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(20F) My girlfriend was being bratty after a spanking, so on my way out I stole all her panties, and everything that wasn’t one of her shortest, tightest skirts. She came into the lecture hall dressed as I had planned. Tiny skirt, no panties, blushing. My lovely slut. She tries to hide it, but she adores this. I think I’ll give her her clothes back if she makes it through dinner tonight without letting anyone see that shaved little snatch. We’re having dinner with her family tonight.


#InvisiblyDisabledLooksLike: Ambulatory wheelchair user with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & comorbid conditions (Chronic Pain, POTS, ND, HoH, etc)

Standing up doesn’t mean my EDS is getting “better”, my limited ability to walk (average limit is about a minute) is PART of my disability. I use mobility aids interchangeably depending on situation and need.

Even if I am not using an aid, or you THINK I’m not using an aid, i.e. orthopedic shoes, ankle braces, knee braces, I am STILL disabled; still dealing with symptoms that you wouldn’t know about unless I told you, such as chronic pain, pulmonary, and cardiovascular issues (POTS/Dysautonomia) which also limit my ability to stand.

If you see someone without visible aids, remember that there’s no way you could know what pain or disability they have before you pass judgement.

[Image Description: a collage of photos of Annie wearing a long skirt, denim jacket, glasses, and a red beanie. At the center she is standing without any aids, and around the center image are photos of her; on where she is lifting her skirt to reveal a knee brace, one standing with a cane, one sitting in a manual wheelchair, and one sitting in an electric power chair.]

  This may or may not be fake news (because I’ve got a pretty shitty memory) but I believe this blog is about two years old now? People have come and gone, hell, even I’ve been spotty every once in awhile, but even so, the precious beans bellow have made an impact on both my muse and I. And for that, I’ll be ever grateful. So ready or not, I’m about to be a sap:

The Squad

I’d feel hella naked without seeing you guys posts on my dash.


Taylor and I have known each other for years, and I finally forced her FORCIBLY into the Marvel fandom. If I went to write sappy shit about her we’d be here all day. So I’m just gonna say, she’s a giant squeeb and you all should follow her and give her love and send her like..pictures of donuts or something. She’d appreciate all of that.


Honestly, the mun seems so cute? Okay I know we don’t talk a lot, but I really do high key count you as a member of my squad, one of the founding pillars of the shitstorm I call my blog. I love reading your threads when I see them pop up and I kinda wanna squish ya whenever you talk ooc


Maddy is such a special and caring person and has been NOTHING but encouraging since day one. Did I mention she’s also a meme king? Her jokes can be pretty embarrassing but they are also always funny–I dunno, vote Maddy into office when you get the chance you won’t regret it.


Wes, hi hello. I’m not gonna write anything important here just to spite you–and I think that sums up the most prominent and important part of our friendship. But here, have some emojis  😚 👌 🖕 💁🏾

People that I Interact with and adore

@ofrxvia, @dxvilhunter, @czarnianassassin, @mistressofmythsandlegends, @arrowsbro, @youonlywishiwasvenom, @exolazarus, @wolfrahne, @bigdumbbigguy, @incubabe, @profxisajerk, @violetxarcher, @fuilteach, @thefrozenladiesman, @ziminiiysnipcr

People I drool over from far away

@wobblemywebs, @outlawiism, @diabolgod, @backoffbub, @poolstorybro, @avalanchiing, @doctrinate, @ifworthy, @ironimmortal

Honorable Mentions!!

@focusedtotality, @ragelaced, @wanda-maximoff, @beyondinjustice, @legixnxfmuses, @feliciaxxhardy, @wondrouswarrior @phcenixgirl

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God help her. She can't even pull off lingerie without it looking tacky. What the hell is that?

A hot mess?

No clue but I remember when it was posted people kept saying it was a cute dress( I was like omg don’t you all know a négligé when you see one? Might be a teddy. Hard to tell without seeing the bottom hidden by the apron. But its not a dress. ). and even mi/ar/re/ns were posting about her possibly being drunk or high.

They then later tried to convince themselves that d flew in that night from Canada, stayed an hour or so and flew back. Though B signature jacket was right next to her seat at the table. In fact many times people say she is out with D, that was b’s jacket. Oh oh and then they said well obvious they cyber sexed it. Who oo oo okay.

Even with the snap of Ben in the car they still swear she was with d at dinner. Though the guys arm is the damn pinstripe jackets b was wearing. Its crazy.

Richie is a mess

  • stan hates how messy richie is
  • richie’s glasses piss him off
  • how can he deal with the finger prints??
  • can he even see out of them they’re so smudged
  • stan always has to take them from richie, clean then with a cloth he carries specifically for him, and place them back on richie’s smiling face
  • richie adores it
  • he can’t see stan without his glasses, he’s just a blurry blob
  • richie thinks he still looks adorable
  • even before they were dating, richie couldn’t resist kissing his cheek when stan put them back on his face
  • then he would proceed to push his glasses up with his finger, right on the lens
  • just to push stans buttons
  • stan rolled his eyes
  • “I TRY to help”
  • “aw you know I appreciate it, stan the man”
  • stan loves him despite his horribly messy glasses, room, and personality
  • he may be a mess, but he’s stan’s mess

@miilkydayz @robinine-blog @donaldtheduckdad Loving all the Della angst on my dash, but it’s all so heavy. I need some fluff for balance.

Imagine Della, after her return, locking Donald in a chest lock in annoyance because he’s being stubborn. Her arms are under his arms around his chest, so he can’t get at her.

“Now kids, I’ll show you the best ways how to make your Uncle laugh.” A devilish grin that Donald can sense without seeing because he knows that tone freezes him. He then starts struggling in terror. But that moment of terror is one moment too long. A quack interrupts him as Della digs on finger into his side and drags it down.

“That’s chea-eating, Della! Let m-me go!”

“You just don’t want to admit that I got you good at our competition, lil brother.”

“No, I won!” Because some good old-fashioned sibling rivalry is a good excuse reason to start a tickle-fight.

She tickles across his stomach, evoking a gasp that already sounds close to laughter. He does his best to stay calm but she’s always been good at this, and again, she’s cheating, and he tells her as much. By now Della is laughing as well because the kids finally dove in and Donald isn’t their only target. It evolves into an all-out tickle war, everybody against everybody. Donald is grinning and laughing as he’s buried under a pile of kids or when he snatches up Louie and Webby to get at their feet, and Della’s face hurts from her own grin.

Later, they rest on the ground in exhaustion, watching the clouds pass by on the sky. The children are dozing, snuglged against each other and the adults. Louie passed out draped across both Della and Donald.

Donald tilts his head towards her. He has that funny arch to his eyebrows when he tries to act unimpressed.

“Is that what you call bonding activity? Trying to kill me from lack of air?” He whispers because he doesn’t want to wake the kids.

She snorts and whispers back. It feels like back in time when they were this young themselves.

“As if you didn’t have fun, Donnie. You got into it like the kids did.”

They continue bickering even though it’s not bickering anymore. It’s easy, warm talking as they slowly grow sleepy, their heads coming to rest against each other. When their breathing is finally slow and even, the kids peer up and grin at each other.


Hey @elizabethrobertajones, Happy Birthday!  Lots of love from your SPN Family!

“Whatcha doin?” you heard from behind you, startling you from your concentration.  You turned, probably a guilty and embarrassed look on your face.

“Nothing…” you said unconvincingly, making Misha only want to come see even more.

As he walked toward you, you cringed.  You knew from experience that Misha wouldn’t let you out of this situation without seeing what you were hiding, so you just sat back, letting your computer screen be shown to the room.

Misha leaned over your shoulder, eyes scanning your screen quickly.  As he read, you chewed a nail, wondering what his reaction would be.

“What’s….meta?” Misha asked, reaching over to scroll up a bit. 

“Oh, you know.  Thoughts and analysis and stuff…”  Your eyes were glued to the screen, not wanting to look at Misha’s face.

“So you publish and share thoughts and analysis and stuff about Supernatural online?” Misha clarified, still scrolling.

You shrugged, giving a noncommittal noise.  Another thirty seconds passed…

And Misha laughed.

“Oh my God, Y/N, you’ve got to let me in on this.  We need to disperse all sorts of crazy things!  People talk and share everything on here!”

You scoffed, but were secretly happy.  Misha wasn’t making fun of you (at least not how you knew he was capable of) for analyzing his television show.  He seemed to actually be interested.

Better than what would have happened if Jared or Jensen walked in, that’s for sure.

Happy birthday from @just-another-busy-fangirl

We spent our Saturday with our beautiful best friends on the west coast. The drive was so peaceful, I am so happy we did not take ‘Alligator Alley’ and chose the road that drove through small towns and past farms with cows roaming freely with Egrets.
It was a much needed break from the ‘go, go, go’!
I feel so lucky to have a best friend like Shana. You don’t really get to fully appreciate that friendship until you go so long without seeing each other, and when you do, it’s as if you spent every day with them.
I can’t get over Luca and the way he and Ellie ‘talked’ to each other! 😍 At one point they both were babbling and getting SO emotional! It was as if they had their own language. Ellie made ‘talking’ sounds that we never heard before! It was so magical. Babies are so in-tune with everything and are SO aware of everything. I hope to move closer when our friends do! That way our babies can see each other more often. 💛
@siriamardev I love you, girl! It is so nice to have a friend, and soul sister who is similar to you! It’s the best feeling to have someone understand EVERYTHING you are thinking/feeling on almost everything in life! Especially motherhood and the way we want to raise our children.


hiatus end.

     [ Yo everybody! I’m finally back from my four week/month long hiatus! That was such a long time to be without Nnoitra holy shit… I was so lonely. I wanna say a big THANK YOU to everyone who messaged me! It’s so nice to feel that I’ve been missed, and to know that people would think about me without seeing me on their dash. And, thank you to everyone who left me a nice message on the hiatus post, wishing me good luck and stuff like that! - Clenches heart - You guys are too precious. The whole reason why I went on hiatus was because a doctor wanted me to try some medication + no typing, to try and get rid of some inflammation that was making my condition worse… But, what do you know… I only got worse and so I probably don’t have inflammation after all. So that was four weeks wasted r i p . But it’s alright because I can finally write again! Expect lots of activity bc I missed my boy so much <5 !!!!!!!!! ]

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I feel like Chelsea looks almost the same as before she had Watson tbh? Like she might be slightly skinnier but she doesn't seem to be too small to me, no more than she was previously. I feel like we all just got used to seeing her with a belly + a little leftover baby weight right after that seeing her without it looks strange haha

She’s looking awesome!! 

Y’all I’m on YouTube looking for trans people of color and do not see a lot of videos at all. On the other hand, I see a lot of trans representation from white people who are in the community and the difference in numbers is staggering. Any trans representation in the media is good but there needs to be more information and stories about transgender people of color. 

How are people of color who are questioning their gender identity and/or their sexuality supposed to learn more about themselves without seeing other people who look like themselves. There needs to be more resources for tpoc with coming out to yourself, coming out to your family members and friends, navigating your identity with your religion, etc… I know from experience that it is hard trying to figure out yourself when you do not have very many resources to meet other people who looks like yourself. 

We need to hear more stories about trans people and color and how these identities have impacted their lives. We deserved to be heard and we deserve to be seen. Things need to change.

i dunno whats up with this narrative bronies are trying to push where they keep insisting that they were “never actually that bad” 

yes you were. yes you fucking were. five years ago i couldn’t go a single day without seeing mlp content shoved in my face. no matter where i went or who i unfollowed, it made its way to my computer screen every single day. i would consider it a lucky day if the content was SFW. it often was not. 

cropped porn avatars. MLP dolls modded to have fleshlights in them. little girls attending “brony cons” only to be met with grown men discussing the asses of MLP characters. screencaps of the show highlighting the horses asses with the captions “THEY KNOW WE’RE CLOPPING AND THEY LIKE IT” 

i remember it all. we all remember. you can insist that you were never “that bad” but we all remember. 

there will never be “the new bronies.” people can get stabbed over mcdonalds sauce. steven universe fans can send death threats over fanart being too skinny. voltron fans can harass each other for bad headcanons. at least i can avoid seeing it if i want to. i could never avoid bronies, they were far too pervasive. far too enthusiastic. they were ever-present, inescapable, and they were always horny. horny for child cartoon horses.

there was a time when you couldn’t google a mlp character’s name without getting porn, even with the strictest safesearch on. it’s different now, thank god, but there was that time. that time a bunch of horny grown men stole something away from children and turned it in to something that children simply could not have. 

i’m not going to forget that. i wish i could, but i can’t. and i won’t. i will never forgive bronies for making me know what “clopping” is. don’t @ me, motherfucker. 

sometimes i think im overreacting and i dont have The Disorder at all but then i re-read the diagnostic criteria and its a personal fucking drag