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Plot: Jimin cheats on you, because he’s too drunk, and you broke up with him. 

Pairing: JiminxReader 

Words count: 1,9k+

Genre: Angst

For anon, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

The happy barking of your dog was the best welcome after a long and tiring day of study and work. You laid the purse and the keys on the cupboard near the entrance and you were ready to head to the bathroom to relax a little when strange noises from your bedroom made you block completely.  

Immediately your heart began to beat at an abnormal rate because they were little misunderstanding sounds and immediately understood what was going on in that room.  

Your hands began to tremble and in small steps you began to walk towards your room, finally reaching the door. Yet you couldn’t open it, you were scared to death to see what, or rather who, was in it. But your hopes were destroyed shortly after because the female voice screamed that name, the name you hoped to never hear, and with your hopes, even your heart broke completely. 

Your brain allowed you not to hurt yourself and trying to remain silent you turned and left the house looking for a possible refuge to spend those hours.  

You never thought that Jimin could cheat you. After a year of relationship by now you thought you were perfect together, he was so considerate to you and he always tried to show you how much he loved you. You had so hard to trust him, because of your past experiences, that that seemed like a joke to you because it felt impossible that he really did.  

Walking through the streets of Seoul you didn’t cry, because there were too many people who could see you, stopping in a kiosk and starting to drink in solitary. You never liked alcohol, but at that moment you just wanted to anesthetize a little the pain your felt into your heart.  

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Curious about auras? This article will hopefully explain the specifics of this peculiar phenomenon.

What’s an aura, anyways?

The term aura refers to an individual’s subtle energetic emanations. Auras aren’t visible to everyone, but plenty of people see them. They appear as a sphere of light or color around the body. 

The color, size, brightness, and other features of the aura depend on the nature of the person it belongs to. These things can vary based on mood. They can also relate to metabolic factors, magical activity, and many other things.

Many New Age writers say that the aura is energy in the scientific sense. This is a common misconception. No physicist has ever measured anything resembling auras as they’re commonly understood.

A few days ago, someone told me that they believed the aura was a human’s magnetic field. This isn’t true. The magnetic field of a human doesn’t act like an aura. It doesn’t change based on emotions or other things like that.

Others say it is something electrical, or related to quantum mechanics. The truth of the matter is that science can’t (yet) measure the aura in any way. Many are skeptical about its existence for this reason.

Still, many, many people have seen auras throughout history. To me, it’s a real phenomenon. Science may not understand it yet, but, for me, it’s real!

The energy that extends beyond our physical bodies is called the aura. The word “aura” is derived from Latin aere, meaning “air” or “gentle breeze.” The American Heritage Dictionary defines the aura as “an invisible breath, emanation, or radiation.” In metaphysics, the aura is seen as the human energy field, that portion of the subtle body that radiates out beyond the limits of the physical body.

Belanger, Michelle  A.. The Psychic Energy Codex: Awakening Your Subtle Senses (p. 117). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

Some gifted people see auras without trying. Also, many children see auras in early childhood. Often, this ability, if not cultivated, disappears as they grow up. Many magicians and witches develop the ability to see auras.

This involves a great deal of practice and effort. It’s worthwhile, but everyone is different. Not everyone will have the same aptitude to see auras. Some people can see only a little bit of the aura, like a vague mist. Others see brighter colors and light.

Everyone’s aura is different, too! Most witches and psychics believe this extends only few feet from the body. Size can and does vary, though. Some people may have an aura of only several inches. 

Others might have a very large aura. Size, color, brightness, and other features change throughout a person’s life. If you see a person’s aura at one point, expect it to change within hours, if not minutes. This reflects how dynamic people can be.

Auras in History

People have observed and recorded auras throughout time. It appears in many pieces of religious and spiritual artwork. Historically, auras are usually shown emanating from the body of holy men and women.

Christian artists often depict them surrounding saints. They appear in other cultures, as well. Medieval authors referred to the light surround a person’s head as the “aureole”. They called light around the body the “nimbus.“ These authors called the whole aura the “glory.”

In Scrying for Beginners, Donald Tyson writes about the auras shape in artwork. While many modern seers refer to the aura as a sphere, the ancients saw it differently. They believed that saints emanated two spheres that overlapped.

The glory is sometimes depicted in religious art as the vesica or vesica piscis, a lens-shaped figure formed by the overlap of two equal circles that pass through each other at their centers. Christ, the Virgin Mary, and other saints are often painted within this pointed oval, which is also called a mandorla (from the Italian word for "almond”).

Donald Tyson. Scrying For Beginners (For Beginners (Llewellyn’s)) (p. 200). Llewellyn - A. Kindle Edition.

During the occult revival of the late 19th and early 20th century, many people wrote about the aura. Theosophists and other occultists developed complex systems for understanding it. 

Madame Blavatsky and Walter Kilner believed there were distinct layers to the aura. They named them and sought to understand them.

As science merged with occultism, seers began to look for ways to measure the aura. There have been plenty of attempts. None were particularly fruitful.

Of note is “Kirlian Photography.” Symon and Valentina Kirlian developed this practice in 1940s Russia. It involves sending an electrical current through the individual.

A photographic plate records the resulting discharge. Later scientists argued that the image was more mundane. They believed the interaction of this electric field and ambient moisture caused it.

Today, most people seem to agree with that sentiment. Kirlian images recorded don’t behave in a manner consistent with how seers perceive the aura. For example, Kirlian images rarely change based on state of mind.

Despite many attempts, science still doesn’t understand the aura! For that reason, most people relegate it to the realm of metaphysics and occultism. I don’t have a problem with that.

I am supportive of science, but acknowledge that not everything is currently known. As a witch, I do believe in magick, for example. Magick itself isn’t understood or measurable by science. The aura isn’t, but I still find the concept useful.

Seeing the Aura

Over time, it has been evident that people can develop aura sight. I myself saw auras occasionally as a child. I did not have further experiences with this until I began studying magick, though. I don’t consider myself to have natural aura vision.

Still, I see auras in certain circumstances these days. It’s something I practiced and developed. While not everyone can develop this ability, most people can! The level of detail you see will vary, but why not try?

Now, I’ll give you my own method for inducing aura vision. It may or may not work for you. I have read that many other people found these techniques helpful, though.

It is best to begin by looking for your own aura. Some people do begin by working with a partner, though. For me, aura vision comes best when I’m a bit sleepy. I don’t have the focus for it when I’m completely exhausted, but a little sleepiness works well.

I’ve found that auras are easiest to see in a dim environment without bright artificial lights. Natural light in the early morning or evening works best for me. While some folks say candlelight works, I find that the flickering distracts me.

Some herbs and incense can help with aura sight. Herbal blends designed for psychic enhancement have worked well for me in the past. 

My favorite herb for inducing aura vision is mugwort. It is good for other magical purposes, as well. Do some research and be careful if you decide to try it, of course. Not everyone reacts well to herbs.

Begin by focusing your vision on the edges of the body. This is regardless of whether you’re working by yourself or with someone else. 

With other people, I like to fix my vision above the top of the head. When looking for my own aura, I extend my hand flat and at an angle. Then, I gaze above my palm.

This is tricky, though. It takes a lot of practice. It works best for me if I look at the space  close to the body, and try to ignore the body itself. It’s difficult, though. We’re used to looking directly at objects, not the area around them.

I would suggest not wearing very bright clothing when attempting this. That can be distracting. It’s also good to do this against a blank, uncolored surface, like a white wall.

The aura will usually appear first as a light shimmering in the air. This may have a wispy mist-like appearance. It usually begins with a grayish color. Once you can see this, focus on it, and not the object.

When you can see the aura very close to the body, begin to glance around that area. After a time, you will be able to see a larger, more diffuse part.

Aura Colors

While many people can see auras, not everyone can see aura colors. This is especially true for beginners. For those that don’t see colors, the aura appears as that shifting, shimmering mist.

If color does appear in the aura, focus on the color. It may seem to grow brighter and brighter. Most seers agree that the colors correspond to the nature of the person at that specific time. 

Some books will list “color meanings” for the aura. My view is a bit different. Aura colors do have meaning, but, to me, a given color’s meaning depends on the seer.

If you associate yellow with happiness, seeing a yellow aura would show that the subject is happy. We don’t all process color the same way! We tend to absorb cultural associations for certain colors. Still, everyone has a different view. Keep this in mind when reading the aura!


I hope this article provides a good beginning for potential aura seers! Developing aura vision is fun and exciting. You can learn about a person (and how to connect with them!) by examining their aura.

It can also be helpful for witches and magicians. It’s a good first step to seeing all kinds of subtle forces. If you can see them, it’s easier to connect with them! Anyways, I hope you’re all having a great day. May your magick be glorious!

I do not want to miss you.
I miss your eyes, your intelligence, your hugs and the nature of your smile. I miss saying your name without whispering it into my dreams and I miss seeing you without tearing at the seams. I can’t shake this feeling like maybe, just maybe, we could go back to where we left off. Because we are like strangers now, pretending like we’ve forgotten. Maybe you have. I never will. How do you tell a stranger you remember the shade of their eyes and the cadence of their handwriting, that their name still sounds like a song to you and that their mind is a galaxy to be explored? I’ve been telling myself you’ve changed so much but I’ve always know the truth.The person I miss still exists. I do not want to miss you, but oh, does it burn. Give me hope that we can try again. I want to try again.
—  A.P. (4.19.16) you still had my number
Malec wishlist Season 2b

• Spooning
• Holding hands
• Waking up together (maybe Alec seeing Magnus without makeup??)
• Kicking ass together
• Magnus being powerful with and without his magic > maybe some Shadowhunter talking shit about him being helpless without magic and Mags?? Just knocks him over?? Didn’t see this coming? wHaT? Alec feels so much pride,,so much pride (also has a lowkey boner?)
• (Slow) Dancing
• Just domestic fluff like them watching a movie or cooking
• Alec Lightwood slowly turning into the powerful political symbol he’ll later become in the books
• S P O O N I N G

anonymous asked:

Did you read her letter on Instagram? God i love her and her kind heart. It was so beautifully written and I'm so glad I'm a fan of someone who cares and loves as much as Ari 💜💜💜

I’m so so so proud of her, we would have understood if she was tired, spent

I extend my hand and heart, and everything I can possibly give to you and yours, should you want or need my help in any way

we would have understood if she wanted to take the year;

I don’t want to go the rest of the year without being able to see and hold and uplift my fans, the same way they continue to uplift me

We would have understood if she was taking a break from media, from people;

 I have been thinking of my fans, and all of you, non-stop over the past week

we would have understood if singing was painful;

I’ll be returning to the incredibly brave city of Manchester to spend time with my fans and to have a benefit concert

We would have understood. 

But what we now understand is that Ariana Grande is the bravest and strongest soul, and can and will pull herself through anything. Can get her fans through anything. She can do anything.

We will not quit or operate in fear
We wont let this divide us
We wont let hate win

I finally drew Prawni’s sisters after all this time! At some point I’ll make one for her mom too. But for this picture, we have Tetra and Betta (who goes by Betz).

Tetra’s been in the big leagues for a few years now and she’s come a long way. She got recruited by Team Algae within the same year she started, catching up to S+ with her weapon of choice: rollers. She doesn’t exactly have a preferred one, but she switches between Dynamos and Carbons. Her favorite playstyle is getting to the enemy’s blind spot and catching them by surprise. Tetra always tries to be there for her friends and family and looks out for the people she cares about. You’ll almost never see her without a smile on her face.

Betz is trying to make a name for herself in the splat-world. She uses the fact that she’s the daughter of a pretty famous player to intimidate people. But she’s not all talk. She hard focuses on certain “problem” players. Some is splatting the whole team? She’ll make sure they stay in spawn. And she’ll make sure they don’t leave her line of sight. She uses the Haunt ability to track them down after she respawns and continue the charade. You can say she’s really petty and if anyone tries with her, she’ll make them regret it. Even though she seems to have no soul, she shows she cares in her own…aggressive way.

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idk why o xian doesnt draw much zhan xixi :( i mean, all the other characters appear very sexy, they're draw super sexy. but zhan xixi is more like a serious figure. i want to see him without a shirt, goddamn! in a very suggestive position :( i think he's the most innocent of them all.

hmm, I mean we’ve actually seen zhan shirtless a few times but they’re mostly in official side arts rather than in the story so I completely understand wanting more because I do too and plus its been so long since we’ve seen it as well. I’m all for anything zhan tbh haha, especially if it means him being shirtless because he is a beautiful sight to behold. I would love for old xian to bless us with a side art of him [I don’t even think we have any solo ones of him that I can remember rn] .. again I’m easy and all for anything when it comes to zhan, I really love him a lot.  (●´ω`●)*:・゚✧

as far as his innocence goes, idk if I’d call zhan innocent or the most - we have to remember we don’t really see his pov often like we do jian yi’s and in official side arts we see he gets very handsy and touchy feely with jian yi when they’re together in the future.


the room was so hot and your costume just was not giving you breathing room, and it was taking forever,  “getting wet.” you sighed

“i havent even started doll.” the Comedian said, “if this makes you all hot and bothered you should see me without this costume on.”

moon soliloquy

i feel like a singularity, consuming consuming consuming, taking more than i could possibly give. i soak up adoration and thrive on hate and something inside me grows like a fucked up houseplant, inward and inward and inward, concaving into a vacuum.

i take up your sky, trying to refect your sun without allowing you to see it. i eclipse the thing that is all-consuming. i am becoming the absence of light, absorbing instead of shining.

mathematically speaking, when you multiply a negative with a positive your result will still be negative, but you keep arguing with fact by integrating good things into my equation and trying to prove the structure of the universe wrong. But here i am–turning your roses into this bleak landscape, internalizing your joy and twisting it, using you for feelings that are useless to me.

because if you pry my ribcage open, you wouldn’t find a chestful of flowers, and the beating heart would be an illusion, because in my soul i feel like an empty cavern, storing thoughts that my father keeps telling me to stop thinking and that the morning news experts inform me aren’t real

because my surface is the illusion of normal, painted with the right skincare and the perfect eyeliner and an understated smile

but if you knock on my chest softly, maybe you’ll hear the hollow.

on tagging

I swear, everyday on this hellsite I learn something new  I need to tag for, find that the poster doesn’t freaking tag, and inevitably see things I could have gone my whole life without seeing. *generously applies postblock*implements three strikes rule*

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me if there is anything you need tagged. I don’t need to know why just shoot me a note. I overcautiously tag on nsfw things (especially anything that’s an image which is rare and I do not post gifs of that nature) or I’ll put things below a cut, but there are others that I may or may not realize need to be tagged so just tell me. I will definitely step up my game. 

I’ll be honest, I don’t get why Westallen fandom is salty over the finale? This isn’t like season one where they weren’t together or season two when Barry went back and erased their kiss. THEY’RE ENGAGED. WESTALLEN IS CANON. They’ve expressed they’re love and desire for each other MULTIPLE TIMES. It’s not like they broke up. Barry is the freaken main character, he’ll be back next season. We’ll maybe go the premiere without seeing much of him, but he’s not gone for good. Now if they make it so Iris moves on with someone else or they pull some other forced dramatic bullshit, then yes I could understand the complaints, but until then, Westallen is doing just fine. 

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Murdoc with a s/o who wears glasses: everytime they have sexy time, Mudz is bothered by their glasses and just throws them somewhere, after the seks his s/o glasses are either lost somewhere or smashed into pieces on the floor.

Ngl I can’t see without my glasses or contacts, I’d kick his ass, those are expensive

– Admin Croc


ok heAR ME OUT: Voltron Art School AU (totally self-indulgent and based off the art school I’m going to coughcough nvm) 

I wrote many cool n’ pretty wild headcanons for it so uhhhh, read under the cut: 

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