long long a go, after lunas banishment. a group of bat ponies was banished and chased out of town for being followers of nightmare moon.

the poor bat ponies were banished in to the deeper parts of the everfree, tired and very sad from leaving their homes they traveled. deep into the everfree.

upon seeing the poor tired bat ponies while on patrol, Queen rune, the ruler of a nearby hive listened to their plea and felt for them. and made a pact with them. if they gave her their loyalty and only a small bit of love. she would let them stay.

not left with many options the bat ponies agreed to queen rune’s proposition.

rune was a very king and generous changeling queen, she didnt even feed off of much of their love, able to sustain herself and her changelings witht he love of eachother.

from then on batponies and changelings lived i hormony, relying on eachother. deep in the everfree. together they worked on a project of hybrid chngelings. making changelings look more pony like and lovable.


go la - (/ 1) sra rtsi'i rgyu bse shing gi khu ba; 2) Mgron bu burned ash; 3) [Skt] path of the planets and motion stars [gu ru lci ba &, la gha ma yang ba'i don bsdus pa'i gu la, au'i yon tan ‘phel ba'i go la ste, go: celestial realms, la: vast etc. many meanings mtho bar gnas pa'i planets and stars gyi ris rnams where they are grasped witht faling mtho ris 'dzin &, above houses and sa sa la dus bzhi cricling action having phyogs 'khor dang, ri gling rnams kyi steng du gdugs kyi rnam pas gnas pas zlum po dang, lhun po'i steng du mtho la me dkyil thad kar dma’ bas sgang gshong dang, 'degs byed rlung stobs ljid che zhing 'phul byed rlung stobs kyi nus pa yang bas lci yang zhes kyang bya'o, witin it are nam mkha'i go la dang, skar khyim du rgyu ba'i nyi zla'i go la, sa'i go la etc] [IW]

Ro climbs nearly 90 degree angles to keep up with Mark. She craves that mineral. // Rosiplier

Mark got up early and got ready to go with more caution than normal. Extra water. Extra snackings. Extra hoody. He told Rosanna sometime last night to be up early with hardly an explination, just to drink lenty of water, as she often liked to tell him. He got the car packed witht he extra things and had it warming up as he scaled the Alpha house and knocked on hier window. He faced outward, back to the house, just incase f her changing or some sort, being curtious. He looked at their horizion the sun was just starting to crawl over. She’d like the look of this when she answered the window.


game constructions under way this is the last images i’ll be sharing anytime soon anyways just wanted to show how freakishly proud i am witht his XD

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the one that says "NERD!" XD we both know which ships this would be for the kids XD

(I kind of made this angsty because of today’s episode. Sorry dude)

Sienna flips through her book, reading as much as she can. She reads about parallel worlds, something that has always interest her since she was a young child. At least she finally is able to read again. It has been a while since she has been able to sit and do what she loves. No brothers or sister or friends to annoy her. She finally has come peace and quiet.

Knock knock!

Sienna jumps at the noise. She turns her head to see her friend, Heather, by her window. Sienna wonders how her friend to do this. Her room is on the second story. Though then she remembers the window has a small landing under it. Heather must have climbed up it.

The raven haired girl is smiling and waving with her left hand, telling Sienna to open the window. The rabbit faunus slides off her bed and opens the window. “What the hell are you doing? Why didn’t you just knock at the front door are call me?”

“This is more fun nerd.” Heather makes her way into Sienna’s room. “Besides I wanted to ask you something.”

“What?” That is when Sienna notices Heather has her right arm behind her back. She seems to be struggling to hide it. Sienna narrows her light brown eyes. “You broke it didn’t you?”

Heather jerks at the sight of daggers being thrown at her. She shows what she is hiding. Her bionic forearm is busted. Her fingers twitch, being the only thing she can truly move, wires are sticking out all over the place, and some plates to hide those wires are gone.


“Um…some guy really pissed me off and I fought him. My arm isn’t the only thing that is messed up.”

“Oh god, Heather. I’ll get my tools and a first aid kit. Just…sit down on my bed and just figure out where all your injuries are.”

Sienna disappears. While she is gone Heather sits down on her bed and places her arm on the table. The left side of her body aches. The guy was able to get a good hit on her rib change. Heather makes sure her nose hasn’t started to bleed again. At least the guy ran off after a little while.

Heather takes a deep breath. She really has to learn to stop losing her temper so easily. She has been getting better. But she can’t help it. Everyone is calling her a traitor, a liar, and backstabbing bitch. Heather will not stand for that. Why her cousin, her best friend, left she has no idea. But she knows Clover would not just run off for no reason. She would never would have shot at her own cousin. Heather clutches her right side. It still hurts.

“I’m back. Let me see the damage.” Sienna says. The faunus sets her tool box down and hands Heather the first aid kit. Sienna says nothing as she starts to work on Heather arm. She could remove the arm but she needs it on to know if it’s working. If Heather is able to feel again then Sienna knows she is doing something right.

Meanwhile Heather grabs an ice pack and holds it to her side. She looks around the room Sienna shares with her twin brother, Auburn. Her side is full of books, papers attached to the wall with math problems and theories, drawings of inventions she has yet to make, and even some Legos creations she has made herself.  Heather sees the book Sienna was reading on her bed. “You are still reading about different universes?” She asks.

“Yeah. I am.”

“You nerd.”

“You’re a nerd also.”

“But I like to actually do shit. You read all the time.”

“I know. When I’m in here reading for answers you are out looking for them. This might hurt.”

“What do you—fuck ow! Well I can feel now. But what do you mean.” Heather asks.

“You’re eyes. They aren’t purple. They’ve been red the whole time you’ve been here. You are thinking about her, aren’t you?”

Heather sighs. “Yeah I am. And that’s why I got into a fight with that guy. He called Clover a traitor bitch. OW!”

“Sorry. I’m just…I’m thinking about her also. I just wish she left some clue to find her.”

Heather looks at her friend. Some tears are in her eyes. Heather sighs. Sienna loves Clover. Even if the smaller girl gets on her nerves a lot she still loves her with all her heart.

“Hazel.” Heather says. Rarely has she ever used Sienna’s first name. She and her twin go more by their middle names, but this is different. When Sienna doesn’t answer Heather tries again. “Hazelnut Sienna Scarlatina I’m talking to you, ya know. Clover may be a pain in the ass but she is a smart girl. She will find her way back or I’m going to drag her back kicking and screaming. I mean she is five-two how hard is it to carry her back?”

Sienna snorts. She finishes up fixing Heather’s arm. The other girl moves it around, happy that she can use it again. Heather then picks up the book Sienna was reading. “So to talk about something lighter, you want to nerd out on this cause I love thinking about this stuff also.”

“If that is what you want nerd we can. But first wanna make something to eat? I’m starving.”

“Okay but I’m cooking. The last time we cooked together you nearly burned down my house.”

“That was when we were 12! That was like five years ago.”

But Sienna’s voice falls on deaf ears. Heather has already run out of the room, with a stupid grin on her face. Sienna sighs and goes after her friend.

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Hi Bethany, witht M!M website is down and now the RBB twitter gone, it just makes me think that maybe RBB was just a huge troll by Modest, and of course the boys couldn't say anything against it (maybe a vague 'image' term in a contract perhaps.) Also someone said this 'Harry' Spotify with the 'Deleted' playlist has been debunked, and if indeed that playlist was posted prior to RBB's deletion, then it means the bears too were a troll if this 'Harry' knew to make that playlist. I'm so upset. x

Modest has been gone since mid November. Meanwhile that’s when the rbb Twitter really really got obvious. That’s not a team that’s been ousted. That’s boys who were able to do what they wanted with less interference or worry another retribution.

Christmas Series Pt. 3

They had went to bed early that evening and even though Rafael didn’t say anything, Sonny was pretty sure Rafael was still upset. He had learned to read his boyfriend well enough by now so he made sure to press him extra close that night, stroking along the curve of his tummy.

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