ACO//image of a girl, or the air

the girl and her goggles made the security camera blink twice as fast, they were standing under the streetlamp, in the hot wind on the corner where no cars passed by, yet there was always warm noise springing from the pipes and pendulums. suspicion, suspicion, it doesn’t grow from vision, although raised above her head was a snorkel that looked like a snake, a sneaky shadow scoundrel scheming, breathing the air that made every decision between each synapse. the sidewalk bound no chalk, the cracks held no whisper walk but such a stranger could only radiate such a tone. no saxophone or oboe lingering around the pebbles and stones behind her feet, the only bones she had were underneath the street. the only sounds you hear come from her head, and they shiver if you come too close or stand too far behind the bed (the one for flowers), the indentations in the dirt behind where she stood could wrinkle if she moved her feet without paying attention paying attention paying attention paying attention

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Oh my god. OH MY GOD.

So I went to go make myself a cup of coffee, and after setting everything up I left for a few minutes to let it finish. So after it was done I grabbed the mug and put creamer in it without paying much attention.

So I head back to my desk and take a sip of it and recoil, and then I look down to see that it was milky white. I kind of just stared at it in horror for a minute before realizing;

I hadn’t pushed the coffee up. 

There was no coffee in the mug.

It was just hot creamy water. 

Pre-Jily have a fight, Sirius finds Lily crying, gets pissed and knocks sense into James, for infracti-angelus

James was lying down the couch playing with the snitch, when Lily walked in the common room.

“Potter?” She called. no answer. She turned around and caught the sight of him. “Potter! I’ve been looking for you all day! where have you been?” She asked, unusually enthusiastic.

James kept letting go of the Snitch and catching it without paying attention to her.

“Err Hello? I’m talking to you?”

“Oh, are you now?” He scoffed. “And may I know when has the great Lily Evans decided that Potter was worth a little chat?”

“Oh, um… well, I…”

“Save it.” He snapped, standing up and heading to the boys’ dormitories.

“Potter, i need to talk to you…” She said softly.

“Well I don’t feel like talking to you.”

She swallowed and opened her mouth to answer, but no words were allowed through her tightened throat.

“How about that, Evans? What’s it like to be rejected?” He laughed bitterly. “Oh but of course you wouldn’t know, it’s not like you have feelings for me, aye?”


“Yeah well I loved you, okay? you had my heart on the palm of your hand and crushed it!”

“James, I…” She said, tears coming up.

“Whatever.” He shook his head and stormed up the dormitories, leaving her all alone in the middle of the common room, tears dripping down her cheeks.


“Oi, Potter! where the f- Evans?”

Lily’s back straightened as though she had been whipped, and she quickly wiped her tears away. Sirius hurried around the couch to face her, and frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s all my fault.” She said shakily. “I broke his heart. and now he’s breaking mine.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake don’t tell me he made you cry, Snaps.”

“Don’t call me that.” She snapped.

“Okay you stay here, i’ll fix Prongs for you.”

He didn’t give her the time to understand what he had just said and hurried up the stairs to the dormitories. He pushed the door open, only to find James kicking everything in sight.


“I fucking hate her!”

“No you don’t. Sit down you idiot, it’s my duty to explain life to you.”

James threw himself over his bed and sighed heavily.

“I love her.”

“There you go! Now we’re going somewhere. Now let’s talk about her!”

“She can’t stand me.”

“She fancies your pants off, Potter.”

“Exactly.” he sighed and closed his eyes.

Sirius remained impassive, stared down at him and waited patiently until his eyes shot open.

“Wait- what?”

“Maybe if you had listened to her just about now you could have avoided making her cry. I mean, it’s okay to be a twat, but you can’t make your lady cry.”

James’ hand banged loudly upon his forehead, and he jumped off his bed, hurried back downstairs and went straight to face Lily Evans.

“You were saying, love?” He panted.

She chuckled and stood up, took a few steps towards him and pressed her lips against his, leaving James weak.

Soleil in FE: Fates

Apparently you stupid fucks take everything someone on Tumblr says as fact (nothing new here) without paying attention what actually takes place ingame

The girl finds femininity cute but is not opposed to all men (she’s completely fine with Foleo for example), to the point where cute girls showering her with praise embarrass her enough to cause her to faint (something she inherited from Inigo/Olivia, who were both cripplingly shy). The MU gives her the powder so that he can help coach her into becoming more comfortable around cute girls so she won’t end up fainting mid-combat or some such. Soleil falls in love with him while the potion’s effects are active, but realizes that she still loves him in spite of the potion wearing off (and she doesn’t feel the same about any of the other men she saw while the effects were in place).

There is no indication that Soleil is a “canon lesbian” whatsover and is at most bisexual 

its admittedly still pretty shit writing, but that isn’t new for Fire Emblem

when marginalized groups get frustrated or impassioned or enraged by the actions of their privileged friends for being ignorant, those ppl will always complain and come with this “okay okay I get it” as if our discomfort with their behavior is just us being irrationally angry over minor grievances versus systemically offensive modes of thought

newsflash: all you privileged individuals have to do is cut us the fuck out of your lives if you’re so irritated and go on without even having to pay attention to social injustices to live a happy life. But we on the other hand have to continue living our lives painfully aware of all the inequality because it directly affects us, and we even have to continue trying to cater to and live up to the standards of those privileged groups to get even a fraction of the benefits they have.

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How would the Hyung line react if his gf heard him walk through the door and ran to greet him jumping into his arms just wearing sweat shorts and her bra? ( the air conditioner broke and the house is hot hot hot)

Gifs :)

Jin/Seokjin“Heyyyyyyy ! *Too happy to see her like that* Um, I mean, aish, where are your clothes Jagi? *cool and surprisingly not totally awkward*” 

 RapMonster/Namjoon : “Hey jagiya ! Is it you or it’s just really hot in here baby ? *exaggerate wink*” 

Suga/Yoongi“Hey princess, missed me ? *hugs her tightly without paying much attention on how she’s dressed*”

J-Hope/Hoseok “Are you trying to seduce me even more right now ? Because it’s working *looks at boobs when she’s hugging him*”

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Hi! I just started following today and this blog is a treat omg! ;u; can you do reactions of hobi & jin (other members if ya want) to when their gf tries to feed them in front of the other members?

Heyy !  ~ Thank you ahah !

J-Hope/Hoseok : I think at first he’ll be all shy and all, but when he’ll notice that the members don’t really care about it, he’ll let her feed him completely and will do some aegyo like “Mmmmmh Hobi is hungry ~” “Humm it’s delicious ~” And the kind of things he does usually.

Jin/Seokjin : He will let her, and will also feed her, eyeing his dongsaeng, he will not be ashamed to say some stuff like “Hey don’t look at us like that, it’s not my fault if you don’t have any girlfriend !” And then he’ll be back at feeding her and being feed by her, without paying attention to the others

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Omg I was just riding in my moms car and we were talking about how when I got older, I may want to transition and she knows I’m genderfluid, and she’s totally fine with it. Then all of a sudden she says “But if you transition, you can’t wear girl clothes anymore.” And I just kinda “Why?” without really paying attention and without even thinking about it she just exclaims “HOLY SHIT, YOU’RE RIGHT, DON’T LISTEN TO ME!” Omg I love my mom I wish everyone was as lucky as me.