Te Amo, Pt. 1


It started to get really long and it was only halfway through (also, it’s getting late again) so I’m going to post this in two parts. It’s based on a combination of several of my own headcanons. I hope you like it!

Raphael agrees to teach Simon how to touch Jewish symbols without being burned.

Contains self-harm.

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What if: Fandom AU | Only Lovers Left Alive x Iron Man AU / Frostiron | Part VIII
Inspired Music: The Taste of Blood - Jozef Van Wissem & SQÜRL
Bad Moon Rising - July Talk

SUB-PLOT (Cont.):
Weeks pass after Tony had broken ties with Adam, days without any contact from the vampire he hoped would give him a call that would end the silence between them. But slowly as the months passed, Tony couldn’t help but worry, in spite of the fact that he had left Adam to his own devices. He starts to have doubts about whether he had made the right choice and decides to see him, against his better judgement, just to see if Adam is safe and well.

Having visited Adam’s house more times than he can count, Tony uses the hidden key to enter the house. But what Tony finds inside will consequently change his life forever.

Fic #6

“Adam, buddy… please… stop.
Tony whispered, his voice barely audible. His grasp around Adam’s neck was slowly loosening, his body becoming heavy and limp. The pain digging into his neck - Adam’s fangs- were still strong, drawing his blood away. But even that feeling was numbing. Everything was just cold, so cold… Tony closed his eyes, hoping against hope that Adam will be able to hear him through the frenzied state he was in. The darkness swallowed him quickly, relieving him of the present.

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So I was just thinking about fanfiction (because I’m always thinking about fanfiction), and there’s this really fascinating thing that’s come out of the fanfiction community with AUs like the A/B/O AU and BDSM AU and Sentinel/Guide AU and Soulmate AU where most of them for the most part developed almost entirely inside of the fanfiction community (with the S/G AU being kind of the exception, although from what I understand there’s a lot of stuff that’s fanon within the broader fanfiction community without having any actual basis in canon), and they’re basically the same across fandoms, or at least to the degree that, say, vampire mythos is, where authors have to acknowledge the pre-existing mythos before deviating from it, usually by referring to it as the “stereotype” or a misinformed opinion held by the public. 

And this is fascinating, because we’ve basically formed our own loose story bibles and mythos around things that people semi-independently made up while all just sort of existing in the same place, and someone writing an A/B/O fanfic now might never have read the original A/B/O fanfic or even a story written by someone who’s read the original A/B/O fanfic, and so on, and so they basically evolved sort of like how real mythos evolve instead of how stories spawn fanfiction, and now I want to do research on this.

The Vampire Diaries.

The Vampire Diaries began with Stefan Salvatore and it will end with Stefan Salvatore. The show is telling his story, and every other character in the show, whether it be Caroline, Damon, or Elena, just happen to be a part of his story. Never forget the first words uttered on TVD - ‘For over a century, I have lived in secret; hiding in the shadows, alone in the world. Until now. I am a vampire. And this is MY story.’ And this is one of many reasons why the show can and will go on without Elena. If the show was telling her story, then they would have ended it with her exit. But they didn’t because the show isn’t about her. Yes she is/was a big part of the show and Stefan’s story, but now we are going to see all the other aspects of his story, like his blossoming romance with Caroline, his undying brotherly love with Damon, and many other story lines to come that complete his story. Stefan Salvatore is the heart and soul of The Vampire Diaries. Period. And no one can tell me different, because they would be wrong.

anonymous asked:

on #1191 what are the other echeladder rungs did you come up for Rose, are they as original as "Lighten up" (>≧◡≦)>

I’m glad you asked because those echeladder rungs are without a doubt the most creative piece that I’ve have ever come up with (obvious joke due to total lack of creativity)… they are as followed

  • Lighten up
  • Rose to the Occasion
  • I Seer what you did there
  • Light em Up
  • Another light pun
  • Lesbian Vampire Lover (which I actually spelt wrong)
  • Wizard Pun

and  the pinnacle of creativity 

  • Cat

which was used to make sure the Thrones covered a large portion of the echeladder.

and the rest is HorrorTerror gibberish so idk about that part..

                    DANIEL GILLIES GIF HUNT [PART ONE] 

↳ Under the cut you will find +310 HQ small / medium gifs of Daniel Gillies best known for his roles in The Originals, Saving Hope and The Vampire Diaries. All of these gifs are mine and have been made by me. These gifs were created for the purposes of roleplaying, and roleplaying only. If you wish to add them to your own gif hunts / crackships, contact me first! Do not redistribute these gifs without my permission. Please like / reblog this if you found it useful — Some of these gifs contain blood, violence and are NSFW.  

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The bullshit ideas of TVD season 6...so far...

Number One: The Cure, why is that back in our lives, it was shit the first time, why bring it back, except to facilitate Nina leaving…IT IS NOT AN EXCUSE!

Number Two: YOU CANNOT HAVE A VAMPIRE WITCH HYBRID!!!!! This was one of the core parts of the mythology, if you ignore that then what is the point of carrying on without making more bullshit?

Number Three: Are we just going to ignore the fact that if Elena becomes human again, she will reactivate the doppelganger line, meaning that Klaus will be able to make hybrids again, and potentially when another one comes along in 500 years…or is that no longer relevant because he is on The Originals?

Number Four: The Originals.

Number Five: Humanity-less Caroline is not as fun without Klaus there…Stefan as a rippah is fine though.

Number 6: Stefan being able to turn his humanity back on so easily, Lexi struggled for decades to get it back properly…just bullshit, bullshit on the whole thing.

I kinda feel like the old grandma in this fandom right now. Like, “back in my day we had to walk to good representation. In 3 feet of sweeps week lesbianism. Up subtext hill BOTH ways.”

The world isn’t perfect. Fictionally or realistically. But even amongst the bad we have 2 bisexual leads and a queer main character on the same network. As well as several male queer characters and other established women loving women across different television networks.

Currently, the story most affecting me, is Alex Danvers. A WLW relationship being treated as the main ship on Supergirl. No other relationship has been mentioned or explored since the first episode of season 2. And the writing/directing of Agent Danvers’ realization and coming out has been amazingly realistic. The most amazing part however, is Chyler Leigh’s portrayal.

I haven’t been this excited about a TV show week after week since Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Even without the lesbians! And there’s tumblr and Twitter to talk about it. To see other fans geeking out just as hard.

Man, you kids have it so much easier than back in my day ;)


paradise is lost | a Santanico x Elena fanmix

01. are we now what we’ll be? are we fixed or free? / 02. hand in hand we stand, strangers in this land / 03. you’re a spark without flame, I’m a desert in the rain, you’re a mountain and I’m a stepping stone / 04. her eyes look sharp and steady into the empty parts of me / 05. come back from the future, before we didn’t fall / 06. no masters or kings, when the ritual begins, there is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin / 07. down in that darkness, you met all the things you feared, and I knew, I knew there was nothing I could do / 08. I see them snakes come through the ground, they choke me to the bone / 09. don’t leave me on my own / 10. feral hearts, in the night, loving like we’ve been kept captive, free to light, feral hearts, come alive / 11. the moon lives in the lining of your skin / 12. light reflects from your shadow, it is more than I thought could exist / 13. the undone and the divine

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