Ironpanther because I can totally see it!!

They’d bond over tech and their suits and bounce ideas off of each other on how to improve each other’s projects.

They become so smitten by the other. Tony trying not to be obvious with his attraction but failing when he takes every opportunity be near T'challa and any excuse to touch him.

And T'challa fighting his arousal when Tony is explaining the theory of a solution becasue Tony just comes alive; it is spellbinding.

They dance around each other for a while, until finally, T'challa decides, it is not kingly to be pining when they obviously feel the same and makes a move.

T'challa sets out to woo Tony. He does so with Wakandan tech. With an encoded Wakandan tablet. He’d give Tony the most minuscule hint on how to crack it.

Tony takes it like a gleeful child with a new toy. He both loves and hates the tablet because it takes him YEARS (one week, he’s a drama queen we all know this) to hack into it. When he does, a message immediately appears on the screen:

Tony, if you’re so inclined, I would love it, if you’d do me the honor of accepting a date with me?


And Tony wants to laugh and make light of this but he can’t. He’s so damn impressed by this gesture that he becomes even more attracted than he already was to this man. He can do nothing less than gladly accept.

And then after a million and one dates, they get married. Rhodey cries tears of joy because he can now call Tony, Queen Stank, for the rest of their natural lives!!! What is even wrong with me lol

The Witnes x El Mac

The Witnes x Elmac by Julien Atomick

Collaboration done for the Viet Nam The World Tour at the Night Festival in Singapore.
16 JUL 2010 - SAT 17 JULY 2010


I would like to thank The Witnes And El Mac for taking the trip from LA to this tiny island and for a job well done.

-Julien Atomick