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The only way to sate my thirst for the musical I would probably never witness live , hope you like it !! 


so i did some galra!keith doodles,,

and also these lmao

i could not resist

Time for a rant

I try not to kinkshame, I really do. For me, whatever goes on between consenting adults behind closed doors is none of my business. But when you bring your fetish into a public setting where I’m forced to see it, it becomes my business. I wanted to share what I just witnessed in hopes that my experiance might enlighten others and maybe even change how they conduct themselves.

In context, I work at an amusement park. So needless to say, our main customers are families with kids. I was working a normal shift, when a young couple came up in the line. The girl was wearing a pink collar. Red flag. While explaining how to play at one of our interactive attractions, she started getting excited by jumping around, screaming loudly and talking in childish gibberish. I’ve been on tumblr long enough to recognize it as a form of age regression.

If you use it as a coping mechanism, do whatever floats your boat. I really couldnt care less. I know that age regression isn’t necessarily sexual in nature, but its common in caregiver/dom/little relationships which are known for being sexual. Anyways, I explained how to play the game when to my disgust, this woman litterally starts GRINDING on this man and both began saying sexual things outloud in the middle of the damn lineup!

Are you kidding me?!

The parents were mortified while the kids in line were visably frightened or confused. We obviously kicked them out -but seriously? They should be ashamed! Everyone, doms and littles included, should know better than to act that way in public, especially in front of CHILDREN. Having a kink is no excuse.

These poor kids were subjugated into watching this couple engaging in a near fetish scene, where the woman was imitating how the kids acted and sexualizing it. This rant isn’t even necessarily about a specific kink. It’s about having some human fucking decency to keep sexual acts and behaviors out of the eyes of innocent children!

Guys before returning to my bed and fainting for tonight i leave u just a little pick of this huge commission i was asked to do….this is the only page i can show u of a 5 page comic, of what happens in the ep1 (and yes it includes the murders that philip and lukas have to witness)

hope you like this preview! 



cute hob with his portable fan alskjdskdfl 😭💞💞

The feeling of reading a fic SO FUCKING GOOD you write a novel of a comment in the hopes that the sheer force of your excitement will motivate the writer to pick it back up again, all the while understanding that its totally reasonable if they don’t update it because life is rough

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still fucky how i have over 1000 followers. i could say anything i wanted and theoretically ~1000 people could see it. so here’s my hot take on xb2:

  • first of all, i’m still in shock that xenoblade is getting a sequel. oh my god. oh my god. not ever would i expect this. i’m confused, but elated
  • the character designs are uninspired
  • the art style totally turns me off
  • the environment and areas are perfectly xenoblade. it’s so comfy and beautiful… i feel right at home
  • i am sure the music will be wonderful. it is ace after all
  • the sword looks silly
  • and you can count me under the house of people who believe x fits for a sequel more than xb. though it could be just because xbx just came out very recently. guess we should be patient?
  • at the same time i am worried a sequel may never come. that scares me just a bit. there are so many mysteries we need closure on…
  • i fail to see how xenoblade could need a sequel but according to takahashi he’s got it planned. i trust him!
  • the red girl and blond girl are dating

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The Gladys Kravitz post 😂😂Brilliant!!! OMG spot on👍Love all you Shipper ladies SHIPPERCON ON !

It was a great post and all the credit goes to @fromheretoeternity1121 . It’s all her . I love her wit and creativity. I hope all the Shippers going to the Con have a blast !! #SHIPPERCON

also another thing I noticed about cockles when I was waiting in line for my op was how much Jensen is the one with the massive heart eyes for misha like misha seemed like the cool and confident one and jensen had the whole shy ‘my crush is so cute I can’t stop smiling’ kinda thing going on, I always thought it would be the other way around but nope

  • Me: Have you seen this YouTube series?
  • Them: What is it?
  • Me: This may sound a tad weird, but it's called Minecraft Diaries?
  • Them: Oh! I love that series!
  • Me: Me too!
  • Them: I ship Garrmau! I mean the chemistry between them is great! It's a shame he's in the Irene Dimension though…
  • Me: I totally agree! But, Aarmau though! After the latest My Street how can you not ship them!
  • Them:
  • Me: ?
  • Them: We can't be friends anymore.
  • Me: WHYYYY.
  • Them: Because Garrmau is the ultimate ship!
  • Me: Have you seen the latest My Street yet?
  • Them: Not yet.
  • Me: Watch it and get back to me.
  • *several days later*
  • Them: I see your point.
  • Me: Welcome to hell.
  • Them : I still ship Garrmau though.
  • Me: Damnit.