Hey, not to be a liberal, reactionary, anarkiddie, tankie, revisionist but the radical left is failing its outreach to the working class when we have a large majority of people within hating the soldiers that were sent into conflicts by the government. You can hate a war without hating the people that were taken advantage of and manipulated into partaking in it. We all know how disgusting and predatory military recruiting is.

Hating working class kids who got duped by the system and fucked over by the bourgeoise businessmen sending these young working class folks to die for their business ventures isn’t doing a fucking thing to stop imperialism.

If anything we should be targeting some ex-military, soon to be military, and active military folks for radicalization so we can get them out of that whole fucking mess before they die for people that don’t give a damn about them.

It’s almost rare to see these ‘normal’ scenes in riverdale, but I like them because they remind us that they’re still in high school, and part of high school is having to deal with the mundane along with the drama.

On a side note: Not sure if I should sign off with my ig handle name instead (which is why some drawings are still signed 'genie go’–just an old nickname that I’ve always signed my doll drawings with–while others sport “gogenevieveart”, and some sport both.) Since it’s too hard to keep track of people reposting without credit, I figure i should just put the credit right on the artwork itself? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Listen up

Tonight in Portugal many artists, tv channels, radios and companies got together and created a charity concert to raise money to the victims of the big fire that took the lives of 64 people and put thousands of people without a home last week. Today a little country came together and raised more than 1.153.000€ to help these people! Today, i’m a proud portuguese woman… Por isso, estivemos #JuntosPorTodos <3

I guess to specific-up what I am talking about like, some examples.

“You know, harassment is really common in athletic settings.” -> “Did you know all these pro athletes give to charity? sports is never bad ever.”

“The nuclear family really enables domestic and child abuse by giving parents ultimate authority over a child.” -> “you wouldn’t be here without your parents! some people have DIED for the right to start a family!”

“Some cis lesbians are laterally hostile to other LGBT+ demographics, including trans women, and bi and gay men, who they blame for spreading STIs to their isolated circles.” -> “lesbians cared for dying men with AIDS, you can’t EVER say some of them have done bad things as it implicates ALL of them and greater society already tells them they are Bad.”

like, how hard is it for people to understand that both good and bad people have done the things they do based on different interpretations of a background they share. Not everyone who makes some kind of criticism is some kind of reactionary pundit making an absolutist statement to smear a whole activity, population, or sphere of life.

The Summer Schedule Arrived
  • Me: Sweet! Our class is in the same room as the panels and right after them.
  • Me: I'm all for things that involve me not moving. Great planning. Excellent sche---
  • Schedule: July 17th, 5PM, Carla (thesis reading)
  • Me:
  • Me: *hyperventilates*
  • Me: *breaks out in hives*
  • Me: *life flashes before my eyes*
  • Me: *walks into the hallway, lies prone on the floor, feigns unconsciousness*
  • Desiree: Get up and start rehearsing. You'll be fine.

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no one cares about it being historically inaccurate. look at hamilton. no one gives a fuck that there are black people when there's supposed to be white people. you're being a bit racist and it's such a let down because i liked your blog.

For the anon who asked how to become popular on tumblr: This is exactly why you can’t voice any opinion at all. As an European you have no right to say ‘Hey, please respect our culture’ without people screaming racism as if they claim to have a monopoly. Best to stay silent and don’t say anything at all.

For you dear anon: If I am such a let down please unfollow me. I won’t miss you.


I had a weird emotional roller coaster of a day. I got all (!) about stand up comedy and wanting to make a career of it and I was in instant dreamland mode. Then reality hit as I talked with my wife about everything that life would really mean and I got way less happy. Then I talked to a friend, and Dane Cook references were made, and I started thinking about all the ways I can work at making people laugh without the drive time and expense that comes with going to Madison to the comedy club.

The point is, I’m not giving up on anything. I’m going to keep slugging away towards my dream of getting paid to make people laugh. I might write, or start a YouTube channel or something I haven’t even thought of yet. Back to the drawing board it is.

love you enough to let you go


They don’t meet for two years after Sana’s party. To be honest, they should’ve ran into each other – at Noora and William’s housewarming or randomly at the supermarket they both went to. But somehow, both of them managed to avoid each other, without raising people’s awareness. Chris told everyone that he was called back to the army, and if he was present Eva disappeared into thin air.

They meet at a coffee shop in Oslo in mid November – Eva is freezing, so she decided to put on her warmest and most expensive wool coat. She is busy reading a text from Noora as she goes into the café so she doesn’t see that she walks straight into a person who holds a paper cup full of hot latte.

“Can you watch where you-“ Eva tries to stay calm but it is her favorite coat and now it is ruined but as she looks up she forgets what she has on. Chris is standing in front of her, just as surprised as she. They both just stare at each other for what seems like hours when it is only mere seconds, but time stops as they gaze into each other’s eyes because fuck it has been so long since he saw the strawberry hair cascading down her delicate shoulders and she hasn’t forgot about his brown orbs which she could stare at for hours and not get bored.

“Wow .. hi” Chris could only mutter those little words out and shit when did he become so awkward? He was Christoffer Schistad, he always knew what to say to make a girl’s heart skip a beat. But when it came to this more than familiar face, he had no clue what to say or do. Too much or not enough time has passed since they last saw each other and neither of them had a clue where they stood.

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can we stop telling people who dont regress due to past trauma that their regression is less valid than the regression of those who do? ive seen countless people who say that regression should be limited to those who regress to deal with trauma/mi n its so exclusive + hurtful; regression is regression no matter the reason. let people regress without standards or rules to how they do it. and this isnt to say that if people who DO regress due to trauma arent important, just that there are no special requirements to regressing

like i know ive posted about this before and its super tryhard and cliche as hell but one of the reasons i really want to just write fantasy or otherwise fantastical stuff and not other genres is bc fantasy is such a good escape and provides something so enjoyable that resonates w people without having to deal with anything unwanted or genuinely bad and it always makes me so happy when i read or otherwise consume fantasy media and i really really want to contribute to that

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Sebastian's reaction to his S/O telling him they're pregnant~? (I absolutely fell in love with your blog by the way!! Your writing is so good, and you make everything so sweet most of the time, I didn't know I needed all that Sebastian fluff 🖤 Quality blog, keep up the top notch work!! 👌🏻)

AAAAAAAA you’re so nice!!! Thank you~ Fluff is one of my favorite things to write, and with Sebastian, it takes on a new dimension! Thank you soooo much, without the people like you who read my writing and request things, it wouldn’t be possible! <3


It doesn’t even quite register at first, to be honest. He just kind of blinks at them, as if expecting them to finish a sentence. “Pregnant with…?” like he thinks they’re looking for a word. Once they repeat it, he’s completely floored, and for once, it actually shows on his face. Can demons even have children with humans? He knows incubi and succubi can, sure, but he’s not in that category. This is one of the few things that can make him genuinely happy, though. It stuns him that not only, yes, he’s able to have children… he’s also having a child with the person he loves. As soon as he understands the situation fully, he slowly wraps his arms around his S/O and lets out a shaky breath – followed by repeated murmurs of how much he loves them and how he can’t wait to meet his child.


I always put the cgl/littlespace/etc on my banners and in my description since those are the ones known for trying to incorporate everything into their kink and for feeling entitled to interact with people without consent.

I have other “do not follow” criteria on my byf page. Tho I need to update it and can’t on mobile.

So along with the DNI in my description/on my banners, I do not allow the following here

K/in-kids, LGBTPN/-kiddos, s/molspace, c/arekids, k/iddiecubs, LG/BT-agere, c/hildminds, g/ummyfriends, or t/iny-royals. (Last two aren’t in the screenshot cuz they are listed with the kink/kink affiliated communities.)

Reminder that nearly all, if not all, of the safe communities use this criteria as well. I am in a moderator chat, and I will notify mods I know don’t allow the above if anyone in their communities has a dual label with the above communities. (Just so they can make sure you know what’s not allowed in their communities, cuz if you simply don’t know you deserve a chance to learn and fix the issue)

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L5: Which OC do you think is the most decent morally or behaviorally?  AKA, which is supposed to a “good guy”?

Probably Lilyfeather! She very much is the good guy. Look at her. She’s a walking ball of sunshine. Her story is usually as a supporting role for people who need a walking ball of sunshine like her, who need that mom like figure and endless support. 

Hooligum would be a close second, actually. c: He’s got a shady past as an angry teen/young adult, but he’s grown up a lot and he pretty much lives his life to help other people without any recognition or thanks. He’s a goofball but he’s a good one. 

L6: Which OC do you think is the worst morally or behaviorally? AKA, which is supposed to be a “bad guy”? 

You would know one of them, who I can’t talk about because spoilers. c: A newer oc you all have only seen very little of is very much a self serving, remorseless son of a bitch who I adore and haven’t gotten to do much with yet.