring that your reasons to do so and to keep doing so are the safest hands are your own is something can easily be read as ‘I know what’s best for you’ and that was used in the past by white colonialists to justify their invading and occupying foreign countries. I don’t think the writers intended this impression at all, I just think they perhaps didn’t think through was they were really saying thoroughly enough and then they never clarified what was happening. If the Avengers didn’t have permission to be in Nigeria and didn’t coordinate with anyone, if Lagos was the result of the Avengers not having a limits, then they would be incredibly worrisome. The bad guy was stopped, but innocents died, and by what little the movie gives us, the Avengers are silent on that.

(While I disagree with Steve’s statement, I don’t think that’s what he meant. I think it was tied into what he said about shifting the blame, but that point was already muddled when he told Wanda that sometimes people die and they just have to go on. Factually true, but the people that died still died, so its not surprising someone will want answers.)

The minute the movie implied the Avengers don’t have liaisons or chain of command beyond ‘Steve and Nat are the boss’ (and we leave the rest to Tony, maybe?), the minute the movie said 117 countries though, I knew it wasn’t fully appreciating it’s own scale. Some of those countries were likely small, using this to get their voices heard, and maybe some of those leaders were corrupt, but others were probably genuinely worried about the Avengers posing a threat and them not being able to handle it until they were already gone. 

There’s more to the Accords of course, things that restrict the Avengers or are maybe even there to punish them, we really don’t know. The movie doesn’t tell us beyond whatever Ross says in his first visit. But there has got to be a middle ground there between Steve’s the safest hands are our own and Tony’s we need to be checked. This is not a ‘No, you move’ situation. And then you mix in Bucky and the whole thing becomes about him and…boom, ideological plot lost.

I feel like I’m not fully answering your ask because I don’t have the perspective you do, and I apologize, but no, I don’t think it’s bad, especially if it makes you feel uncomfortable the way it does. If anyone else wants to pick up on this, or if you want to send me more, anon, I’d be happy to listen.


Seraph of the End (終わりのセラフ)

Scenes from the storyboard art work of the final battle in the Owari no Seraph anime series, featured in the Seraph of the End Design Works (eBay) art book and illustrated by storyboard artist Hiroki Shinagawa (品川宏樹).


Since the first time they met–sparring in a ring, their swords matching one another blow for blow, the world disappearing around them as they fought– he has been her partner in a way, the only man unafraid of her crown and her sword.

He had been but her rival at first, at the receiving end of her famed wit, at the pointy end of her practise sword, at the other side of the room, on the other side of the palace walls.

But as they had grown, as the fire within them had steadied and burned strong, he had become her partner in other ways.

The Princess and her Knight Commander.

At her side in every battle, escorting her through every painful ball with a sly joke whispered in her ear, with a tentative compliment at the end of the night before he walks away, leaving her with a soft longing for something that makes her heart sigh.

But as she stands facing him now, caught in a hug goodbye that had not ended, lingering instead– her forehead pressed against his, his breath puffing against her cheek, her hand resting upon his chest– she wonders if perhaps they could not be more.

She takes a sharp breath and presses closer.

Perhaps it is time to take a leap.