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The Marfa Lights

Since the 1800s, residents of Marfa, Texas, have witnessed strange, ghostly apparitions of light dancing across the west Texas desert. Dubbed “the Marfa Lights,” these mysterious orbs have dazzled tourists ad elicited wonder in even the staunchest of skeptics. (source)


UFO’s Struck By Lightning Over Corsica September 8,

Witness reports: I noticed strange lights falling down from the sky just after the lightning. When I checked my video, one of the lights seems to be hit by the lightning, and creates some kind of electric discharge. The object then falls from the sky, and looks like it’s burning. I then noticed two big explosions, after viewing the footage in slow-mo, I saw a kind of fast light going in the storm direction. The object went straight through the lightning bolt, causing the strange electrical explosion.

This is an amazing capture: On the video, the anomaly looks metallic, due to the lightning reflecting on its side. My guess is that the two falling objects hit by lighting in the video are UFOs being hit by the lightning strikes, and burning and falling while being consumed in mid-air.

I’ve posted the whole 4 minute video as a gif just wouldn’t of done it justice.

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msi for ye old band ask

  • Am I a fan?: um no they suck
  • First Song I Heard By Them?: either witness or like .. lights out
  • Favorite Song?: shit uhh 
  • Favorite Album?: this isn’t good or pre-teen violence
  • Favorite Music Video?: umm mark david chapman
  • Have any merch?: nope
  • Seen them Live?: i wish
  • Favorite Member?: ,, lynz

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Do you wish to travel? What are some places you'd like to visit?

Oh gosh, I’d love to visit some of the most “haunted” castles and buildings there is, I’d love to see some of the most beautiful and isolated waterfalls and witness the northen lights at the peak of winter.
I’d love to go to Venice, Tokoyo, los angeles, scotland, germany


I don’t understand how people have the right to say “you never even knew him properly”
“It wasn’t even a relationship”
“Get over it”
But you weren’t there.
You weren’t there to witness his eyes light up when he talked about his future plans.
Or when he admitted how much he enjoyed the day we met.
Or how much it hurt when he didn’t want me anymore.
So, just because you didn’t feel it.
Doesn’t mean I didn’t either.


Rendlesham Forest Incident

The Rendlesham forest incident is one of the best documented ufo cases in British history. What really makes this case interesting is the credibility of the eye witnesses involved in the case. Trained (USAF) United States Air Force observers and security police witnessed strange lights and triangular shaped UFOs near the Rendlesham base.

Two men on patrol saw lights descending into the woods so they went to inspect it. There they saw a “strange glowing object” in the woods. The object was triangular in shape, metallic, and approximately three meters across and two meters in height. The UFO itself had a reddish light on top and blue lights on the bottom. It appeared as though it was hovering or possibly standing on landing equipment. As the men moved closer to the object though, it maneuvered away from them. They also reported that nearby farm animals were “in a frenzy”.

 The above black and white pictures were taken after the enconter. The pictures show landing marks from the UFO. There were also small traces of radiation where the ship had landed. Other people stationed in Rendlesham spotted strange objects in the skies for days after the incident. The bottom picture is an eyewitness drawing of a similar UFO days after the incident.

I do believe there was also an X-Files episode about this


One of the most well known and fascinating UFO sightings occured on 2 November, 1957, and became known as the Levelland UFO Case. It began when numerous people reported witnessing unexplainable things in the sky over Levelland, Texas. The authorities were innundated with calls from citizens claiming to have seen bizarre bright lights floating in the sky. Two people to have witnessed such lights were Pedro Saucedo and Joe Salaz, who claimed that they saw a 200ft bright object fly above them while in their pickup truck which had mysteriously came to a halt. After the object disappared, their pickup truck began to work again. Numerous other similar calls came in that matched this one - vehicles stalling and bright lights appearing in the sky. The Air Force claimed that it was nothing more than ball lightening. Understandably, regardless of this, many believe that something paranormal had taken place.