Here is a small reminder that I am still available for commissions! My prices are decided individually but as a rough guide, a quick digital doodle like my Mortasheen or Isaacs would be around $7, the same in traditional style like my Croatian bookwork would be $12 and larger work like the Rasputin portrait clocks in at $25. I really appreciate your custom and in time it will offer me an income my parents assured me I would never make off my work. Send me an ask or email me at witnesstheabsurd@hotmail.com and I will do my best to get the work to you in the next 24 hours tops!


My goodness, that was a surprise. I really appreciate your appreciation, it has given me a new perspective on my work and lead to much improvement and steps into professional aspects. I would love to be here for another 100 followers down the line! In any case, i’d love to see if anyone has any requests for a 200 followers special? Drop them in my ask!