witiko yakhne


It’s been ages since I’ve drawn all 12 of them at once… actually it’s a miracle I saw this to completion

Anyway yes I’m always still here and I never stop thinking about these trolls despite the relative silence on this blog! And thank you to all the followers who have stuck with me all this time! Love ya

Gomen for the terrible quality u.u …

Anyway, i looked back at my own Fantroll Ungula Grapel, and I realized she would have a lot in common with Rumminov’s Fantroll Witiko Yakhne !!

Ungula loves hunting and often has some food laying around when adventuring! I figured she would try to befriend Witiko with food :)

(text says : You’re Cool ! Have some horned-hoofbeast meat! (with her text quirk))

art block has ruined this picture…. D: