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As an LGBT person who isn't 100% on where she falls on the spectrum, I've been using queer as a descriptor purely because it shows I'm gay without people assuming I'm a lesbian. I wouldn't use it to describe others as obviously many people have issues with it, but I find it a good word to use :/

Then feel free to use it; nobody’s saying you can’t, we’re saying you shouldn’t act like you aren’t reclaiming a slur when you’re doing it. Good luck in figuring out who you are :)

Yugyeom as a Husband & Father //

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As Husband: 

  • He would’ve proposed really intimately.
  • Having done the traditional, getting down on one knee
  • It would be somewhere small but special to the both of you
  • without a lot of people around either
  • or just completely alone the both of you
  • The proposal would’ve also been SUPER random
  • Like, he would just be like thinking
  • I really want to marry this girl
  • I should propose
  • Then the following week there he was with the ring
  • Proposing to his sweetheart ♥
  • The wedding was small
  • intimate
  • family and close friends only
  • It was somewhere special and beautiful 
  • like the beach or a grass field
  • It was full of smiles and he looked so gooooood in his tux
  • and you looked soooo goood too
  • He couldn’t stop smiling at you
  • He started crying happy tears 
  • Multiple times
  • like he couldn’t believe he was marrying you
  • He would constantly whisper
  • “How did I get so lucky? I love you so much.♥♥♥”
  • He would kiss you with so much passion
  • So now that he was your husband
  • He would do everything for you♥
  • You guys would have random times of dancing 
  • Cuddle sessions would be a must as per usual
  • He’d take everything he said in his vows seriously
  • In sickness, he was taking care of you non-stop
  • taking off work just so he could care for you
  • You guys didn’t really argue
  • Before an argument could even come up he would be apologizing and you guys would kiss and hold each other
  • Sooner or later, you got pregnant!

As Father:

  • He would cradle your child, every chance he got
  • Completely wrapped around the kids pinky basically
  • Sometimes he would be afraid to hold them
  • Not wanting to hurt the perfect angel
  • He couldn’t believe that he made that
  • That was his kid
  • He would be an amazing dad
  • Always being so proud of whatever the kid did
  • First gurgle
  • First blink
  • First time sleeping through the night
  • First pinky shake
  • First poop
  • Like anything the kid did, he would be so proud
  • He’d spoil the kid with endless kisses and cuddles
  • When the kid grew up and showed interest in dancing
  • He would be so happy to introduce them to dancing
  • The child would literally know how to dance before walking
  • before crawling even
  • Basically coming out of the womb dancing
  • He would constantly put on dance shows for you with you guys child
  • It would  be the cutest thing
  • Endless rides on his shoulders
  • Endless spoiling even when mommy says no
  • He can’t help but give into his child
  • Like that’s mini him
  • So yeah ~
  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥

ABC News just posted this video of continuing flooding in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. 70,000 people remain under evacuation orders as a dam has been stabilzed but is still at risk of complete failure. At least 14 Puerto Ricans were killed when Hurricane Maria slammed the island with 155mph winds, destroying much of the island’s infrastructure, including the aging electrical grid, leaving 3.5 million people without power. Shelters are filling up and running out of supplies.

“He needs his mouth taping up to stop all that bleating about his ‘missus’. I think I speak for the majority when I say that we are extremely cringed out by Liam’s gushing compliments over his (old) bird! I din’t see her doing the same. She’s just sitting back on her throne whilst the court jester is out making a clown of himself.”

“Haha someone will be getting no dessert for a while after that comment! Didn’t he say recently that she gives him grief for talking too much about her in interviews? I think he thought she was joking, but at this point he is making them both look like idiots.”

“He’s too intellectually challenged to realise the creepiness of this statement … bless him.”

“The only kind of man C****l can keep! Lovestruck and dumb.”

“He watched her as a kid. Now she has two kids.”

“I think C****l needs to put a set of reins on him and put him in the pram with Bear. He’s too young to be on social media he’s still only a baby bless him”

“This is exactly why it works for C****l - the kid idolises her and wouldn’t dare question her! That’s where the others failed - they had their own personalities and weren’t blinded by love. He’ll soon learn as they grow older.”

“He doesn’t speak about her as a person or the mother of his child, he speaks about her as C****l C**e the popstar trophy”

“God this puts it into perspective on how creepy she is, I mean realistically C****l’s got to have some form of pedo tendencies to have met a 14 year old kid when she was in her 20s and flirted with him then, then years later having a Baby with him it’s bizarre. Imagine saying you met your future babies father, when he was 14 and you were 25 it’s disgusting.”

Somebody free him.

saki at 9-13: reserved, wary, bites people without warning (resulting in the loss of more than a finger on occasion)
saki at 14-16: god complex, views those around her like insects, sheer abuse of power 

saki now: a discount on all vegetables before 2pm for 50%!? PUSHES ON THE PEDALS OF HER BIKE SO HARD SHE GETS HER FOOT STUCK IN THE CONCRETE OF THE BIKE LANE

re: that post

exposure is nice. exposure at the expense of potentially annoying people with unprecedented and forced attention outside of the artist’s control isn’t.

you should want artists to grow, but if you’re shoving artists’ work down peoples’ throats without the consent and consideration of the artist, you’re making people hate them.

granted, you could be doing worse. you could just be posting the artwork without even crediting or sourcing the creator. you’re at least attempting to give the artist themselves exposure, it’s just not the correct way to do it.

keep that stuff on the sidebar, where it’s clearly less intrusive. and if users want to see more of that, they’ll end up visiting that page in question.

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Me and my brother both have ADD and we have opposite times. I'm innatentive and he's hyperactive. Is it normal for hyperactive people to talk louder without realising and innatentive people to talk quieter without realizing ?

I actually don’t know. I know that hyperactive people do tend to have trouble with volume control; I don’t know if inattentive people also struggle with it. Followers, what do you think?


Smeraldo (Your Flower)

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Genres: Angst

Warnings: Mentions of Death

Word Count: 1004

The truth that couldn’t be delivered.

Bloom. Even when I’m not watching.

“A flower blossoms for its own joy,” you state as you pass by a field of violas. Both you and Jin were enjoying a nice walk at the park near the sea, hands intertwined with each other.

“Hmm? What does that mean?” Jin nonchalantly responds as he gazes at the seagulls, apparently more attention grabbing than the flowers.

“Hmm. I guess it means that even without people constantly there to appreciate its beauty, a flower exists. It’s a famous quote by Oscar Wilde.”

Jin responds by humming in amusement.

“That’s why, I think some flowers are not meant to be seen. They are meant to be hidden. Because the beauty is in its existence, and not by the meaning a human gives it.”

Jin gives you a cheesy grin.

“You’re my flower, Y/N.”

And it earned him a playful slap to the shoulder.

He thought back to that very day. It seemed so long ago.

Flowers, huh.

He kneeled right in front of you.

“I’m sorry I took so long, Y/N.”

It had been years since your departure from the world. And it took him that long to finally build up the courage. The courage to go see you.

He breathed in.

The only sounds were the clashing waves from the sea and the grass rustling from the salty breeze, as well as the frequent journeying cries of the seagulls.

You had always loved the sea. To you, the sea was a home to return to. Your favorite dates with Jin were visits to the sea. So you were made sure to be buried near it.

But to Jin, the salty breeze only weakened his resolve to hold his tears in. The tears he kept in for so long.

He set down the flowers in front of you.


They were your favorite flowers. His favorite thing to do was to surprise you with them and then seeing your overjoyed happiness and profuse Thank Yous and I love yous. They were often associated with the meaning of undying love.

And to this day, Jin cursed his heart for not able to let go.

Jin wouldn’t forget you. He couldn’t forget you.

He clenched his fist tightly.

The seagulls screeched mockingly around him.

And Jin cursed.

Cursed the seagulls for being so ignorant.

Cursed the world for being so ruthless.

Cursed himself for being captive of such heartbreaking love.

And he cursed you for leaving him.

But he loved you. He never stopped loving you.

He thought everything was gut-wrenchingly ugly.

He wondered if such an ugly person was able to continue living.

Love was so ugly. And he loved you.

And at that moment, the moment he silently professed his overflowing love, a strong breeze from the ocean gusted through the cemetery, causing him to shut his eyes away from the overwhelming speed of dust.

And when he opened his eyes, he found that the forget-me-not flowers were scattered into petals, flowing through the air like a confetti of cherry blossoms.

And he also found another single flower, planted on the ground. The blue-pink petals of the flower was reminiscent to the sea’s horizon of the setting sun.

That…wasn’t there before, was it?

“It’s called Smeraldo, Jin.”

And with an abrupt turn, he saw you standing right before him.

The you he so vividly remembers. The you who enjoyed the ocean breeze like an innocent child.


“Yes Jin. It’s me.”

You smile at him.

He loses sight of reason. Who cares if this isn’t real?

He runs to you and hugs you, your body fitting like a missing puzzle piece to the empty hole in his chest.

And because of such raw tenderness, his tears, the ones he kept in since your death, overflowed.

You caress his hair softly.

“Jin. That flower, Smeraldo. The meaning of it is…The truth that couldn’t be delivered.”

Jin didn’t respond. He continued to cling to your warmth, knowing everything was a dream.

“It’s a bittersweet meaning, don’t you think?”

“But it’s beautiful.”

Jin then stared into your eyes. Your eyes were still sparkling with the same deepness of the sea of back when you were alive.

“I never said goodbye. I always regretted that. So I waited. I waited so long for you.”

Jin’s chest panged with guilt.

Even if you weren’t there, you were always waiting. At the place he promised to take you every anniversary. At the place you loved. At the place you were now resting.

He spoke for the first time.

“I-I’m so…sorry…I was too scared. Too scared to admit…you were gone,” he sobbed.

“Jin, am I still your flower?”

He smiled through his tears.

“Yes. You’ll always be.”

“Jin…you’re a flower too. But you aren’t my flower. You are your own flower.”

You sofly cup his chin.

“You’re beautiful, Seokjin. Your existence is so, so beautiful. I love you, Jin, but whether I love you or not, you are still beautiful.”

You press your lips softly to his.

So bloom. Even when I’m not watching.”

In that moment, the gust of wind picks up at a speed of light leaving Jin to close his eyes again by reflex.

And when he opened them, you were gone.

Ah, of course. It was just a dream.

He lets out a painful sigh.

As Jin tries to catch the remaining petals of the forget-me-nots, one petal remained more peculiar than the other.

A petal of blue and pink color.

Jin stares at the single petal for a long time, before smiling. Smiling like he meant it. For the first time in years, it felt like his heart was set free from a very long curse.

Jin stares out to the horizon. The sun was only beginning to set, and the scenery seemed to form a palette similar to that of Smeraldo. The sea’s wind was gentler than he could remember.

He may no longer cry, but it seemed like the seagulls were crying for him.


re: this post

@msliverstar answered:  Many of them are imagine some character falling in love with you, no abuse required.  I find them dead boring, but whatever.

Maybe you’re right. Maybe I have been exposed to an unrepresentative cross-section of imagine posts and most of them aren’t full of toxic jealousy and violence or other hetero-nonsense touted as romantic. And it might even be true that, at this point, I am assuming the worst of any I happen to see and blocking what might be lovely people without reading their imagine posts just on the basis of being the kind of person who posts imagines in character tags I follow.

I think part of my kneejerk “oh hell no” reaction might be the coercive gendering/heterosexualizing of the second person used in imagine posts. I have never read one that wasn’t using ‘you’ to mean ‘conventionally attractive heterosexual cis woman’ and I am none of those things.

Honestly, being misgendered all the time in meatspace is bad enough. I don’t want it in my fandom experience. It feels gross as fuck, and I have no regrets about blocking every single imagine blog I have the misfortune of running across.

And, yeah. It still feels gross to have been mistaken for one.

“لا تتركوا الناس من غير اسباب واضحه ، لا احد في الدنيا يستحق ان ينام و هو يشعر بأنه لم يكن كافيا”

do not leave people without having clear reasons to, no one in this world deserves to sleep feeling they aren’t enough.

So I’m not completely sure if Tumblr ate my ask, cause that happens a lot with me lately. That’s why I’m submitting this as well, for your consideration. If the ask has gotten through, you can ignore this post :) 


So I live in a crowded city and am always wondering how you people would get their daemon to walk around without having other people touch them? Mice and other small daemons are easy enough to carry, and birds can just fly alongside someone, but what about larger dogs and cats? Tigers, bears or, in my case, a clouded leopard?

I think the answer is simple. Walkways halfway up the buildings. Cat daemons won’t have trouble getting up there, dogs and others will have little ramps to go up and so no daemons will be too far away from their people. I mean, it won’t be big enough for, say, an elephant, but it would work for normal to large sized daemons! 

This brings some fun stuff to mind: 

  • A kid and their daemon staring out their apartment window, looking at the parade of daemons and learning more and more about them and the person they connect to. 
  • Shouting up to your daemon like ‘Yo, we’re going into this shop here! Come along!' 
  • Daemons doing a surprise aerial attack on their people. ( 'Lee would do that ALL THE TIME if he could get away with it) 
  • Daemons having little benches in every fitting room. (And making remarks on the style, cause of course) 
  • People having a collision in a hallway, while their daemons have the exact same collision on the walkways
  • Large cat and dog daemons coming down the walkway to walk with their people in case of robbers. 
  • Large cat and dog daemons coming down the walkway to walk with other people in case of robbers
  • Just… walkways halfway up the wall! 

For trains and buses, same rules. Daemons that can just be in the space of the luggage racks. Cars would have to be taller, to make sure people can travel with their daemons, but I think that all in all it will work? 

My Orleon sends his fond regards to Elijah. (He actually asked me to phrase it like that. Can’t believe how posh he’s being today) 


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They're not tops/bottoms they are in love and like most relationships are like "Aye you wanna do stuff to my butt tonight?" "Yeah sure, you got me tomorrow?" Bc I don't think anyone is strictly top/bottom in the gay community.

i’ve avoided talking about this for a long time since it’s a subject that guarantees some sort of argument when brought up, but fandom’s concept of tops/bottoms and what they are is the one bit of heteronormativity that we haven’t managed to let go of. it’s misogyny without the women.

actual people aren’t always dominant or submissive, so writing like they are is just plain bad writing because a lot of authors completely change their characters’ personalities depending on who tops or bottoms. it also uncomfortably mirrors a lot of power imbalances present in straight relationships and that’s the exact type of thing i want to avoid by reading and making slash fiction. 

this isn’t exclusive to joshler fics at all, and i’m not singling us out as the sole perpetrator. it extends to pretty much every single ship in existence, old and new. granted, stuff like a/b/o and slash shipping in general is a lot older than tumblr and all its focus on social justice and comes from a time when sexist/heteronormative tropes were a lot more commonplace and acceptable. 

now obviously, what i say holds a lot less weight than someone who’s sexually active, given that i’m aromantic + asexual. however, i am transgender and that means i’m a lot more aware of my gender and sexuality and how they’re perceived by society. that may be why this whole thing rubs me the wrong way,, and maybe it’s just me, because i’ve never met anyone who’s felt the same way. if you’re someone who can speak from experience and would like to tell me what you think, i absolutely encourage you to do so.

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i saw that capitalism post and what's "exorsexism" and whys it a bad concept? i know it has something to do with nb people but thats about it

it’s another word for nb-phobia and it’s useless because nb people are not a cohesive social class and there’s no such thing as transphobia that only affects nb people without hurting binary trans people

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It upsets me how disrespectful some people are to Jack and Ellie's relationship. Like people are writing HUGE paragraphs on how much hate they have for Ellie when they don't even know her personally? And it's all the same repeated reasons. Like she seems like she a sweet girl, I really wish people would grow up and see that he's allowed to date who he wants, it upsets me to no end. If Jack can't even date anyone with without people getting mad, I don't know what to say.

it makes me so livid. and something else i noticed is that people are trashing them as a couple bc they think “fack is better”. they are literally trashing on two people in a relationship, in favor of finn and jack, who are friends. i love reddie with all my heart, but theyre characters. jack and finn are real people with real interests and people need to stop being so invasive and creepy about them