loving ships that are not straight is a mess honestly bc yes there are some people who love them and relate but then there’s the straights who are just fetishing them and you gotta figure out who is who and sometimes you end up following someone for that ships content but then you see a lot of sexualization of them or just things that make you v uncomfortable in general and like??? i just want this ship to be happy??? i’m just here bc i relate and it’s great to have representation for once??? why do some straight people have to ruin everything??? 

i went shopping with my friend and we stopped at the mall tonight and we went into hot topic and i saw they had new hufflepuff sweatpants and i was like omg???? i have to????? but they only had a medium so i was like i’ll just check online when i get home

i got home and my mom found a coupon for $30 off $75 purchase and i…accidentally……

Dear Ichiruki fandumb

It costs zero cents for you to make up your own IR alternate ending AU WITHOUT stealing Kazui and Ichika in your fourth-rate edits (that look like they were done by a brain-damaged ape) , claiming that Ichigo has a loveless marriage with Orihime, or making fics/ theories that romanticize adultery.
-Sincerely, someone who wants to go into the IH tag without seeing a bunch of butthurt Ruges rape the ending

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no, it was the Nico and Darkness one hahah and we were in the middle of a mix between Hamilton and Phantom set in Brazil (?) actually pretty weird cuz Gems were there too (ily miss Giu)

You and I must travel to USA to see Hamilton and POTO together !! A dream trip ♥ ♥ ♥

Aaaah that post ?? Well, it’s good to know that some people like it(? My posts about Percabeth / Solangelo / Nico are always for all instagram and now I have clear who are the favorites there (? Hahahahahaha

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What's your favorite headcanon about Genji and Zenyatta?

Hmmm, I had to think about this one.

For Zenyatta, probably that he can open his mouth and eat. I love the idea of Zenyatta being able to eat treats and maybe food Genji cooks for him. He’d probably develop quite the sweet tooth.

For Genji, it’s that the only parts of him that aren’t cybernetic is his head down to his groin. His limbs however are all prosthetic. Also, without his white armor he looks like a soft, squishy, synthetic skinned cutie. I don’t see him without his white armor often, at least it’s canon given the photo we saw of him in the Overwatch jump suit in the “Recall” short.


“Why do you have to be everywhere?! Are you following me?” 

He asked, already annoyed by her presence. He just wanted to spend a day without worrying about seeing her, was it too much to ask?

“Excuse-moi? I am the one following you? YOU are the one bumping into me while jogging and also coming to MY shop!”

“What? This is your shop?”

That poor bitch Lola has some weird story that basically sets her up as one of Bridgeport’s superstars without me interfering with everyone’s celebrity status.  I always keep this in the back of my head when she’s whizzing all over the floor in public.  By now the tabloids must think she has some sort of weird incontience problem, but hey.  STILL A POP ICON  (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

Reply time.  xD

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writing prompt: Vanessa and Nina during spring break (romantic please~)

Here it is!


The entire hall of the airport can probably hear Vanessa’s shout as she rushes into Nina’s arms, but she couldn’t care less. Five months without seeing her best friend in the world: basically a lifetime ago. Besides, she doesn’t care one bit about what Californians may think of her. Nina is the only one that matters.

They make quite a show, holding each other so tight Vanessa might suffocate any second, dancing around the spot they’re standing, whimpering worldless cries of joy.

Vanessa visits Nina for spring break.

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there are a bunch of caterpillars on a tree in my yard all covered in little white pills, all unmoving. is it a fungus or what??

It’s not fungus, it’s the pupae of parasitic wasps. I can’t say which group without seeing the caterpillar and poking at it. The caterpillars have been eaten from the inside out by the wasp larvae and now they’ve pupated and spun their cocoons on the surface of the caterpillar. Super gross but fascinating, am I right?

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My confession: I wanna see you without clothes on, and fool around a little

if u take me to dinner at Cheesecake Factory and pick up the bill that wish could totally be granted probably maybe

me: *posts something*

everyone who follows me: can you just SHUT the fuck up for once i’m trying to scroll down my dash without seeing ur bullshit aesthetic posts for once!!!

me: *reblogs the post* i’m sorry but could you take another look at this i’m really sorry please

I wish there was a secret tag where all the Finnrey shippers could chill and live in peace. For real, just a tag free of assholes dumping their bullshit theories about why Finnrey isn’t going to be canon or why it should only be platonic (there’s a platonic tag for that). Like, goddamn, I can’t even scroll ten minutes without seeing that garbage and I’m using tagged search. I can only imagine what I’d see if I searched only using the ship name.