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Hey, this isn't a request or anything. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the time and effort put into the sprite edits. I'm sure you may feel somewhat of an obligation to your followers, but make sure to take care of yourself and take breaks if you need it!

Well… It’s not like I just did this; I did it a while ago and just haven’t had a good opportunity to share it but… I might as well have it here while I answer this

I married Percy in one of my saves just because his voice actor is Anthony Del Rio. I would have preferred him to be a little older, so I fixed that. Very minor changes, but still compared to the original, I think it looks pretty good.

I have now done over one hundred in one week. I have around thirty more up to where I made the cut, and I definitely will not get to all of them(especially considering I forgot my tablet cord in my apartment and that helps me make custom parts, ex. Camilla/Setsuna peekaboo hair). I’d like to take it relatively easy tomorrow as I’d like to play the revamped Mad Father and work on my story.

But I have gotten six asks and two messages about de-stressing, including this ask. I appreciate that a lot. I get overwhelmed very easily(and I don’t think anyone can blame me considering I upped my quota by over 200% this week), and I wonder why I even put this stress on my shoulders in the first place, haha. But I appreciate the support I get and it gives me a little energy to continue working, even if I should be reading Salt Water Moon instead of staying up until four in the morning I’m sorry Christina.

You know who you are. Some of you were on anon. But thank you very much. Because I am only answeing this ask out of all of those, I really appreciate every one.

I don’t like people’s attitudes toward the girl band and its members. There’s no reason for you to take your bitterness out on some innocent teenagers.

part of the reason why “ooh unipolar depression/generalized anxiety people have Privilege” stuff has ended up so silly is bc the current understanding of ableism is really one-dimensional. for one thing, there’s no distinction made between “how Weird your disorder is considered to be” and “how difficult it makes your life” (or if you’re in a situation where you have to rely heavily on others, “how much it makes people see you as a Burden.”)

my ocd will look Crazier to someone than unipolar depression. but how do you compare something that complicates my life but still allows me to work and go to school, to someone’s depression where they can barely manage to eat? there ISN’T a way to map those onto an easy privilege/oppression dynamic, and we need to acknowledge that and try to simply address life experiences more instead of looking for an order that isn’t there.

also, unipolar depression & generalized anxiety being seen as more “normal” is entirely the result of stereotypes that nts have formed about them from media. nts THINK that those disorders are understandable and that they can “relate,” but that’s…not really true. people with those problems have symptoms that nts WON’T find “understandable.” and those symptoms, if visibly expressed, WILL freak them out and make them see the person as “crazy.”

Hey everyone!

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Romania to see my family and friends. I won’t be posting any comics for the next 4 weeks, but more episodes are on the way as soon as I’m back!

If you want to see sketches and pictures from my trip, make sure to follow me on Instagram @cassandracalin

Cheers and I hope you all have a lovely summer! Ne vedem în curând! :)


So I live right outside a PokeStop.

‘Ha, that’s pretty cool!’ I thought when I first installed Pokémon Go. I walked out my door and got myself 15 poke balls. Nice. Right?

The game hadn’t quite taken off just yet. I didn’t yet understand what this would mean. I didn’t realise what this would cause.

For three years I have lived here now. In this beautiful blissful city suburb … And for three years, no one would randomly try talking to me (except for that one guy. Ning. Who always seems to forget I’ve rejected him several times now). No small talk, no comments about the weather. This isn’t a rural town. Nobody knows anybody. No one talks to anyone.

But now I live outside a PokeStop.

Now people keep trying to talk to me.

'You playing Pokémon?’ they smile.

They hang out in groups; they cruise past in their cars. They linger.

I live outside a PokeStop and it is an introvert’s hell.

It’s midnight. It’s bin night.

It’s safe now to go out, I thought. There wont be any Pokémon trainers around now, I thought.

In and out. Just take out the bin. It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine.

They were there, waiting, playing!

'There is a Meowth in this area somewhere, you know!’

I skitter back inside. No. No, I don’t know.

But I live outside a PokeStop. Now everyone will make sure I know.

Pokémon, please go!

One of the things that both chronically ill and non chronically ill people have to remember about chronic illness is:
Recovery time is not free time.
Sleep is not a hobby.
You may have more hours in your life devoted to those things than others, but you can’t only take those hours out of what would otherwise be free time. It doesn’t matter if you just spent a lot of time sleeping or lying around with no spoons and in too much pain to sleep. It’s still important to spend time having fun, if you can. It’s still important to have actual free time, actual time off.

dont subject yourself to the company of someone who only likes you when your demons are sleeping. someone who treats you like an inconvenience when youre anxious or triggered or having a mentally draining day arent worth the energy and heartache you waste on them.

oh my god

i just went onto google earth and there’s this random place in the middle of the pacific ocean

where someone just. added a bunch of pictures from Lost???? and somehow they haven’t been reported yet?????????

who did this

Major Arcana Inspired Character Asks

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The Fool: When has your character been excited to start a new journey?
The Magician: How does your character unleash their creativity or resourcefulness?
The High Priestess: When has trusting their instincts paid off for your character?
The Empress: Who has been a positive female figure in your character’s life?
The Emperor: Who has been a positive male figure in your character’s life?
The Hierophant: Who has served as a mentor to your character?
The Lovers: Which of your character’s relationships has been the most positive? (Romantic or otherwise)
The Chariot: What goal is your character determined to reach?
Strength: On what issue is your character persistent?
The Hermit: Write about a time your character did some soul searching. What did they find?
The Wheel of Fortune: What are your character’s proudest successes?
Justice: When has your character felt satisfied with the conclusion to a major dispute or concern?
The Hanged Man: When has your character needed to step back and look at things from a different perspective?
Death: When has your character had to let go of something in their life?
Temperance: How does your character balance their life?
The Devil: Does your character ever neglect their wild side?
The Tower: When has your character lost an ideal or relationship?
The Star: When has your character been most hopeful?
The Moon: When has your character’s path been unclear?
The Sun: When does your character sit back and enjoy themselves?
Judgment: Has your character ever been given a second chance?
The World: When has one of your character’s dreams come true?

Bonus: Major Arcana in Reverse!

The Fool in Reverse: When has your character acted recklessly?
The Magician in Reverse: When was your character manipulated?
The High Priestess in Reverse: When has your character felt betrayed emotionally?
The Empress in Reverse: When has your character felt dependent on another?
The Emperor in Reverse: When is your character inflexible or stubborn?
The Hierophant in Reverse: When has your character’s personal beliefs been challenged?
The Lovers in Reverse:  When has your character experienced heartbreak?
The Chariot in Reverse: When has your character’s pride or arrogance been their downfall?
Strength in Reverse: What are your character’s doubts or insecurities?
The Hermit in Reverse: When has your character felt the most alone?
The Wheel of Fortune in Reverse: When has your character felt their life was no longer under their control?
Justice in Reverse: When has your character been treated unfairly or cruelly?
The Hanged Man in Reverse: When has your character tried to avoid making a major decision?
Death in Reverse: When has your character tried to fight change?
Temperance in Reverse: When has your character felt overwhelmed?
The Devil in Reverse: When has your character suffered from refusing to break off an unhealthy relationship?
The Tower in Reverse: When has your character’s actions led to disaster?
The Star in Reverse: When has your character lost faith?
The Moon in Reverse: When does your character mistrust their feelings or intuition?
The Sun in Reverse: When does your character’s goal seem just out of reach?
Judgment in Reverse: When has your character found it difficult to forgive themselves?
The World in Reverse: What is your character holding back? 

This is the last I’m going to say about this EL/ADC/FTWD mess because we’re all grown and I’m not here to scold people, but before you go claiming “it’s not a big deal” like the anon I just got (and who I won’t even humor with a response) think about how this can affect everything else we’re aiming to accomplish. We can’t expect the world to take us seriously with the movement we’re attempting to start and not label us as “crazy shippers” when you’re trying to shove a fictional character a couple thousand people created down a network’s throat. I’ve seen the petitions, I’ve seen people tagging the network begging for Elyza/Alicia to be a thing, I’ve seen people going to Kirkman directly and be pushy about it. How do you expect the industry to separate the two groups in their minds? It’s so easy to get them muddled. 

We could have a real effect in the way media portrays, writes, and treats LGBT characters and you’re willing to jeopardize that for what? Shits and giggles? Please don’t. We have traction. We have people watching very closely. Stop giving them reasons to discount us. Stop giving everyone who wants us to fail an excuse to label us as problematic. It takes time to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it. Don’t ruin what we’re trying to do for something so childish. That’s all I’m asking.