It just really sunk in that they were writing and recording this album all through the emotional rollercoaster alternate universe hellscape that was the first half of 2015. Like…honestly just call the album “Catharsis” and punch me in the fucking face with it. I’M READY.

Usually I’m all about faces and people in general, but today I wanted to make a little speed paint of the The War Rig from the Mad Max, because it was super cool. I’m not really big on cars, but a vehicle like THAT I’d drive shiny and chrome.

Also commissions are now closed for at least 3 weeks (however, if you are willing to wait for a month for your commission to be completed then bring it on). I’m thinking about the theme for a calendar for next year too (if you have something in mind let me know).  Some stuff will appear here as well, so pop in from time to time. Stay awesome! And WITNESS ME! ;)


“How do I become a Colicoid?” 

drag me down is so well balanced tho like….every single one of the boys are showcased in the best way possible and the composition is good + interesting and the tune is catchy enough to be like /commercially/ successful and i feel like it’s going to finally rewrite what the general public thinks of the band and just yes bitch yES 


I feel like a teenage nux sitting in his bedroom in his pajamas.. 

I rlly want to cosplay a war boy at nycc but I’m so bad with touching my face when I have makeup on?? aaaaaAAaaaaaA ¯\_(ツ)_/¯