Work was always getting in the way of his time with Lestrade. There would be times when he would have to go several days, sometimes even multiple weeks without seeing him in person, feeling his lips against his own, or even just a touch of his hand as they sat beside each other. Mycroft exhaled deeply, tapping his fingers against his knee as he waited for the American ambassador to arrive at the British embassy. He was stuck overseas dealing with tedious politicians while Greg was back in London, dealing with… well, their usual life.

And the DI missed him just as much.

Every night, right on cue, Mycroft would instant message him as soon as he got back to the room. Of course, he could afford an international phone plan, but Greg couldn’t, and insisted that Mycroft not get one for the both of them. Reluctantly, the man agreed and settled for nightly chats on his laptop.

MH: I do apologize for this extended stay in the States. It is ever so tedious, Gregory.

The notification on his phone’s app lit up and Greg beamed as he saw who it was from. Of course it was nearly 3AM in London, but it was worth it to talk to Mycroft Holmes. He quickly tapped out his reply, yawning as he did so.

It’s taking too long. I haven’t seen you in forever, Myc. When will you be home? And just what am I supposed to do with all this delicious food I made while you were gone? -GL

A small smile appeared on Mycroft’s lips as he saw the response, and the smile grew as he realized just how instant that reply had been. Conclusion: Greg had been waiting up for his reply. It warmed the Iceman’s heart to know that someone wanted to talk to him as much as Lestrade did.

MH: That depends on what you made, my dear. Anyway, how is London faring without me? Sherlock hasn’t decimated it yet, has he?

The entire city is falling into ruins as we speak, Mycroft. I don’t think England will last much longer without you here to save it. ;) -GL

MH: Although your attempt at trying to make me worry more about you is working, please refrain from using those dastardly emoticons, Gregory. We are not teenagers with a crush on one another.

Speak for yourself. :P -GL

MH: Gregory for goodness sake. Just picture me sighing, absolutely exasperated and wondering why on earth I put up with you.

As Mycroft’s pale fingers dashed out his latest reply, he couldn’t help the feeling of joy he felt at being able to just talk to someone as easily as he could with this man. It was utterly ridiculous sometimes, but he absolutely adored that about him.

Greg meanwhile, scratched his head, rubbing his eyes. His smile was a sleepy one, but it was there nonetheless. Before he could reply to that, Mycroft sent another message, berating him for still being awake.

MH: It is nearly half 3, Gregory. Why on earth are you awake?

I couldn’t go to bed until I talked to you. It’s kind of become part of my routine. Obviously, it would be better if you were actually here, so I could hug you. -GL

And… other things. -GL

MH: Other things? Care to elaborate?

Greg swallowed harshly, having just said that as a flirtatious joke. Now he was worried he may have said something wrong. With Mycroft, sometimes it was hard to tell. Luckily, he found an innocent response.

You know, what we usually do. Cuddling, making out on the couch instead of paying attention to the movie playing in the background. Staring at each other and enjoying every second. I wish I could do all of this to you. Guess I’ll just have to settle for eating this steak dinner, alone. -GL

MH: You can make me feel guilty all you want, Gregory, but I cannot simply fly home until this policy is cleared. Trust me, you’ve no idea just how much I would rather lie next to you and hold you than deal with the tedium of this place. And, dare I say it, your insufferable insistence on tickling me, as you say, “for science.” It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and you do not make a single application of the scientific method throughout.

Greg actually had to set his phone down from laughing so hard at that response, but he finally managed to recover and chuckled the whole time he replied to the message.

Thanks for the laugh, and the criticism. I shall ensure an entire experiment as soon as we see each other again. ;) -GL

MH: …..

MH: Gregory, you are absolutely insufferable.

;) -GL

;D – GL

MH: Gregory Lestrade, stop this now.

Then open your damn door, Mycroft Holmes. -GL

MH: What? Gregory, what are you saying? You’re not really, oh my God–

Before Mycroft could investigate further via the messenger, a knock reverberated throughout the room. He finished up his last message and glanced up. His gaze fell on the door and he rushed to it, tugging it open. There stood his Detective Inspector. His mouth fell open, right on cue because he threw his arms around the other man’s waist and dragged him inside, the kiss full of need and passion for the other.

“What the hell are you doing here? How long have you been here?” Mycroft asked as Greg pulled away to breathe. Mycroft was stunned that Greg had actually managed to surprise him.

“I missed you, and I wanted to see you.” Greg said nonchalantly as he sat down on the bed. “Plus, it was worth the trouble of getting an overnight flight on Tuesday just to get here in time to see that look of surprise on your face; it is adorable. I was overdue for a vacation anyway.”

Mycroft shook his head. Greg had managed to keep it a secret for three days? “You continuously manage to surprise me, Detective Inspector.” Mycroft also moved over to the bed, sitting down beside him, his fingers lacing with Greg’s.

“Good thing too, because I have an experiment to perform.” Greg smirked at Mycroft, who immediately tried to shift away. The Inspector tightened his grip on his hand, quickly throwing his weight on top of Mycroft to pin him down on the bed. In a moment, Mycroft was trapped and at Greg’s mercy. The DI raised his eyebrows, shifting slightly as he peered down at his boyfriend. He lightly ran a hand against Mycroft’s sides, already tickling him. But then he stopped abruptly.

“Right then…” Greg began. “For science, properly this time.”

Later, when Mycroft and Greg were getting ready to sleep in the same bed together for the first time, in a bed that absolutely was not familiar to either of them, Mycroft had trouble sleeping. So, he did what he always did when he couldn’t sleep, he talked to his boyfriend. In person, it was a hundred times better than text or a phone call would ever be.

“So, that steak dinner you told me about. Did you actually make it? Because I am quite jealous that I missed out on that one if so.”

Greg laughed and scooted closer to his boyfriend. “I didn’t make it. Had it ordered to the room.” He winked.

Mycroft’s eyes widened. “I thought I smelled a seared steak wafting through the door earlier. Wait – you’re saying you have been next door all this time? How on earth did you manage to go unspotted?”

“Because I know what you’re like, Mycroft Holmes. Based on when you message me, I know exactly what to expect.” Greg moved in to snatch a quick kiss, but Mycroft scoffed and put a finger against the other man’s lips.

“I don’t think you do, Detective Inspector.” Because then Mycroft was on top of Greg, smashing his lips against Greg’s.

In the middle of the night, when Mycroft was snoring softly next to him – god, that was so adorable, thought Greg – Lestrade grabbed up his phone and read through the messages of the day, realizing just how well his plan had worked. And when he noted that he’d missed a message just as Mycroft had thrown open the door, he beamed. He sent a quick glance over at the other man and then leaned over and planted a soft kiss against Mycroft’s forehead.

It was a simple message, but it meant more to Greg than nearly anything they had ever exchanged. After all, times like these were all about the little things.

Greg set his phone aside, the dull glow still showing on the nightstand, and the message still on the screen. He rolled over, curling up close to the man beside him before falling asleep.

On the screen was nothing more than this:

MH: :)

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Maybe let’s not attribute blame for the Louelle break up guys!

We have no idea what happened. We don’t know the motivation for the break up, hell, we don’t even know who instigated the break up.

So instead, why don’t we all just be supportive of the people involved and let them move forward with their lives how they see fit, without having to worry about unnecessary and unfounded accusations!

People who can see without glasses are privileged because they can take a shower and be 100% fully aware of their surroundings they’ll never know how safe they are they’ll never know they’re like 80% less likely to accidentally share washing up time with a spider

“if kylo isn’t the only skywalker then there’s no reason for rey and kylo to be romantically involved because let’s be real those ugly re*ylos only ship it for the carrying on the skywalker legacy part”

“if kylo isn’t the only skywalker, he CAN DIE UNREDEEMED (he totally HAS TO because he MURDERED HAN!) and the skywalker family can continue bringing joy and happiness to the galaxy thanks to rey being the other skywalker heir!!!”

sure jan let’s hope the sequel trilogy is about rey gleefully extirpating the badwrong rotten apple from the skywalker family, because that’s EXACTLY how families work and no one is ever going to feel miserable or guilty again about the fate of ben solo because hey, WE HAVE A SPARE SKYWALKER HEIR! we can forget about that failed experiment altogether! HA, THAT’S A GOOD MESSAGE TO SEND ABOUT FAMILY AM I RIGHT

(who’s the one obsessed with /carrying out royal lines/ again?)

Rotten Innocence pt. 2 JeromeXreader

http://harleenxvaleska.tumblr.com/post/157588950545/rotten-innocence-pt-1-jeromexreader (part one)

So now here I am, my body aching all over. I feel as if some maniac had strapped me to a bed of nails, attached to a sports car and then zooms over a road littered with speed bumps.

The person dragging me along comes to an abrupt halt and I finally begin to asses me surroundings instead of recollecting the past events of my night.

A hauntingly whimsy circus music fills my ears, combined with an abundance of insane laughter attacking me from every direction.

The black bag closeting my view is then whipped off my head and my eyes struggle to adjust to the sudden burst of light. My sight focuses and now the bizarre noise is accompanied by even stranger sights.

Bundles of people dressed in maniac paraphernalia. I couldn’t look anywhere without seeing a straight jacket or terribly applied make up. The only regularly dressed people seem to be hostages cowering in fear, I wonder if my fate might be same, or worse.

The whole area is littered with outlandish, lary carnival rides and stools. Colours clashing and forming a conflicting atmosphere. My eyes flash to each of the terrible scenes playing before me. There’s no point in trying to run because as I turn my head to the left a man, suitably dressed like the other crazies surrounding us, aims a large, intimidating gun straight at me.

All I can do is stand there and await my fate, while witnessing the torture of so many innocent citizens.

“Beautiful isn’t it” a croaky voice speaks above the laughter and music.

Shivers crawl up my spine and the person the voice belongs to saunters into my view.

He adorns a bright ringmaster’s outfit. His bright traffic light orange hair sticks out every which way, clashing with the red of his suit. His face is wretched, stapled together and decorated with a wicked smile.

Top hat in hand, he stretches his arms out wide, throws his head back and shuts his emerald eyes. Humming along to the circus tune, he lets the madness surrounding him consume him, absorbing it with every fibre in his being.

He exhales deeply, a sigh of pleasure at his creation. The man clears his throat, rolling his neck as he does so.

“Music to my ears” he announces, I’m not sure if he’s talking to himself or to me. Either way, I don’t want to respond.

His eyes flicker open once more, landing straight on me. The green gaze that I had the displeasure of seeing only once before. A year ago at a charity gala.

I know exactly who he is.

Jerome Valeska.

The boy who slaughtered his mother, taunted and teased Gotham for a few months before being punctured in the neck and promptly dying.

He’s back.Rising from the flames of a brainwashed cult like a satanic, maniacal phoenix.

“What do you want with me?” I grit through my teeth. Disgust filling my veins at his presence.

“Wow” he rolls his eyes, walking further towards me “nice to see you too Y/N”

One of his hands slithers up and grabs my face, squeezing my cheeks roughly. I try to avoid eye contact but his face swivels like a snake every time I try to pull mine away.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it, sweetheart” he croaks.

Listening to his voice now, it seems different. Deeper and more breathy. Darker and more menacing.

He plants an unwanted kiss on my cheek, his lips smudging against my skin. He pulls his lips and hand away, smiling broadly and licking his lips at my pure detestation. With a cheeky flair, he flicks on his top hat, concealing his orange locks.

“I said, what do you want with me?” I ask once more, spitting each word out as my anger rises.

“Y/N Gordon, feisty as ever” he grins.

He spots the disgust on my face and his smile drops “fine, what I want from you is a little thing called friendship”

Jerome’s arm slithers around my shoulders and goosebumps cascade across my body.

“A companion, a partner in crime” he explains, stretching out his second arm. Then, I feel the second hand rest against the side of my face, turning my head towards his gaze.

“Maybe even more” he winks.

“In your dreams” I spit in retaliation. He frowns for a second and then his startling smiles forms once again.

“I thought we’d have a few issues but, over time, they’ll be fixed” Jerome smirks

“Why me?” I question, narrowing my eyes as he removes his arm from my shoulder and stands in front of my view.

“Oh c'mon, I thought you were smart. Who better to be my hostage than detective Gordon’s innocent little angel, it’s not a toughie” he explains, his eyes never leaving mine, yet his body seems to flounce around the place.

A stubby looking man, dressed like a deranged clown, nervously taps Jerome on the shoulder.

“What.” Jerome turns to the man with a disapproving expression.

The clown whispers something in Jerome’s ear and by the way Jerome’s smile grows even more darker and menacing I can tell it’s not good news for me or any other innocents.

“I will not back down. Not when their lives are in my hands. Hurt me all you want, but don’t hurt my friends.”

Yay, i finally finished this xD OTL Basically a semi serious pic for my summoner for Fire Emblem Heroes. I probably would be the tactician who would be in the front lines, getting hurt when my “plans” fail so others wouldn’t get hurt for my incompetence. Of course I would get reprimanded and hopefully grow as a better tactician on the way (getting pointers from F!Robin as I have her now xD) to the point where the only weakness I would have is if I lose my glasses. Because I can’t see shit without them (i’m actually having trouble with them on now….I should probably go see the doctor to get a stronger prescription OTL)  

Home Again| 17

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-Jay’s POV-

It’s been three months since I fucked up. Ninety two damn days without seeing her smile, without hearing her voice, without her words. I haven’t been the same. How can I be that little girl’s dad? No wonder she doesn’t want her around me. I can’t stay like this much longer. Steph won’t answer the phone, Y/N, sure as hell won’t answer it. I don’t even think she’s still staying with Sooyoung. I haven’t heard a thing from any of them. 

I sit in the studio day in and day out, trying to keep my cool but it never works. I always end up crying myself to sleep because I miss her so much. The picture in my office of us wasn’t helping me out at all. I was in my office sitting in my chair, more memories floated through my mind. 


“What the hell!”

“You could have killed Sunghwa! What the fuck is your problem?! Stop being so fucking jealous of Sunghwa!”

“How can I not?! Every time I see you, you’re with some other guy. You think I didn’t see you with Wooyoung?! Who the hell do you want?! Is it Wooyoung or Sunghwa?!’”

“…Do you know how much it hurts me to see you with another man? I can’t stand it. It’s killing me. I just feel like I’m fucking up so much. I can’t lose you a second time.”

“I’m not with Wooyoung nor am I with Sunghwa. I’m with no one. Leave Sunghwa alone. Do it for me. Okay?”

“I can’t when I still love you.”

“Why the hell are you protecting him?! Move Y/N!” 

“No! I’m not letting you hurt your friend over me, Jay!”

I can’t just sit around anymore and wait for something to happen. I have to do something or nothing will chance. 

-Y/N’s POV-

“WHAT?! YOU CAN’T! Y/N! I know you’re upset with everything, but you can’t!” Steph shouted. “You can’t stop me!” 

I’m leaving Korea. I came to the decision last night. I can’t stay here anymore. Not that he knows. I don’t plan on ever coming back. It’s just too much trouble right now. Stephanie was trying to guilt trip me into staying. She wants Jay to accept that he’s a father and try to be be Seulgi’s dad. But I refuse to let him. I’m protecting the both of them this way. I’m saving Jay’s career by not pushing him into Seulgi’s life. And I’m protecting Seulgi by not letting her see what her dad father does for a living. And Steph doesn’t understand that. 

“What about Jay? Don’t you think he deserves to be in her life?! He’s her father!” 

“Don’t you think if he wasn’t some asshole with girls always hanging off his shoulder I would let him be her father?!” I screamed back. Steph only stared at with. She could see the hurt in my eyes. 

“You still love him, don’t you?”

I couldn’t answer. I was too riled up. I walked into my room and slammed the door shut. I slid down the door and tried to control the tears that were now falling. 

-Seulgi’s POV-

Mommy slammed the room door. She must be really upset. I was watching from the kitchen. Girls? Aunt Steph groaned and ran into her room. I looked on the counter and saw Mommy’s phone. I climbed on the chair and grabbed it. I typed in the password which was my birthday. April 25. 04/25/09. I went to contact and searched for my father’s name. Park Jaebeom. Why can’t my last name be Park. Park Seulgi. I like it. Does Mommy not like that? What happened between them?

I found it and sent a text message. “Meet me at the park by Sooyoung’s apartment. I need to talk to you.” I tried my best to sound like Mommy. I think I nailed it. I grabbd my backpack and rushed out the door, shutting the door quietly so Mommy and Aunt Steph can’t hear it. I ran for the park.

Once I got there, I sat on the bench holding Mommy’s phone. I watched a little girl and her parents on the swing set. The little girl and her mother were on the swings. The dad was pushing the both of them. The mother’s smile was very bright. The little girl’s laughter was heard all around the park. I saw a familiar car pull up. It was his car! He got out and looked around. We made eye contact and his eyes widened. He ran over to me. “Seulgi! What are you doing here by yourself?! Where’s your mother?” 

“I sent the text.” I admitted jumping off the bench. I hug him tightly. “Daddy.” 

-Jay’s POV-

I was frozen. I didn’t know what to do. How did she get her mother’s phone. There’s no way in hell she knows that Seulgi is in this park alone. She’ll kill me. “Seulgi, we need to get you home-” “No! I want spend time with, Daddy.” She squeezed tighter around my thighs. I squatted to her level. “Do you mean that? I don’t want you to be in trouble.” “I don’t want to believe what Mommy says about you. Spend time with me to prove her wrong.” 

What does she say about me to? Is it all bad? I picked Seulgi up and put her on my waist. “You’re very heavy!” I joked kissing her cheek. Her laughed holding on to me tightly. Her laughter brought a smile to my face. Is this what it’s like to be a father. “How about we go get some ice cream?” She nodded her head and put it on my shoulder. I wrapped her legs around my waist to make she didn’t fall. We made our way to the a nearby ice cream parlor. I got us both a cone and we sat in one of the booths. 

“Well, Seulgi. Is there anything you want to know or?” She nodded and pulled out a locket. Y/N’s locket that I got her for one of her birthdays. I remember that. She promised she’d wear it forever. Seulgi opened it and revealed the picture inside. “Did you give Mommy this?” “I did. She promised me she’d wear it forever. I’m just glad she kept it.” Tears were forming at the thought of the memory. Seulgi got out and sat next to me. She wrapped her little arms around me and pulled me into a hug. “Don’t cry, Daddy. Mommy and I still love you very much.” I couldn’t tell if that true or not, but I decided to just believe it. “Appa, can I see you work?” 

“You wanna see me work?” She nodded and let go of me. “Okay. Finish your ice cream and maybe you can.” I watched her try to it her ice cream fast. “Slow! I don’t want you to get a brain freeze!” 

Gosh, I’ve only been her actual parent for about 20 minutes and I sound as if I’ve been there her whole life. She obeyed and slowed down. Is this what it’s like being a parent? “Daddy! I’m finish!” “Great. Now go throw your trash away. And we’ll head to the studio.” She jumped out of her seat and threw away all of the trash. She must be really excited about going to the studio. No one I know has ever been excited to go to studio that doesn’t work there. I paid for the ice cream, grabbed Seulgi’s hand and walked out the parlor to the studio. 

-Y/N’s POV-

I sighed and unlocked the door. I looked around the living room. It seemed pretty quiet. Too quiet. “Steph! Where’s Seulgi?” “I thought she was with you!” She yelled through her bedroom door. “I thought she was with you. Wait! Where’s her backpack? Where’s my phone?” The door was unlocked. But it was locked earlier. Oh no! No no no! I grabbed my hoodie, slipped it on quickly and rushed outside. I ran down the sidewalk screaming her name. “SEULGI! SEULGI! SEULGI! SEULGI! Mommy’s sorry! SEULGI! SEULGI! Please come home! SEULGI!” As I screamed, tears were forming. I’ve never lost her before. It’s my biggest fear, just like it was my mom’s biggest fear to lose any of her children. Damn it! I’m such a failure! Maybe she’s at Sooyoung’s. I ran to her apartment and asked her if she saw her. She said no. I ran to the park nearby and she wasn’t there either. I began asking around, luckily I had a picture of her in the pocket of my hoodie.

-Jay’s POV-

We walked hand in hand into the studio. “Yo! It’s Jay!” I heard Joon Kyung’s voice. I looked up and saw some of my closest friends walking up toward me. Seulgi let go of my hand and hid behind my legs. “Who’s the kid?” Sik K asked. I smiled and looked down to see Seulgi tensed up, holding my legs. “Guys! This is my daughter, Seulgi.” I said proud. “Daughter?!” They all repeated. “JAY YOU HAVE A KID?!” 

I nodded. “Seulgi-ah, they don’t bite.” I reassured her. “You promised, Daddy?” “Daddy promises sweetie.” She let go of my leg and moved to left to let everyone see her. “Be nice or I’ll kill you all!”

Finished! How was it? Did you enjoy it? Here’s the next chapter. Thanks for reading. Admin Kai and Admin June

I really wish I could delete my Facebook.
My mother in law kept reposting pictures (not sharing. Like saving the picture and posting it as her own) of Atla. So I messaged her and just said “hey, please don’t repost pictures of Atla. It makes me uncomfortable.” And she LOST. HER. SHIT.
Like, shes not talking to me now lol. I take away her “joy of being a grandma.”

Also, I can’t scroll more that 4 seconds without seeing some dumb ass shit. Racism, some ridiculous internalized misogyny, The Bloated Tangerine, etc. I’m over it.

BUT. I market through Facebook. Every Thrive sale, every new nutrition client, soon my bath bomb sales, it’s mostly generated through FB. So, I kinda can’t delete. Ugh.

So you know that “when u meet ur soulmate u see colors” soulmates AU?

Well, I was thinking. What if as character was Aromantic and could always see color? What if they didn’t under what everyone was talking about, because they could already see?

Imagine this character searching for their soulmate. They’ve always seen in color, so they must have met their soulmate when they were very young. Then after getting no results, they start to think they’re broken. No way was it possible to see color without a soulmate, right?

So they hide this little fact away and try to find someone anyways. After years of dating and heartbreak, this character calls it quits. They start to focus on themselves because there’s no point in dating. Through this self-love (that takes years), their world becomes more vibrant; this is where they learn that they are their own soulmate.

if i could go the entire rest of my life without seeing any more genderbend stuff i’d never complain about anything ever again 

Mothers Who Kill
Jeri Quezada

On the 12th of March 2016 in Texas, Jeri Quezada and her boyfriend Charles Phifer beat to death Jeri’s four year old daughter Leiliana Wright. The child endured hours of beating with a belt and bamboo sticks after she was caught drinking her brothers juice. Both parents had injected heroin prior to the murder.

Leiliana was regularly tied up in her wardrobe so both adults could use heroin without her seeing.

A trial date has yet to be set

I think a good barometer for “is this anime show nasty or not” is to go into the comments for an episode with a child character in it, and see how many people refer to said child as a “loli”

Because I sure haven’t seen anyone use that word to describe say, ushio from clannad, who is around the same visual age as kanna from maid dragon, who I cannot take two fucking steps without seeing someone call her a loli and/or commenting on her thighs or something

anonymous asked:

you're having a ghost problem? everything ok?

Ahaha, maybe!

I mean, I believe in ghosts because prove me wrong and why not? And I do think maybe something weird is in my house as weird things have happened, like a single window shaking for no reason and light switches turning off, I dunno. 

BUT, trying to be rational and say I’m having sleep paralysis. I woke up to see a man in my room. Going through my dresser. 

I sort of hitched under my covers and tried to figure out how to grab my pepper spray without him seeing, and I was very aware of my heart beat and his presence and then I felt this, like, air at my ear. I thought it was him breathing on me so I shot out to, like, grab him, and of course, no one was there. 

I’ve had sleep paralysis before. I know it makes you hallucinate while awake and you feel a physical altercation and what not. So fine. 

The thing was, I could move? And I didn’t feel the chest pressure? Are there branches or sleep paralysis where you don’t always get stuck. It’s recent I’ve started having this, so I dunno. 

So, Sleep Paralysis! 

And if not… THEN I might have a problem.