without you i am dead inside

klance things that should happen esp after s3:

  • “I care about you a lot”
  • keith talking to some random stranger about lance and complimenting him like he did with him in beta traz while looking down fondly. “i have a…friend who always complains about my mullet. he’s a very good sharpshooter and also my right-hand man i don’t know what i would without him.” “you seem fond of him.” “I am.”
  • training session together where 50% of the stuff they do is flirting
  • another solo mission together where they fight back to back
  • they find an alternate reality where they’re together and this makes them think a lot about what they could be in theirs
  • lance starts wearing something red to match his new lion and keith tells him “you look good in my colors”
  • the team starts noticing lance flirts less than usual 
  • one of those clichè scenes where one character makes a decision that makes their loved one proud and has them looking softly at them
  • keith and lance offering to wingman for each other but ending up describing each other as their ideal partner while talking to someone “ofc you would like lance who wouldn’t he’s beautiful i mean what”
  • they’re facing off an enemy who’s making fun of them for not being strong enough and lance is lie “he’s strong!! he cradled me in his arms once!!” and keith deadass stops in the middle of the battle to shout “YOU REMEMBER”
  • holding! hands! in! battle! as! they’re! running! away! from! something!
  • “lance makes me happy”
  • a parallel of the shut your quiznak scene but this time lance is saying it fondly and keith laughs while saying “i still don’t think you’re using that correctly”
  • “he’s not my boyfriend!!” “but you want him to be”
  • lance making a cryptid joke for keith
  • lance leans in for an hug and keith blushes bc he thinks he was gonna kiss him
  • “well i do have a boyfriend!!!” *points at keith panicking*
  •  awkwardly asking each other out for a date in the pool but both make sure they don’t mention the word “date” at all
  • lance distracting keith during a plan exposition by putting his hand on his shoulder or on his own hand
  • keith sees that someone is trying to make lance feel bad and he’s furious and goes up to that person like “yo take that back immediately”
  • lance being slightly jealous of seeing someone talking to keith and masks it with an excuse like “i don’t want him to find someone before me cuz ya know…rivals” (no one believes that though) keith: lance i’m not with xx i just wanted to see if u were gonna confess
  • keith gets asked if he likes someone and he’s like “well there is someone…” *looks at lance while sighing*
  • they take a selfie with lance’s space phone. (bc duh, needs to happen)
  • keith looking fondly at lance while everyone else is looking at something else. “cute right?” keith, looking at lance: yeah “i’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing”
  • keith gifting lance with something and blushing while handing it to him. idc what it is it can be whatever and lance being almost speechless. “you got this…for me?”
  • keith: please be careful!! lance: always am!
  • keith to lance: man you are cuddly
  • lance: did i miss something pidge: oh just keith complaining about bonding moments lance: ok so nothing new then
  • keith telling lance “i’ve never met anyone like you” because i live for the clichè stuff dont judge
  • the classic “ we got stuck somewhere alone together and now we gotta talk about our feelings” kind of thing
  • lance showing off his bf once they’re dating “yep! i’m dating him!!!” 
  • more alone conversations where lance tells keith about his life as an uncle
  • hunk accidentally mentioning that lance had a crush on keith at the garrison.  “ like at the garrison you clearly like ke—” “KEN I LIKED KEN REMEMBER KEN?? AHHA GOOD OL’ GUY” “there was no one…named ken”
  • running after each other for something? because i’ve realized we’ve never seen that in canon and soft music is playing in the back
  • keith gifting lance with his bom blade once they’re together “i want you to have this”
  • an “i thought you were dead!” moment where keith kisses lance without hesitation and lance replies with “well i am know”
  • lance fingergunning at keith pls and thank u
  • the “fine” “fine” “fine” “FINE” thing when they get into arguments and they end up giving each other the silent treatment but it lasts like one minute and if it starts seriously, it ends jokingly
  • the pool scene becomes an inside joke like the bonding moment:  “we went to the pool together!!!!”  “keith you wanted to stay away from me??” “well you forgot our bonding moment!”“oh god not this again….”
  • a moment where they both turn at each other smirking and everybody is like “lol ur smiling at each other” and they’re like “no we’re not” but their mouths are still curved in a smile
  • they become very clingy with each other and don’t realize it until someone points it out
  • they swap clothes for one day and no one questions it. “they’re doing their thing as usual”
  • “are you hugging me?” “looks like i am” “thank you i needed that”
  • “when i said that I don’t hate you….i meant something else also”
  • can we uhhhh get mind-reading aliens that can sense their feelings for each other
  • “lets do this” and then they smile at each other
  • keith slipping that he likes lance in the middle of a very tough battle bc he doesnt know what will happen OR “if i dont make it…tell lance i love him”
  • keith at 2 am: hey pidge lance looked at me for more than one second today what do you think i should do
  • they try to make sure they always stand next to each other

POI Appreciation week // Day 5: Favourite Quotes   Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and this is just the beginning; it keeps on going, forever, without ever repeating….everything we ever say or do; all of the world’s infinite possibilities rest within this one simple circle.

  • Missy: Oh, don’t be disgusting, we’re Time Lords, not animals. Try, nano-brain, to rise above the reproductive frenzy of your noisy little food chain, and contemplate friendship. A friendship older than your civilization and infinitely more complex.
  • also Missy: I hope my boyfriend wasn't too mean to you...He can be very mean sometimes. Except to me, of course, because he loves me so much.
  • also Missy: *makes out with Doctor against wall*
  • also Missy: My heart is maintained by the Doctor.
  • the Doctor: Two hearts.
  • also Missy: And both of them yours.
  • also Missy: Oh Clara, Clara, Clara. You know, I should shoot you in a jealous rage, now wouldn't that be sexy?
  • also Missy: Stop shouting, love....
  • also Missy: Ask me! Come on, you know you want to. You want to know what my plan is. You'll be surprised. I've got a gift for you. You know, I've been up and down your timeline, meeting all those silly people who died to keep you alive. And you know what I worked out? What you really need?...To know that you're just like me!
  • also Missy: I need you to know we're not so different. I need my friend back. Every battle, every war, every invasion. From now on, you decide the outcome.
  • also Missy: We can, we can go together [to Gallifrey], just you and me. Just like the old days.
  • Doctor: You'd be clapped in irons.
  • also Missy: If you like.
  • Clara: Since when do you care about the Doctor?
  • also Missy: Since always....
  • also Missy: Doctor, listen to me. I know traps. Traps are my flirting. This is a trap.
  • also Missy: Listen to that. The Doctor without hope. Nobody is safe now.
  • also Missy: The Doctor gave it to me when my daughter....
  • also Missy: *travels through a Dalek infested sewer and city in heels while keeping his pet safe* No. No, no, no, no. Doctor, what have you done? *runs towards danger to save the Doctor from his own stupidity*
  • also Missy: *laughs at the Doctor's sarcastic comeback like a schoolgirl with a massive crush*
  • also Missy: In a way, this is why I gave her to you in the first place. To make you see. The friend inside the enemy, the enemy inside the friend...Everyone's a bit of both, everyone's a hybrid.
  • also Missy: Please, I'll do anything. Just let me live...I'll be good, I promise. I'll turn, I'll turn good. Please. Teach me, teach me how to be good...I know I'm going to die. I have to say it, the truth. Without hope, without witness, without reward, I am your friend.
  • the Doctor: Of course she's not dead, she's a friend of mine. I may have fiddled with your wiring a little bit.
  • also Missy: *stays in Vault for decades even though she could escape at any time*
  • also Missy: C'est super. So, what have you got so far? *drapes herself across piano whilst encouraging the Doctor to puzzle out how to defeat the monks*
  • also Missy: *cries* ...You didn't tell me about this bit.
  • the Doctor: I'm sorry, but this is good.
  • also Missy: Okay.
  • also Missy: *peers shyly around console rotor*
  • also Missy: Sure, that's fine...But Doctor, please tell me, really. Are you alright?
  • also Missy: *cries* I don't even know why I'm crying. Why, why do I keep doing that now?
  • the Doctor: I don't know. Maybe you're trying to impress me.
  • also Missy: Yes. Probably some devious plan, that sounds about right.
  • the Doctor: Well the alternative would be much worse.
  • also Missy: Really?
  • the Doctor: The alternative is that this is for real and it's time for us to become friends again.
  • also Missy: Do you think so? *Takes step forward. The Doctor steps back, then tentatively takes Missy's hands in his own. Missy gasps in surprise.*
  • the Doctor: I don't know. That's the trouble with hope. It's hard to resist. *Lets go of Missy's hands and walks away.*
2 Yuzuru Hanyu Interviews from 2017-18 Media Day

(A short moment from Chopin at NHK Trophy 2015 * - * )

I decided to post the two exclusive interviews from Figure Skate Magazine and Figure Skate Japanese Representatives 2017 Memorial together, to be read side by side. 

Perhaps, in a way, one gets a peek at the pillars of his beliefs and insight into figure skating. As he contends with the realities of competition and what leaves behind a GOOD memory for everyone, it isn’t just about fans becoming his strength, but also what he makes of that strength. Not only a well beloved skater, but truly one who loves and cares back with all his might. –– gladi.

Translated by gladi. Please do not repost without permission. Photos belong to the respective publishers.

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Haha yeah here’s another comic for y’all!  Definately not langst well i mean maybe he was pretty traumatized after that but I am a simple girl who can only take so much langst at a time.  XD XD  

I had alot of fun with this one.  More funny and less… angsty lol.

I hope you enjoy!! :D  And please dont repost without my permission first thaankkssss <3

HP Sentence Starters
  • "I WOULD HAVE DIED! Died, rather than betray my friends!"
  • "You're a wizard, [name]."
  • "We could have been killed - or worse, [blank]."
  • "I am what I am, an' I'm not ashamed."
  • "There are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other."
  • "We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are."
  • "You sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve."
  • "Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have."
  • "He is dead!"
  • "If you are holding out for universal popularity, I am afraid you will here for a very long time."
  • "Until the very end."
  • "If you want to know what a man's like, look at how he treats his inferiors."
  • "It matters not what we are born, but what we grow to be."
  • "Tell them I mean no harm."
  • "I was trying to make a world in which you could live a happier life."
  • “Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it.”
It feels like I’m dying inside; like who I am is getting smaller and weaker until one day there’ll be nothing left but a dead, empty husk.
I try to convince myself I still exist but I don’t know how much longer I can play the role of a living person. I tell myself I can live without you - I just have to breathe. In, out and repeat. In, out and repeat.
I still exist, I’m breathing… but my lungs are filling with despair.
—  Ranata Suzuki | Despair
What Matters - Dean Winchester x Pregnant!Reader

Title: What Matters

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Pregnant!Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hi love! May I request a deanxpregnant!reader where it’s all fluffy,& protective daddy!dean? But they fight, he leaves& reader has to go to the hospital bc she’s not feeling well& he runs back to her apologetic? But all’s well at the end. Thanks!xx

“You know sometimes you’re just infuriating.” you growled at the hunter, crossing your arms over your chest as he only mocked you.

“So I am infuriating because I want you to protect you huh?” he scoffed and you glared at him.

“You call keeping me inside the bunker 24/7 is suddenly called protecting me?!” you shrieked and he shrugged.

“Is it not?” he raised an eyebrow so calm it got you all the more angry.

“Hell no it isn’t, Dean!” you growled “I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t have to sneak my way out of here after I got pregnant because you are so freaking scared of something happening to me?! Hell the last time I got out was just to go to the market and that happened because Sam was here and not you. And when you found out, you sent Cas after me!”

He rolled his eyes “Is it suddenly that bad of me to want to make sure my child is safe?”

Our child Dean! It’s our child, and I am just as responsible for it as you are. Do you think I’d ever want anything to happen to it?” you couldn’t stop yourself from creaming at him and he let out a small growl, pushing his chair back roughly.

“Is that so? So how is you jumping in the way to save me, risking both of yours lives, for me?” he growled and if it had been anybody else they would have taken a step back at how scary Dean looked at that moment.

“So that’s what all of this is about? That vampire?”

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Prompt: Dean has been gone for a week on an extremely intense case. You had expected him to take a long time on the case but what you didn’t expect was how much it would take out of him emotionally. When he returns to you, you have the task of pulling him back to reality from the most recent hell he has been through.

Warnings: Breif descriptions of intense events??? And then fluff fluff mcfluffers fluff

Word Count: 1,357

Song: Hold Onto Me by Mayday Parade

Originally posted by tearinmyeye

You lay on your side of the bed facing the door. You would be facing Dean if he were there, but you see nothing but the fluorescent blue light of the digital clock on the bedside table. It reads 2:47 A.M. in the glowing light and you sigh. Dean had told you the case was looking rough and he didn’t know when he would be back, but he assured you it wouldn’t be more than a week. You couldn’t help but worry about him, knowing that he was going to fight some monster that probably came from some ancient myth?! It worried you to say the least.

Sam and Cas often asked you why you out up with Deans antics. His attitude, his drinking, the way he bottled his feelings and the way he would just leave for hours some nights. That resulted in you telling them that there were parts of Dean that allowed you to see the real man that was underneath all his antics. He had allowed you to see all you needed to see, to fall in love with someone who didn’t think he could be loved.

You stare at the clock until it changes to 3:00 even and then you give in and attempt to sleep. Clutching Deans pillow to your face you breath in the scent of him and sigh. You feel yourself drifting into slumber when you see the headlights shine through the window. The sight jolts you upright and slip out of bed softly and walk to the door of your room. Deans flannel hangs on your body and falls to your mid thigh. You always slept in his shirts while he was away and he never opposed it. He loved when you would wear his clothes around him and he loved seeing how happy they made you.

You make your way down the hallway as quietly as possible, just in case, for some terrible reason, it isn’t your boyfriend that just walked into your house. You quietly poke your head around the corner and a smile plays its way onto your face. You know his stature and the way he closes the door with his foot. He flips on the lights for the living room and jumps slightly when you come around the corner. You gasp slightly at his state.

“Dean! Dear God, what happened to you?!” you ask as you walk over to him. The urge to wrap yourself around him and breathe him in, in the longest hug you have ever given is so strong. You hold yourself back as to not hurt him anymore than he already is.

“I’m fine now, come here.” He says quietly. He pulls you to him and you wrap your arms around his shoulders. He smells just as his pillow does and it comforts you to no end.

“Dean I have to get you cleaned up, c'mon.” You say attempting to push away from him. He says nothing but tightens his grip on you.

“Dean please, let me take care of you, please?” You ask rubbing his back. His grip losens on you and you step back and take his hand. You lead him to the kitchen table and pull out a chair for him to sit on. You walk into the kitchen and pull out the first-aid kit. Walking back to Dean you notice he hasn’t taken his eyes off of one spot on the floor.

“Dean?” You ask. His eyes don’t move from the floor and you kneel in front of him taking the peroxide out and dabbing it onto the cotton cloth. You wipe it over the largest cut on his arm and then wrap gauze around it. His eyes are still trained on the floor next to you. You set the items down and reach up to force Dean to face you.

“Dean, look at me.” You say holding his face to look at yours. His eyes are glazed over with what seems to be tears. His states into your eyes for a moment and then searches your face. You swallow the lump forming in your throat. “What. Happened?”

“It got in my head Y/N. All it did was show me all the ways it could possibly conjure up in its sick little mind to kill you. Sam had left for more beer and to get another copy of some book he lost. It snuck in through the vent and messed with my head. I didn’t know what to expect when I got back. I didn’t know if it was real or not….I didn’t know if I would come back and get to hold you again…or if I would have to see another person I love dead.” He said. Tears slowly begin to fall down his cheeks and they well in your eyes as well.

“I’m right here.” You say wiping tears from his face. He nods and sighs holding onto your wrists. You pull yourself up to his lips and plant yours softly on them. After breaking away from him, you proceed to clean the rest of his cuts. Once you’re finished he stands and follows you into the kitchen. You turn and Dean looks down at you. He slowly lifts the flannel you’re wearing only enough to expose your stomach. His eyes close and he leans his head back slightly pulling you into his embrace again.

“I’m fine Dean. I promise. The only pain I felt while you were gone was the hurt of not being with you. Thats all. Well, I might have stubbed my toe once but other than that.” You joke. He smiles slightly before lifting you in his arms. You smile and lean your head on his shoulder.

He lays you down on the bed before sitting down and taking off his boots and jeans. He is left in his boxers and a dirty flannel similar to the clean one you’re wearing. He unbuttons the shirt and tosses it toward the hamper at the other side of the room. He lays down in his spot on the bed and turns to face you.

“I know we have problems, I know we fight, and I know I’m not the best person in the world.” He starts.

“Dean.” You say. He shakes his head and puts a finger to your lips.

“But I want you to know that I would be nothing without you. You’ve allowed me to come to terms with who I am and who I was. I’ve fallen so in love with you that even the thought of you hurting KILLS me inside. I spent the whole drive back hoping with everything that I had, that I wouldn’t come home to a dead body somewhere in this house. That I wouldn’t come home to your dead body. When I saw you come around the corner, everything fell into place again. I was okay, everything was okay, because you were okay. After all of that, the only thing I wanted was to be able to hold you in my arms, and now I can, and that makes everything right again.” Dean rambles. His hand brushes against your cheek and you stare into his deep eyes. You pull him to you and kiss him deeply.

“I love you. My god do I love you.” You laugh. He smiles and kisses your nose lightly.

“I couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to you Y/N. I didn’t know what love was until I found you. I didn’t have a home until I found you. You’re literally everything to me. If something ever were to hurt you-” Dean starts. You shake your head cutting him off.

“Nothing is going to hurt me. Not when I’ve got all of this, and you, to live for. A fight with me will be a fight they won’t win.” You say. He smiles and kisses you deeply one last time before you two fall into a deep sleep, ridding yourselves of the emotional downs the past hours had brought.


I’m not as confident about this one as I am about my other ones so far, so I’m sorry if its shit

Analysis of Televoid’s Oddities (Episodes 0-4)

Episode 0 - Beat The Clock (January 27, 2016)

Description :: The description for this episode reads, “[This is a pilot for a new show where I dig up old television shows, weird VHS stuff, etc. to talk about. I love watching this stuff anyway, and it’d be fun to share more of what I find with you guys! Please let me know how you like it.] Ian flips the channel to an old episode of Beat the Clock.” Notice the brackets and the use of first person. This is presumably the real Ian, the one who is uploading the videos to his channel. However, it switches to third person for the actual description of the video. THIS IS THE NORM FOR BRUTALMOOSE VIDEOS, so the reason I bring this up is because this is the only Televoid episode with a normal description like this. All the other descriptions are written in second person - “you.” I don’t know what it means, but it is interesting to note.

3:00 - 3:30 :: Ian attempts to play along with the game show by solving a word puzzle. When he reveals his answer, it shows up as, “This joke is brought to you by Sylvania.” Although it may seem like this is a weak joke done to mock the show’s constant endorsing of Sylvania, Ian acts surprised and confused when he sees what’s written, even claiming that it wasn’t what he meant to write.

16:50 - End :: Ian says we, the watchers, don’t have to leave. He suggests we stick around to watch something else with him. As he flips through the channels to find another show, he finds only static instead. He grows visibly discouraged before everything abruptly goes to black and we are left in silence for nearly five seconds before the episode officially ends.

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Halloween II   {Sentence Starters}

  • “Yeah, and I’m an idiot.“
  • “He’s dead. You saw it.“
  • “I saw a man in a mask.“
  • “I haven’t done anything.“
  • “Just get your ass over here!“
  • “Ordered? You can’t order me.“
  • “You don’t know what death is!“
  • “You stay with me and shut up!“
  • “I’m sorry I left you. Are you all right?“
  • “You are the biggest jerk I have ever met.”
  • “What have I got to lose… except my job?”
  • “Look, why don’t you just shut up, all right?“
  • “Someone should’ve listened to me earlier.“
  • “You’re getting yourself into a lot of trouble.”
  • “I can’t stop until I’m certain that he’s dead.“
  • “We’re all afraid of the dark inside ourselves.“
  • “I want to believe you… but I have to be sure.“
  • “Yeah, he’s the guy who was after you tonight.“
  • “Go and check all the rooms down there! Go on!“
  • “Men! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.“
  • “You’re talking about him like he’s some kind of animal.“
  • “I am talking about the real possibility that he is still out there!“
  • “I shot him six times! I shot him in the heart, but… he’s not human!“
  • “Did you see the blackboard back there in the elementary school?“
  • “I’m just about there… The point where I stop taking orders from you.”
  • “There was nothing within him, neither conscious nor reason that was… even remotely human.”
  • “I ought to handcuff you to the wheel, but I have a feeling I’m gonna need you in there. Can I trust you?“
Count on me ft. Barry Allen

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Request: None

Warning: Ansgt, fluff?? like one swear word or so

Word count: 1.1k+

“If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea, I’ll sail the world to find you. If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can’t see, I’ll be the light to guide you.”

Your ceiling was extraordinary white; it needed to be painted, desperately. It was the only thing that had spooked through your mind for the past few hours. How uncomfortable the white had made you feel. It stood out. Clean, not a single speck of dust. You craved to throw buckets of paint at it, so that the hard stare of the ceiling would stop mocking you. 

You were laying on top of your grey covers with your ankle boots still laced. You didn’t had the effort nor did you think it was necessary to untie your shoes; you didn’t mind that it got your covers dirty with mud and grass. You actually didn’t mind anything at all anymore. 

Not when your brother was dead. Nothing was supposed to matter. He was gone, and it wasn’t fair that the earth was still spinning, and life was still continuing like the death of your brother was nothing but a minor inconvenience.  

“Stay safe,” you told your brother like you always did when he went to work.

Your brother smiled and combed his hand through his dark brown locks. “I have got nothing but a boring day ahead. Mountains of paperwork are impatiently waiting for me on my desk.”

You bumped your hip against his in a playful manner, "You never know with these metahumans running around. Now, hurry up, officer, the city is waiting for your saving,” you told him dramatically.

He rolled his eyes and gave you a wave before he walked out of the door, or better said, walked out of your life.

The room spun as your vision blurred for the umpteenth time that day. Tears silently ran down your cheek as you remembered the horrible phone call that was permanently inked in your memory.

You were laying half on the couch and half on the ground with a book firmly grasped in your hands. You’d been reading for hours, and you’d come to the point where no matter how many times you switched your position, you never sat a hundred percent comfortably. 

Just when two swords clashed together in your story, the cheerful tune of your phone rang throughout your shared apartment.Your body clashed with the floor due to the sudden sound, and you hurriedly stood up and grabbed your phone off the coffee-table. 

“Hello, is this miss (Y/N) (L/N)?” a female voice opened the conversation.

“Yes, who’s asking?” you said, expecting someone wanting to sell their new, super-turbo, cleaning mob, or something along those lines.

“I’m sorry to tell you miss, but your brother, Evan (L/N), has been shot. He passed away -”

The woman had rambled on after that, but you hadn’t listened anymore. The only sound that you could hear was the thundering of your heartbeat. You didn’t remember how the phone had slipped out of your hand; shattering the screen when it came in contact with the floor. Nor had you realised how you had sunken to your knees. A scream of agony had ripped through you, and you felt like you’d been pinched with a hundred tiny daggers.

You had stayed there for a while, in the middle of your apartment that suddenly seemed so big with the absence of your brother tearing at your mind.

But the apartment that seemed big before, was suddenly closing in on you, and you had escaped to your room, where you were still laying on the grey covers. With the obnoxious white ceiling and the muddy boots. 

You closed your eyes, because you didn’t want to see a world in which your brother was gone.

You closed your eyes, and you wished they would stay that way forever.

“(Y/N)!” Your name ripped through the air, disrupting the silence.

You didn’t answer, but Barry didn’t need you to. 

Barry knew you’d probably be a wreck. Hell, he was a wreck. Evan was a close friend of him too, and hearing that he died punched him in the gut and made him realise just how dangerous his city actually was. It made him realise how much harder he wanted to fight in the future, and how many more memories he wanted to create with you, because it could be over before he’d even realise it was happening.

But none of that matter to Barry at the moment. Right now, you were the only thing occupying his mind.

The door of your bedroom creaked open and Barry walked in. He didn’t say anything as he sat beside your legs, and you were glad he didn’t. He slowly gripped your hand in his, and he’d thought you might flinch away from human contact, so he was surprised when he felt your fingers intertwine with his. 

You gripped Barry’s fingers like it was the last bit of oxygen left in the room, and you were afraid that you would suffocate if you’d as much loosen your grip.

For what seemed like ages, the two of you just stayed there, with your fingers intertwined and eyes locked. Barry didn’t want to be the one to speak up first. He felt like he would invade your bubble of some sort, so he waited, and waited. Until you shot upwards, making Barry jolt in surprise.

“He’s dead Barr. Oh my God, he’s dead, and he’s not coming back. What am I going to do without him? I am nothing without him!" 

Barry stared into your eyes, and he swore he could actually see you shattering. He saw the flame inside your eyes shimmer, until only the ghost of the flame remained. And his heart broke.

It was unlike any pain Barry had ever felt. He’d felt heartbroken before, hurt, even betrayed, but seeing you breaking down in front of him felt like someone was slowly tearing the skin from his flesh and sewing it back together, only to have the whole process repeated. 

His arms slipped around your shoulders; his legs wrapped around your waist. He was your shield, your armor, the glue to slowly piece you together. 

Barry buried his face into the crook of your neck, giving your skin a soft kiss whenever he felt your body shook with a sob. 

And the two of you just sat there. In the apartment that was too big, with ceilings that were too white, and memories that were too painful too bear. You just sat there, curled into one another like you were part of a beautiful puzzle piece which came to live only when it was completed. And it for the first time that day, you felt at ease. Because you knew that when you’d be lost in the middle of the sea, Barry would sail across hell and earth to find you.



facade (n): show, front, appearance, illusion, mask, veil, cloak, masquerade

“A relationship is built on the top of facade when two people step on a royal wedding which is full of conspiracy. When sacrifice is an illusion, trust is betrayed, love is just a game, and tears are shed; which side will win in the end? The actor behind his mask or the actress behind her veil?”

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This is a collaboration fanmix made by me and @douxpudding​. Tracks are arranged by chapter order from 845-864, better not to play in shuffle. Annotation/Lyrics snippet are under the cut.

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The sun sank another few millimeters. Emma tried to think what she could wish for. Even when she’d been younger, she’d understood somehow that there were some things you couldn’t wish for: world peace, your dead parents back. The universe couldn’t turn itself inside out for you. Wishing only brought you small blessings: a sleep without nightmares, your best friend’s safety for another day, birthday sunshine.
—  Lord of Shadows

[Imagine being Slytherin’s new seeker and finally meeting Oliver Wood.]

“So it’s true, then?” a voice from behind piped up. You and the rest of the Slytherin Quidditch Team turn around to see Oliver Wood, alongside with the whole Gryffindor Quidditch Team, grinning. “You’ve got a new seeker?” 

The Slytherins smiled proudly and looked at you. Flattered, you said; “Well, it’s not a rumour.” Oliver, speechless, did nothing but shook his head. “Glad.” he finally said. Without any explanation, he and the rest of the Gryffindors walked away, followed by chattering. 

“Did you see her? She could be so light on her feet!” 

“You think she’s fast?”

“No one can beat Harry! Urm, right?”

After Quidditch practice, you walked to your dorm. You realized that there was a piece of paper deep inside your pocket. Without hesitation, you opened it. 

“Meet me at the court at 6 tomorrow. Just you. Let’s play Quidditch.”

This writer chose to be anonymous. That night, you were daunted by the thought of who it might be. Your alarm clock went ringing at exactly 5:30 am. Hey, a girl gotta have half an hour to decide what to wear. It was finally 6 am.

The court was dead quiet. With your broom in one hand and the note on the other, you wait. “Am I late?” a voice said. You nearly jumped when you saw who it was. “W-what?” you stammered. 

“What? Did you expect Dumbledore?” It was Oliver Wood. “You?” you said. “Hey. Is it wrong for a Gryffindor to fall in love with a Slytherin?” he said, followed by a sly smile.

Fall in love. That’s what he said, you thought. You couldn’t help but smile when you saw that he was blushing. “Come on,” you said, hopping into your broom. ‘Let’s play Quidditch.” 

Horror Time - Chapter I

Based in @softlogic ‘s Horror AU.

Warnings: horror themes (?), future torture.


While Thomas knew he had several sides (the four main ones he usually talked to and some others… switched versions…), there were a few things he still didn’t know about himself.

He had talked to all the sixteen sides before, and even though he still focused on the main four, they were all fun. A few more… peculiar than others, but still very much Thomas-ish.

And all of that made him confused. After all, all those sides were… well… not mean. Even the other Prince wasn’t truly evil, he was just sarcastic and mean.

Which made him think ‘who the hell has control of my evil side?’

Thomas was no psychopath, but everyone had a darker side, right?

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Cold Eyes, Colder Shoulders (Avengers x Reader)

Hey! Soooo that last fic? You guys are AMAZING! I will never reach that level again so please forgive me haha! Honestly I love each and every freaking one of you!<3 

For this next one I got a request for a fic but with all the avengers reactions so I’m hoping I can do the request justice because it’s super awesome and different than my usual fics! If you requested this and you don’t like it please let me know and I’ll try to fix it!(: 


Base after base, country after country, realm after realm the Avengers were searching everywhere and were continuously coming up empty handed. What was so important that every other mission was being ignored? You. 

You had been missing for about a month now and the team was distraught. You had been an Avenger since the Battle of Sokovia and every one on the team loved you dearly. You had forged special connections with them all and now that you were gone they were all kind of lost. That’s why they had to find you.

No enemy could be ruled out as everyone on the team knew you were their weakness and everyone and anyone could be after you. That’s why they had all split up and were scouring the universe looking for you.

Thor was running between realms with some help from Loki. Sam and Rhodey were looking into sketchy military personnel. Tony and T’Challa were cracking down on business and political world leaders. Natasha and Bruce were going into the undergrounds of countries on every continent. Clint and Director Fury were keeping close eyes on all of SHIELD’s known enemies. The Maximoff twins, Vision, and Scott were stationed between Avengers Tower, Avengers Base, and your old house all waiting for you to come back to them. 

Every day they searched for you. And every day they didn’t find you felt like another little piece of them died inside. 


It was Bucky and Steve who finally called in a lead. They had been racing around the world crashing HYDRA bases at record speed when they finally found a lead to your location. They had run down a facility when they caught sight of a folder with your picture in it. The only other things the folder contained were a location and a list of words which made Bucky’s stomach turn as he realized their purpose. 

“We have to find her Steve. They’ll kill her. They’ll kill the most precious human left on this earth.”

“We will Bucky,“ Steve promised, opening the folder and lowering his voice as he looked at your picture, “We’re coming for ya doll. Hold on.” 


It took less than 32 hours for the Avengers to assemble. Each one was prepared to do whatever necessary to save you. All their hearts pumped with adrenaline and stomachs twisted with anticipation. To see you safe once again and to hold you in their arms. That’s what they wanted. What they needed. 

The jet ride over there was tense and felt like an eternity. No one spoke as they feared the worst and quickly tried to hush their inner thoughts for being so negative. The second the quinjet touched the ground the team was gone and on the offense. 

The fight lasted about three minutes before the ground was littered with fallen HYDRA agents. Parts of the base were on fire and the Avengers stood huddled around a room marked with your name. Everyone was scared to open the door, afraid of what they’d see inside. But eventually Tony couldn’t take it anymore as his shaking hands threw open the door.

A plain grey room laid on the other side. Grey walls, a grey concrete floor, and a grey bed which held your sleeping frame under grey sheets. 

Pietro was the first one in as he sped past the others to kneel next to you. His hand lightly touched your shoulder as he whispered a desperate, “Printesa?” 

You sat up slowly and turned to face the anxious superheroes as they all filed into your room. Their faces held a wide array of emotions from pure relief to utter confusion. Why weren’t you happy to see them? 

Your face had remained stoic as you sat on the edge of your bed and studied the people who had previously been considered family. Much like the bare walls your face was free of any emotions. It was starting to unnerve some of the Avengers as they stepped closer. 

“Why are you here?” Your question stopped them in their tracks and Pietro’s hand, which had remained on your shoulder, pulled away like you had burned him.

“Little Bird we’re here to bring you home,” Clint’s voice was soft but firm, thinking you were just scared and confused after being hostage so long. 

“But I am home.” Your head tilted to the side as they all looked shocked. Bucky fled the room while everyone else tried to keep their breathing in check. Of all the possibilities they had prepared for none of the Avengers were prepared for this. 

“No baby girl, back to the Tower with us where you belong,” Tony’s brown eyes looked broken as he reached out to stroke your cheek but you jerked away.

“I belong here though.”

“Listen Bitsy Spider I know it’s confusing, but they tricked you,” Nat’s voice was quivering as she tried to sooth you. 

However, before Natasha could continue any further Bucky burst back through the door and threw a manila folder onto the floor, letting the contents scatter across the room. “You lied to us!” His metal hand went up to point an accusing finger at you, but T’Challa threw up his hand and pierced Bucky’s arm through with his claws. 

“Do not touch my Queen.” T’Challa warned with an even tone that Bucky barely even registered as he simply yanked his arm free and continued to stare down at your still blank face. 

“You lied to me,” Bucky’s jaw was clenched, his nose twitching and his eyes welling up with tears he fought not to shed. He swallowed down the crack he could feel rising in his throat as he raised his voice.”To us! You sat there for years and pretended to be something you weren’t!”

“Bucky what in the hell are you talking about?” Sam asked defensively. He had fought the soldier before and was willing to do it again if Bucky continued attacking you like this. 

“She’s a HYDRA experiment. A blank slate that can absorb a person’s power and personality.”

“We were HYDRA experiments too Barnes. That does not mean (Y/N) is evil!” Wanda’s hands were starting to glow red with anger.

“No. It doesn’t,” Bucky agreed. His icy stare had never left your blank cold one. “But using that power to get close with the Avengers and give all their information to HYDRA does.”

“What?” Bruce whispered feeling more confused than the first time he had Hulked out. “Bucky that’s crazy. (Y/N) would never-”

“Agent Barnes is correct.” You finally stood up as your even voice sent the Avengers into a deeper state of shock. “I was given a power strong enough to put me on SHIELD’s radar and a personality sweet and luring enough to draw each and every single one of you in. After getting the information required I returned home and HYDRA wiped me clean for my next assignment.”

“So we were just another assignment to you?” Rhodey asked, glad he was in the suit to keep him upright.

“Don’t spend too long caring about what you were to me. I won’t about you.” You blinked calmly as you tore the teams world apart. Everything had been a lie, and now they didn’t know what to do. As they all stared in hurt at your uncaring face Thor turned on his heel and walked away not sparing another look back.

“Thor where are you going?” Vision asked, calling attention to the blonde god trying to make a hasty escape before his emotions could get the better of him.

“I am leaving. I cannot harm someone whom I care so deeply about. If you wish to bring justice then it shall have to be without me.” His red cape whipped out behind him as he continued to take large steps away from the scene. 

“I have died once before and the pain I feel now is just as strong. Count me out as well,” Pietro muttered, looking deep into your eyes one last time before seeing how truly dead they were inside, then speeding away.

“There’s some blood even I don’t want on my hands,” the tears were falling freely now as Natasha made her escape, Clint saying nothing as he crossed his arms over his chest to hold himself together just long enough to get back to the jet. 

“I thought I was going to be fighting bad guys. I didn’t sign up to fight loved ones,” Scott didn’t even bother putting his helmet back down as he shuffled away wondering how he was going to break the news to Cassie. 

“I can’t even read the thoughts going through her head,” Wanda whispered with tears in her eyes. “The (Y/N) we knew is already dead.” Vision followed the sobbing Sokovian girl and wondered what exactly the aching in his chest was. 

“I fill one hole in my chest just to get a new one,” Tony flipped his helmet down before flying off, Rhodey following quickly behind with defeated eyes.

“There is no hatred deep enough to cover the love which once ran through my veins,” T’Challa’s somber voice echoed around the quickly emptying room before he walked out with his head hanging unusually low..

“I’ve lost enough people I loved at the doing of my own hands. It’s not a mistake  I plan to keep making,” Steve seemed to be in a daze as he and Sam left Bucky alone with you in the blank grey room.

“Are you going to try to kill me now Agent Barnes?” Your voice was as cool as if you were discussing the weather. The air was quiet save for the sound of fire burning in the near distance as you stared him down waiting for his response.

“I just need to know if any of it was real,” Bucky’s blue eyes begged for something deep inside of you to snap. For you to remember who you were just like he had so he could take you back home and everyone could stop being so damned lost. So he could once again stop being so damned lost.


Bucky caught his breath in his chest as it expanded painfully to the point of implosion. He gave a brief nod and went to walk away, unable to look at the hollow shell of the woman he once loved.

“Wait!” You called as he reached the door frame and lingered in it, not looking back. “My name. My name was real.” 

And with that he was gone. Along with the last sense of warmth you had felt in your bones when the Avengers had first burst into your room. Your brain made the logical connection that the fire that had been ravaging your home base had finally died out, but you knew. Somewhere deep inside you knew that the closest thing you were ever going to get to a family had just walked away and they were never going to think twice about you again. 


I think I broke my own heart with this one guys…. but I hope you liked it and like always I’m sorry it’s kinda late! I should be catching up on requests though so!

As usual Requests, Ships, and Preferences are all OPEN!  The list is getting longer though (YAY!) so they should be coming more frequently (let’s hope) but there may be a slight wait (like that wasn’t the case before right?). 

Have a great day and send me love!^^^

A Warmer Place

A Thulaz fanfic for @meteorysh for the Voltron Positivity Exchange! This was inspired by your beautiful drawing, so I hope you like it!

Thank you to @stargazershiro for organizing the event!

Read it on AO3 or under the cut

Summary: After Thace sacrifices himself in the battle to defeat Zarkon, he reunites with Ulaz in the afterlife.

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Your body feels numb, the only thing you can feel is Carl’s hand in yours. It gives you strength, even when you’re afraid.
“Chop Chop Dwight.” The guy with the mustache says and you hold your breath.
At least no one is whistling anymore.
Your eyes widen and you let out a small whimper as Dwight drags Rosita, Michonne, Daryl and Glenn out of the van.
“Maggie? (Y/N)?” Glenn asks in panic and the first tears run down your cheeks.
You didn’t expected that they’d come for you and save you, but you’d feel better to know your brother is save.
“We have a full boat. Let’s meet the man.” The mustache man says and knocks on the door of the RV.

Negan has some kind of aura around him which makes you shiver in fear.
Dominance… Power.

You hold your breath as Negan comes towards Carl and you, but he ignores you and looks down at Carl.
“You got one of our guns.” Negan says and kneels down in front of Carl. “Whoa. Yeah. You got a lot of our guns… Shit, kid, lighten up. At least cry a little like your little girlfriend.”
Carl just stares at him, showing him without any words what a piece of shit he is.
Negan chuckles amused and looks to you before he looks over his shoulder to Glenn and back.
“Are you related?” He asks and out of fear you just nod.
A quiet growl leaves Carl’s throat as Negan pats your head like a dog before he stands up and goes back to Rick.
“Sucks, don’t it? The moment you realize you don’t know shit.”
You gasp in shock as Negan points with his bat at Carl.
“This is your kid, right?” Negan chuckles. “This is definitely your kid.”
“Just stop this!” Rick yells and you wince at the panic in his voice.
Carl squeezes your hand, running his thumb over your hand to keep you calm.
“Hey! Do not make me kill the little future serial killer or his little girlfriend…”
“No!” Glenn screams and crawls towards you as Dwight grabs his neck and points his crossbow on him.
“Glenn.” You whine.
“No, no. Put him back in line.” Negan says and you sigh relieved. “All right, listen. Don’t any of you do that again. I will shut that shit down, no exceptions. First one’s free. It’s an emotional moment, I get it.”
Even without looking at him you know that he’s smiling while Glenn’s face is full of horror.

The next minutes happen so fast, but also it feels like slow motion.
You’re more worried about your brother, Carl and Maggie and her baby than about yourself. That’s why you send Negan a stoic gaze as Lucille appears next to your head.
Tears running down your cheek as you look to Abraham as Carl wraps an arm around you and turns you around. You let out a muffled scream as you hear the sounds of Abraham’s cracking skull.
“You guys, look at my dirty girl.” Negan laughs. “Sweetheart, lay your eyes on this.”
Carl releases you out of his grip and anger rushes through you as you watch how Negan threaten Rosita. 

The poor girl suffered enough! 

Daryl seems to share your opinion as he jumps up and hits Negan in the face.
Immediately a few men drag Daryl on the ground together with Dwight who asks Negan if he should kill him.
But he seems to have mercy and you rest your sweaty hands in the dirt, ignoring Negan.
A part of you, and that disgusts you, is relieved that it wasn’t Gle…
“No!” You scream as Negan suddenly turns around and strikes Glenn’s skull.
You’ve the feeling that your heart stops for a moment before it pounds fast in your chest.

“(Y/N)…Maggie, I-I’ll find you.”

Your body shuts down. You’re like paralyzed as you look to your brother.
You don’t move, not a single nerve and no sound leaves your mouth.
“Oh hell, I see this hard on you guys. Especially for the little one there.” Negan looks you straight in the eyes. “I’m sorry. I truly am. But I did say it. No expections.”

With each beat something breaks inside you.

“Don’t look at him.” Carl pleads behind after Negan dragged Rick in the RV, but you don’t listen.
You’ve to look at him.
He’s your brother, your dead brother.
Your knuckles turn white as you grab the dirt you kneel in and you barely notice that a new day has started.

Day one without Glenn and Abraham.

You look up as Negan and Rick are coming back and one look in Negan’s face and you know it’s not over.
He wants to break Rick.
He wants to break all of you.
“Can I borrow him, little one?” Negan asks and points at Carl.
“Yo-you could take me.” You say and now you feel how dry your mouth is.
“(Y/N).” Carl hisses before he stands up and goes to Negan.
A miserable whimper rumbles up your raw throat as Carl has to lie down on the floor and Negan forces to cut off his own son’s arm.
As Negan starts to count you reach out for Carl’s hand, squeezing it like he did with yours.
“Thank god.” You form with your mouth as Negan stops Rick and it was just another mind game of Negan.
Carl crawls back to you and pulls you in a hug which makes Negan smirk right before he proclaims that he’ll take Daryl with him.

“Ta ta.”

And then it’s over.
The tension falls from you and you’re the first one who jumps up and run with weak knees to Glenn’s body.
“(Y/N)!” Carl shouts as you fall on your knees and tug Glenn’s sleeve.
Unrestrained you start to cry and bury your face in the back of Glenn’s body.
“No! I can’t leave him, I can’t leave him!” You shout hysterically as Carl wraps his arms around your waist to drag you away.
“Glenn! No!”
“Look at me.” Carl takes your face in his hands, his fingertips are cold. “You shouldn’t remember him like that. He wouldn’t want that, ok?”
You nod.
“I’m so, so sorry.” Carl continues. “But we’re getting through this. As a family.”
Again you nod, seeing in the corner of your eyes how Maggie comes to you.
Before you can say anything she falls into your arms and together you cry and mourn about the man you both love.



Where are you taking me?



“Without hesitation he took Jefferson’s free hand and tried his hardest to not breathe out a sigh of relief.”

aka the ‘you used to take my hand when in big crowds but now it’s whenever and im getting sus’ au