y’all know that Black people are the first to call out ignorance within the Black community. if a Black person says some anti-native or anti-asian shit or anything, y’all KNOW that there’s a multitude of people within the Black community that will correct them. cause we know it’s not right. despite this, every time and without fail, the people in the communities being targeted will go “now what if we said this about Black people?” but the gag is you already do! this “what if we were antiblack” shit is tired cause you already are! you already say “Black people are dirty.” you already say “Black people cant read” and “Black people are ghetto and only eat fried chicken and watermelon.” this shit is already said by and large in your communities that are riddled with antiblackness and nobody says a fucking thing cause you all do not care. Black people are the first to shut shit down when we see our own being bigoted, but you guys just take it as an excuse to be ~hypothetically~ antiblack as though you aren’t already.

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Chara: *physically kills people without touching their SOUL as they know nothing about magic and that shit* *MAGICAL statistic of LV increases* hmmm... semse lejit

Level of Violence has more to do with how detached a person becomes. People who have never killed tend to feel guilt or remorse, or at least a sense of wrongness, if they kill another person. This feeling becomes less the more you kill. You become numb to the act of murder, this making future kills easier to do. Monsters are sensitive to killing intent, so those sorts of repeat killers are extra deadly to them. So they devised the Level of Violence system of measurement to calculate the deadliness of a person.

Our THIRD ANNUAL “AUideas Advent Calendar”: 2017!

Hello AUideas!

It’s that time of year again, and we’re bringing back our annual AUideas Advent Calendar! For those of you who are new, you probably don’t know that since we are not an art blog, the Admins here at AUideas have always been EXTREMELY jealous of “Inktober,” ogling at fan art as it passes by on our dashboards and feeling the overwhelming need to bring something similar to you, our dedicated followers, for one month of the year. So, with great pleasure, we’d like to introduce (for the third time) the AUideas Advent Calendar. Here’s how it works for you newcomers and oldcomers (be sure to read on, because we have a few MORE tweaks and twists this year!):

  • From December 1st to January 1st, the Admins of AUideas will be posting an AU idea every other day (only on odd days) @ 3:00 p.m. EST that will be the focus for our writing-followers who are craving the chance for some speed writing or “one shots.”
  • Participants then have two days to write a short fanfiction of around 1,000 words (please feel free to write more if you want!).
  • Participants must then reblog the main AU idea post and add a link of their writing piece by 11:00 a.m. EST on the following odd day.
  • You can attach an AO3/wattpad/fanfiction.net/etc. link to the tumblr post or write directly onto the reblogged post.
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  • This is a great way to encourage community and make connections for RPers and other collaborators through reading some great writing pieces!
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In addition, the AUideas Advent Calendar post on the final day (December 31st) will be the most important, as we will pool together all the names of the followers who participated in every prompt without skipping or missing a day and enter them into a raffle where the winner will choose one of their one-shots for the Admins to continue by 5,000 words through a collaboration of both the Admins and Assistant Admins (the final draft of the Admins’ Additions will be posted to the blog on January 6th) and be a Featured Follower under the “Follower’s Works” tab on the blog.

Here are some FAQ from past years:

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The FINALE will take place on January 6th!

We’re really looking forward to starting up, so crack your fingers, pull up your favorite writing platform, and get ready to write some AUs. Happy Holidays, and see you on December 1st!

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P.S. Just as we have in previous years, for the duration of the AUideas Advent Calendar, the Admins will not be posting any lists for AU Fridays nor quotes for the main Never Book as this project itself will put a lot of strain on our creative, professional, and personal lives. Please be patient, as we will continue the MasterLists in January of 2018. However, feel free to send in more list requests, as we would be more than happy to see some new ideas for the new year.


NAME CHANGE: nightflightversell

that art trade and commission scammer (whom also reposts artwork without proper credits. I found some neondragon stuff on there) has changed their url. Keep an eye out folks, and stay safe!!

artists get dicked around a lot as it without this bullshit from people. STAY SAFE GUYS. and please spread the word!!

Net neutrality

202-224-3121 is the number for the U.S senate I would strongly recommend you you call this number and tell your senator about your support for net neutrality. The word of the  people needs to be heard ,and democracy can not work without the people voting for us hearing our opinions.  We cannot let big business win and restrict our access to the sites we love. I urge you to call or email your senator and tell them your take on this.

HAPPY 2 MONTHS OF THIS BLOG GUYS !!!! serious i am such a muse hopper, it;s a surprise i’ve made it to 2 months on jane and actually still want to keep going so badly !! i love jane so much she has been one of my all time favorite characters to play, and i am so happy all of you like my portrayal of her !! ( side note : this is also the first time on any blog in my history that i’ve had over 500 followers and really it blows my mind thank you so much for that i feel so grateful ). i know it’s late and all, but i just wanted to thank all of you and give some quick shout outs to the people who have made this blog even possible to stay around because i considered leaving jane a few times and without certain people i wouldn’t have stayed. i love all so much and i am so happy to be a part of this community. i am so happy to have met you all and have a chance to talk to you all. thank you so so much, and i hope you continue to stick around with jane and i in the future.   - syd x


@savelosers & @noasthma & @somethingtroubled & @werentalone - ASH : boy o boy have i admired you for awhile. you are so fun and kind and your IT multi was a blog i followed back on my mal blog and i just loved your writing so much. you are so great to talk to about plot ideas and dangerously hurtful scenarios. you are also just so upbeat and fun you bring like a whole sun onto my dash whenever i see you. thank you for being here since day one, you mean the world to me x

@s-stutters - EIMI : ngl for like the entire first two weeks i knew you i thought your name was spelled eime bc of the group chat and i wanted to die when i found out that wasn’t the case. ANYWAY you are easily one of my best friends. you’re not even on tumblr much anymore and i still talk to you most everyday and i cannot wait for you to come visit me in all my college loneliness !! you’ve been here to see me laugh and cry talk me through tough decisions, and i wouldn’t be where i am today without you. thank you so much for being here and i look forward to you coming to visit me ( we can go shopping im sO PUMPED ) x

@furaised & @beignetcrowned & @moanaialiki - MONIE : haha fun fact that we are now going on 5 months of knowing each other. like, almost half a year. you have been my number one supporter throughout our entire time together and i am so grateful to have you. seriously, you’re always here when i need you and you like all of my headcanons and dumb posts, and you’re also my new dad so like, we have that too. i don’t know how many times i can say i adore you but i really really adore you. i love you so much and im so lucky to have you around. i hope to get to have you around more x.

@nevergcveup & @floatedtoo - HEATHER : ahhhhhh my beautiful friend !! you are so amazing and i am so jazzed to get to know you better. i remember you sent that really sweet ask complimenting me about my portrayal of jane and i was just so happy to receive anything like that from anyone. and here we are now - i get to actually see you in a few days !! i cannot wait to watch gilmore girls and eat taco hell and cookies with you. i do hope you know that my visits are going to be like a regular thing too. i can’t believe you’re only an hour and a half away !!! it still boggles my mind that someone i love so much is so close to me and maybe i would have never known it. but like we’ve said before - you’re stuck with me now and there’s no getting out of it. x

@theirprcmise & @experitwins & @webwiings  - BEE : you amazing and beautiful person. first of all, thank you so much for the christmas gifts !! the poster is going to go up on my wall in my bedroom at home when i finally out up my poster wall ( i have a tono of posters and tacts i gotta find first they’re buried somewhere around here ), and jane is nestled happily on my keychain. i can take her with me everywhere now - she kinda has to being on the chain. but really thank you so much. you are one of the sweetest people i know, and i am very happy to call you my friend. i don’t know what i did to deserve a friend like you, but it must have been something really good. i love you lots x. 


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What he says: I’m fine

What he means: There are people being turned down from lifesaving medical treatments because they don’t have healthcare. There are people without money to pay rent or buy food because their parents couldn’t afford exhorberant college costs and now they can’t get a high paying job. There are people that can’t get jobs at all, or get welfare, or a proper education, or any respect whatsoever from society because of their race, gender, sexuality, age, looks (yes, looks), or, most importantly class. There are people working three jobs, essentially neglecting their children, working themselves to the bone, not getting anywhere for all their hard work and STILL not affording basic necessities because the minimum wage is NOT a living wage. Not even close. These people are the vast majority in this country. The bottom 20% has 3% of the total wealth, whereas the top 5% has OVER. 30. PERCENT. Over 30% of the TOTAL wealth in the US belongs to 5% OF THE POPULATION. But does anyone try to change it? No. Not even a little bit. Anyone that wants to has no power to, and anyone that has power is profitting off exploitation of the poor and won’t part with the smallest amount of their billions upon billions of dollars for the sake of basic human decency. Anyone who thinks abolishing net neutrality is a good thing is either SORELY misinformed, or is one of those 5%ers. It won’t just stop people from getting their cat videos and pinterest recipes, it will stop people from getting information. This bill will make it legal to heavily throttle or even outright block any websites (including news sites) that the ISP disagrees with. You read that right. It’s a fucking DYSTOPIA over here. Not to mention that schools, hospitals, libraries, government centers, any public service that requires internet (hint: all of them) are going to have to shell out money monthly too, which means taxes will skyrocket. Now, I’m normally all for taxes. High taxes in a socialist setting makes for more sharing, and more equality. But right now Americans are living in a society where an extremely high amount of taxes are being funneled into the military (billions of dollars everyday go towards buying nukes), and, pretty soon, lining the pockets of already extremely wealthy company executives and politicians. No budget for education. They’re cutting that. No public works either. Cutting that too. No healthcare, welfare, NOTHING. Rich people just keep getting richer and richer and greedier and greedier and the class gap is widening more and more and more and nothing is changing for the better and I’m not convinced it will anytime soon. Poor people- no, normal people, your average middle class citizens, are constantly being stiffed and blocked and any power they have is being yanked out from under them. They aren’t being treated like humans. If that doesn’t tell you how fucking SHITTY America is, I don’t know what will. It’s a sinking ship and only white male billionaires can afford life boats.

Hello, friends. I promised to get better at letting you know when I’m good - not just bad. So I’m here to let you know that the last three days have been really good. Two days ago, I felt so good I caught myself thinking this can’t possibly be how people without depression feel every day; no way, because it was so good, I’d be dizzy with joy if I was that happy every day! I thought “no wonder people want to live of this is what life feels like”. I tend to be overwhelmed like that whenever I have good periods because life really can feel that good.

Maybe I’ll get back to you on what is causing my better mood. It’s nothing big, just small things here and there - but I know finding the joy and excitement from snk again has helped a lot. ❤

Search and Seizure Pt 4

Request: un-surpassable: Need. more. search. and. seizure . Ahahahhhh
Request: kyky9103:
Can you do more anxiety attack and seizure posts

Lots of people were asking for another part. Ask and you shall receive! There are two-ish scavenger hunt items. See if you can find them!

@beeboatthedxsco @opheren @staticpalmsvibes @streetyouthrising @zimeah

The video of your seizure in the grocery store ended up everywhere. Gossip sites, entertainment sites, youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter… It was awful. You cried. and cried. For days. Brendon and the boys were right at your side through it all.

You were just so terribly embarrassed and felt violated. Everyone in the world has seen you at your most vulnerable without your consent.

Some people were really nice. A lot of the fans and TV hosts were genuinely sympathetic and concerned. They all wished you well.

But some people were not nice at all. They made fun of you and left the most disheartening and offensive comments.

Honestly had no idea she could break dance like that.

That awkward moment when you realize your girlfriend is possessed…

Ew all that stuff coming out of her mouth. Looks like Brendon’s got himself a spitter, not a swallower!

Can she die from one of these so we can have Brendon back?

Brendon wanted to make all your hurting stop, but he couldn’t. He was absolutely furious with the way people were talking about you, especially people who claimed to be his fans. After finding you in a puddle one night, horrible comments from a fan website in your hand, he took to twitter.

It disgusts me the shit “fans” will say about the people I love most. If you’re one of them, just know I think you’re shit. Get fucked.

Perhaps the worst part was people concocting theories about your “rock star lifestyle” and how you must have overdosed on drugs. People were writing entire pieces about your struggle with addiction–addictions that didn’t even exist. “Crack whore” was the nickname for you, and it flew around the internet.

Finally, you want to put it all to rest. You are going to address it. Own it. You write up a message in your notes and post a screenshot of it on instagram.

To all of you who have been wishing me well: thank you SO much! I loved all the sweet messages you have been sending Brendon and I. I’m doing just fine now. To everyone who has tried to put me down, make fun of me, and talk shit about me: you need to take a serious look at yourself and your behavior. Have some compassion. I have epilepsy, which is a seizure disorder. Although it’s well controlled, I still have seizures from time to time. I never really liked to talk about it because I didn’t want people to treat me differently. But now, things have changed for me and that’s why I think I owe it to myself and all of my fellow epilepsy-warriors to speak up. I have epilepsy, but epilepsy does not have me.

Sending lots of love out to all of you,

You were too nervous to read the comments, so you had Brendon do it. He started reading all them aloud and it was incredible.

They talked about how happy they were that you were okay, that you were so strong, that you are perfect just the way you are, that they don’t see you any differently… The best was how many people felt comfortable sharing their own struggles with epilepsy, a lot of them crediting you for giving them the courage to do so.

You made the absolute best of the situation you were put in. You finally felt free.

In another exciting turn of events, you and Brendon got engaged last month. You both knew you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together since the moment you met, so it was all coming true. You couldn’t be happier.

It was back to touring and you were backstage at a show. You knew you were tired and you were looking forward to calling it a night. You decided you might go back to the bus early, before the show ends. You were enjoying the thought of getting comfortable in your pjs–

Uh oh.

It hit you hard and very suddenly, interrupting your train of thought entirely: your arm was gone and your stomach flipped.

No, fuck, not during a show.

You stood for a moment, wishing it away with all your might. The heat around you became oppressive. Everything was only intensifying. You looked out onto the stage, seeing Brendon singing and running around as usual with his special performance glow. You smiled for a moment.

You come up with a plan: you’ll just grab Zack and go further backstage, out of view. You won’t interrupt the show and you can just tell Brendon after. You’re sure he’ll be furious that you didn’t tell him sooner, but you weren’t about to ruin the concert for everyone.

You dropped out of your thoughts as your body was screaming to get your attention, realizing how badly you were feeling. You spot Zack and start to make a beeline over to him. Your purposeful steps suddenly became weaker but you were determined to make it. You’re a little less coordinated as you reach him, stepping closer to him than you really meant to. His expression drops as he looks to you.

“Zeyh–” you slur as you attempt to reach out to him.

“Oh, okay,” He is instantly grabbing underneath your forearms, firmly supporting you. It’s fairly dark and hard to hear each other over the music, but you don’t really need to say much of anything. Zack didn’t need any more information to figure everything out. He has developed a sixth sense kind of thing about it now, actually. 

“Don’t feel–” you try.

“You don’t feel good?” he finished the statement for you. You nod and your lip trembles. “I know honey,” Zack comforted you, “It’s okay.”

You fall into his chest a bit and he adjusts his grip.

“I gotcha Y/n,” he reassures you quickly, speaking gently into your ear, “let’s lay down.” You’re so petite compared to him, he easily begins to move you to the floor.

The crew members nearby start to gather around the situation.

Brendon happened to be jogging his way towards your end of the stage. Out of the corner of his eye, he notices the unusual events unfolding offstage. He did a double take and saw you clinging to Zack as he was helping you to the ground.

He felt his stomach drop to the floor.

“Oh fuck,” he said under his breath, frozen for a moment. The next thing he knew, he was sprinting off stage to you as fast as his legs could carry him. He pushed a couple of stage hands out of the way and slid on his knees, arriving next to you. He shrugged off his jacket and Zack put it under your head.

You suddenly feel a hand on your shoulder and find Brendon above you, pulling his earpiece out.

“It’s okay baby,” he panted, “I’m right here.”

His voice was the last thing you heard. You started to seize and Brendon looked over at Zack, who had his phone out with the timer starting. Zack nods at him silently, and Brendon returns it, so grateful that Zack takes such good care of you.

Meanwhile, the band was left hanging. The crowd was also puzzled, disappointed by the sudden end of the song.

When the boys realized Brendon had ran, each of them kind of dropped off, confused. They looked after where he had gone and saw you on the floor, Brendon and Zack at your side. They were heartbroken and exchanged looks, wondering what to do. After a second, Dallon decided to speak up.

“Alright guys, sorry,” He said into his mic, “We’re gonna give Brendon some time to, uh, help out his beautiful fiancé here, having a little trouble.” He kept it nonchalant, not exactly sure of what to say anyway.

The entire audience could guess what was happening and they all awed, feeling terrible for you. No doubt that every single person in the arena had seen the video of you in the grocery store.

“Oh no, she must be having a seizure!”
“Poor thing!”
“Oh Brendon is so sweet!”

The boys kind of just talked with the audience, joking around, playing a riff from time to time to stall. They wanted it to be quiet for you.

Brendon was brushing your hair from your face when you start to bleed a little. He and Zack both notice you’ve moved onto your back, not completely on your side anymore.

“Yeah, let’s–” Brendon directed Zack, not really needing to use words because he was thinking the same exact thing. Zack rolls you further onto your side while Brendon helps you along. The rest of the blood was able to drain out.

“There we go,” He sighed, wiping it away. He stroked your cheek gently. “it’s okay baby. You’re okay.”

Some of the stagehands started asking questions. Brendon was completely focused on you, so Zack took over answering, informing them of the situation. Brendon continued whispering to you and you started to come down.

“Shhh, good job baby,” He said quietly, wiping your mouth one last time. “Zack?” He called his attention.

Zack looked at him and then glanced down at his phone. “1:41,” He replied. “Alright, all you guys have to back off please.” Zack commanded the crew around you, waving them away. He didn’t want you to be any more scared than you already would be, waking up in a strange place.

“Wasn’t too bad,” Brendon consulted with Zack.

“Nope,” he agreed, “Normal length.”

“God,” Brendon sighed, “Did she seem different to you? I didn’t see this one coming at all.”

“No, she’s been fine all day,” Zack shrugged, “Maybe she forgot her medication.”

They give you another minute and you start to come to. They moved away.

You open your eyes and it’s dark. Why can’t you see? You moved your eyes up and realize you’d been looking at the black floor you are laying on. You see a hand right next to your face and stare at it intently. Suddenly you realize it’s your own hand, and try to move it. It took you a second but finally you were able to slide it a little. It still felt so foreign as it sat front of you.

You are drawn away from your hand as your disorientation tugged at you. Fear sat deep in your stomach. You know you’re laying on the ground, but where and why? You slide your hand against the floor again, wanting to put in a position that you could push yourself up from, but it was no use. You were far too week.

A wall of fuzzy sound hit your ears. You looked beyond your hand and saw boots. Black boots. Those do not belong to you. Oh my god, it’s a person, right in front of you.

“Y/n, you’re okay,” Brendon begins to speak quietly.

You start to panic and your fight or flight reflex kicked in. You rustle on the floor and try to get away from the figure in front of you, but the most you can manage to do is withdraw.

“It’s okay, baby,” Brendon continues, “You had a seizure but you’re okay now. it’s just me and Zack.”

You don’t really seem to be responding to him like you normally would by now. He’s not sure if you aren’t showing it, or if you truly can’t hear him.

Truth is, you haven’t heard a single thing. The figure comes closer to you and you try to hit it away, punching and whimpering.

“Baby, it’s alright,” Brendon called to you, blocking your weak hands as you tried to throw them through the air, “Shhh, it’s okay.”

Sound becomes clear to you and all you can hear is yourself. You hold your breath as you continue to struggle, wondering if you could hear something that would help you figure what was going on.

“Y/n, it’s okay,” Brendon tried again.

You hear it. That voice. Brendon. You still yourself.

“It’s Brendon, Y/n,” Brendon tells you, “You’re okay.”

You looked at him, taking in his features and trying to put it all together.

“Bren?” You questioned quietly. He lit up a bit and nodded.

“It’s me, baby,” He reassured you, “You’re safe.”

You respond by relaxing your hands back down to the floor.

“You had a little seizure, so I know you’re confused,” He explained sweetly, “but you’re alright. It’s me, and your BFF Zack is right there behind you, alright?” he said with a little smirk. A smile pulled at the corner of your lips.

You start to push yourself onto your elbow and ponder your surroundings. Zack and Brendon both hover their hands over you in case you start to fall.

“We’re at the venue in Ohio for a show,” He said.

You glance around and realize there’s stage crew around you. You looked at him and saw that he was soaked with sweat and in his stage outfit. Beyond him, you saw the boys onstage and one of their voices speaking casually on a microphone. Your eyes grew wide.

“OH MY GOD!” You exclaimed, “YOU’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHOW!” You were quickly pushing yourself up to sitting and fumble to properly put your weight into your hands. You don’t have the balance or the strength and fall over backward.

Apparently Zack would rather die than let you hit the ground, because suddenly he is holding you upright and rests your back against himself. You forgot he was back there, even though Brendon had just told you that. You’re not really sure the physics of how it all happened, but you are sure that Zack is a ninja. What a great BFF.

Oh wow, even your inner monologue is seizure drunk.

“Easy, Y/n,” Brendon holds your shoulder, “It’s okay.”

“Oh my god,” You shook your head, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” You start to cry.

“No, no, no, Shhh,” Brendon immediately soothes, heartbroken to see you brought to tears like this. He takes your cheek in his hand, “It’s okay,” he tried with a sad chuckle, “Y/n. It’s fine.”

“I’m sorry,” you repeated through your tears. Zack was rubbing your upper arm and Brendon was wiping each tear as they fell.

“Y/n,” he said, tilting your head up to look you in the eye. “Baby, it’s okay. I needed a break anyway, alright?” He chuckled again, “It’s hot out there!”

You mustered up a small smile for him. At his comment, you notice he’s not wearing his gold jacket. You look down and see it wadded up on the floor.

“Oh no I got blood on it,” you said sadly with a pouted lip, observing a puddle that had formed and smudged around. You feel terrible, like you’ve truly ruined everything.

“You know what?” Brendon said in a clear, optimistic voice. You look to him. “Tomorrow we’re gonna wash that thing and make our own fucking oxi-clean commercial, alright?” He joked, grinning widely. He makes you giggle. “It’s just clothes, baby,” He reminds you softly. You nod with a little smile.

You wait for a moment before breaking the silence.

“Go,” you say to him.

“What?” he asks.

“Go!” you repeat, “I’m fine here, go back on stage. You have a show to finish!”

He looked at you from beneath his eyebrows, annoyed.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” He scoffed, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Why?” You huff, pouting your lip in an exaggerated fashion. Oh boy, here’s the seizure drunk coming through.

“Because my fiancé just had a seizure!” Brendon responded, “I’m not finishing the show!”

“Seize seizin’ is a habit” You sing like David Banner’s ‘Stuntin is a habit’ with your best gangster style.

“Oh my god,” he covers his eyes in embarrassment.

“I’m fine now Bren, there’s nothing left to be done,“ you try, “Your fans deserve this!”

“You are my top priority,” He responded.

“Look, I have my BFF Zacky-poo,” You reached up and sloppily patted Zack’s cheek, “And you can go finish your show.”

“Y/n, I’m not–” He started.

“Brendon Boyd Urie,” You cut him off harshly, “If you do not get back on that stage right now, you are not touching my body for a month.”

The look on Brendon’s face is hilarious. He can’t believe you just said that.

“Yeah, that’s right,” You clicked your tongue. He evened his facial expression.

“You’re just seizure drunk,” He dismissed. You lean forward a little.

“Baby,” You coldly whisper in his ear, “I don’t lie when I’m seizure drunk.”

You lean away. Now he looks even more flustered. Poor Zack probably felt awkward as all fuck, but oh well, this was far too entertaining.

“Hm, better get back out there,” You said lightly with an innocent smile.

Brendon gives you a death stare for a moment and you just hold your smile. He looks to Zack.

“You sure you got her?” Brendon asks him, his voice flat and annoyed.


“Course, man,” Zack nodded dutifully.

“You’ll bring her back to the bus?” Brendon checks. Zack nods again.

Brendon pauses for a second and sighed, aggravated that you’ve won the battle. You’ve always been a fighter.

“Okay,” he surrenders. He kisses your forehead and pulls away enough to lock eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Bren,” You reply.

He takes off and as soon as he is back on stage, the crowd erupts with noise. Zack is working on getting you up and sitting in a chair for a little while before you actually trek back to the bus. You hear Brendon address the audience.

“We’re all good, guys,” he told them as they cheered, and then waited for them to quiet down a bit.

“Not that I wouldn’t anyway, because I do love you guys, but, uh,” he chuckled under his breath, “my fiancé just threatened to withhold sex from me for a month if I didn’t come back out here.” The crowd roared with laughter and he literally giggled like a little girl,  “So you can thank Y/n for this one!”

You’re welcome. You smile and laugh to yourself. 

You have epilepsy, but epilepsy doesn’t have you. Life has to go on.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed the read. Zack is the fucking best and I strongly believe he would turn into such a little softie like this. This series is pretty fun to write. Like/reblog if you’re feelin’ it!

ps. Lol who would actually have the willpower to withhold sex from Brendon?

The government claims they’re for the people but when the majority of us Americans are in favor of net neutrality you guys don’t wanna be for the people, but for yourself😤the U.S. government is corrupted and this is when we as a society need to come together as one. We can’t agree on a lot of things but this is something just about all of us can agree on. The students who take online courses—what are they now gonna do? College is expensive enough without having to pay for extra shit. I’m being so honest when I say that the only reason I know about half of the worlds issues—IS BECAUSE OF THE INTERNET. If you will for one second reflect on how society is and all the issues it has—then this will seem like a big deal. Without the internet, some people won’t be able to voice their opinions, they won’t be able to get in touch with others. When a terrorist attack happens, social media is the first to let me know, because it’s sure as hell not gonna be trumps stupid ass—he has twitter fingers all day but when a national crisis is going on—the bitch is silent.

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Do you think trans women should be included in debates about reproductive rights? I️ support trans women in women spaces, but I️ have a hard time understanding why people without uteruses should be included in this discussion. I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about protest signs with vaginas and the pussy hat thing, but I’m trying to understand how that is transphobic if we aren’t saying they are about women but about people with vaginas.

1. there are plenty of cis women without uteri who are included in the discussion

2. there are plenty of cis women with uteri who are for some other reason unable to get pregnant who are included in the discussion

3. (the most important point) trans women are effected by reproductive rights as well, and cis feminism has ignored this for a very long time.

trans women, in almost every western country, are coerced into sterilizing themselves by the government in order to identify as a woman. that’s right, the government makes trans women chemically sterilize, and often castrate themselves, in order to be legally recognised as a woman. but nobody ever talks about that, because it’s inconvenient to cis feminism.

lots of trans women wouldn’t undergo SRS or even HRT if there were other ways for them to be legally recognised as women, but the government makes us do this as a prerequisite for legally changing our gender.

reproductive rights don’t just affect cis women.

reproductive rights don’t just affect people with vaginas.

reproductive rights 100% affect trans women too

The first time i saw it, i know i will hate it. with no reason. I tried not to really hate it and try to keep neutral.

But no matter how many times i saw it, no matter what people said the nice things about it, i still felt that i will end up hating it.

So, i try myself to search information about this things. so maybe i can like it little or if i still hate it i have a reason why i hate it. It so dumb if i hate something without reason. (people will judge you. maybe, life experience)

And now, I FOUND my reason why i hate it. And after knowing my reason, i become really hate it. Like ‘wow no wonder why i don’t like it when i first saw it’. ‘i have a proof why i hate it’. ‘so i don’t hate things without reason, i hate thing with reason’.

After knowing this, i no longer try to like it anymore. its pretty tired when you try so hard to liking something that you hated (so much).

Here is why gay rumors ruined Harry's and Louis's friendship.

1. Everything they did was over anazlyed.
2. Every time they looked at each other Larries claimed it was a “look of love”
3. Everything they said was taken literal and not as a joke when it was clear that they were joking.
4. Larries fabricated “proof” to make it fit their narratives.
5. Whenever they would tweet each other Larries would make it into something it wasnt.
6. Larries attacked familymembers of Harry’s and Louis’s for saying that Larry wasnt real.

Harry and Louis couldnt do anything without people pushing this gay rumor onto them. Louis has said numerous times that he is straight and that Larry never was real. Harry doesnt want to lable is sexuality and Larries automatically thinks that he is gay. Harry is whatever Harry wants to be without immature children telling him what to be so it fits their narrative. Their sexualities arent up for an discussion, it’s to be left alone and to those who feel the need to talk about it: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! 

PS. The blindgossip was about Nick Jonas. He has dated two older women (Delta Godrem and Kate Hudson) and Harry has been linked to more than two older women.

Who massacres worshippers?

What kind of cause can convince a person that pulling the trigger on a weapon outside of a place of peace and reverence, that placing your sights on innocent people without weapons or defenses, is a course of action you should take?

What being or individual would be impressed by that, and why would you want to impress that individual and not shove the barrel of your weapon into that person’s mouth and pull the trigger?

Is it fear? What could you be so afraid of that you would murder hundreds of innocents?

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What would Vantablack look like without his cloaky jacket thing?? >:0

He looks p average. Except for the fact that his eye sockets go…BLANC (PUN!)He’s like me.We both can’t go a day around other people without wearing a jacket. XD

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Soka, warm and loving thoughts to your family. You mentioned in a thanksgiving post a few days ago that you hope people would spend today reflecting on life. I am curious as to your own reflection on life.

I am still hungover from my family gathering last night, so, I might not make sense here!. What would people do without alcohol at family gatherings? As much as adore my family, I still need a copious amount of alcohol to deal with them!

As for my reflection, I often think about how the U.S is such a deeply wounded nation: we rarely have productive and sustainable public conversations about genocide of indigenous people and continuous appropriation of their cultural traditions; slavery and institutionalized racism; homophobia and xenophobia and; the climate of anti-intellectualism and increasing gap between the rich and poor. I think about so many of my students who are unaware of the implications of this wounding; how do we move forward as a nation when challenging dialogues rarely take place? (except in Ivory Tower of academia and spaces of radical political/community activism). So, some heavy thoughts but what aspect of life isn’t political?

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as a southeast asian person thank you for not being afraid to call out bts on their shit (even though this should be something that we all shouldn't be afraid to do just because they're ~our idols~ because for example rm didn't get to become the person he was today without people telling him that the shit he was doing/saying was wrong.) whether they meant it or not as some may argue, it still happened, people need to acknowledge the stuff bts say and face it, call it out so bts become better too

yes thank you. 

just because they’re idols and famous doesn’t mean they should be above criticism. it’s like people forget they are actually human beings… who are growing and learning and changing. they make mistakes too. it’s not like anyone here is bashing them or hating them, or even unstanning. 

we are merely pointing out and acknowledging their mistakes. the kind of mistakes that should be worked on. 

exactly like you said, these mistakes should be called out so they can learn from them. they’re already huge and becoming more and more of an influence for the young generations. and they mostly spread really good messages so it should be a good thing that they get called out on their mistakes. 

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