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I feel like relationship goals is dating a guy and then when he dumps you to date his hotter older brother who is also a drug dealer who can afford to get you a lung transplant but maybe that’s just me

It’s not chance, it’s chess

“Everything they know will be tested,“ has never been truer. We’re doubting the show, the writers, even the fans in our ranks.

Our problem is that we are using sources we can’t confirm as 100% genuine. Even if we know or at least strongly suspect some as part of the plan, it takes nothing to see the validity of it crumbling in front of our eyes. Twitter’s contact-jm can be called a fan account everyday and even Sherlock and John’s account and we’re sinking. Dale Pike/ContactWSSH is nothing but another example of it. Even messages that are genuine can be called fake even though they’re not and we’re done.

I feel like we’re running on a burning bridge sometimes. We need constantly to calculate what move we think they’re going to make, weight the pros and cons and decide if what we’ve got is genuine, even if we’re told it’s not.

It’s a dangerous chess game we’re playing with the writers, they have the upper hand and more power than we will ever get, they can change the rules whenever they want.

The only thing we can do to get trustworthy intel is to go back to the basics aka the episodes we have and whatever scraps we can get from them. Only officials intel can be trustworthy, provided we don’t fall for their lies.

Nonetheless, I’m still eyeing ContactWSSH/Dale Pike suspiciously. These fics are too carefully elaborated, there is a logic that follows from the very first one from a year ago. Some thems are too overused and repeated in too many fics not to have been carefully planned. If it’s fake then kudo to them, they should be a writer but I still doubt it, this takes planning, like several months of planning.

Is it a bluff? A double bluff? Or a triple bluff? We will never know until it’s really over but we’re playing a battle of wits where everyone can play and add false leads. If we’re getting too close, of course they will try to force us to discredit what we’ve gotten from it. They’re as much testing our faith as our powers of deduction. And it takes a lot of faith to keep playing the game. Faith after all doesn’t need evidence. That is what we need. They break our faith, it’s game over.

ciscoramona  asked:

Do you ever miss the dynamic between season 1 Westallen with Barry not so secretly pining for Iris and Iris subconsciously sabotaging Barry's attempts to move on while she's having secret rendezvous with the Flash? Those were fun times. Also, LOVE your Flash metas and HC's.

Awww, thank you so much! And to answer your question, yes and no. 

I do miss that breathless tension between Iris and The Flash when it would just the two of them in Jitters. Grant and Candice play so well off of each other in a variety of ways and the Iris/Flash meetings were a perfect example. The atmosphere around them during their secret rendezvous usually had low lighting and it was always so still and quiet and the overall effect was very muted. However, the chemistry between them was so tangible that you could literally feel that tension as you watched them. I defintely miss that. 

While I don’t really miss Iris being completely oblivious to Barry’s feelings I do miss the Barry from 1A that would shamelessly gaze at Iris with hearts in his eyes but yet still be surprised that everyone within a one mile radius could see that he was madly in love her. I also miss petty Barry, but thankfully he still makes an appearance every once and a while. 

There is a lot I miss about Season 1 but at the same time there is so much more to love about where we are now. 

I miss the Barry that was so nervous about confessing his true feelings for Iris because he was terrified about what it would do to their relationship. But I love the Barry now who has no fear when it comes to telling Iris how much he loves her. The Barry that is so confident in Iris’ love for him that he can’t tell her often enough or exuberantly enough what the means to him. 

I kinda miss the timid, unsure Iris that didn’t know how to navigate her burgeoning feelings for Barry ESPECIALLY when he started dating Linda. But I absolutely love the Iris now who loves her man deeply and completely and doesn’t care who knows it.

I miss the Iris/Flash secret Jitters/rooftop rendezvous, but I love even more Barry and Iris conversations on their couch in their home that they share together. I miss the tension and excitement from their meetings in season one, but I love the comfort and familiarity and sense of home in their meetings now. 

I think more than anything I miss the anticipation. I miss that feeling of the unknown. That feeling of knowing something amazing is about to happen but it isn’t quite here yet. With that being said now that we’re finally witnessing the ‘unknown’ from Season 1 I can see that it was well worth the wait and that being in it, is so much better than waiting on pins and needles for it. 

The exciting part of it is, there is still so much to come with WA. So in a couple of seasons when they’re (hopefully) married with the beginnings of the Flash family here or on the way you should ask me this question again. 😉

Jennifer Goines in s3

One last post about Jennifer(nope) - she is so amazing in this season! I mean she is amazing in season 1 and 2 but right now after her shitty dad, 12 monkeys, Hyenas, death of older-self, Daughters, lost in time..
after all that crazy shit she’ve been throw Jennifer is first person who said Ramse “sorry for you loss”
team has The Word because Jennifer make up beautiful plan(yes it all goes to hell but she and Deacon save the day) and she find out truth about The Witness and covered up Cole and Cassie
and yes, after everything that happened Jennifer and Deacon talk to each over quite nicely
and she went to Olivia - the woman that do so much bad to her - because she worried about her friends and she want to end nightmares
Jennifer said “he just lost Ramse”
and after Cole’s confession she tries to change his mind about Athan’s murder and let Athan go away and she knows about the Witness
after all that crazy shit that happened in her life Jennifer Goines is kind, loyal, wise, good friend who loves her friends very much, strong human being and she deserves better.

Glee 6x01 'Loser Like Me' & 6x02 'Homecoming' Review: Darren Criss steals the show

Admit it. You’ve been counting down the days for the show you absolutely love to hate-watch and after its return your ribs have never laughed so hard. In the two hour season six premiere of the show’s “farewell season” we are given even further evidence of the following facts:

  • Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) are far from “soul mates”.
  • Darren Criss is the worst actor in existence.
  • Blaine is an overgrown toddler that has somehow been allowed into a high school.
  • Darren Criss is the worst actor in existence.
  • Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) is the epitome of wasted potential.
  • Darren Criss is the worst actor in existence.
  • This entire show is the epitome of wasted potential.
  • Darren Criss is the worst actor in existence.

Spoilers are included in this review.

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Even people on TV ratings are citing Katrina as last night's episode drop

And no, it’s not because they ship Ichabbie, it’s because they find her character absolutely unnecessary.

After Abraham channeled his inner Joe Morton and gave the very blunt truth to Katrina last night, I cackled. It’s almost as if the writers are saying that Katrina’s ass was left in Purgatory all that time compared to Abbie’s few short hours, but anyway because what else can she do? At least Abbie has skills, at least she’s useful! Abbie took on two horsemen with a demon sidekick last night! What has Katrina done? Other than cause all this shit in the first place.

When Ichabod and Abbie were talking, and Ichabod mentioned that Katrina was this “powerful witch,” it was right there it’s as if I felt the ratings beginning to decline as people changed the channel. Stop trying to shove this false fuckery down our throats!!! She is not a powerful witch! She was using mirrors to contact our witnesses all last season, she couldn’t even lift a twig in the finale, and we haven’t seen any flashbacks showing off this “great strength” of hers!

She’s yet again the damsel in distress, idc if she says she’s a spy because wtf is she going to do? Henry knew Ichabod was coming, Henry’s not stupid. If anything, false info will be fed to her so she can lead both our two leads’ asses into a trap.

All we know about Katrina Crane is that she’s a fake witch, who has caused absolutely nothing but trouble. She’s responsible for two of the four horsemen, she’s responsible for bringing one back to life due to reviving Ichabod (I like Ichabod, but yeah if he stayed dead, so would Abraham right because of the blood ties? Thereby avoiding all Apocalyptic related events?)

She’s always just on the sidelines whenever Ichabbie has a scene together, and realistically, that’s all she can do. So what is the point of having an episode revolve around her? 2x02 was a massive eye rolling episode, and it’s too soon in the season to already start having filler, and that’s exactly what that was. Because nothing moved the plot forward, and Abbie risked her life to save her ass and she decided to stay and continue getting her Master’s Degree in irrelevancy. I’m over it.

If you want to have Crane family drama, then focus it on Ichabod/War. At least a psycho with daddy issues has more potential. It’s the second episode of the season, and I already shouldn’t be this impatient for this shit to take a back seat, so the Mills family drama can begin, because let’s face it, that’s what a lot of us are REALLY looking forward to.

TL;DR: Katrina kills ratings because useless. Stop having Katrina centric episodes.

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St. Vincent performing Digital Witness on the season finale of Saturday Night Live