“why do people call me dumb”

godzillasflyingpizza replied to your photoset “I am really trying to make this giant sweater work, because it’s…”

that sweater is great! i love chunky ridiculous 80s-90s sweaters! they are my bag

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It works! It looks like you got it by beating an old grandpa at chess, but like he was totally cool with giving it to you.

Ha, thank you both! I had mostly been wearing it as a snuggly at-home layer, but I’m working on rocking it outside the house without feeling like a suburban Minnesota mom (nothing wrong with them; I just am not one!). I can live with won-it-off-a-grandpa instead!

me: there would be no reason for me to contact that person again. i am fine and better without them and nothing good would come out of trying to talk to them again. it would be a horrible and uneccessary idea




me: unless…. it would be a good idea

All I want for this year’s Christmas is Sherlock and John living together again in 221B Baker street, solving crimes, making jokes, John tidying a mess in the kitchen after one of Sherlock’s experiments and Sherlock complaining about John’s laziness when he refuses to pass him a phone. And just see them BOTH happy again. Please and thank you.

Plan to end statue cone 'withdrawn'

The plastic traffic bollard on the statue of the Duke of Wellington has become an i-cone-ic image of Glasgow.

So cone-troversial plans to cone-sider cone-structing a new plinth caused cone-sternation, and were widely cone-demned on line.

Cone-verts to the proposal argued that the statue needs to be cone-served.

And, they said, the Duke’s headgear presents a depressing image of the city, and cone-stantly removing it wastes cone-siderable amounts of cone-cil tax payers money.

This morning one man agreed this is a joke which stopped being funny years ago.

But now the authority seems to have cone-ceeded that most people love seeing the cone in place.

bbc scotland don’t you have anything else to do

I wanted to quit and just leave this inequitable world, but I don’t want them to be sad when I’m gone. I don’t want to see them suffering from my absence and longing for my presence. It will make me feel regret and selfish. So, I keep on finding my way back and surviving each day, even though I already surrendered the fight. I’m picking up the pieces, maybe there’s still a solution left to make things better. They lend me their feet in order for me to walk, they push me to move and inspire me to continue. Without them, I am a mess, lost, nothing and incomplete. Without them, I won’t be where I am right now. Thank you for giving me the right kind of support.