I’ve been doing a ‘Draw your mutuals style’ meme on twitter, here’s all the ones I’ve done so far!

Which apparently the running theme is just cookie getting wilder with each iteration 

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Early sketch. Armor of His Holy Order of Black Dragoons.

The Black Dragoons are an order dedicated to peacekeeping within the Sister Cities. They serve under the God-King Kayin as His palace guards, watching the palace grounds themselves as well as the surrounding township. Rarely do they foray outside of their specified patrol zones, and when they do, the journey is almost always deadly. The Black Dragons are sworn to guard Kayin, His generals, and His allies, and root out potential Heretics within the Holy Order. They view the mundane peacekeeping duties of the Azure Sentinels with an amused disdain, seeing it as beneath them.

[Art by @witnesstheabsurd.)


Let me tell you about this incredible artist. Her name is Unknown Kadath. She makes brilliant pieces, in a very unique and striking style. She has done at least 4 pieces for me so far, and I am in art heaven over here. I honestly can’t get enough of this goodness. Please check out here tumblr, and bask in the joy that is her work!


Pictured in order;
|Poecilotheria subfusca
|Avicularia versicolor
|Atrax robustus

Seriously tho, as artists, we need to make like like it’s the 1940s and go all-in on telling these fascists that call themselves the “alt-right” to go fuck themselves.

Make the new equivalent to Der Feuehrer’s Face in Vocaloid, make vicious mockery videos like @hbomberguy where you show how stupid; and petty these internet silvershirts are; while at the same time talking about what we can do to stop them, draw your OCs giving activist tips tips or make posters of them kicking the shit out of “Alt-righters” AKA Nazis II: Electric Boogaloo

Be funny, be angry, be entertaining, be madcap and looney, but for the love of god don’t be subtle! Because now is not the tiem for subtlety!

Special shoutout to @ghost-and-pals, @bogleech, @witnesstheabsurd, @blinkpen, @tyrantisterror, and @polygonalfish because I’m dying to see what they might come up with for this…

anonymous asked:

How did you get into drawing monster/aliens and do you recommend any artists (besides your lovely self) to draw inspiration or are good examples to study from?

I started out by drawing dragons, wolves, and ghosts in 4th grade, then it all kinda ramped up when I began reading more about magic and monsters in novels and comics.

I got inspired! Plus with my childhood being full of monster/aliens/etc. I already had a love for non-human designs. I started drawing my own creatures and characters throughout early middle school and high school.

I do follow some artists who draw great monsters either all the time or sometimes! Here are some users:


enenkaydoodles - has a monster webcomic!

tryinghuman - the blog for an alien webcomic!

parlortrickscomic - the blog for another monster webcomic!

Artists or General Reblog Blogs (May or may not be NSFW at times:

themcnobody  , flatw00ds , dusty-demon , v-diggety , bioatomic 

objectheads <-(reblogs from tumblr artists) , witnesstheabsurd , crowtez

baderror , nosdoog , owlygem , derekhetrickart , not-a-comedian 

cockatriceking , sapphzeal


(NSFW monster art) sometimessmuthappens 

(NSFW monster art) http://hotandmonstro.us/

(NSFW monster art) fuckingmonsters

(NSFW monster art) spookasm

(NSFW robot art) masterbotspank

(sometimes NSFW and SFW) monsterboyfriends
reblogs monster content from tumblr artists

(NSFW Guild Wars) questionablecactus

(NSFW Monsters and Robots) primatrest

I think that’s most of them??? These are the ones I can remember clearly drawing monsters a lot or sometimes. 

There are more monster artists out there I’m sure, so feel free to comment or reblog this post and give yourself a shoutout so people can see your monster/non-human content if you like!