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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Some Positivity!

So, I just saw Cursed Child tonight and I am so sick of everybody trash talking it without having seen or read it.

The storyline 100% works! Everything you are worried about is actually explained in a reasonable way that actually makes sense within the existing HP storylines. And the Storyline flows beautifully! It’s not confusing, not a mess… it makes absolute sense when it’s all properly laid out and staged!
It’s a great mix of both the NewGen characters as well as old and surprise characters.

People who know me, know that I basically live in West End and Broadway theatres… and in all my time, I have never seen anything staged so incredibly! The staging is absolutely mind blowing and I am 100% convinced actual magic is involved in the making of this play! There are things happening on that stage that shouldn’t even be possible without VFX.
And the lighting design… THE LIGHTING DESIGN… OH MY FUCKING GOD! just friggin brilliant! And I studied advanced lighting… I know what I’m talking about… I have never… I can’t… I just…

And everyone who was worried about the cast can go and kindly fuck off because it was fucking perfect. Every single one of them! Our old favorites were portrayed exactly as their book counterparts (YAY for Book!Ginny) and the new characters were brilliant. and I, for one, am happy that one or two of them may not act as 90% of the fandom predicted them to because it offers a new perspective and the way they do act makes absolute sense in relation.

The music was a friggin’ dream and I wish they already had a CD of it because I would SO be falling asleep to it now <3

The problem I see with the script coming out is that it is exactly that… A SCRIPT! People will read it and latch onto the storyline and disregard everything else. I don’t know how a script is supposed to translate all the little nuances of the play and the quirky character traits… and frankly, I am scared of the backlash :/

But the actual play is SO WORTH IT and if you ever even remotely liked Harry Potter in your life, you will enjoy this play because it is the closest you will ever get to being in the wizarding world. The athmosphere in the theatre is incredible… 1500 people gasping, screaming, crying, laughing and cheering at the same time… tension you can cut with a knife…