On July 04, 1974, Ted and Liz went rafting when Ted pushed Liz into the waters :

“About an hour later, I was sitting on the edge of the raft, paying attention to nothing in particular, when suddenly and without warning, Ted lunged at me, put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me into the river. The plunge into the icy water took my breath away. I came up sputtering and grabbed the rope on the edge of the raft, too dazed for the moment to do more than hang on. I looked up at Ted and our eyes locked. His face had gone blank, as though he was not there at all. I had a sense that he wasn’t seeing me. I struggled to pull myself into the raft. He didn’t move, he didn’t speak. I could find no expression on his face.Why do you have to ruin everything?” I began when I could finally talk. “That’s not funny at all.He still looked at me as if I were a stranger. Then he looked away and said, “It was no big deal. Can’t you take a joke?”” - The Phantom Prince

stripedsilverfeline replied to your post “this might sound silly, but I’m a little sad that you’re deleting your…”

Does that include the HP stuff?

I assume you’re asking about the HP fic? It’s all archived on AO3, and remains at the sam_storyteller mirror on Dreamwidth as well. :) I wouldn’t pull my fic down without a LOT of warning first. And frankly it’s such a huge part of my identity that I can’t imagine doing it at all. 

In a hilarious turn of events, well over a decade after I posted it, Stealing Harry managed to claw its way up and is STILL my personal most popular fanfic by hits on AO3. I discovered this about six months ago and had an extreme what the hell? moment, since it had only been posted to AO3 about a year and a half ago – I have fics that have been at AO3 much longer and had much more attention paid to them, but there it was, Stealing Harry, up top. I was terribly confused until someone pointed out to me that since Stealing Harry was posted to AO3 there had been two new Harry Potter stories (the play and the movie) so HP fandom was having a bit of a renaissance. 

AJ Styles: Shower Series.

No.4 of Shower Series.

Aj was kissing you roughly as he groped your ass. His hard-on was pressed against your wet pussy.

You moaned in his mouth and scratched down his back so you could leave a mark.

He did the same by leaving a love bite on your neck.

“You are mine. Ain’t no one gonna have ya’ now.”

He snaked his hand down to your clit and circled it roughly.

“Yes- oh fuck, daddy…”

“Does that feel good when i stroke your clit like that?”

You hummed in approval and nodded.

“And how about this?”

Without warning, he stuck his fingers inside you. Curling them upwards, and using his thumb as weapon of mass orgasm ( ;) ) against your clit.

Your house was full of heavy breathing and moaning. Mostly your heavy breathing.

“Yes! Oh, finger fuck me deep inside, daddy!”

“Or i could just fuck you with my big cock instead-”


Your sentence was deleted mid-sentence as you felt the hard long shaft of AJ slip inside you.

“Oh…so wet and tight…”

He began to fuck you rougher and harder. Your breasts were going up and down like there was no tomorrow.

Your pussy was being pounded by AJ. No doubt, you WILL be sore in the morning.

Soon, he felt your pussy walls tighten as a sign of your orgasm approaching.

“I’m gonna-!”

Grunting, AJ slammed in you one more time, his load spilling out of you.

“So…same time tomorrow?”

You smirked and thought about seeing AJ again…

Dragon Maid Headcanon 1/?

The weather changes when Fafnir’s emotions reach extremes. When he’s angry it’s stormy, and when he’s sad it rains for hours on end. Happiness brings sunshine, jealousy brings snow and hail.

Tohru and the other dragons know about this, but Fafnir doesn’t like discussing it. It shows he can’t control himself.

When Takiya first confesses, the sun doesn’t disappear for months.

When they fight for the first time, the storm becomes so intense, lightning begins to strike the ground.

When Fafnir sees a bunch of young girls flirting with Takiya at Comiket, snow appears without warning, creating layers of sleet outside outside the comic hall.

The day Takiya dies, Fafnir travels back to his cave for the first time in years. It always rains over Takiya’s old apartment from that day forward.

Topp Dogg: their s/o is embarrassed after saying 'I love you' first

P-Goon: there’s absolutely no reason for you to be embarrassed bc he’ll be as red as a tomatoe as well. He’d look down or anywhere else to avoid your eyes. Then he’d feel bad bc he rly rly loves you too but it’s so hard to express it…but ofc he eventually does and he’d say it often.

Hojoon: he’ll be so starstruck when you say it and won’t be able to breath a word until you snap him out of it. Then without warning, he’ll grab your face and press his lips firmly against yours. After a while, he’d pull away slightly, only to whisper that he loves you more.

Sangdo: this puppy will blush and stutter before managing to get the words out of his mouth. He’d kiss you too, but then he’d feel bad for not saying it properly. He’d look right into your eyes and say those 3 three words with all the love and admiration he feels for you.

Nakta: all smiles and giggles and fluff. You best bet he’ll be smiling for like 96 years after you say it. Ofc he’ll be shy too, but hide his face in the crook of your neck as he whispers it back.

Hansol: he’d pout and pinch your cheeks. “Aw, jagi, don’t be shy…” he’ll smile and kiss you quickly. “I love you too, y/n” he’ll kiss your nose cutely and press a small kiss to your lips. He wouldn’t care that you were shy when you confessed, he’s just full of love for you.

 B-Joo: he’d be a ball of nerves himself, so he wouldn’t exactly notice the fact that you’re nervous as well. He’ll calm himself down eventually and take your hands in his. He’d look into your eyes and smile, saying he loves you more than anything.

Xero: he’d go all wide eyes and gasp, not believing that you said it first. Ofc he’ll comfort you and try not to make you feel bad or be even more embarrassed, so expect lots of hugs. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love you more than myself…” (no but really)

A-Tom: he’d also be one to giggle and blush at first. He’ll nod and not say anything, until you’re not embarrassed anymore and you just wanna hit him. Then he’ll bust out laughing and kiss you, “You’re so cute when you’re flustered, y/n. You know I love you too”

Yano: you should take some time before telling him bc he might get scared and not say it back for a while. He just wants to be sure of his feelings bc he takes these things gs seriously and he doesn’t want to lie to you. But ofc once he’s sure, he’s wrapped around your pinky.

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His cock is in my cunt and he sighs heavily. He pulls out and says “your cunt is worthless! Suck me”. He rolls off me and I begin to give him head. He grabs my hair and pounds my face with his cock. After about 7-8 minutes he yanks my head back and says “when are you going to learn to deep throat? Get on your knees”. He puts a pillow over my head and slaps my ass then mutters about how he doesn’t know why he comes home at all. Then without warning he plunges his cock into my ass. He pounds it hard. He removes the pillow for a minute and tells me my ass is not tight but it’s better than the other two holes. Then he covers my head again and takes out his frustration on my ass. He finally cums hard in my asshole. He pushes me off the bed and as he falls asleep he says “make sure I have tight pussy for tomorrow. Oh and some nice firm tits.”

The Girl With The Bloody Face (Crowley X Reader)




WARNINGS: Violence

A/N: sorry this is so short guys I had to write this quickly while on break from revising. I have a big geography mock this week and I have done NO revision for it yet! God help me!! 

“You know I’d see the day when you were stuck under my boot but it seems today is my lucky day,” I sneered at the dying vampire under my foot. He glared up at me, lying completely still. I knew that I didn’t have much time to showboat but it was so fun, after years of trying to find the bastard I’d finally got him and now was my chance for revenge.

Without warning the vampire sprung up, knocking me on my back as he pushed my foot off his chest. Although this vampire was dying he was as stubborn as an ass and I knew he wouldn’t give up so quickly. I hit the concrete with a thud but quickly jumped back again, ignoring the harsh pain in my lower back. I pulled my machete out of the holster on my thigh and span it in my hand cockily. The vampire snarled and bared its teeth. I did the same.

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You're roleplaying is great. You just have a habit of disappearing without warning.

OOC: That I do! And I always appreciate reminders of it since it helps me stay focused. PLEASE do not be afraid to remind me or poke me or anything. It says nothing about anyone but myself the way I get carried away into another train of thought (it’s something I’ve struggled with for years) so I will try to be more organized–sooner rather than later.

Some shit I hate about bpd, in no particular order:
- codependency/fps being a thing
- easily addicted to e v e r y t h i n g
- form attachments too damn quickly
- breakdowns over the smallest thing, with no notice beforehand
- sobbing. For hours.
- “there’s no medication specifically for this”
- every doctor and therapist getting frustrated as hell with you
- pushing people away. Then being clingy. Then pushing away. Then
- severe depression without warning. Who knows where it came from. Who knows how long it’ll last
- the constant desire to self harm
- suicidal thoughts that never *really* go away
- am I getting sick, or is it Med side effects? Should I be worried? Should I care?
- really really bad at taking care of myself
- need to be held. Constantly
- the smallest thing hurts. So. Much.
- using every self destructive coping mechanism you can just so you can feel .5% less shitty for a bit
- “why can’t you just try harder!!!!”
- trauma making it worse
- do I have a right to be upset about this or nah?
- am I getting manic or am I just happy?
- going completely batshit insane sometimes
- hospitals. Ugh
- the extreme amount of work it takes to fix even one thing that’s wrong with you/that you’re doing. And the constant effort to maintain it
- relapse. Relapse. Relapse.
- being afraid you’ll never be able to have a career/get married/have kids/ etc
- the slightest change throwing you off

🌸 March fics 🌸

» All The Love (I Cannot Give You) by julietlovestory

A story in which Lance loves Keith. Keith loves Lance. But their lives are not easy and their destinies hold way too much responsibility to just give into fleeting things like—like feelings. 

» and i’ll keep you a daydream away by maradyer

“He’s killing me,” Lance groans, head in his hands.

» Blue Halo by MyDearOuroboros

Keith goes to a company-funded party in a strip club, gets gratuitously drunk, and kinda sorta falls in love.

» Blue Is The Loneliest Color by jokeywrites

soul mate
ˈsōl ˌmāt/
noun: soulmate
a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

» Brave New World by Juiliet

The ultimate Klangst post wormhole story in which both boys pine together

» Change Hurts by PotatoBender

Any change that happened fast, without warning, was always the worst, most unbearable thing for Keith.

» curing space blues by tusslee

The weightlessness of zero gravity doesn’t apply to feelings, Lance learns.

» E O Mai by A. E. Stover

He’s homeless and poor and gay and illegally sells fish to get by, and that’s how he comes upon a dead man in his net. Only, it’s not a dead man, because this ‘man’ has the legs of a fish.

» Every Reality by celestia

In every possible reality the two paladins are destined to find each other and take comfort in one another.

» Flirting With Death by drippingpen

Keith commits the ultimate taboo as a grim reaper: he saves a life.

More specifically, he saves Lance’s life.

» free throw by breadpoetsociety

“He introduced me to the greatest love of my life. And, actually, that’s not basketball. But his brother, Keith Kogane.”

» Fuck Me Up by Azure_Wavelet

Okay but consider: Keith pretending to be lance’s boyfriend to ruin lance’s attempts to flirt with aliens

» honey, i’m no superman by redburn

Lance is a reporter. Keith is the masked vigilante who saves him.

» I Found Love by SeaBreezy and thesearchingastronaut

Keith is just trying to live his life as a freelance illustrator with his cat, keeping up with bills by having two part-time jobs.

» It Grows Stronger by tylerproposey

5 times Keith helped Lance out of a situation and the 1 time Lance tried to pay back the saves.

» i’m right here by memesofbees

That was it.

This thunderstorm, this natural disaster consuming his stomach, up his spine. Multiplying into his bones.

» I’m With You by spacegaykogane

Lance pinned the whole mission down to four huge missteps:
The first was in sending Keith with him.

» Lilac Sky by rinthegreat

Shiro’s missing, Keith has anxiety, and Lance’s soulmate doesn’t talk to him. What else is new?

» Meet Me on the Battlefield by TheSpace_Dragon

On the battlefield, anything can happen. Never turn a blind eye to the possibilities.

» Predestination by elfenphoenix

Ten thousand years ago the Blue Paladin was Altean, and the Red Paladin was Galra.
Ten thousand years ago, in peacetime, the Red and Blue Paladins fell in love.
Ten thousand years ago, war broke out, and love that was once encouraged became heresy.
Ten thousand years ago, the Red and Blue paladins made a promise they couldn’t keep.

» red down a dead end by anihanki

Keith and Lance holding hands underneath library tables, kissing in corridors, with the south and a cross hanging over them.

» Talk It Out by KaSaPe

Lance doesn’t want to talk about it. At all. Not with Keith, not with anyone else. But somehow, one way or another, Keith gets him to open up. And Lance’s reward? A new boyfriend.

» tell me that you love me too by ciuucalata

Five times Lance tells Keith he’s in love with him and the one time he doesn’t.

» tethering by fairyuphoria

Okay, so, maybe pressing weird Altean buttons on the side of your head gear wasn’t the best idea, but Lance sure as hell didn’t expect this to happen.

» the courage of stars by judlane

“Congratulations. Consider yourself a life-long prisoner of the Galra Empire. You should be honored,” Commander Keith hissed as he leaned close, breath hot on Lance’s skin.

» the kind of hope that keeps people going; by abendtrot

Recipe for Lance: two cups of smiles, three tablespoons of flirtation, two cups of insecurity and a teaspoon of cockiness to cover up that insecurity’s sting.

Recipe for Keith: three cups of anger, two cups of “it’s not a phase!”, a dash of occasional smiles, and a giant helping of the hots for Lance.

Recipe for an explosion: put the two together.

» time out of mind by aknightley

Keith and Lance wake up married. In the future.

» Torrent by spookyknight

Paladins red and blue find calm in the storm on a treacherous uninhabited planet.

» What Are You Waiting For? by Basingtei

Spending the day dancing and sharing a wall at night is a recipe for a lovely disaster. 

» with quiet words i’ll lead you in by strikinglight

“Take it slow.” Keith’s voice is steady, but as Lance’s eyes struggle to focus his face is a blur. The image goes shaky and then comes clear, shaky then clear, like looking into water. “Pretend it’s low tide. Tell me about the ocean again.”

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You know, canon.

Bless these anti-social wilderness babies. Stalking people all day and all night before finally deciding to approach them.

I accidentally turned on a few layers at once and got this adorable huddle. Hahaha.