how to make a fandom go out of control, by Kishimoto.

Step 1: show sketches of Boruto and Sarada to get them hyped for Gaiden.

Step 2: release a movie trailer for Boruto the Movie for the hype to set sail.

Step 3: release Gaiden and watch the fandom have happy excited feels that turns into HUGE PANIC, everything goes into chaos.

Step 4: Cheer up the enraged fandom by showing Kakashi’s face with the release the exhibition booklets

Step 5: Cheer up the sasusaku fandom’s shattered souls by showing little Sarada and the Uchiha family.

Step 6: Introduce the 3rd member to Boruto and Sarada’s team along witht he designs with the new Ino-Shika-Cho

Step 7: now please standby on hold for the NaruHina fandom’s thirst for the Uzumaki portrait and oh yes,


The machines of war will fuel both sides,
And the greed will only grow more lies;
Farewell to days of peace ‘cause now it’s time to die.

it’s the nameless adventurer from the first ep, with a slight makeover because why not. RWBY makes me wanna draw people being badass. I’ve been calling her Miranda.


go la - (/ 1) sra rtsi'i rgyu bse shing gi khu ba; 2) Mgron bu burned ash; 3) [Skt] path of the planets and motion stars [gu ru lci ba &, la gha ma yang ba'i don bsdus pa'i gu la, au'i yon tan ‘phel ba'i go la ste, go: celestial realms, la: vast etc. many meanings mtho bar gnas pa'i planets and stars gyi ris rnams where they are grasped witht faling mtho ris 'dzin &, above houses and sa sa la dus bzhi cricling action having phyogs 'khor dang, ri gling rnams kyi steng du gdugs kyi rnam pas gnas pas zlum po dang, lhun po'i steng du mtho la me dkyil thad kar dma’ bas sgang gshong dang, 'degs byed rlung stobs ljid che zhing 'phul byed rlung stobs kyi nus pa yang bas lci yang zhes kyang bya'o, witin it are nam mkha'i go la dang, skar khyim du rgyu ba'i nyi zla'i go la, sa'i go la etc] [IW]