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*kicks down door* Victor wearing Yuuri's glasses.

*banging pots and pans* it’s time to open up writing.exe!! let’s gooo

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“You really can’t see without these things, huh, Yuuri?”

Yuuri turned around in surprise, eyebrows raising when he saw Viktor wearing his glasses. He looked oddly adorable with them on, the blue highlighting his eyes and helping to provide a further contrast against his platinum blond hair. It made his cheeks dust red, which wasn’t hard to do when it came to the subject of Viktor, and he found himself slightly speechless. After a moment or two of processing, he blinked and reached his hand out. “Hey!” he exclaimed. “You aren’t supposed to wear those!”

Viktor laughed and danced out of his player’s reach. The bed creaked under his sudden weight, the glasses skewing lopsided as he tried to steady himself upright. “Everything’s so blurry.”

“Because they aren’t the right prescription for you.”

“It must be so strange to have such poor eyesight,” Viktor remarked, as if Yuuri hadn’t said anything. “How do you skate with it?”

“Contacts. Now please give my glasses back.”

Viktor took them off and tossed them to Yuuri, who fumbled to catch them before placing them on a nearby desk. He then collapsed on the bed with his arms outstretched, saying, “Do your glasses fog up when you kiss someone, Yuuri?” 

“What kind of question is that?” Yuuri asked, completely taken aback. His cheeks flared up and embarrassment fluttered within him. Trust Viktor to bring up such subjects unabashedly.

“A fair one.”

Yuuri stammered, at a loss for words. How was he supposed to know if his glasses fogged up? He had never kissed anyone before, never done anything even remotely to that extent. At 23 years old he was woefully inexperienced, and had come to the conclusion that he was just a late bloomer in that regard. 

Besides, it was not a fair question at all. Viktor probably had kissed tons of people by now, what with the way he wrapped everyone around his finger. Which wasn’t a bad thing - quite the contrary. It was just different from that of Yurri’s own experience; it turned his stomach to knots.

Viktor shifted his position on the bed so that he lay on his side, his arm propping his head up, his blue eyes meeting Yuuri’s brown. It was a curious expression laced with an undertone of something more. “Yuuri,” he said, drawing out his name. “Have you never kissed anyone?”

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yo i was taking this customer’s order & like usually he’s really cool & we talk about shit & he’s fun to chat with, but anyway i was wearing a dress today (like a sundress sort of thing, it’s like 6 years old lol) & he goes “oh that’s so pretty!” & I was like “lol thanks i just didn’t feel like putting on pants today” & i didn’t say it in a sexual way / flirty way AT ALL BUT THEN THIS MOTHERFUCKER SAYS “i’d like to see you without pants” or some creepy shit like that and I WAS LIKE WHAT THE FUCK I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO SO I JUST LAUGHED IT OFF LIKE NO ONE HAS EVER SAID SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO ME IN PUBLIC LIKE THAT??? AND WHO I THOUGHT WAS A COOL DUDE?? so anyway i tell my homegirl sam what happened & she was like ooo so she told my boss. and later that day, my boss is like “can i talk to you? youre not in trouble or anything” & he said “sam told me a guy made you uncomfortable?” & I told him what happened & who it was & he said “yeah you come get me if that happens again & i’ll handle that shit” omg he was so protective. and then he told me I was doing a great job (i think he felt bad that i had to deal with that) he’s such a dad lol so from now on if a customer says that shit ima go get my boss :’) 

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How to see people without heavy layers of history and perceptions?

Breathe, just look and just give those things space. Let them simply have space to be. Turn your attention to your feelings and just feel your reaction to those things, situations or people.

You may need to start with smaller or seemingly unimportant things like a pencil, glass or even your own hand. Simply breathe, look and just allow whatever you rest your awareness upon space to simply be. This is looking without the mind and its perception, judgement and labels, this is to look without the many layers you have built upon these things. This is to allow things to just simply have space, this is a practice and can take time. But work at it and it will come to you, the mind loves to judge and analyze, this is what it is good at, but the mind is just a tool for you to use and doesn’t have to take you over, try to see this.


Al Franken and FCC commissioner Clyburn want limits on forced arbitration

Arbitration was conceived of as a way to allow giant corporations to avoid costly court battles by meeting with a mediator and talking things out: but since the Supreme Court ruled (in a series of mid-1980s cases) that companies could force their customers and employees into arbitration by adding “binding arbitration” clauses to the fine print in take-it-or-leave contracts, the US justice system has gone dark, which an ever-larger proportion of legal action disappearing into the opaque bowels of the arbitration system, where the richest participant usually wins.

Binding arbitration crops up everywhere: when I moved to California a year ago, I had to go to four MDs and three dentists before I found one who’d see me without first making me give up my legal rights. If you play Pokemon Go, you’ve already given up your rights.

Nowhere is binding arbitration more universal than in telcoms: even Google Fiber got in on the act.

In a joint editorial in Time, Senator Al Franken and Democratic FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn call time on forced arbitration, pointing out that 99.9 percent of wireless subscribers have been subjected to arbitration agreements as a condition of service. This means that “with class action off the table, they know it’ll never be worth your while to take them to court, even when they are clearly in the wrong.”

Franken has written legislation putting limits on forced arbitration, and Mignon has proposed a “regulatory crackdown” on the practice.


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So my grandma had a book of magick but she passed and my neither my mom or aunt can find it(or they're just telling me they cant). I really want to start learning even though they've stopped. How can I find this book without actually see or feel it

If you want to learn about witchcraft in general, you don’t need that specific book. There are many resources out there (hint, the PSG) that will help you with your magical or spiritual inquiries. We do not give out spell requests, but there are plenty in the magickal community that do, listed here.

If you want to learn the specific magick that your grandmother studies and/or practiced, then I don’t know exactly how to help. Asking your aunt and your mother again for the book maybe? Asking if they have any idea at all about where it might be? If they ask, you can just say you’re making sure. If you want to be really emotionally manipulative then you can say something along the lines of, “I just wanted to be closer to grandma, and this is the thing I wanted to learn most about.”

In all honesty, I don’t always believe that following someone else’s practice step by step is a good thing. In my opinion, you’d be better off forging your own path.

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There’s a small part of me that wants to take that scene of Kanan and Hera sitting at the table with Cham at the end of Hera’s Heroes and throw it at Anakin Skywalker and scream, “See! See this! This is what it looks like when a Jedi Knight manages to have a healthy (romantic?) relationship with a strong, independent political and military leader! See the mutual respect? See the concern without being overbearing? See the jedi not being a slightly murderous control freak? Do you see this? Look at it! LOOOOK AT THEM!!”

Then again, the fact that Kanan and Hera make whatever they have work so well sort of makes Anakin’s failed relationship with Padme more tragic.

I have ranted on Twitter about this but I feel the need to elaborate. People who are complaining about The Walking Dead premiere, that it was ‘too violent’…

Did you only just tune in for that episode? We don’t go very long without seeing a walker with intestines hanging out, a skull stabbed, a brain shot, arms/legs falling off, it’s all pretty gruesome and I expect people have complained before, although there is one simple solution, don’t watch it! The programme clearly gives a warning at the start of every episode and advert break…

Yes, the episode was sickening, it was a VERY brutal death, but it was sickening because of who was on the receiving end of Lucille. I don’t think anyone would be complaining half as much if we saw a walker getting bashed with a baseball bat. I literally tensed up trying not to be sick throughout the entire episode, but I expected nothing less. To be fair I would have been disappointed if we hadn’t got to see it. At the end of the day, Abe and Glenn both had last words, it wouldn’t have had the same effect if we couldn’t see their faces as they said them. I also felt sick when the Governor sliced Hershel’s head off, or when Maggie cut Lori open (despite my sincere dislike of Lori), a walker ripped Dale open etc…

The Walking Dead is a graphic comic book series. It pretty much speaks for itself. Sorry about the rant, I’m still raw from the death of Abe and Glenn, the breaking of Rick, and the bundling an injured Daryl into a van and separating him from the group. God help when Carol finds out about this, Negan can look out… 

Rant over.

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*flops around excitedly* ahhhh they are twin brothers i tell you! And they both don't have their parents? The poor children??(tho i won't say much cause spoilers maybe?) I feel like if Keith and Lance were to ever meet,they would Definitely get along! Probably bonding over Linkin Park or some shit. But now I can't even look at Lance without seeing Keith *cries* Symbiotic Titan was Good Stuff and I will never be over it being cancelled </3

man do you know how long it took me to get used to calling Keith by his actual name because I could only see him as Lance…IT WAS ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT WHEN I STARTED WATCHING VOLTRON THEY ARE SO SIMILAR THEY COULD HONESTLY BE THE SAME CHARACTER HHFFHJDHFJ

Rider Challenge # 1: Your Capall


The night is cold and wet, the kind of cold that goes deep into your bones, no matter how many layers of clothing you wear. The moonlight gives just enough light to see the cloud of my breath in front of my face, and I find myself watching it. There’s not much else to see around here as of right now, much to my chagrin. I’d heard today at the pub that the horses were out, but of course the moment I try to find one, they all decide it’s nicer in the ocean. It’s just my luck that while that arsehole Johnny Connors said it only took him ten minutes to catch his capall, I’ve been out here for almost an hour without seeing so much as odd looking wave out on the ocean’s surface. What respectable adult even goes by Johnny, anyway? Isn’t that more of a child’s nickname? Shouldn’t he be just John by now?

Splash! I start, shoving myself to a standing position and looking up and down the empty coastline before me. My heart is thudding in my ears, and despite the cold, I feel a prickle of nervous sweat along my skin. But there’s nothing, nothing at all before me. The night is just as lonely as it was a minute ago, and there’s an uncomfortable seed of doubt beginning to grow in the back of my mind. What do I do if I don’t find a capall tonight? It’s my one night off work this week, and if I don’t find one now, the odds of finding one before The Rider’s Parade is about as likely as mum giving me her blessing for any of this.

Not to mention the fact that I have no idea how I’m meant to find the money for mum’s medicine and put food on the table. Dad’s savings are finally coming to an end, and there’s only so many ways one can make money on this island.

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Holy fuck McCree without a beard went from "Howdy y'all" to "My father will hear about this"


And seeing mccree without a beard went from me being like “I’ll ride you cowboy” to “get that heinous creature away from me”

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People should be allowed to go see if anyone agrees with what they thought about something without seeing malicious attacks all over the comments. That's how people find friends and blogs that think like they do.

well I agree but there is literally nothing I can do about it besides maybe a long speech on how it’s wrong etc but fuck it, I have done that many times before

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An option for people who don't want to pirate something but still want to see it without giving money to the creators could be buying it secondhand once it's available that way! (Have a lovely day/night, mods!)

That’s a good idea! I just know that a lot of white ppl are going to ignore this because they want to see it in theaters. (Thanks :) have lovely night too!)

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Why do people keep fucking saying we’re bullying? What is your definition of bullying people?

Have you seen how scared soriel shippers are? One too many people apologize for loving it and there’s nothing wrong with it

You can’t like Papdyne or Alphore They get shitheads going after them all the time They never get a fucking break

After I stood up for Papdyne I got several IMMEDIATE messages saying how its shit and trying to argue with me

We can’t stop you from being sick fucks shipping ACTUAL brothers together We just want to go through the sans and papyrus tags INCLUDING THE AUS without seeing them act sexually or romantically toward eachother

God Im so sick Of Seeing a picture of the skelebros fucking with a good 2,500 OR MORE fucking notes and right under it a picture with 100 notes of them both acting like a REAL family

God this fandom is such a shitfest

~mod burgerpants

And after finishing the construction, today I got some time for gameplay! Heda and Fyfe went to try the culinary talents behind Mazzarino’s. As seen below, Heda was not extremely fascinated. She found it all very boring. Thankfully the waitress changed her mind. 

She even send her compliments to the Chef, a person handpicked by the restaurant’s owner, this guy: 

Yeah, he is the one refusing to watch his wife desecrate gourmet cooking. Waaay snobby like actually having the snob trait in addition to having mastered gourmet cooking himself. What? You want to see him without a shirt? Ah, come on guys! That is not cool. He is a human being! Oh, you’re incredible. Here he is: 

Handsome. Name is Jan and his entire family was created for a single purpose…

Yep. This was too cool to pass up. THEY ARE SMALL COLLECTABLES I’m HOOKED! 

Aaaanyway, in the end everyone enjoyed their time at Mazzarino’s, who is now a five star establishment with a snobbish, neurotic owner who is NOTHING LIKE MY BOYFRIEND. 

Honestly. I hate having a trigger that’s everywhere. I can’t drive without seeing it and it’s on people’s clothes. And some times it just gets too much right? And then I get plagued by nightmares for a week and I just want to forget it happened. I’m good at blocking it out but sometimes it’s too much