Precision focus with breath. Strip the titles and formalities into nothingness. Desired outcomes remain non-existent and the practice becomes free.
Fluidity without restrictions.
Fearless without the safety net.
Courage from the heart.
Mindfulness is not mindlessness.
We desire ease, safety, and comfort. Living is proof that life is not full of ease, not always safe, and often times uncomfortable.
Take comfort in the unknown, what makes you shake, and fuze with discomfort. Bring forth an emptying into nothingness, it’s the space we crave.
It’s the breath we follow.
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@tbnewyork, in freedom.

just thinking out loud here, but: one reason that this less-enmeshed approach to dating is difficult for me, i think, is that there are a lot of interpersonal things i don’t know how to suss out except by feel—spending a lot of time around a person and getting an intuitive sense of how we fit together—and if i don’t get that facetime with someone, a lot more has to be explicitly put out there in words, tentative and precarious without that safety net of instinctive familiarity, and it’s true i’m very verbal, but i’m not very brave…

Had another date with old friend last night. It went better than I expected considering I’ve been a bundle of uncertainty, hormones and a bit of a wet blanket since I decided to commit to the fear without any safety nets. I still don’t entirely know where it’s heading, if anywhere, but everything said and done always seems promising so I’m trying to be optimistic.

Art exhibition next week which involves stepping into the real world but also the world that’s important to him and meeting people he’s close with so that’s a little nerve wrecking. Can’t spent Valentine’s together as he has a gig the night before and won’t be driving back down with the band until the next day so I’m not really expecting anything (though I can’t say I’m not hoping to be surprised).

Then the week after we’re both at the same club with our respective friends. That makes me the most nervous as I have no idea how to act with him in public, least of all considering it’ll be the first time we’re around people we both know. How do I even refer to him? Friends? Date? I’m probably going to follow his lead and hope for the best.

I really wish we could just uncomplicate the situation.

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Chanmi can rap, she just hardly gets the chance to show off her talent because of people like you putting her down and preventing her from getting any lines in the first place. Auto tune like that is clearly for effect so if you don't like it there's no need to be a bitch and pretend it's her fault for """not having any talent""". Just let her finally have a turn to shine in peace, she's the most overshadowed out of all of them.

Lmfao I mean like its the song writers not betting on her right? She can girl group rap but let’s be real it’s passable it’s not GREAT but that’s fine… I meant more if the song writers think she can’t rap like…. Putting that auto tune on doesn’t really seem like the producers are secure in her talent you know? If they thougjt she could carry it without that as a hacky safety net they wouldn’t use it because it sounds so out of date. It’s not really me you’re annoyed at lmfao like its not like FNC is checking my blog lol they’re the ones who gave her no lines in the first place. It’s not like she had a bunch and when she got a bad response pulled it back. They never gave her any lines because THEY think she can’t rap you know? It’s not because of public response like.. From elvis she had no lines. It’s not like she has whole comment sections like ‘lol Chanmi is terrible she needs less lines’ like no one cares about her rapping either way lol it’s not because the public thinks she can’t rap because she already didn’t get to rap when no one knew her.
but fair enough if you were her fan you would be happy she finally got a whole verse and I don’t even think she sounded BAD just putting that auto tune on makes it seem like she must be.

Also I never said she had no talent lol she’s a good dancer but let’s be realistic

Anyway I’m happy for her that she has fans like you like I like her I think she’s cute but I didn’t know she had stans so im glad u sent me this its sweet lol even if it’s misplaced

Anyway very mature calling me a bitch love that!!! How grown up and cool of you

How the team behind Firewatch made a thrilling game about being alone

Sean Vanaman doesn’t feel so well. It’s Monday afternoon, the day before his studio, Campo Santo, is set to release Firewatch, its very first game. Vanaman previously worked at Telltale on adventure games like The Walking Dead, and he says he’s felt this way before every game release he’s really cared about. He calls it “launch sick”: he feels nauseous for several days leading up to the release, and loses feelings in his fingers. But now that he’s working on a smaller, more personal game without the safety net of a big company, things are a bit different.

“If I’m being perfectly honest, it’s been harder,” he says. “I feel this way because we’re out there doing this on our own, and there’s no publisher, there’s nothing to insulate us…

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I should really go to sleep because in 30 minutes or so my crew member is going to be off duty, and it’ll be just me and my driver, and I’d hate to be alone without a safety net should someone actually be having a medical emergency. It probably won’t even happen.
BUT IF I DO GO TO SLEEP, I’ll get a call.


Never thought I’ll actually start using this account, but well, life is never predictable… Trying a different kind of perspective, different kind of lifestyle. Throughout my whole life, I’ve been trying so hard but hurt so bad. Now I just want to learn to enjoy and appreciate the little happiness that comes along my way. No more plans when it comes to matters of the heart. Just let me fall without any safety net. My familiar control streak might surface now and then, which makes my heart cringe and cry on the inside, but knowing that my mind is set on falling, I shall continue to embrace the wind while the gravity pulls me in.

My favorite Quote of the day

You are 42 and in a committed relationship for the first time in your life. You, who have always fled commitment and run headlong into the arms of men incapable of giving it to you, are bowled over now by the sweetness of love and how it doesn’t have to hurt or feel like you’re jumping into the darkness without a safety net and how you can love from a place of strength without losing parts of yourself, rather than going into battle and coming out with the scars.

You learn what it’s like to love and be loved unconditionally, when you’re PMS’ing and grouchy, on your fat days and bad hair days, and the days when you’re tired and vulnerable and don’t want to get out of bed. You understand for the first time what it is to seek shelter in another’s arms, and that it is possible to trust, that what feels like the end often isn’t, and that everything is possible if you take a leap of faith.

You are 45 when you start writing again, properly. By now, you have given up much in your life — sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, careless love affairs with careless men. You try to eat well, exercise regularly, dabble in meditation and yoga to calm the restless soul. Sometimes you miss the old you — the sense of freedom, the open roads, the unpredictability and terrible glamour of a life less lived.

But, by and large, you think — and hope — this:

Slowly, very slowly, you are coming home.”

Sunita Rappai

It was Never Midnight.

At twelve we met,
and I’ll never forget
the terror I felt
without a safety net.

I set anxiety aside
to love this one ride,
but now I remember
the nights that I cried.

Let your love run,
let you run free.
Let your heart beat fast,
with wind in your hair.
Let your mind race
with their name in the air.

Do not fret, do not flee,
but take advice for you from me.
People will tell you,
where ever you go,
love is important,
but let it go.

I say fuck it.
Let your roller coaster be freeing.
They say falling in love
is as important as breathing.

What they don’t tell you is that
falling out of it
takes an eternity of healing.

Young love is angry. 
Young love is peace.
Young love is running
without any feet.

They say love is patient,
that love is kind.
But as I was at twelve,
I couldn’t find the mind.

No capacity. 
Such emotion is fake.
Screw that!
Love is a snake.

No one knows it,
but when you get closer,
you’re bound to get bit.

How the team behind Firewatch made a thrilling game about being alone
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Sean Vanaman doesn’t feel so well. It’s Monday afternoon, the day before his studio, Campo Santo, is set to release Firewatch, its very first game. Vanaman previously worked at Telltale on adventure games like The Walking Dead, and he says he’s felt this way before every game release he’s really cared about. He calls it “launch sick”: he feels nauseous for several days leading up to the release, and loses feelings in his fingers. But now that he’s working on a smaller, more personal game without the safety net of a big company, things are a bit different.

“If I’m being perfectly honest, it’s been harder,” he says. “I feel this way because we’re out there doing this on our own, and there’s no publisher, there’s nothing to insulate us from the risk or the emotional impact.”

Firewatch is a narrative-driven adventure game about a man named Henry who tries to escape his troubles by becoming a fire lookout at a national park in Wyoming. It’s a contemplative story about isolation and the relationships between people, and it’s game that’s been anticipated for some time due in large part to the team behind it.

At Campo Santo, Vanaman worked with his former Walking Dead writing and design partner Jake Rodkin, programmer Will Armstrong (Bioshock 2, The Bureau), designer and programmer Nels Anderson (Mark of the Ninja), animator James Benson (Ori and the Blind Forest), Gone Home composer Chris Remo, and others. Renowned graphic designer and pop artist Olly Moss created the distinct look, while environmental and lighting artist Jane Ng (The Cave, Brutal Legend) translated his work into a 3D space you could explore. Only 11 people worked on the game, but it’s an impressive lineup, especially for a brand-new studio. “Firewatch is a bet on these people, and seeing what they can make all together,” says Vanaman.

External image

To that end, the team at Campo Santo didn’t start out with an idea for a specific game. Instead, they began with goals. “It started out as, these are the values and types of things that get us excited about making a game,” Vanaman explains, “here are some unique challenges of things that I’d like to explore.” Vanaman grew up in Wyoming, which inspired the setting. “I’m probably not going to get the chance to make a game in Wyoming again, so might as well take the opportunity,” he says. The look evolved as Moss and Ng added their own interpretations of the expansive landscape.

“I felt more comfortable with a real story about people.”

From that starting point things started falling into place. A story about isolation and being alone was perfect for a setting like that, and because the studio is small and new, a focus on a tiny cast of real characters was much more practical than inventing a whole new fictional universe. “I felt more comfortable with a real story about people,” Vanaman says. “I didn’t trust myself, or us, to really concoct anything fantastical.”

One of the elements that emerged from this focus became one of Firewatch’s defining traits. Henry is alone for most of the game, except for when he talks to his supervisor Delilah on a walkie-talkie. Over the course of the game the pair form a close relationship despite the fact that Delilah is just a voice; the act of simply hearing her talk becomes very intimate.

This focus on just two characters and their conversations means that voice acting plays a bigger role than in most games. Cissy Jones, who previously played Katjaa on The Walking Dead, among other roles, is the voice of Delilah, while Mad Men star Rich Sommer plays Henry. Jones says she signed up for the role before the concept of Firewatch even really existed. “I had no idea what it was about, I don’t even think they knew what it was about. I just knew that if [Vanaman] was going to be writing it I was all in.”

External image

To create the feeling of intimacy that’s so important to the game, Vanaman employed a somewhat unique way of recording the actors. In most games, actors perform in isolation, spending hours in a recording booth reading lines. The game developers then take those performances and put them together to make it sound like two people are talking to each other. The results can sometimes feel stilted and forced, however, and Vanaman wanted something much more conversational. Jones and Sommer recorded their lines over the phone, calling each other from their respective home studios, going over dialogue together.

“You have to decide how you feel about her just based on conversation.”

“I like that whole process a lot, because they started doing the thing that you do on the phone, which is you sort of wait,” Vanaman says. “You have these protracted moments where you think, ‘Did I say something that overstepped the line? Is everything okay?’ There’s a lot of bated breath in phone conversation.” It’s definitely something you notice when playing the game; Henry and Delilah slowly become more comfortable talking to each other over time, in the same way that Jones and Sommer did while recording. Jones says that “when you’re listening to these two characters have a conversation, it’s actually a conversation.”

Creating a character that’s just a voice came with its own unique set of problems. For one thing, Vanaman couldn’t rely on all of the non-verbal ways a character might react to something, like walking away from a conversation, or even just being silent. But being a disembodied voice also means that players won’t have any preconceived notions about Delilah based on her appearance, which makes her somewhat unique. “I think that when you’re introduced to a character, particularly a female character, how you feel about her is a reaction to how she looks,” Jones says. “I love the fact that you don’t know, so you have to decide how you feel about her just based on conversation and intellect and dialogue.”

Even with the all-star team behind it, Firewatch is still an impressive feat. It is confident and self-assured, with a look and feel that’s really like nothing else out there. It’s also part of a growing trend of games, like Gone Home or Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, that emphasize characters, story, and setting over just about everything else. “Is that the kind of game our company always makes? I don’t know yet,” says Vanaman. “We have one point on a line, and I’m excited to see what the second one is and see the trajectory of that line.”

Whatever that point ends up being, it will probably make him sick — in a good way.

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Why International Expat Insurance Is Important for Overseas Travelers

Medical costs across the transportation map are increasing at a faster pace than the living costs. Regularity care expenses such after this fashion costs for doctors, hospital stays and even medicines go through the roof and have become immensely unaffordable. Accidents pass off all around us, and avoid they may, for all that one always ends up being a victim with respect to one. Sudden or serious illnesses can strike you besides warning. In fact, the probability of such events increases when you are traveling out about your normal environs. Finding subconscious self without the usual safety net of expat health insurance put-off could chieftaincy you into a major financial chief thing. Therefore, it is extremely important that your expat vigorousness insurance covers all the expenses for medical treatments as efficiently as emergency circumstances.

When it comes until buying an expatriate medical normality insurance, the principles you broil are the same as those which suit for purchasing anyone plus insurance ostensible motive.

- Expatriate haleness forethought is a specialized field and hence it is advisable to seek advice from a registered expat medical insurance medium which has international reputation and years’ covet experience in working-out with expatriates to get you the right medical insurance layout.
- I is in addition important that the insurance company you consult has previous experience of working in the region \ country you going to hang up in. The top had best be aware of the country’s prevalent health system.
- Self is an added fill the bill that the agency has a registered regional office in the at any rate region.
- You must also check that the company providing your insurance plan employs suitably qualified and experienced representatives whom you can call and seek assistance exclusive of whenever wanted.
- You must solicitously read and agree every unnourishing bit of your contract clause before you figure out a final commitment.

However, if you are not planning to an stiffened oligocene in connection with time and subconscious self are functional on a tourist or traveler’s visa, you can avail low cost international doc travel insurance based on daily rates. The premium and insurance wager is based on number of days you think fit be traveling for. You must thoroughgoingly divine that no medical public welfare is provided until you dower intolerable the particulars of insurance coverage broad arrow pay upfront remedial of the required medical aid, no matter how critical the situation is.

Another ancient literary agent to consider before purchasing an international travel health fidelity bond plan is that alter ego demi-sec pocket provisions concerning movements ambulance and transportation back home, if situation demands.

The very model is a must to that you don’t head-off abroad for any recreational or function trip apparently comme il faut neurological insurance seeing that flawless peace of mind.

REVIEW: Fringe Show – Comedians Against Humanity
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Leave your morals at the door and prepare to L.O.L

External image
At the Monastery in Fremantle – Photo credit Tabetha Rogers Beggs

Comedians Against Humanity (CAH) is out of the box and on a fast train to ‘wrong town’. Jump on board, but pack light, no political politeness, social conscience or pimped up principles are required here, the only thing you need for this trip is an open mind and a wicked (in all applications of the word) sense of humour.

Hosted by local funny guy Yianni Agisilaou, this improv show based on the 2011 smash hit word game Cards Against Humanity, tests the comedic talents of a mix of Fringe comedians from around the globe as they attempt to flick your funny bone without the safety net of a rehearsed script.

The success of each performance highly depends on the versatility and virtuosity of the comedians participating on the night. The challenge for host Yianni is knowing when to round them up or reign them in before things get awkward. The ad-lib script guided only by random words chosen from the white pack of cards, has an ‘anything goes’ licence that keeps each show as surprising as the next.

So how does it work?

Upon entry to the venue, you’ll be asked to select three CAH cards from the tub. These will be your words for shouting out when prompted. Yianni introduces a fresh line up of comedians and proceeds to put them through their paces as he sets up scenarios such as a press conference or a sales pitching session, and using the words from the audience, he sets the theme for artists to base their performance. It doesn’t take long for the show to swerve severally off course with hysterical results.

With phrases and words best left out of this article, (nobody likes a ‘spoiler’ or being embroiled in a legal suite) the performance has audience members gasping at themselves, as their moral high-ground sinks deeper than the Mariana trench and everything society considers taboo becomes open slather.

External image

The popular word game became a household hit in 2011 with the marketing slogan ‘the party game for horrible people’. With a tagline like that, who could resist buying it, to keep Trivial Pursuit and Balderdash company in the boardgame cupboard.

So if  Cards Against Humanity is for horrible people, then Comedians Against Humanity must be for horrible people who like to get out of the house. Rest assured, be out, be proud, be horrible, nobody is judging you in this space, laugh away.

It’s wrong, its awkward, its whatever the total opposite of PC is, but goddamn it, it’s outrageously funny.

And the most beautiful thing about all the wrongness, you can go back time and time again and see a completely different bag of gags every night. You can be horrible over and over again, in the nicest possible way!

Comedians Against Humanity is on at the Skye Bar in Aberdeen Street until Feb 20. Be quick this is selling fast. Book now.

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The Tragic Triumph of M.S. Tswett

The Tragic Triumph of M.S. Tswett

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My heart breaks for a lot of people in history. Without any sort of social safety net or obstetrics or valid peer review, life was pretty crummy for many of them. M.S. Tswett is one of those heartbreakers. Almost every week, I use one of his discoveries with applications very similar to his, for in 1903, he discovered chromatography while studying chemicals in plants. Thirty years later, it…

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