The jury found Diana guilty. He received a $3,000 fine, was ordered to stay away from minors and given three years’ probation – one of the conditions of which was that he was not allowed to draw. He did anyway: “I was told the police could make unannounced visits at any time, without a warrant, to see if I was drawing cartoons. I used to hide paintings in the trunk of my car and get them out at 2am to work on, when I was hoping the police might have better things to do.


It was the Mike Diana case that really made me decide which side I was on, when it came to free expression for artists. The article, on Mike Diana and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, is an excellent one.

Take aways from my weekend:
-I will always cry at the end of the answer, even when I’ve watched it twice back to back because my fiancée is new to SU and was so charmed by it
-I may be getting married THIS JUNE if things come together

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fun story about homestuck n getting away from people (u already knew this but im spreading it to ur gay ass followers): i got into homestuck around the same time as i decided i wasnt happy in a relationship any more, and my first attempt to leave him was a failure and afterwards i got so obnoxiously into homestuck that by the time i said again i still want to break he did it without fuckin hesitating :3

see folks this is not a bad fandom to be in…. the homestuck cringe can be WEAPONIZED

So many people tell me “enjoy ur own company” “love being lonely” and wallah i get it i am someone who can sit in my room for a week without speaking or seeing anyone but fam I DO GET BORED OF MYSELF AFTER A WHILE LMAO

Theme Set : Loneliness
  • Looking at old photographs in your wallet until your throat aches and your eyes sting with longing for the past.
  • Lying on your bed for hours on end, staring at the ceiling without really seeing anything but simultaneously seeing every single memory that you hold close. 
  • Feeling heavy and sick to your stomach when you hear about any of your friends making plans together, watching them go about their lives without you. 
  • Creating conversations in your head that you know will never happen, but getting emotional about them just the same because to you they’re real somehow.
  • Wanting to slip out of existence for a brief moment, just to see who would notice your absence. 
  • Holding too tightly to little scraps of memories, ticket stubs and dried flowers and scribbled notes that you passed back and forth in school. 
  • Mentally begging someone not to let go when they finally hug you, burning the memory into your brain so you have something to keep you warm at night.

There was a time when she cared what you thought. There was once a moment in time where she thought you were “the one.” When the two of you sat out in the summer heat, nighttime closing in, and talked about forever. There was a time when she believed in you, when she cherished you, when she trusted you. There was a time when she couldn’t imagine anyone else laying beside her in bed, whispering “I love you” for the first time. She thought she had the real thing; she thought she wouldn’t ever hear those words from anyone else, because she didn’t want too. She only wanted you. How does that feel? To know that she can’t even look at you now without seeing wasted time and tangible regrets? She looks at you and sees nothing. You are nothing. She wishes she would have trusted her but in the beginning, because now she’s realizing all the time she’s wasted. She has had others touch her body and her heart, and she wishes that you had never known her love, because she has less to give to her new lovers. But still, she herself is more now that you are not around. She is more than she ever was, since you’ve left. There was a time when she cared about you, but that feels like ancient memories now.

Real Talk

So my young cousin, who we call Daedae, and I bonded a lot over TMNT and other comics. And he wanted me explain a lot about the 2012 series (saying he wanted to get back into watching it), and as we’re browsing the ‘tmnt raph’ page on google all this tcest art showed up and omfg… Like having to explain the rules of fandom, rule 34, and freedom to ship was a roller coaster. He even told me about how he couldn’t Google certain cartoons without seeing similar content. What’s funny is, him still being a young kid, still could say “I don’t agree with this, but I understand I have no control over it and that’s okay.”

Like gee, isn’t that a lesson for everyone - especially in this fandom.

You have every right to ship what you’d like. How you’d like. You don’t have to agree with it, but don’t blind yourself into thinking you have control over others and the fandom.

You don’t. You really don’t.

Jfc I wish I could go more than 2 minutes without seeing some annoying bullshit sexuality discourse like bro having a root ain’t as complicated as y'all wanna make it out to be

    He is delighted when the other finally gives in to his affections and leans his body against the touch of his lips and hand, when Kei cups his face to make their lips find each other he makes sure to cage him in against the couch, kissing him back in tandem and smiling against his paler tiers, letting the hand that was wandering southern bring the younger’s hips closer against his own.

    “That’s better, I don’t like when you get feisty.” He may not mean to sound so… insensitive, but it’s clear by his statement that he doesn’t care if what he said before hurt his lover or not, a part of him wishes it did stay on his mind and that it would cloud his feelings at night. If Kei realized just how damn… addicting he was, he did fear he would leave. His hand had already slipped under the other’s pants, teasing the tip of his slightly stiffened length with his thumb.

    “You owe me, for the time you killed me… and I have some… pretty ideas in mind.”    

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Quick little note

To the Lapidot and Amedot shippers, as someone who ships both, I’ve noticed that for every Amedot hate blog/post/edit/comic/pic/etc, there’s a Lapidot hate blog/post/edit/comic/pic/etc and vice versa.

Not to sound like a mom or anything, but before you post hate on a ship, think about how you would feel if you saw the same post with your otp.

You also make the rest of the shippers look bad. The main complaints I see in the Lapidot vs. Amedot ship war is “They’re always putting hate in our tags”.

And no, this isn’t a “You have to like every ship ever” post. This is just a “Don’t be a dick” post.

Please. I just want to scroll through these tags without seeing hate anymore.

Also, this is true with other ships and fandoms and everything.

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“You do look fetching in black..”

“So do you… especially when it’s one of my shirts” he leaned in and kissed Cassie “But if you like me in black you should see me without it”



Just some of my old drawings from the DL genre when I started using 'Digital Software' and figured I’d post them. 
I will be posting some of my new works shortly, once I get more practice with my tablet!

Please note: The drawing of Yuma and Yui was based off a pose I had found on Google, because I was terrible with proportioning ‘couple’ poses.

Please do not repost without permission, thank you.

See you…

Bringing Color (16/?) | MARKSON

Title: Bringing Color
Pairings: Mark Tuan/Jackson Wang
Rating & Extra Tags: T, Soulmate AU

Summary: Everyone is born without the ability to see color. You only develop the ability to see them when you find your perfect match. Once you find them, the spectrum and intensity of the colors you see grows as you become more attached to the other person. The bad news is that when that person dies, so does your ability to see world’s color.

For as long Mark can remember, he’s thought the whole soulmates deal was a rip off. When he turns 22 and still hasn’t seen a single spec of color, he starts to accept the inevitable fact that he’ll either never find his match or they’re already dead. Or maybe they never even existed.

But when he accidentally falls into Jackson at the airport, his entire world changes. He only had to travel to the other end of the globe to understand what love really was.

Words: 37,079 and counting

Read it on AO3 or AFF.

I need to vent

I typically don’t like subjecting you guys to negative things in my personal life. I like to keep my blog a safe place where people know they can always find happiness and good vibes no matter what. But all of this has been building up for so long, and I think I just need to put it out there in the universe in a tangible form so I can physically see that I have somewhat released all this pent up negativity.

 I tried to time this so that most of you are asleep/at work/in school so hopefully this gets buried by the time you log on. I will also put the actual bitching part under a “read more” so you can just scroll on by without seeing anything. 

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