three POC need a place to stay in oakland for a few days! 

so me (withoutmyth), chelsea (popca), and yanitza got accepted to attend SOUL’s National Youth Organizing Training Institute in march. it is for a group we are all a part of called Hearing Youth Voices, but we are all also staff members of theuntitledmag (see you soon!) which is sorta why we are reaching out to tumblr. also cause we are sorta desperate.    our flights are being sponsored but we don’t have the funding to rent a hotel or any of that, so we are looking for places to stay anytime y’all could have us between march 5th and march 11th.  we can be as active or inactive houseguests as you’d like, and even just a night or two would really help.  

  email me  or send an ask if you could help out in any way! thanks so much.

also if you could reblog this to spread the word around that would be super helpful too! 

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I never thought I’d watch it either, I figured I’d be all “Eh, no Buffy? No thanks”…but Angel is surprisingly great on his own. Even when he’s brooding over Buffy from afar.

i always had a love/hate relationship with him where i was like “this dude is cool kinda, but he is so much older than buffy and it weirds me out” so now that they are on their own i’m looking forward to seeing them grow!