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Winter Break

Genre: Angst / drama / fluff-ish? /mentions of break-ups and unlabeled relationships

Summary: Jin, anxious that his ex-girlfriend / best friend would start seeing someone else; decides to give her a surprise visit in the middle of her exams where she’s supposed to be concentrating in studying.They broke up two years ago but Jin didn’t necessarily let go of her. They still kept on seeing each other without the labels - still exchanging affectionate text messages everyday and still going on a few dates here and there. He had a few things to say and wanted a few emotions let off from his chest as she decided to not speak to him for a while without notice, leaving him worried.

Word count: 1.9k+

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“Two weeks, Jagi. Two weeks! Not a word from you! Not even a single text or a ‘hi’. None at all!”, her significant other; Jin explained himself as to why he suddenly drove to her house despite of him knowing that it was her examination week in the university she’s currently attending.

“I told you beforehand that I will be having my midterms soon, were you even listening? I did not expect for you to even react like this since you were so busy with your work.”, she replied sighing as she put her things down on her study table as she arrived home with Jin, waiting at her door.

Jin walked towards her, full of doubt and thoughts running through his head ever since his beloved best friend, or rather ex-girlfriend who he still kept in close contact with - suddenly stopped talking to him even after five years of non-stop communication. She was his first girlfriend after all and still believes that she will be the last even though he chose to break-up with her a few years ago due to his commitment issues.

“Jagiya…” he cooed softly as he tried to wrap his arms around her waist as she went to the kitchen to get herself a cup of coffee.

“Stop! Don’t ‘Jagiya’ me! You broke up with me two years ago since you’ve been hanging out with your friends who encouraged you that the ‘single life’ is better. I know, I gave you that so willingly since I loved you so much and only wanted the best for you even though my feelings were at stake.” she barked at him, obviously feeling confused.

He huffed a frustrated breath as he immediately let go of her figure and leaned against the kitchen counter.

“I’m sorry. You do have a point. Maybe this is my karma after all.”, he muttered as he looked down, realizing the consequence of his actions two years ago.

She hummed in response as she added a splash of milk on her coffee, slowly stirring it with a spoon afterwards.

“Look, even if I broke up with you… there was never a day that I took you for granted or ceased in showing that I care and still love you. Heck, I couldn’t even look at other girls and constantly comparing them to you.” he said softly.

“Jin, I know. I just needed a break with all the stress in school and just a few weeks ago some drama happened and… never mind. It’s just law school is hard and I can’t deal with any more drama right now.” she replied; sighing, walking towards the couch.

He watched her every step also noticing that her hair grew a little longer, he suddenly decides to throw a random compliment.

“Your hair’s gotten longer.” he said shyly. “Also, I understand. I just had a lot of free time recently and it kills me everyday to know that you’re talking to everyone else except me for these past two weeks… I thought you were seeing someone else already and didn’t tell me…” he trailed off, rather hesitant if he should have said the last sentence.

She consciously touches her hair that she decided to cut a year ago, which is a reminder to herself that she should move on and get her shit together.

“Mmm. I cut it because you liked it long.” she replied flatly, taking a sip once again from her coffee.

He sighs, shaking his head as he walked to sit beside her.

“I couldn’t sleep at all for these past few days. I keep on thinking, asking for any sort of sign. I wanted to be mad at you, I wanted to hate you and most of all, I wanted to forget that you meant so much to me and I am so hurt over this…”, he said, sniffing at his last sentence.

“Jin-oppa, have you been crying?”, she said in a soft voice, noticing the red in his eyes and a tear rolling down his cheek, instinctively wiping it gently with her thumb.

“Aish… you’re still so dense after five years.*, he chuckled.

“Ya! Which is why I’m asking.” she replied jokingly in attempt to lighten up the awkward tension between them.

He just loved the sound of her laughter and the dimples that formed at the side of her lips whenever she smiles. He loved how she could just easily ease his awkwardness and how being beside her calms him down instantly. He just sat there, looking at her softly with a cheeky smile.

“I’m sorry if you felt that way.” she sighed, putting down her mug on the coffee table. “I didn’t really mean to hurt or push you away. I just felt that I couldn’t let my stress out on you all the time. I couldn’t just ask you to listen to me ramble about me getting agitated all the time because of school and lastly, I also needed a little space to re-evaluate myself. If I still really love you or I just feel attached…”

“I know. I understand. You don’t have to explain. I’m just being immature about this but I couldn’t hold it in and wait until the day you decide to speak to me again. I have feelings too, Jagi. I bottled things up for a while and it just exploded which led me here… wasting your time.”, he replied in a sad tone. He perfectly knows that she just became too busy but never have he felt taken for granted after more than five years of being with her and communicating non-stop.

Then again, he realized that he had his busy days too because of his work but he never forgot to call her or at least text her. He makes sure she takes her out to eat once or twice in a week and he also makes it to a point that she would never get jealous of any girl around him. He always made sure that she was his one and only but then again, she still doubts his intentions just because the break-up happened.

“I miss holding you… grabbing your waist and pulling you close to me. I miss kissing your forehead, telling you how your hair smells good. I miss having those long talks and funny conversations with you. I miss making you smile and laugh with my stupid jokes. I miss staring at you, not knowing that I’ve stared too long and you’re feeling anxious about your looks. You’re beautiful. With your crazy mood swings and hard ass attitude. I miss you. I miss us. And it sucks knowing that I can’t do a thing about it.” ,he suddenly blurted out, meaning every word. He wanted to let her doubts about his intentions put to rest. 

“I’m just not ready right now, Jagiya. We’re both establishing ourselves and you’re studying again. I just thought that I wasn’t ready for a labeled relationship once again. But one thing is for sure, I still want you in my life.” he adds as he gently places his hand on hers which was resting on her knee.

“Jin, why are you acting like this?”, she asked as she felt his hand on hers, instinctively lacing her fingers with his.

“It’s because I love you, okay!? I. Love. You. Is it too hard to get in that brain of yours how much I love you?” he said, feeling that he snapped because he was tired of her doubting his intentions all the time ever since he decided to take a break from their relationship.

She was stunned at his words. Her cold stare suddenly thawed the moment she heard those three words. The three words that only Jin can say to her. She decided to drop the cold act anymore and wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning closer to his face and finally closing the gap between their lips. 

He parted from the kiss and looked at her lovingly, tucking in a strand of her hair behind her ear with his free hand and then, caressing her cheek.

She heaved a heavy sigh, realizing that it was about time to drop the question she’s been meaning to ask for a while.

“Jin… can I ask you a favor?”, she hesitantly spoke.

He continues to caress her cheek, smiling at her sudden question. Of course he’d do anything for her, it was already a given fact that he’d go out of his way for her - after realizing it in a harsh way by almost losing her.

“Anything for you.”, he said in a reassuring tone as his hand lets go of her cheek.

She fiddled her fingers and bit her lip a little harshly. Feeling a little bit nervous that the words she was about to say would come out wrong, she resolved to say it anyway. 

“This time, Will… Will you wait for me? I just really need my space right now.” she began with a sigh. “I know it’s unfair but you made me wait for almost two years to make up your mind. I just realized that waiting gets really exhausting and I’m losing myself in the process.”

He looked at her, feigning hurt but then again - he understood her predicament as it was all his fault anyway.

“I understand. Do what you have to do, Jagi. I’ll just be here when you need me, okay?”, he replied with a smile to hide the sadness in his eyes.

She looked at his eyes momentarily then looked away then hummed in response.

“Thank you, Jin.”, she said with a genuine smile on her face, then checking the time. “Now, I really need to study.”, she chuckled nervously at the thought that she has an exam tomorrow with one of her difficult subjects.

He smiled back, nodding at her.

“You better study well, or else I’ll be mad.” he joked at her as he stood from the couch, packing his car keys and wallet heading to her door.

She turned her head to laugh at what he said and then waved him goodbye.

“I will”. she replied as she watched him turn the doorknob, taking his jacket from the coat hanger and shutting the door gently after he left.

Jin watches the snow fall for a few moments as he went out of her door. He sighs, realizing that maybe this wasn’t the right time for him and her to get back together. He walks back to his car, sad but at the same time relieved. He just needs to give her a little time and decided he would wait for her no matter how long it took - As long as he gets some sort of assurance that she was still also in love with him.

“It’s going to be a cold winter break.” he muttered as he started the car and then sped off back to his place.