had a dream about luxury makeup sample counters being standard in airports like. they just set out a bunch of makeup and anyone can use it and it was a FRENZY and first there was this dance music playing then a ramones medley and then i woke up with a song i don’t know in my head im looking it up right now .. ok I couldn’t find it but its like a very 90s rock sound witht he guy going and iiiiii am try-y-ing to heeelp u fiiind the liiight (i was looking for a color to use for my inner eye highlight)


go la - (/ 1) sra rtsi'i rgyu bse shing gi khu ba; 2) Mgron bu burned ash; 3) [Skt] path of the planets and motion stars [gu ru lci ba &, la gha ma yang ba'i don bsdus pa'i gu la, au'i yon tan ‘phel ba'i go la ste, go: celestial realms, la: vast etc. many meanings mtho bar gnas pa'i planets and stars gyi ris rnams where they are grasped witht faling mtho ris 'dzin &, above houses and sa sa la dus bzhi cricling action having phyogs 'khor dang, ri gling rnams kyi steng du gdugs kyi rnam pas gnas pas zlum po dang, lhun po'i steng du mtho la me dkyil thad kar dma’ bas sgang gshong dang, 'degs byed rlung stobs ljid che zhing 'phul byed rlung stobs kyi nus pa yang bas lci yang zhes kyang bya'o, witin it are nam mkha'i go la dang, skar khyim du rgyu ba'i nyi zla'i go la, sa'i go la etc] [IW]

Ro climbs nearly 90 degree angles to keep up with Mark. She craves that mineral. // Rosiplier

Mark got up early and got ready to go with more caution than normal. Extra water. Extra snackings. Extra hoody. He told Rosanna sometime last night to be up early with hardly an explination, just to drink lenty of water, as she often liked to tell him. He got the car packed witht he extra things and had it warming up as he scaled the Alpha house and knocked on hier window. He faced outward, back to the house, just incase f her changing or some sort, being curtious. He looked at their horizion the sun was just starting to crawl over. She’d like the look of this when she answered the window.


game constructions under way this is the last images i’ll be sharing anytime soon anyways just wanted to show how freakishly proud i am witht his XD

tfw ur just a simple atheist kiddo trying their best to live life and have fun with other atheists but like 99% of these guys are like?????? islamaphobic or anti-sjw or smth ableist or shitty??????? like comon guys I wanna talk about science not ‘how them Muslims are dirty!1!1!1!’ like,,,,chill out man I didn’t come here for that mess

Christmas Series Pt. 3

They had went to bed early that evening and even though Rafael didn’t say anything, Sonny was pretty sure Rafael was still upset. He had learned to read his boyfriend well enough by now so he made sure to press him extra close that night, stroking along the curve of his tummy.

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