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I started following you about a month ago because i love your tw posts. Turns out it was perfect timing because like 2 days later you reblogged the in the flesh masterpost and all these lovely edits. I was pretty skeptical bc I never like zombie stuff and I was expecting Kieran to be just another generic main character. But oh man, this show. I’m kind of floored tbh. It’s excellent in so many ways. Kieran is so quietly compelling. And don’t even get me started on simon. I just love it so much

Oh that is so wonderful to hear! I always wonder how people can like my blog since I post so many different things, but you like Teen Wolf and In the Flesh, so that’s great! :D

And oh gosh, Kieren is anything but generic, and neither are any of the other characters, which is what makes this show so unique and special. Even the “bad guys” aren’t generic characters whose only intention is to cause conflict, and I love that. (i think Gary is the only one who is just not a good person who doesn’t care and enjoys doing bad things, but i’m sure even that could be argued by some people). But anyway!

I may have fallen a little in love with you and your words of calling Kieren quietly compelling, oh that is such a beautiful description. And yes Simon, with all of his complexities and deeply rooted pain trembling beneath it all.

These characters are so beautiful!

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Nessa, what is your favorite book that ya'll have published so far? And why?

Oh, that’s not a fair question. I’ve loved so many of them. And I am such a stereotypical Libra when it comes to small decisions. (Life changing ones? No problem. I can weigh pros and cons like you wouldn’t believe. But little open ended ones like this or what do I want to eat? SO HARD.)

So… let’s see.

I really love Lessons on Destroying the World by Gene Gant because it has a great twist. The Supernatuals by Gene Gant is also great because it has great mythological twists and an asexual character. I love Valhalla by Ari Bach (the-walrus-squad) and All the Colors of Love by Jessica Freely because they’re both fun, quirky science fiction stories. I love The 7th of London by Beau Schemery (hedbonstudios) because it’s steampunk! Set in actual Victorian times! Pretty Peg by Skye Allen has great faerie mythology and I adore that. And Lords of Arcadia by John Goode & J.G. Morgan is wonderfully complex world building and mythology with so many faerie creatures.

Why, yes, faeries, mythology, and science fiction are the way to my heart. Why do you ask? ;-)

I can’t stop writing head canon things apparently. Partially based off my own personal head canon and partially based off withprettywords’. I hope I did your idea justice, dear!

It was raining the day Danny got the text from Jackson that had said, in awful text speak, that he managed to get Lydia to agree to go out with him. Danny had shrugged, texted back something congratulatory, and went back to practicing with his sax. If he had been melodramatic or Jackson, he probably would have said the weather reflected his mood, but he wasn’t and it hadn’t because he really didn’t care. Jackson wasn’t his type and Lydia definitely wasn’t his type and Jackson had been pining after Lydia for weeks. It was pathetic to be honest and he’d been glad that Jackson would finally stop.

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