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When Eric Harris pulled up at Columbine’s parking lot, Brooks Brown was standing outside. Intrigued as to why his friend (who was usually careful about his grades) missed a philosophy test earlier that Tuesday morning, Brooks approached him and the two began calling each other names, with Brooks cussing him out. “It’s surprising he didn’t shoot me for that,” Brooks says after the shooting.

Eric laughed at the other senior, saying “it doesn’t matter anymore,” before going on to issue his last words to his friend: “Brooks, I like you now. Get out of here, go home.” Eric pushed past him and Brooks decided to take note of his warning, as he walked away from the school grounds. At 11:18 AM, Brooks heard the first few shots being fired, and the first two victims (Richard Castaldo and Rachel Scott) were shot.

At first, Brooks was confused as ‘you usally didn’t hear those type of sounds’ but then began to run door-to-door at neighbours houses to warn them to call 911. He knew it had to have something to do with Eric - but Dylan’s involvement came as a surprise to him. Later on, Brooks found out that 17 year old Dylan Klebold and 18 year old Eric Harris had killed 13 students and themselves in what came to be known as the deadliest high school shooting in US history - The Columbine High School Massacre.