I’ve had some fun discussion with some people yesterday a bit everywhere. Had a fun time with some of you in the chats in here, got some activity on fanfiction.net, facebook and skype. It was fun to listen to you guys tell me what you love about my fics and what you like about me as a writer. It’s always awesome to hear about what you think and then we can continue drooling over fandom shit.

The recurring thing that apparently people love is my cruelty in fics and what is even more funny is that I’ve only written like a dash of what I originally had in mind. I’ve like toned it down a whole hell of a lot so now I’m wondering what would happen if I wrote something without holding anything back?

Well I’d probably wouldn’t be able to post it on ff.net lol, AO3 maybe I could without having it taken down. 

Now I have to debate with myself if I should create such a monstrosity, I’ll find it funny all the way XD.

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Google strong-arms indie musicians into accepting brutal, crowdfunding-killing deal for streaming service #1yrago

Google is launching a new, Youtube-branded streaming music service, with the cooperation of the Big Four labels, who got to negotiate the terms of their participation – unlike the indie musicians, who have been told that they will be exiled from Youtube altogether unless they make it their most-favored-nation distribution service, without the possibility of holding back tracks for backers on services like Kickstarter or Patreon.

Zoe Keating, who runs her own microlabel, has summarized the conversation she had with her Google rep. As JWZ says, it’s “the same strategy they used with Google Plus: instead of creating a new service and letting it compete on its own merits, they’re going to artificially prop it up by giving people no choice but to sign up for it.”

For what it’s worth, I predicted this in my book Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free: as copyright laws have tightened, requiring new Youtube competitors to set up multi-hundred-million-dollar infrastructure like Content ID, the competition for Youtube has all but vanished, meaning that they are now essential to any indie artist’s promotion strategy. And now that Youtube doesn’t have to compete with other services for access to artists’ materials, they have stopped offering attractive terms to indies – instead, they’ve become an arm of the big labels, who get to dictate the terms on which their indie competitors will have to do business.




We made her try on dresses w trails cause we’re designing her dress for her and let’s just say she can’t walk without me holding the back for her nonetheless my sister is a beautiful beautiful bride

The prettiest I have seen and she’s not even dolled up

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Hey Sam, I feel stuck spiritually. Not a bad thing, life is great but I feel weird not constantly growing. Should I just be patient?

No. Strike out boldly but without expectations. Expectations hold us back.

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After a long, hectic year. Doug finally Was able to return to HQ. He was so nervous returning To the place he had considered home. What if no one remembered him? He wondered if any of his friends we’re still around.

It was when he was wondering around the halls, when he recognized a certain male, a male with unkempt red hair. Without holding back much excitement, Doug hurried over to the red head. “Lavi! Wait up!” He shouted.

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I knew I was in love when I told him I was going away and he told me he loved me and i heard tears choking him back. I knew I was in love when I sacrificed myself for him. I knew I was in love when I let him go and I know I am in love when I pretend to be strong everyday so he can think I'm okay and he can live his life without me holding him back

Tell me when you first knew you were in love with someone.