To all those who think Tony lives in a mess, I’m telling you he has the most organized mess you’ll ever see. He knows where his things are and that’s all that matters to the need. I know that fandom has this opinion that he would be hopeless or helpless without people reminding him to eat, reminding him of his schedule and such but again, remember that this man has an almost eidetic memory. He remembered quotes, comments, faces, tattoos - he remembers probably more than necessary at times. He just chooses what he wants to remember. And he has snacks everywhere, he makes his own smoothies, he eats when he’s hungry. He’s not helpless or unable to exist without people helping him.

i really don’t like how we’ve attached shame with the concept of hijab. that you should cover up out of shame. that you should be ashamed to show your body. that we’re supposed to be coy and reserved. i feel like this really sullies our intentions when it comes to hijab because you’re doing it out of fear of scrutiny or humiliation instead of out of submission to Allah SWT. i can be completely comfortable showing my body but choose to wear the hijab. i don’t have to feel like hijab is the only way for me to navigate society and that i’d feel naked without it. this idea that hijab has to ~become a part of me~ and that i won’t ~feel complete without it~ really sets people up for failure. it’s not about how comfortable you are with how much of your body you show. think of it like anything else. i don’t have to hate alcohol to avoid it. theoretically, i might be completely ok with the idea of it. but i do it out of obedience to God. and that’s enough of a reason. i feel like once we get over the idea that “real hijabs” (and by extension, “real Muslims”) act and think a certain way, more people will feel like they’re worthy of wearing the hijab.

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i'm trans male. when i made a tumblr, i didn't tell anyone i was trans male, i was just male. i don't want people to find out i'm trans male, i want them to think of me as cis. i'm very lucky to pass very well, but i'm bothered. i have a pretty popular blog, and i worry what would happen if i'm outed as trans if i say i'm cis. is it wrong not to think of yourself or want to label yourself as a "trans boy"? is it internalized transphobia? my friends and s/o have been very understanding. (1/2)

i don’t want to be thought of as trans! i want to be thought of as cis. i don’t want to be thought of as a “soft uwu trans boy”! i know without a doubt people will call me that. i want to be thought of as a chill cis dude that’s accepting. i don’t know if it’s because i don’t want to be associated with womanhood? but i hate being “trans”. i just want to be a cis male. (2/2) (btw if the first message was off anon answer it privately :( )

Listen, man, I understand how you feel. It’s why I’ve been pretty careful not to state my assigned gender at birth, because I don’t want people to even have a chance to think of me as ‘soft’ or ‘not really a trans/nb person.’

People thinking that trans people are cis can be pretty important in day-to-day lives, for both physical and emotional safety. And you’re absolutely correct that tumblr, recently, has this mindset where all trans boys and trans men are soft and cuddly and whanot.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important that those kinds of trans men feel like they’re not any less of a man for being soft or feminine. It’s just that it gets tiring for that to be all you see, day in and day out. Additionally, when it comes to trans men, it’s in no way shape or form wrong to distance yourself from womanhood. And a lot of this site, despite their affirmations otherwise, seems to treat and think of trans men as a step closer to being women than cis men. Hell, I still struggle with that.

So, to wrap it up, no, it isn’t wrong for you to want people to think of you as cis. And in this case, it doesn’t sound like internalized transphobia. It sounds a lot more like you want to be taken seriously.


80′s AU where Shiro is married and Keith is his dirty secret.
Shiro is a good guy, he has friends, and he works as a social worker. He has a baby boy with his wife. Keith’s 21 years old young man, who was in Shiro’s care until 18. Now he meets Shiro again in a bar. Keith almost doesn’t recognize him, but Shiro will always remember the line Keith once told him: Well, Mr. social worker, do you actually have your own life? They drink, have a good talk and Shiro is starting changing slowly. He’s looking forward to every Keith’s word, he can’t wait for Keith to drive them on his motorbike to desert, to concerts, demonstrations. Shiro’s starting to understand that there are two kinds of people: 1. who met with society standards without thinking 2. people who live their life to show society that they have no idea how real life works. 

i dont buy the argument of “our sweet sweet military will be able to cause destruction more effectively without transgender people in it” its about hating them the military is ineffective at winning wars because of how it fights not because trans people were allowed to be in the military

what metric will this be scored on? ongoing and upcoming civilian deaths in raqqa? drone flights per day out of a rural airstrip? bombs dropped or made per day? complete turnaround of the old enough to drive war in afghanistan? how many more children will die in yemen? will the nuclear bombs be better secured because of this? will this prevent our aircraft carriers from being swamped by antiship missiles if we put them near china in a shooting war?

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Hello there! I'm really stuck on ideas for a plot... I ~know~ that I want an awesome team with amazing characters (Percy Jackson esque - not copied of course!) And I want the team to save the world-ish. I'm also strongly going for my characters having powers and the Greek Mythology seems really interesting to me, but I'm scared it would sound too much like I'm copying Percy Jackson. Do you have any plot ideas and should I try and incorporate ~all~ religions and Gods into the book? Thank you!😄

Hello there!

While it is difficult to get out from under the shadow of the Percy Jackson books, Rick Riordan doesn’t exactly own Greek mythology (or any mythology) and you are completely welcome to use it without worrying about “copying.” People used it before him and will continue to use it for inspiration far into the future. 

I would be careful about incorporating “all” religions and gods. After all, there are (roughly) 4,200 religions in the world. Even if you just used the most popular religions and mythologies, like Greek or Norse or Egyptian, it would take some series development to explain how they all fit together in one universe, and it would be difficult to keep track of, research, and accurately portray the details of all these cultures. Of course, I’m sure it would be fun to see how the different gods interact, but overall I think there’s a lot going on that can go wrong.

Keep in mind that even one faction of mythology has a vast world of stories and gods. You can dig into them and find inspiration for years, or put a fresh, original spin on popular fellas like Hades.

Now for listing some ideas:

- Obviously, demigods has been done. Try instead: reincarnated gods, or vessels for gods, or heroes specifically chosen or blessed by a particular god

- Or, skip the godly influence altogether and explore some of the other possibilities within your chosen mythology. 

Oh wow, duh. I was just thinking this felt familiar. I have actually made a list of god/demigod prompts and ideas before!

Go ahead and check that out!

I love having awesome teams of many characters that save the world. The cool thing about taking inspiration from mythology is that you can easily develop a group of different characters because you  have a list of starting traits already: for example, you can choose say, the god of plants, and then go from there. All you have to do is pick a few gods or species and develop brand new characters based off of them and boom! You’ve got a team!

Additionally, you already have possible characters, heroes, and enemies ready and established. When looking at Greek mythology, Kronos was an easy bad guy to pick out. All you have to do is adapt them into your own versions. 

Be creative and have fun. I hope something can inspire you!


I swear, I’ve seen homeless people take better care of dogs than people with stable jobs and lots of money.
I just saw a homeless dude with 4 dogs, all of them clean and with collar, he was carrying some bags and blankets (his home) and collecting recyclables to sell and take care of the dogs.

I usually think people without resources shouldn’t own pets, but to see them adopting stray animals and MAKING the resources to care for their pets. They take homeless dogs and cats and they are a family, they have a home now, a moving loving home.

I’ve seen dogs in worse situations with “rich” people that don’t even bother buying a collar or forget to feed them.

For the conditions of the dogs I could swear his dogs eat before him and he works what he can selling the recyclables to keep his dogs in good health.

I asked him if he could wait a moment, rushed to the nearest dog and bought a 700gr bag of dog food for his dogs, he was so damn happy, he didn’t even ask me for anything for himself.

I bet if he could he would let the dogs go to a better home, I bet he wants what best for them, but he really does his best and he dog’s were so damn happy, it mover me.

Really, I’ll punch in the face anyone that “can’t afford” something for their pets, if these guys can, everyone can.
It’s about love and determination.

One of the biggest things I need to learn before I really consider myself an adult is the ability to make informed decisions that I stand by.

I like this music. I don’t like this show. I love this person. I don’t like that person. I want to be able to make subjective and trusting choices without letting people tear me down.

A man said to Salmān al-Fārisī رضي الله عنه: “Advise me.”

He said: “Do not speak.”

The man said: “I am not able to live amongst the people without speaking.”

He said: “If you speak, then speak the truth or remain silent.”

● [جامع العلوم والحكم (١\٣٤٠)]

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I would just like to tell you that I cry when I see your art because it is so damn beautiful😭 thank you so much for blessing me with this... just wow I have no words❤️❤️

Aw man no, thank you!!! Without people like you I wouldn’t be where I am today and messages like this really motivate me so much and make me so happy :’)

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AA-Aaarrrrgg is somehow adorable in that picture you posted. I feel like they would give nice hugs if you try not to think about their eyes and mouths. Also loving all the Excelsior info you've been posting. Do he and the Keeper spend a lot of time together, since they seem to be familiar with each other? (And I have to say, I really love how expressive everyone is. I don't know how you make people without faces have so much emotion on them.)

Joel might disagree.

Excelsior and the Keeper actually don’t spend much time together, but they’re closely linked, since the Keeper was the one who gifted Excelsior with the powers to become a seal for the Starfallen’s power. They convene from time to time to make sure everything’s going fine, but it’s rare.

Also, expressiveness is just one of those things that takes a lot of practice and studying! It’s easy to make expression if something has either eyes or a mouth, but when neither are present, you just have to cross your fingers and pray their anatomy is familiar enough to rely 100% on body-language!

  • Me: I'm fine.
  • My depression at 1am: fuck you. You're ugly and you have nothing to offer the world and you're difficult to get along with and its a good thing you like being alone because no one will ever love you.
  • Me: Im not as fine as previously stated.
I’m going to start learning my dream profession/hobby.

Okay so I’m learning Blenders basics from Blender Guru on YouTube right? I can’t say enough about these tutorials. Long story short, he’s the best teacher I’ve ever had. Holy crap. Anyway… so there’s many different fields to specialize when it comes to 3D, the two that I want to specialize in are “3D modeling” (I want to make my own characters from scratch without relying on other peoples models as a base) and “Animation”. 

So here’s the exciting part for me: He has all kinds of videos and tutorials up to view but JUST TODAY he released “ Blender Beginner Modelling Tutorial - Part 1″ OMG THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO and I’m going to learn it from my favorite teacher! It just feels like I started picking up Blender at the perfect time. This is too good. AND right after I finished my first project too. Like… the timing. IT’S TOO GOOD! I was too hyped to even watch the part 1 right away and had to make a post on it…

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For a government that claims to value "Christian morals" they sure are happy with letting hundreds of people die without healthcare to save their own money and spite a black guy they don't like. I may not be religious, but that sounds like some ungodly bs right there. They obviously skipped the What Would Jesus Do service because it probably wouldn't be that.

The Republican Party literally only cares about the rich. They just use Christianity to get people to vote for them because they know they don’t actually pay attention.

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What is adultism? I can't tell from than mumbo jumbo post

According to Wikipedia: “Behaviors and attitudes based on the assumptions that adults are better than young people, and entitled to act upon young people without agreement.”  

I thought it’d mean discrimination against adults or smthing like prioritizing children’s needs over adults lmaooo